tagNon-EroticUnexpected Discoveries Ch. 03

Unexpected Discoveries Ch. 03

byThe Wanderer©

Susan's whole family, were furious with her for cheating on me.

I was in a strange, almost cereal situation. Where my folks had sided with Susan. I think it most likely, with me being an only child; they were worried about keeping in contact with they're grand children.

But Sue's whole family saw things a completely different way and took my side. Whilst they stayed in contact with Susan; they definitely gave her a pretty hard time.

Susan had kept the main house in the divorce settlement, but rest of the property was mine. None of the other conversions was finished so I didn't sell them on. I figured I'd wait until I could afford to finish them and then sell them. To be honest I didn't really want to see the end of my dream.

My visits with my children were all arranged and organised by my mother-in-law. She would have the children at her house over the weekends and I would take them out from there.

I also found myself in the stranger situation, of being invited to Susan's families parties, wedding receptions and the like, along with my children; when Sue had been told her presence would not be appreciated.

Michael and the twins appeared to take the divorce quite well. They seemed to enjoy all the fuss I made of them over the weekends. They told me that their mother no longer went out to work (she didn't have too with the bloody maintenance I was paying). They also said something that upset me. They told me her friend comes round to see her often. When I enquired about this friend; they described a large man whom I took to be Gary Wilson. "So much for Sue's one night-stand." I thought.

- - - - - -

About four months after the divorce was final. I was called up to the managing director's office at work one day. As I walked in I found three men in flash suits from head office waiting for me. They introduced themselves; then told me they were taking me out to lunch and we went to one of the best hotels' locally.

As we ate lunch they asked all sorts of probing questions about my family and private life. To be honest I was getting a little annoyed with them; what the hell has my private life got to do with them. In the end I said something about it and the guy in charge said.

"OK Donald we'll come clean with you. We've been watching you for sometime; since you took over as factory manager in fact. The efficiency at your plant has gone through the roof in the last couple of years. We've read all the reports and we know, that although some of your superiors would like to claim the credit. The credit is really all yours."

I didn't know what to say. So I just sat and looked at them.

"Right Donald, when we heard about your divorce, we thought you might be interested in a proposal we have for you. The group has brought out a Hungarian company and we have been looking for someone to go out there and sort the factories out. Someone that can do what you have done here. You would have a free hand, appraise the staff; make sure the right people are making the decisions and giving the orders."

"Gentlemen I appreciate you confidence in me; but I'm not sure I'm the man you need. I came up from the shop floor and have no formal business training."

"Donny you're too modest! We know what you have done here over the last three years. Now we would like you to go over to Hungary and try to do the same there. Just on a somewhat larger scale. We are sure you can do it; otherwise we wouldn't ask you. You will jump straight onto the company's main board. You will have a contract that will leave you with more money than you'll make here in ten years. Even if you fail and leave within the year. Will you give it a go? We feel you'll rise to the challenge and enjoy yourself."

The package they laid before me was just too good to ignore. The salary they were offering was way beyond anything I ever imagined. Just about all my living expenses whilst I was abroad, including the cost travelling back to England for a long weekend every month was thrown in. If things didn't work out I was guaranteed a golden handshake of £100.000 after six months and a bonus with a untold number of naught's in it if I were successful. These guys wanted me real bad and were willing to pay for me.

I had no choice, I had to accept the offer and within a month I took up residence in a nice villa on the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary. I had two quite beautiful young Hungarian interpreters/secretary's, who worked on a shift system. One of them was by my side from six in the morning until midnight. They were great girls and both of them had a really good sense of humour; the banter that passed between us kept me sane, whilst I weeded out the dead wood and got the guys who knew what they were doing in the right jobs. I also had a chauffeur who's wife acted as my housekeeper; they lived in a flat attached to the villa. They had two children about the same age as mine. I sometimes found myself feeling melancholy watching the children play.

Every fourth weekend I would fly into Newquay airport on Friday evening to be met by ex-in-law's who would have my children with them. They would drop us for the weekend at the cottage near the sea, that I had brought with my new-found wealth. I would play the doting father until Monday morning when the in-law's would drive me back to the airport, then take the children back home to they're mother.

I would often bring one or sometimes both my secretary's over to England with me, as a treat for them. I also brought my chauffeur and his family over on two occasions. They had a great time. Remember, the chauffeur and his wife grew up under communism. They told me that as children, England was a place people dreamed about going. Some of the old timers who had been in England during the war would tell them that they wished they had stayed there as many of they're friends had.

In the late summer, of my third year in Hungary, my in-laws brought my children over for a month's holiday. One night the in-laws had taken the twins for a walk by the lake. Michael who was now eleven and I were sitting out on the patio. Me with a local beer, (I could just about tolerate the stuff by then) Michael drinking yet another Coke. Michael suddenly turned to me and asked.

"Dad are you ever going to forgive mum?"

"Forgive her for what, son?"

"For being a silly bitch of course!"

I nearly choked over my beer.

"you can't go calling your mother a silly bitch, Michael."

"Why not? That's what she says she is. When I asked her why you left home she said it was because she had been a silly Bitch and you would never forgive her for it."

"I think she meant that what she did, was something a silly bitch would do, I don't think she was really saying that she was a silly bitch."

"Well she was a silly bitch, wasn't she? To sleep with that creep."

I spluttered, spraying my beer all over the place as I choked again. How did this 11-year-old child know that Sue had slept with Wilson?

"Who told you that?" I demanded.

"Mother did of course; I was angry with you for leaving us, and mother told me that it was all her fault that you had gone. She said that she had made a bad mistake, and slept with some man she met at work. She said that you had found out about it and that made you so angry with her that you left."

"That's about what happened."

"Well, are you still angry with her?"

"I'll always be annoyed about what she did, but that's over now. We have gone our own ways."

"If its over. Why can't you come back home now?"

"Look Michael, your mother and I are divorced. That means we are not married anymore. Your mother can get on with her life and find herself another husband."

"But she doesn't want another husband; she wants you to come back. She says you're the only man she'll ever love."

"Well you know that isn't correct Michael, you told me yourself about her friend."

"Who? Uncle Mark. Yes he's her friend but she doesn't love him. He only comes to see mum when he's got Auntie Shirley with him. Mum calls her, the chaperone or something. Mum says you're the only man that will ever come into our house without a chaperone. Uncle Mark keeps trying to tell mum, she should go back to work. He says that might cheer her up as she spends most of the time crying when we are at school. But mum says, it was meeting a man at work that got her into the mess she's in. Gran and Gramps go to the house most days to keep mum company and take her shopping and things."

"Does your mother ever go out?"

"Not without us, but she can't take us out anymore, now she hasn't got a car."

"What the hell happened to her car?"

"Oh it failed some test and mum said it wasn't legal to drive it anymore and she said we couldn't afford to have it fixed. So she got rid of it."

"You know Michael. Your mother might not be a silly Bitch; but she sure can be a silly cow sometimes. Why the hell didn't she tell me she couldn't afford to replace her car. I'd have sorted something out for her."

"Daaad, how could mum tell you she didn't have a car? You never see her or talk to her."

"Point taken son! But we can't have her stuck out there in the middle of nowhere without transport; I think we'd better fix that right now. Will you go and get me the phone please."

Michael brought me the telephone and I called an old friend in Cornwall, who dabbles in second hand cars. A bit of arguing over prices and he promised to deliver five year old Astra Estate to Sue that evening.

Later that night after the children had had their daily chat with Susan; Adel came up to me and gave me a big kiss.

"That's from mummy, she said, "It's for her new car. She said I was to tell you its lovely and to say thank you for it. But she said to tell you she doesn't deserve it."

The rest of the holiday went off without much incident. On the Friday when we all flew back into Newquay. I saw a red Astra estate parked beside my Father-In-laws car. He came over to me and said.

"I hope you don't mind. Susan told me on the phone she was coming. I told her it might not be a good idea, but she insisted as she was missing the children so much."

"No that's fine with me Jack, they're her kids she's got the right to welcome them back."

"That's great, I was a little worried; we don't need a scene or anything."

"All water under the bridge Jack; you can't bear a grudge forever you know."

"Does that mean you'll talk to me now?"

Susan had taken me by surprise and crept up behind me; she must have been hiding somewhere as I hadn't noticed her before.

"It can't do any harm, can it." I replied.

"In that case, I can thank you for the car personally. It was very kind of you."

"I brought the bloody house out in the middle of nowhere, I can't expect you and the children to live out there without any transport, can I?"

"Well, it's a lovely house, and I love living there. Even if it is lonely without the man I love."

"Now please don't start anything Susan."

"I'm Sorry, I just wanted you to know how I feel Donny."

"Ok I think we'd better change the subject before something gets said that could upset someone."

I was looking at the woman I loved, not really hearing what she was saying. I found myself wishing I hadn't gone to Basingstoke that day.

"In that case, thanks for letting me have the children this weekend, it is your weekend to have them really."

"They've been with me for the last four weeks. Its only fair you have them this weekend."

"Thanks, but I really wanted to ask you if we can meet up and have a talk. We've got to discuss the children's future sometime, we can't discuss things properly second hand through my parents."

"Yes, I do see what you mean; I think we should be able to arrange something."

"Good, how about you coming to diner tomorrow night then."

"Woe there, on neutral ground Sue; in a public place with lots of witnesses around."

"Oh!" Susan was looking disappointed.

"How about I take you out to diner tomorrow night, we can pick a place where people can see us siting on the opposite sides of a table."

Sue's face looked up at the first part of my sentence but went down a little, when I mentioned the two sides of the table. I wasn't convinced that Susan really wanted to talk about the children. So I was trying to play things carefully.

We met the following night at a nice restaurant near Newquay. The owners were old friends of mine. They knew all about Sue and me and they placed us on a table that was away from the rest of the patrons, so we would be not be overheard.

Susan had definitely made a special effort, She looked as beautiful as she had on our wedding day and I felt a pain in my chest that stopped me from enjoying my meal. Whilst we ate we discussed the children and my now non-existent relationship with my parents. Sue said that was her fault. But I told her they were old enough to know what they were doing. They could have sat on the fence as most people had.

"You're very diplomatic now-days." Sue said, "I suppose that's your new job."

"I've had to learn to be a diplomat and tolerant; I'm dealing with two different cultures. But I'm lucky that I've got a couple of great assistants, they have helped me a lot."

"I bet they have, I saw them on the beach earlier in the year. They looked very young and um, er, efficient."

"God Sue, have you been spying on me?"

"Why not, you spied on me?"

"Susan I've never spied on you."

"Well if you have never spied on me, how did you find me at the Motorlodge?"

"Pure chance Girl! I had gone up to Basingstoke to drive you back home, I new you hated driving a long way. I was going to surprise you, but I was the one who got the surprise when I found the Beema parked alongside the arse-holes car. And by the way my relationship with the girls is purely business. Unlike some people I don't mix business with pleasure."

"I never suggested it was anything else."

"Come of it Sue. The innuendo was in your voice; and even if I did fancy a roll in the hay with one of them, you can't criticise."

"Shit I'm sorry, I'm think I'm still trying so to find something that will make us even. I'm never going to find anything am I."

"No Sue I don't think you ever will."

"God Donny I want you back. I'm sorry for going with the arse-hole as you call him. But you're right he is an arse-hole! He ---."

"Look Sue lets not go there, I'm only just coming to terms with being in your company."

"No PLEASE Donny. I've got to tell you this. It took me over a year to work out what happened. I've tried to write it in a letter to you, but I couldn't get it to read right. Please let me try to explain. I need you to try to understand."

I gave up it appeared, Sue thought she had found a way to justify her affair and wanted, no needed to tell me the tale. But I was worried she could be making a big mistake.

"OK Sue go ahead, but be careful you don't shoot yourself in the foot."

"God Donny, I know I was wrong. But I think if you know what led up to that night you might, and I mean might! Think a little less harshly of me. Look I fucked it all up. You never did anything I know of to hurt me. I was the silly bitch."

"I wish you wouldn't use that terminology in front of the children, they're picking it up."

"A Spade's a Spade Don, and I'm a silly Bitch and always will be. I drove away the man I love."

"Look this is getting us nowhere."

"OK, OK, Gary Wilson somehow found out I was staying at Ann's place. He had hit on me a few times at the office but I always thought I had him under control. Anyway he called me up and we talked. I was bored, Ann's kids were at the nursery all day and I had nothing to do most of the time. Well he would call me two or three times a day. Then one morning I was dropping the children off at the nursery and he was there. We chatted and went for a coffee together. He was very nice and didn't get fresh or anything, it was like having a friend there."

"It became a regular thing we would meet for coffee in the mornings. As the weeks went on he started asking why you hadn't come up to see me. I said that you had the children to look after and were very busy at work. But he hinted there was some other reason. You know, he talked about you taking your secretary and that pretty young assistant of yours with you when you went away for work. I knew you wouldn't cheat on me but the way he put it I was slowly coming to believe that you could be cheating. I was missing you and you never came to see me."

"Bloody hell Susan it was you that insisted that there was no point in dragging the kids all the way up there and back for just a couple of hours."

I know, I know, It was just the way that Gary put it that's all. I don't know, I must have had a bloody brainstorm or something. I think he brainwashed me, I will never know why I agreed to meet him in that bloody Hotel. He spent most of the afternoon trying to talk me into bed but I resisted him."

I was getting inpatient and took a deep breath at that point.

"No please Donny listen, I know I did wrong, I'm not trying to whitewash anything. We went down to the pub to eat, Gary was plying me with drink and it was then that my resistance began to fail. When we got back to the room he was all over me and I've got to admit it I wanted him. Although I don't think I really wanted him, I think I really wanted you, but you weren't there. He virtually tore my clothes off me and he was fucking the life out of me. God there was no romance about it, he's a wham bam thank you mam guy. How he ever gets laid I'll never know." "

"Then the girl rang and told us someone was stealing my car. Christ I have never sobered up so fast. We looked out of the window and saw the car go out of the parking lot. I've never put my clothes on so fast in my life. Gary called the police, but I had to report the car stolen. I was panicking about what you would say, and screaming at Gary about how I was going to get home. Gary said he would drive me home in the morning, but I insisted we went then. So we set off."

"After a while the police called me back on Gary's phone. They told me the car was in the possession of its registered owner and warned me I could be prosecuted for wasting police time."

"Gary got worried, that you knew about us and was frightened of what you would do. He got the idea he could get to our place before you and started to drive like a maniac. He was doing 120 some of the time."

"Well you know what happened, we went past a police car on the side of the road and a little time later they stopped us. God I was relieved as I had been really scared of the way Gary was driving."

"The Police arrested Gary for being drunk, and then that policeman gave me my phone. That took me by surprise I'll tell you. He said that you had given it to him. When I asked where you were he said you had gone home. Now you've got to remember I was not exactly sober; I got furious at you for leaving me behind. I deserved to be dumped there, but in the condition I was in I didn't realise that."

"Anyway I tried to call you, but of course you didn't answer. Then I called your dad at home and I think I told him you had abandoned me. I spent the night sitting on a bench in the police station and in the morning they took me to catch a train. All night I wasn't blaming myself for being with Gary, I was blaming you for leaving me there. I stewed on it and when I got home I flew at you. I'm so sorry. I should have been on my knees begging you to forgive me. Will you ever be able to forgive me for doing that?"

"Well I've thought about that meeting many times. I think if my parents hadn't been there I could well have hit you."

"I wish you had, it might have brought me to my senses."

"And it might have put me in Jail."

"I don't believe you would have done me any real injury, your not made that way. And besides you love me, you couldn't hurt me."

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