tagGroup SexUndercover Ch. 02

Undercover Ch. 02


Despite himself he looked down and saw the woman who had betrayed his trust, had abandoned their two kids; but the cocaine and the booze, plus stirred into the mix was lust, meant that Danny wanted to fuck Sandra no matter what the commonsense side of his brain screamed at him.

"Do you like what you see handsome," she teasingly asked, "do you think you could handle a full woman like me?" she teased.

"I've seen and had better," Danny advised to make it more like warfare than a challenge to her sexual skills and prowess.

Pritak roared at this response.

"Sounds like a challenge to your sexual prowess my dear," Pritak laughed out loud.

Sandra felt insulted, even more so when Danny smiled mockingly at her.

"You might have seen and had better Mr Evans but have you been able to satisfy them, that is the real question isn't it?"

"Game on," laughed Pritak.

'Fuck you' Danny's eyes blazed at Sandra.

"So Sandra do you think you can seduce me, or do you think I'll just fuck you because you are more readily available than some of my new merchandise down the mountain in the tavern?" Danny asked looking straight into Sandra's eyes, "or are you just a policeman's bicycle?"

Sandra was hurt by Danny calling her common slut, but there was a degree of truth to it. In retrospect she had whored herself during her career for either advancement or useful information which also advanced her career or rewards she received in other ways.

"Typical man, thinks once he has learnt to ride a bike he'll never forget, that you just get straight back in the saddle so to speak. Based on that Mr Evans you must just be a missionary position only man that has just learnt to ride a plain bike," Sandra smiled as she placed herself on her knees between Danny's legs.

"Oh, I rode a plain bike for many years when I was married, but since then I've enjoyed the excitement of a mountain bike where you have to hang on energetically as you take the humps & grinds," Danny smiled back.

This obviously went way over Pritak's head as he didn't know that Evans and Sandra knew each other, let alone knew they had been married for many years. But Danny could see his barbs were hitting home, cutting and wounding Sandra. This gave a small degree of satisfaction for all the years of hurt he and his kids had endured when she first abandoned them.

"So you think you can handle a rough ride then?" enquired Sandra.

"So do you define yourself as a rough ride then Sandra? Is that what Policeman take you for? I would have thought for the circles you know plan to move in you would have learnt a little refinement and class?" Danny queried, his verbal jab hitting home as Sandra slid her hands up his thighs.

Danny was bemused at how Sandra thought she could still seduce him for Pritak's challenge and benefit after such a demeaning tongue lashing, which on reflection he had thoroughly enjoyed although it wasn't his usual style. The sight of Sandra's newly enhanced breasts showing between the edges of the satin blouse was starting to turn him on and make him hard despite himself. Despite the hurt and agony she had caused him with the divorce her body still turned him on; man's basic desires and instincts can never be overridden.

Sandra slid her hands up so they brushed lightly across his crotch before sliding onto her own skin as her hands eased the hanging satin apart to cup her own breasts just a foot or so from his eyes and mouth. Sandra cupped and squeezed her full warm flesh, making her nipples rise and fall in front of his eyes. Sandra played with her breasts for several minutes as she tried to entice Danny, her eyes stared with lust into his eyes before glancing down regularly at his crotch to see if his cock was reacting to her display.

Danny was pleased that his cock was laid out flat against his skin for that it didn't show through his trousers and didn't give any satisfaction to Sandra as she flouted herself on her knees in front of him.

Pritak sat back and watched the show developing in front of him; he was interested to see who would get the better of whom; but his main interest was to find out who had betrayed him on the last shipment.

Sandra's juices were flowing now due to the line of coke and the sensations coming from her nipples as she toyed and squeezed them. She pouted her lips at Danny and blew him kisses, not because she wanted to tease him anymore but her body had cravings and the coke was heightening those cravings into a physical need that had to be satisfied. Her body was wired now and she needed someone to fuck her and her ex-husband was right in front of her with a hidden cock that she knew from past experience could satisfy her. Her problem was convincing Danny to fuck her. She wasn't sure how to go forward. Should she seduce him so that he desired to fuck her on her terms, which when she thought about it was unlikely to happen based on the way she had deserted him and the kids. Alternatively should she tease and mock him to get him fired up so he took her hard and fast. She had to consider how Pritak would perceive that result and who would he have most respect for; Evans or herself. Sandra felt her juices following and the need for orgasm burning deep within her pussy. If she couldn't get Danny to fuck her in the next few minutes she would need to plunge her hand under her skirt, into her knickers and then finger fuck herself to orgasm and the relief her body was crying out for.

"That cock of yours looks like it needs a hand," Sandra cooed softly to Danny.

"Yours or mine?" Danny asked.

"I guess it would like a change from yours," Sandra smiled, but she wondered if that was the brightest thing to say to a man who would be reluctant at best and not interested at worst, in giving her the fucking she craved.

Danny let it go; he was enjoying the banter despite the high stakes. The sole purpose of the night was for Pritak to determine who the leak in his organisation was; and Danny wasn't sure if he had involved Sandra knowingly in it or what side of the fence Sandra was playing herself. Danny would get a better idea when or if he saw under her skirt. He needed to know that answer before he decided whether or not to get between her legs.

"Well Sandra I don't believe you would have been very successful compromising the high level cops if this is the standard of the show you put on. I think you are bullshitting Mr Pritak here with the extent of your involvement and knowledge of senior ranks," Danny chided. He needed to know who she had compromised in case she had climbed the fence with no intention of coming back for her police pension rights.

"So you don't think many senior policemen, or policewomen for that matter, have been under this skirt and in my pants," she queried, "the list might be longer and higher than you think," as she reached forward to run her hand over his crotch to see if she was being successful.

Danny grabbed her wrist before she got the answer, "You need to prove you're qualified before you get an inch of me, personally I just think you are a bullshitting tart."

Sandra was still automatically playing with her tits and her mind was struggling to stay in the game against Danny.

For the next 15 minutes she told how she had fucked her way through a week long Interpol conference on People Smuggling earlier in the year. The 5 minutes she spent describing her night of passion 69ing a senior Dutch Policewoman had the desired effect on Danny's cock and he started to tent. Danny couldn't suppress the automatic reaction his body, and especially his cock, was having to the torrid tale of week long debauchery while he was trying to remember the list of names and their information that had come out as pillow talk. Sandra was impressive in both her sexual exploits and her intelligence gathering skills; and Danny needed to be careful she didn't add him to her list of successes and information groupies.

By now the bulge in his trousers was obvious to both of them and they both knew Sandra was starting to succeed. She used Danny's knees to push herself up off the floor and then ran her hands over his bulge to make the point that she definitely was succeeding. Then she started dancing seductively in front of Danny as she slowly started to hitch up her skirt an inch at a time. Danny saw a pair of well tanned trim thighs start to emerge from under the hem of the skirt. He realised that Sandra had quite a cushy life now that included a work out at the gym and either plenty of sunshine or a tanning machine; yes, she was certainly doing well for herself.

Danny signalled Pritak to refill his and Sandra's glasses so he could her plied with plenty of wine to go with the coke inside to loosen her lips. He knew she didn't need any more to loosen her legs or her pants as he had no doubt that she would aiming to get him between the former and inside the latter very soon.

As Sandra swayed Danny encouraged her, "Dancing looks to be thirsty work and you need to keep hydrated if you think you are going to get the better of me tonight," he chided her and offered up her glass and she took a large swig. Pritak quickly refilled the glass as soon as she put it down on the table. "Is that pussy of yours getting hot and wet as you think about being shagged by me then Sandra?"

She smiled in return, "So you think you can satisfy me then Mr Evans?"

"You'll be begging for me to shag you by the time I've finished," Danny stated confidently.

Sandra now had hitched up her skirt level with her hips and Danny could her neatly trimmed bush. Suddenly he sat forward onto the edge of the seat and his right hand shot forward under Sandra's skirt.

Suddenly Sandra felt Danny's forefinger slide straight between her damp lips and enter her honey soaked hole. Immediately afterwards she felt Danny's middle finger press between her cheeks and press down hard on her puckered hole. She winced as the pressure increased dramatically and his finger penetrated her ass upto the first knuckle. Her eyes went in surprise, so she wasn't the only one who had learnt new tricks since they got divorced. Sandra barely had time to adjust to this unexpected attack when she suddenly felt the rough surface of his thumb slide up her slit and successfully searched out her clit. She gasped out loud at these fresh new feelings, and she was immediately surprised by her long hungry surprised scream as Danny applied pressure by means of his middle finger stretching her ass hole and his thumb pressing down on her sensitive love button.

Danny smiled up at her knowing his lower hand held the upper hand so to speak.

"OH MY GOD," Sandra panted out hungrily as her juices flowed around Danny's invading finger.

Danny's left hand quickly reached forward and cupped Sandra's right breast with her erect nipple squashed under the palm of his rough hand. Sandra's legs sagged a little at this surprise attack when she thought that Danny wasn't interested in her. She was even more surprised when the three digits started to stimulate her clit, pussy and ass all at the same time, but then the feeling ratcheted up another notch when his other hand started to grip and rub her breast in addition to the feelings coming to her from her erect nipple that was crushed under his large paw-like hand. Danny smiled at Sandra as after many years of marriage he knew where her pleasure spots were and he was an expert lover, well capable of lighting them up.

Sandra couldn't believe the feelings coursing through her body, totally forgetting that Danny knew how to stimulate her, and the effects the coke & wine were having on her. She was so wired right now and so desperate to cum. Her eyes stared at Danny as she desperately begged him, "Please bring me off, and I am so desperate to cum, PLEASE MR EVANS."

Danny thrust his middle finger up her ass to the second knuckle making her scream out loud just before he wiggled his forefinger deep in her saturated pussy making her grind down hard on it. The third movement of this symphony was to rub his thumb hard across her clit which brought out another scream as a chorus to the first one. And the final movement of the concert was to squeeze her breast hard as he slid his fingers off the pliant flesh of her full breast until the fingertips gathered together on her nipple and tugged the erect bullet of flesh between his fingers and thumb.

This was just too many irresistible, pleasurable sensations for Sandra's wired body to withstand. A jolt of electricity seemed to fuse her clit, pussy and asshole into one zone of pleasure that dissolved into a mind blowing orgasm that ripped her whole body apart. Her knees seemed to sag as she drove her body down hard onto the invading fingers as Danny continued to frig the most intimate and sensitive areas of her body. The skirt slid down over Danny's arm as she shook and vibrated during the orgasm that had her juices running over his finger, into his palm, and down the inside of her thighs.

Danny kept his thumb tucked under her hood and rubbed her erect clit raw as Sandra ground herself hard on his hand. The muscles in his forearm and biceps worked hard to support Sandra's weight as she continued to grind down on him seeking non stop pleasure from his invading fingers.

"You would do anything right now to be fucked won't you?" Danny asked in a cold, level voice as he tweaked his finger in a slow circle inside her ass.

"GOD, YYYEEESSS," screamed Sandra still in the throws of the longest and most intense orgasm she had ever enjoyed. The four points of contact were like nothing she had ever experienced before, not realising that the coke had livened her nerve receptors so highly she no longer controlled her own mind and body.

"You would climb atop my hard cock if I offered it to you won't you?"

"OH GOD YYYEEESS," panted Sandra, "I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME NOW, ...... PPLLEEAASSEE," She begged, her shout echoing around the inside of the huge wooden chalet.

Danny extracted his fingers as fast as he had inserted them and Sandra's skirt dropped back down as he looked at the throbbing wreck of an ex-wife standing in front of him, her enhanced tits still heaving between the two curtains of satin blouse that hung down either side of her full swollen tits. Danny slowly pushed himself out of the chair and stood up. Sandra dropped to her knees in front of him and scrabbled to get his trousers open and his swollen cock out. Danny looked down at his ex wife on her knees and then back up as he smiled at Pritak.

Pritak saluted him with his wine glass and then took a long slow swig of wine.

Danny nodded his head slowly in acknowledgement as he felt his trousers drop around his ankles and his boxers got tugged midway down his thighs; allowing his swollen cock to drop into a horizontal position in front of Sandra's smiling face.

Sandra's hand wrapped her fingers around Danny's rock hard cock in an instant and peeled his foreskin back to expose the swollen head of his cock coated with precum juice. Sandra's lips formed a perfect O from years of practise and brushed lightly against the tip of his cock. Danny successfully withheld any sigh of pleasure to give Sandra any degree of satisfaction as he felt her lips widen and take his helmet into her willing mouth. He did admit to himself that it felt good to have her lips around his cock again as she had been a great cocksucker whilst they were married and no doubt she had learnt some new ways to pleasure with her tongue based on the number of people she had subsequently shagged and blown since. Danny also set himself a time challenge of how long he would last before he shot wads of spunk into her eager mouth.

Sandra relaxed her throat and took Danny's thick solid girth and length down her throat in one easy complete swallow. Danny felt his sensitive head rub on the back of her throat, and instantly revised downwards the time he would last. Sandra restricted the width of her throat and then started bobbing up and down his length. She sank her finger nails deep into the cheeks of his arse making him wince as she used them for purchase as she blew him away. Danny could not believe the blowjob he was receiving; it was like nothing he had ever experienced before, either with Sandra or with anyone else. After deep throating him for several minutes Sandra suddenly took her lips off his rock hard cock and simply ran her tongue in feather light lick up and down the slit in the end of his cock. After rasping his cock down her throat this was a totally new sensation that nearly had him creaming himself there and then. Sandra had become a cock sucker extraordinaire and Danny fought hard not to cum. He fought against the wish to grab her hair and stuff his meat back down her welcoming throat. Danny wanted to find out what else she had learnt. He didn't need to wait long as his cock started to twitch in open appreciation of Sandra's delicate administrations. Then just as quickly she switched her tongue to the sensitive vein running along the underside of his cock.

Danny nearly poked her eye out as his cock seemed to grow another half inch in length, and he so desperately wanted to cum. His cock now seemed to be pulsing in response to the long tender licks he was receiving. Then came the piece de resistance as Sandra took both of his cum laden balls into her mouth and sucked gently on them. Danny lost and had to take her hair into his hands to steady himself as his eyes rolled in pure pleasure at the sensations he was thoroughly enjoying between his legs.

Sandra took the sensations to the next level as she inserted a finger tip into Danny's ring piece.

"OH MY GOD," he panted out loud as Sandra mimicked what he had done to her earlier. His cock was now throbbing, slapping against her cheek as she had the final few sucks and licks on his balls knowing his cum was molten and about to erupt. Sandra quickly released his sack from her mouth and took him down her throat in one wide easy swallow.

Danny felt his balls swing and hang free seconds before her mouth enveloped his cock again and he felt the mind blowing feeling of her tight tense throat rubbing against the exposed head and her tongue running along the vein under his cock.

Danny just couldn't help himself, his balls just started to boil out spunk as fast as they could and his cock pulsed and throbbed inside her hot mouth and throat. Thick wads of spunk just streamed down her throat and the sensation of Sandra swallowing around his cock almost made him pass out there and then.

Danny's knees sagged and failed to hold his weight and he sank back into the chair still gripping her head and hair as he went. The feeling of her throat sliding on his cock as he moved was just too much and he gave a final brief squirt of cum in open appreciation of the best blowjob he had ever received. Sandra swallowed everything with ease and then gentle licked his sensitive cock clean with her cum coated tongue. Danny had white flashes across his eyes with the shocks from his cock's nerve endings; he just couldn't believe such erotic feelings could come from a blowjob. He had some admiration for his ex-wife's skill, and some regret that she hadn't had that level of skill when they had been married. If she had that level of skill then he might have missed her more when she had left him.

As Danny reduced his breathing and tried to slow down his heart rate, Sandra just knelt in front of him with a smug smile on her face and a small drop of his cum at the corner of her lip which she simply licked away with a slow teasing sweep of her tongue. Danny realised he had lost the initiative and knew that Sandra understood that fact as well. Danny also realised that for the first time in his career he might be out of his depth and that could have fatal consequences for him.

Danny offered her the glass of wine and Sandra took another long pull; it was the only idea he had at that moment on how to get back into the game. He had made the most common mistake made by males down through the centuries – balls before brains; and Sandra knew how to maximise this human weakness to its full extent.

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