tagGay MaleUnderwear Ch. 08

Underwear Ch. 08



"Bet you thought I'd forgotten about this, didn't you? True I've been a little distracted by Rayne's later adventures with Xavier but with the boys headed back to London I can't put off the end of Underwear for much longer. Buckle up, this is a long and rocky ride. As Channel 4 are so fond of warning, there will be violence, bad language and scenes of a (homo)sexual nature from the start!"



Dave Ramsey was still smiling knowingly a full five minutes after Kev dropped Rayne back at his apartment on their way in to the office. He had slipped into the front passenger seat whilst Kevan Delaney and his gorgeous boyfriend were still canoodling in the doorway like a pair of teenagers. After last night's heroic orgy at his place, he was amazed that they even had the energy for a quick cuddle, but from the way that Rayne was wrapped around Kevan as they swapped tongues in the glass-fronted foyer of the building they could have gone another round, given the time.

Kev glanced sidelong at him as he dropped back into the car with a contented sigh, conscious of his partner's knowing silence.

"What the fuck are you grinning at?" he wanted to know.

"I'm amazed you've not called in sick yet," Dave said, not remotely put out by his colleague's defensive attitude.

"Grow up, Ramsey!"

"Seriously," Dave chuckled. "If he'd been trying to mount me on the doorstep like that I'd have contracted fourteen different types of flu, rung Kapper and be back in bed by now."

"You have got a one track mind, mate. You know that?" Kev said uncomfortably, returning his attention to the road as he manoeuvred his ancient Saab through the Manchester morning traffic and flicked his indicator, pouncing on a miraculously available parking space at the last minute.

"I'm not alone though, am I?" Dave grinned at him. "You two seemed to enjoy yourselves last night, anyroad. I know Bern and Tony did."

"Your Bernie's a proper slut though," Kev said dryly, but a little smile twitched his lips as well at the memory of Dave's cute Dutch boyfriend riding him hard while he watched his partner and their big black lodger Tony, fucking Rayne in both ends. He had never seen Ray so hot for it before, and he knew that his foxy mate wasn't shy about showing his feelings in bed, or anywhere else for that matter. The little vampire made no secret of the fact that he loved the length and thickness of Kev's cock so it was no real surprise that he'd gone crazy for Tony's thick, black plunger. Even Kev had been a bit turned on by the sheer size of the scally fireman's massive hosepipe. When he pulled it out of his pants at the dinner table all their mouths had watered a little bit and, when Rayne finally went down on it, dinner had been forgotten in the stampede for the bedroom.

This morning when they woke he'd bucked himself into Rayne straight away. He was still hot for his mate, just a few hours after Tony had gone back down to his own flat to get some shut-eye and they'd curled up together, just the two of them. Ray had somehow sensed how conflicted he felt last night, but Kevan couldn't put his feelings into words that wouldn't upset his mate. He loved watching Rayne in action and he wanted in on that sexual action as well, but last night, after they had come to bed he'd only wanted to hold Rayne in his arms, to feel the contented warmth of his slender body, still hot and sweaty from the rough sex. Their lovemaking this morning had been fierce and tender, Rayne kissing and biting him hard as Kevan fucked him. He had been conscious all the while of the sound of the shower running in the bathroom next door and the fact that he would have to be in the office in just a couple of hours. That had only added to the ferocity of their lovemaking.

Dave had a point, it was a wrench to leave Rayne standing on the doorstep looking so naughty and so alluring. He told himself that his beautiful, foxy lover must be exhausted after last night's marathon but he also knew for a fact that it took more than a night of fucking to wear the little vampire out. Kev cursed the fact that he had not handed in his notice the other day. He could have just gone back to the apartment and told Kapper to fuck himself if he had been a bit more pro-active.

As they reached the gateway to the yard at Brown Street, Kev fished his mobile phone out of his pocket and slowed to a dawdle. Dave cast a look back at him.

"See you later," Kev said, waving him on with a grin. "If anyone asks though, I didn't look too good last night. Probably a dodgy biriyani, yeah?"

Dave laughed wickedly and watched him go with just a little twinge of jealousy.

Rayne was upstairs getting changed when the buzzer sounded from the hallway and he pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and wandered, bare-chested down to the front door to check his intercom. To his surprise it was Kevan standing outside looking up at him with a beaming smile on his face. Rayne pressed the button. "Forget something?"

"Just how hot you sound," Kevan's small, tinny voice answered cheekily. "And how fucking foxy you look lying starkers on that sofa! Why don't you let me in and get your clothes off so I can refresh my memory, huh?"

"You are supposed to be at work, Kev Delaney," Rayne teased, sliding a hand into the open waist of his jeans all the same. He stiffened with pleasure against the yielding denim.

"Nothing on my desk that won't keep," Kev said impatiently. "Now if you were naked on my desk, that would be a different matter!"

"You've changed your tune since last night," Rayne said quietly, recalling how withdrawn Kev had been after Tony went back downstairs.

"I realised what a fucking idiot I am," Kev pleaded. "Ahhh... let me in, Ray. Just for half an hour. I wanna ride you 'til we both beg for mercy."

"Pervert!" the vampire laughed, shaking his head. In spite of his ability to heal he was still aching from last night's vigorous tooling. But he was getting very hard as well.

He pressed the button that unlocked the front door and Kevan slipped in like a greased seal and headed for the stairs. Moments later he was pushing his way through the door and taking Rayne into his arms again. Their lips collided in a breathless rush and Kev slid his hands into his mate's open fly and down the back of his pants, caressing and fingering him urgently as he eased Rayne up against the wall, not even bothering to shut the door behind him.

"Get my dick out!" he panted into his lover's mouth as he shoved Rayne's pants down to his knees and let them fall.

His mouth wandered down to Rayne's ear and along the line of his slender neck to his shoulders, kissing along his collarbone greedily as those soft, cold hands freed his straining erection. Rayne tugged steadily on his throbbing sex as Kevan's mouth possessed his slim torso, kissing his smooth, pale chest and alternately sucking and biting on his sensitive nipples. Kev fisted Rayne's rigid cock in one hot hand as his mate got his pants and jockey briefs down to mid thigh, then tugged open his shirt to rub himself against the red-gold curls on Kev's naked belly.

"Christ, I need you!" he panted as Kev licked his throbbing tits roughly.

"You're one horny bitch," Kevan agreed lustily. "Get down and suck me."

The vampire did not need to be asked. He was already moving to a crouch in front of his lover, stroking that lovely, thick, uncut cock firstly with his lips and then with his small, studded tongue. Clever fingers rolled back Kev's pale, pliable foreskin and he began to lick the exposed purple dome of his lover's pulsing helmet like an ice-cream cone, swirling his tongue around it appreciatively.

"Mmmm.... You always taste fantastic," he murmured sexily, wrapping his lips around Kevan's fat, glistening bell-end and sucking on it slowly.

One hand gently massaged Kevan's heavy, furry balls against his crotch as he nodded his dark head over the plump glans, the other began to stroke up and down his twitching, jolting cock shaft, playing it between his thumb and fingertips lightly like a musical instrument. Kev groaned with longing. The delicate brush of Rayne's ebony hair on his dick was exquisite torture, especially coupled with the caress of his hands and the tug of his soft, wet mouth.

"I'm gonna come so hard if you keep that up," he grunted, letting his knees buckle and lowering himself to the ground with his mate. He slipped free of Rayne's mouth and moved over him on the hall floor, pressing his lips hungrily to Rayne's and tasting his own salty flavour in the vampire's mouth as they kissed again. "Get your knees over my shoulders, fox," he growled into his lover's open maw.

Rayne was already splayed under him and he quickly acquiesced, opening his legs wide for Kev to get between them then lifting and hooking them up over his mate's broad, brawny shoulders, even as he tugged Kev's shirt down his back baring his torso. He admired the muscles that were starting to mould themselves from the raw clay Kev's body had been bare months earlier. The powerful chest and stomach he was building were both incredibly sexy, even before his long, heavy penis hefted into view. Kevan was fully hard against his hirsute abdominals now, dark veins standing out against the milky coffee colour of his fat shank, the weeping eye pearling the golden curls across his lower belly with little trails of pre-cum.

Strong hands gripped Rayne's lean thighs and pulled him up higher, so that he was lying back on his shoulder blades with his slender arms spread out to brace himself on the floor. Dark hair spilled over the pale coloured carpet as Kev looked down the smooth, creamy line of his naked, hairless body. He buried his face in the vampire's silken scrotum and began to lick him with a warm, wet tongue, scrubbing it hungrily from Rayne's firm, high balls to his raw, pink ring and back, soaking his lover with his saliva and his hot, horny breath.

He could feel his boyfriend's slim white legs draping down his naked back; Rayne's feet drumming an urgent tattoo there as he was kissed and licked between his thighs and soft, milky buttocks. Kev's tongue wriggled on his rosebud and pushed into him, devouring his hot little hole with a passion.

"Mmmmm.... ohhhhh!" Rayne exhaled urgently, writhing in his hands as he was tasted and moistened, readied for the main event. "Ohhh... Kevan... yeah!"

"Do you want me now?" Kev rumbled, touching his lips to Rayne's jerking balls as he spoke.

"Uhhh-huhhh!" Rayne nodded eagerly, writhing at the delicious vibration in his nuts. Kev lowered him slowly to the hall carpet again, turning him half onto his side and pushing one of his knees back towards his chest to give himself access to the wetness of his lover's passage. His fingers guided the plump, slippery head of his throbbing cock into the dimple of his mate's willing arse and he pressed gently on the shaft behind it to propel it gradually, inch by inch up Rayne's clenching chute.

"Oh baby," he growled, "this is so much better than working."

Crouching over the little vamp he began to roll his hips slowly, burying his shaft deeper and deeper with every thrust. Rayne twisted under him, wrapping one leg around his thigh and stroking the other foot slowly up his torso to his shoulder until his left heel was back over Kevan's right shoulder. Spread and impaled beneath the bigger man, he used the unexpected strength of his lean thighs to ride on the hard cock thrusts that ravaged him from within. Kevan wasted no time in getting deep inside him, pulsing until his lover could feel the rub of those lush, hairy balls between his cheeks with each firm stab into his loins.

"Jesus, that feels so good!" Rayne groaned urgently, his cock hard and drooling as he felt Kevan's chunky bell end pumping back and forth across his hyper-sensitive fuck button.

"You're not too sore, are you?" Kev panted tenderly as he bucked harder now, settling into a fast, vigorous rhythm between Rayne's legs.

"Fuck, yeah!" his mate laughed hoarsely, "but I think I can tough it out."

"You are amazing, my frosty little fox," Kevan rumbled with rapidly increasing pleasure. "All the way to the office all I could think about was stripping you and giving you a fucking good seeing to. I'm sorry I was such a... God! Last night... ahhh, Jesus! Such a fuckwit! Oh God, Ray... can't hold on! You make me feel so good!"

He was bucking harder and deeper and they both knew that he was moments from coming inside his mate. Rayne pulled him down into the tight embrace of his arms and legs as Kevan began to pound him furiously. They were both grinding vigorously against one another and panting like randy animals on the floor when Kevan's thick probe lurched and kicked inside Rayne and a flood of heat spilled into his colon, trickling slowly, wetly down his passage. Kev held still inside him for a few moments, groaning like a wounded bear as his dick twitched in the tight grasp of his lover's wet velvet sheath.

"Bloody hell!" he growled huskily at last, rolling onto one elbow so that he could look down into Rayne's wide, sex-dark, emerald eyes. The little vamp was panting quick and hard, his prick still forcefully jutted up against his naked belly. Kev was a little disappointed that Rayne hadn't reached orgasm with him. "That was astounding, baby. Let me get my breath back then I'll make you come like you've never come before. I swear it."

"It's okay, Kev," Rayne whispered with a little shake of his head. "You were just a bit sharp for me there, that's all. I know you were ready for it. It doesn't matter."

"Of course it matters," Kevan's lips came down onto his mate's and he kissed Rayne long and hard whilst his sensitive prick was recovering from the almost unbearable pleasure of that last explosion. He held himself still but kept his penis inside Rayne as they sprawled on the floor.

After a handful of breathless minutes, he knelt up and shrugged his shirt right off, discarding it, then awkwardly wrestled his pants right down to his feet and kicked them off. Rayne was lying back, legs wide, looking up at him with a lazy little smile.

"You are so fucking beautiful," Kevan assured him. "I dunno what I'd do without you, Ray."

"Are you planning to leave?" Rayne pouted, with a little frown.

"Never!" Kev shook his head.

"Do you want to shut the door before the locals get a bit too curious?" the vampire asked him with a grin. "Or was that part of your latest voyeuristic game? Enlisting my neighbours to watch us fucking?"

Kev laughed weakly. In his urgency to mate with Rayne he'd completely forgotten that he hadn't shut the door to the maisonette apartment behind him. It was probably no great concern since there were only two other people inhabiting the building, a guy who lived in the other side of the block and had his front door on the next level up and the caretaker who had a small flat on the ground floor. Even so Kevan blushed slightly at the thought of one or both of them wandering past then coming back to look as he fucked his beautiful lover. It also put steel back into his prick.

Rayne stretched out, lissom and nude on the hall floor as he rose to shut the door then returned with an appreciative smile, hand on his dick, gently stroking the still-sensitive head with his thumb as he hardened again. The sexy little vamp chuckled and rolled to his knees trying to get to his feet and get back to the open-plan lounge but Kev pounced and caught him, pulling him to the ground again. He began kissing the back of his mate's slender neck passionately as they rolled around on the floor together.

"Oh God, I want you," Rayne groaned as Kevan rubbed against him from behind. "I don't know what you guys did to me last night but I'm just so fuckin' horny today!"

"Naughty little slut," Kev chuckled. "And after the good hard boning I gave you this morning as well!"

"I thought you'd gone off me last night," Rayne half turned in his arms and Kevan knelt up, pulling his mate back against his bared chest, spreading Rayne's thighs so the sexy little vamp was sitting astride him, his back to Kevan's broad chest and firm belly.

"How the fuck could that happen?" Kevan wanted to know. He was stroking the head of his cock over his lover's wet, gaping hole and pushed himself in again, slowly now. Rayne leaned back hard against him and his body undulated sinuously over Kev's dick, pushing itself up and lowering steadily onto his lover's fresh-bloomed re-erection.

"You were so off with me. I thought you were jealous because I was getting it on with Tony so hard," Rayne moaned quietly. "Uhhhh... God Kev! That's it! So good!"

"How can I get jealous when you can't keep that tight little man-puss off my cock this morning?" Kev grinned, kissing his neck.

"Why so quiet then?" Rayne turned his head so that their lips brushed and he kissed Kev hungrily whilst the bigger man fucked him harder from behind.

"I..." Kev returned the kiss with interest, then stroked the backs of his fingers across Rayne's wet lips tenderly. "I was jealous. But I was a bit scared too. Scared that you might want what he's got in his pants more than you wanted me, I guess."

"Kev, you idiot!" Rayne laughed, then caught his breath as his mate pulsed in him a little harder and deeper. When he could speak again he murmured; "You know it takes more than that. I wouldn't just ditch you for Tony because he's got a big one. I've had a lot of men with big dicks, Kevan, I'm not with any of them now, am I?"

"I guess not," Kev rumbled a little shamefaced, and glad that Rayne couldn't see the colour of his cheeks as he admitted the truth. "And I'm glad."

"Why's that?" Rayne tilted his dark head back on Kevan's broad shoulder and nuzzled his cheek affectionately as he wound his hips in a slow circle on his mate's erect prick. One hand slid down to stroke his cock now and he began to fist himself as he rode Kev a little harder.

"You know why," Kevan mumbled awkwardly.

"Tell me again." Rayne bucked his hips rapidly, thrusting up and down on him, loving the way that the little ridges of skin at the base of Kevan's cock head rubbed on his cum-button when he eased up and down that way. He growled hungrily and worked his leaking prick a little faster. "Mmmmm... you've got me so sexed up, Kev," he panted when his mate did not answer him right away.

"I love you, Ray," Kevan rumbled into his ear, wrapping his arms around the slender, beautiful little creature who writhed and bucked in his lap. "That's why. I love you and I want to be with you. And I don't care who else rides you or who you fuck to get blood from them, so long as they understand that you'll always come back to me and when I want to be between your legs they'll have to wait in line for it."

Rayne closed his eyes, biting his lips anxiously. That sounded a tad possessive to him, but he had to accept that Kevan had just given him permission to keep on hunting, and using sex-mates as a feeding source. He already understood that Rayne could not feed exclusively from him without harming him. It was as close to a functional relationship as he had come in his entire life. Even if it was entirely dysfunctional.

"You mean that?" he panted, edging closer as they negotiated sensually, on their knees still in the hallway. "I can fuck for a meal and you won't get tetchy about it?"

"So long as it doesn't interfere in our sex life, sure," Kev said magnanimously.

"What about hunting to kill?" Rayne asked, feeling his fangs extend at the thought. He had not considered Daddy Big-Balls, the man with the matchbook, since yesterday evening when he and Kevan almost came to blows over it in the car.

For a little while his lover was silent save for the urgent grunts and the quickening of his husky breathing on the vampire's neck as he bucked in Rayne's arse. Hot hands stroked up and down his naked body as they coupled, then one gripped the vampire's soft, dark hair and used it to push him forward on his hands and knees. He was forced to let go of his erection as he went down doggy-style in front of his mate and Kevan's groping fingers gripped his balls, holding him there almost painfully tight as he started to fuck Rayne hard and deep from behind.

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