tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnder the Table

Under the Table


Note: This is my first story ever. Any and all comments welcome. Thanks.


I had my head down on the bench, eyes closed, stoned out of my mind. There were six of us at the bench and pretty much all of us were in a similar state of repose as I was. We'd been wandering around town and fields, smoking, drinking, laughing and enjoying the crisp Autumn day. Now it was evening, the light had faded and we found ourselves in the nature park, hardly talking, slumped together for warmth as the air grew cooler. Every now and then Katie would nudge me in the ribs and hand me a joint as it went on it's route around the table. My mind was elsewhere, though, lost in the kaleidoscope thoughts and images of my inebriated mind.

One of the guys got up, muttering something about going to the shops, asking if anyone wanted him to get them anything. Katie sat up from her kowtow on the bench and began to pat her pockets in the search for money. Nothing in her coat pockets so she checked her jeans, leaning against me and sliding her hand between us to reach the pocket. I didn't really notice, I was too far gone into my own world. I heard the vague sound of her voice cursing under her breath as she realised she had no money. Sighing she placed her hands in her lap to keep them warm and rested her head back on the table. The crunch of footsteps on frosty grass slowly faded, and then we were five.

Silent minutes passed, each lost in their own reverie, each with their head rested on the table top. It must've looked strange, as though we'd all been drugged and fallen down, slumped face first against the time-worn wood. We were just stoned, though. To the right of me I felt Katie shift around a bit, getting comfortable. Her leg pressed against mine and I enjoyed the extra warmth it gave to my cold limb. The wind breezed through the trees around us as the night grew darker, making it almost impossible to see the other side of the bench, let alone anything else.

I heard a faint rustle of Katie's coat next to me, then felt a warmth on my knee under the bench. I had no idea what it was until it began to move slowly up and down a few inches. It was her hand, stroking my leg. I wondered what she was doing, if she'd somehow mistaken my leg for her own. I felt embarrassed. What if the others realised what she was doing? They must be able to hear the faint crinkle of her coat as she moved her arm back and forth slowly, gently running her hand from my knee a few inches up my thigh and then back again. They'd make my life living hell if they clocked it. Katie wasn't well liked, just tolerated from time to time, seen as something of a moocher.

Still the hand stayed on my leg, tracing it's course up and down my thigh. I didn't know what to do. I'd always been a shy person and to speak up and out at anyone was alien to me. I felt I'd be laughed at, shunned. So I stayed still, my mind running a million miles an hour, focused completely on the sensation of that hand caressing my knee and thigh, wondering, hoping that any minute now Katie would realise that it was my leg, not hers. Now I'm not gay, but Katie was far from my type and I viewed her with distrust, almost distaste. She was flamboyant, sexually overt and passionate, prone to outbursts of anger. Not my type at all. I didn't know what to do so I froze, did nothing.

Her hand began to trace higher up my leg, her fingers curling around my inner thigh then sliding back down to my knee only to come up again, inching higher yet. Despite myself I felt my cock twitch and my cheeks burned as I blushed in the darkness. I felt stupid for blushing, knowing no one could see the redness of my cheeks, the hand stroking my thigh, and yet fearing that somehow they all could, they all knew. Try as I might to stop it, my cock was becoming fully erect now, pressing painfully against the fabric of my jeans as it swelled and grew, lying down the side of my leg. Any moment she would notice, couldn't fail to realise. No sooner had this thought arrived than her hand slid up my leg further still and her fingers brushed against the bulge that was forming down the side of my jeans.

I breathed in suddenly, the sound seeming harsh and overly loud in the darkness. I cut it off as quickly as I started it and my cheeks burned brighter, my stomach churning, hoping against hope that no one had heard it, least of all Katie. Her hand stopped for a moment, seemingly in surprise, then she gently squeezed my cock through the fabric and ran her hand back down my leg to my knee. My cock pushed even harder against my jeans and as if in reply her hand slid back up, running right over the length of my penis, all the way to the crotch, squeezing gently. I had to cough to stifle the moan that suddenly burst up to my mouth. Surely someone must've heard that. What was she doing? We were sitting at a bench with three other people, with a fourth on his way back at any moment. Surely she would stop as the situation dawned on her.

Her hand ran up and down the length of my leg a few more times, pressing her hand gently against my penis as she got to it, rubbing it through the fabric. Then she stopped, her hand cupping me, squeezing and rubbing. I felt as though I was going to explode. I didn't really understand what was going on here but I was too scared to do anything about it, trying hard not to enjoy the wicked sensations despite myself. Slowly she moved her hand fully on to my crotch, her fingers delving down between my legs and caressing my balls while her palm rubbed against my shaft. My cock was throbbing and my breathing had become ragged. I didn't dare lift my head up to see if the others were watching, convinced in my mind that they were, sneering and smirking at my helplessness in the face of Katie's onslaught.

I heard a faint clicking sound as Katie's fingers found my fly and began to unzip it, moving ever so slowly so as to keep the noise down, still rubbing the base of her hand against my rock hard penis. I wanted to reach down and stop her, to tell her to stop but I felt powerless. To do so would have meant creating a scene and as much as I didn't want this to go any further, I feared more any backlash that might result of it should I speak up. A thought flitted into my mind that perhaps she knew this, perhaps she was aware that I wouldn't do anything, couldn't do anything. I turned my head to look at her and was shocked to see her staring back at me, eyes hooded and sultry, a smirk creasing her lips. Her gaze penetrated me and locked me in place, forcing my eyes to remain on hers, holding a power over me.

She finished unzipping me, unhurried and confident in her movements, never easing up the pressure on the bulge in my jeans. She gave my cock a quick squeeze before snaking her hand inside my trousers, nearly eliciting another gasp from me before I could stifle it by clearing my throat. She cupped her fingers around my balls, gently squeezing them and stroking them, all the while her eyes boring into mine. Moving away from my balls she grasped the base of my penis and began edging it towards the opening, keeping her movements slow. I managed to glance down at her lips and saw her run her tongue along them as she finally pulled my cock free of my jeans, quivering in the cold night air. I was helpless to do anything but stare at her face and watch as the smirk became a lusty grin, her eyes twinkling with what looked like triumph. Now she was sure I would do nothing, that I was hers to do with as she wished.

She wrapped her hand around my shaft and began to pump slowly up and down, staring intently at my face. Someone coughed and immediately she stopped but retained her grip on my penis, squeezing it gently and running her thumb around the sensitive underside near the tip. I hardly dared to breathe, let alone move. My heart sounded like booming thunder with each beat and I was certain we had been discovered. I heard someone's coat rustling and this time I did hold my breath, waiting for the inevitable. Katie's eyes stayed locked to mine, still squeezing my penis and caressing my sweet spot. My eyes flickered half-closed as I struggled with the feelings of excitement building up in my balls, the butterflies in my stomach and the fear in my mind.

Minutes passed and no one said a word, nothing happened. Slowly Katie began to jack me off again, her grip firm and sliding up and down my shaft aided by the precum that was dribbling down the length of me. My breathing became ragged, my senses heightened to the fullest, trying my hardest not to cum as I felt the pressure build up in me. My cock ached for release and feebly I fought the urge, felt myself losing the battle. Katie increased the pace, pumping me with her hand as fast as she dared to, mindful of keeping the noise of her coat rustling down to a minimum. I couldn't take anymore and my eyes rolled back in my head, eyelids closing as I began to surrender to the rising orgasm.

Suddenly pain erupted in my penis as Katie squeezed hard, cutting off the orgasm. My eyes flared open and locked to hers, teeth clenched as I tried to stop a groan escaping my lips. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat, her hand locked around me, stopping me from reaching fulfillment. I hated her in that moment, hated that she was taking advantage of me, hated that I had succumbed so easily, that I could do nothing to stop her, that she had stopped me from cumming, that she was playing with me. My breath came in ragged gasps but still Katie didn't release her hold. I shifted my hips, slightly rocking them into her hand, wanting nothing more than to cum. She gripped harder still, causing me to stop moving totally, immobilised with the pressures building inside.

We stayed like that seemingly forever, her hand wrapped tightly around me, her eyes boring into mine. Gradually my breathing evened out and I felt my cock begin to subside. She must have sensed it too. Gently she tugged on me a couple more times then slid her hand up to the tip of my penis, running her fingers over the head and coating them in my precum. Then she let go, my cock flopping down, twitching after the pleasure and abuse it had been given. I breathed out, still not daring to move. Somehow I'd have to get my penis back into my pants and zipped up without alerting anyone to what I was doing.

As I started to figure out what I was going to do, Katie withdrew her hand from my lap ever so slowly, then raised her hand to her mouth and began sucking the precum off her fingers, her eyes never leaving mine. My cock lurched back to life as I watched her lips take each digit into her mouth, her tongue sliding over them. As she finished she smirked at me then sat up. I watched as she moved her hand down to her coat pocket and wondered what she was going to do next. I held my breath. She calmly pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Taking a smoke she replaced the box in her pocket then raised the lighter to the cigarette. A brief flare of light illuminated her features as she inhaled, then abruptly it was gone leaving an imprint on my eyes that slowly began to fade. She dropped the lighter on to the table, then turned to have a look around. Her elbow caught the lighter and knocked it through a gap in the wooden planks. I heard it drop to the ground at our feet and saw her turn back to look, then sigh. Now was the moment, I decided, to make a move and cover myself up.

I steeled myself to begin as Katie sat back then leant down under the table. Before I could move her hand grazed across my thigh and gripped my penis again, jacking it off harder than before as she disguised the movement by searching for the lighter in the darkness. Once again I tensed up and felt my balls tighten, my cock jumping to attention as though she had never stopped in the first place. I told myself that she couldn't do this for very long as eventually it would start to look suspect to the others that were zoned out at the table. I could scarce believe she was doing this in front of everyone, in public.

I felt her hand pull my cock to the side and almost immediately a warm wetness engulfed the head as she sucked me into her mouth. I nearly cried out in surprise and desire but fear stilled my voice. Her tongue danced across my cock as she sucked harder. In one movement she eased herself further under the table and I felt my cock slide deeper into her mouth, pressing up against the back of her throat. I could scarcely breathe, my eyes tightly shut, teeth clenched as once again the orgasm began to rise.

As she shifted around in her apparent search for her lighter, she slid her lips up and down my penis, tongue swirling around the glans and sending ripples of intense pleasure up and down my body. All of a sudden she pressed herself down into my crotch, my cock sliding deep into her mouth and into her throat. I felt her nose press into my jeans and warm saliva dribbling from her lips, pooling in my pubic hair as she sucked as hard as she could, tongue swirling at fever pitch over the sensitive spot on the underside of my cock.

It was too much for me and my body tensed up, my hands gripping the bench hard as I fought the urge to cry out in ecstasy. Thick spurts of cum shot up my penis and into her throat and still she stayed latched on to me, milking my penis with her throat, tongue and lips. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, my cock pulsing deep within her mouth, balls as tight as a drum as I filled her with my semen.

As quickly as it had started it stopped, the intense climax receding and leaving waves of pleasure in its place. Katie eased her head up, her lips sliding over the length of my shaft. I heard a very faint 'pop' as my penis flopped from her mouth. Then she was sitting up. Seemingly having found her lighter I heard the rasp of the flint as she relit her cigarette. I didn't dare sit up myself. I couldn't in any case. My body was racked with pleasure, my breathing was hard and fast and my wet cock was twitching in my lap, exposed to the cool air. I lay with my head on the table for some minutes, running what had just happened through my head, feeling sick with disgust at myself for being so easily used and abused, for succumbing so quickly. Disgusted at her for taking advantage of me, for using me.

I heard crunching footsteps approaching and snapped back to reality. Here I was in a park, sitting at a bench with my cock hanging out of my trousers and someone was coming. I felt panic rise when I heard a voice call out and the others at the bench stirring themselves. The voice called out again and this time I recognised it as the friend who had gone to the shops what felt like hours ago. I looked round, not lifting my head from the table as I quickly gauged the situation. Everyone's attention was on the friend, including Katie's. I slowly sat up, maneouvering my penis back into my pants as deftly and quietly as I could.

A thought arrived in my mind, a horrible thought. Oh god, the front of my jeans were going to be a mess of cum and saliva. I felt around but strangely couldn't find any wet patches. I must have looked confused as Katie nudged me with her elbow. Slowly I turned to look at her, feeling the blush wage war on my cheeks again. We locked eyes and she smirked again. Casting a quick glance at the others to make sure they weren't watching she opened her mouth and poked her tongue out at me. I blanched as I saw a faint white mass on her tongue and realised it was my cum. Still smirking she put her tongue back in her mouth for a second, then poked it out again. This time the cum was gone. She had swallowed it. As I continued to stare at her she took a drag from her cigarette and blew it into my face, giggling quietly then turning away to say hi to our friend who had arrived back.

I didn't know what to do as I sat there, conversation washing over me, so I lit a cigarette of my own to calm my nerves. After a while I was brought out of my reverie by the announcement from the majority of the group that they were going to call it a night and go home. This was greeting with agreement from the rest. Silently I was relieved. I needed to get out of there, get home and think things through. I still couldn't quite believe what had just happened.

As we all stood up and began trudging across the field back to civilisation I found myself walking alongside Katie. With despair I remembered that she lived near me and that we would be walking home the same way. We didn't speak as we walked but she was uncomfortably close to me. I felt drained and shocked and didn't have the energy to do anything about it so we just carried on in silence.

Finally arriving at the point where we split up I mumbled a farewell and began to turn towards where I lived. Katie's arm reached out and grabbed mine, spinning me round to face her. She had that smirk on her face again as she slipped her arm through mine. She leaned in close, her lips brushing my ear and sending shivers down my spine.

"You're coming with me", she stated matter of factly, her voice a husky whisper. I tried to pull away but she quickly brought a hand to my crotch and squeezed hard. My knees nearly buckled.

"I said you're coming with me, slave", she repeated, menace in her voice now. She stared into my eyes for a few moments then released her grip on my balls and led me along the road towards her house. I was too scared to think straight, to do anything. All I could do was follow as I was tugged along by her. She looked up at me, tilting my chin so I was looking at her. Apprehension swallowed me whole as she spoke.

"You're mine now."

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