tagRomanceUnexpected Guest Ch. 01

Unexpected Guest Ch. 01

byAda Stuart©

The sudden slam of a car door awoke her in an instant. Several more sounds attested to other doors being opened and then slammed shut. Immediately her mind cleared and she stared into the dark cottage to see what was happening. There wasn't supposed to be anyone else here this weekend, her brother had stated. She was to have the entire place to herself and her stack of books. Only listening to the sounds from the waterfall and the birds singing, while drowning herself in her most beloved books of erotica.

Suddenly she heard someone whistle a melody outside. There seemed to be only one intruder, and this person was coming closer. Who could it be? Who else would know she was here? Or perhaps there was someone who intended to rob her -- or worse? She shivered under the warm sheets. Someone who knew a lonely woman wouldn't put up much of a fight? Especially not a woman as small as she was.

She had been forced to tolerate a lot of teasing about her small stature from her older brother and his friends, but never before had she wanted so badly to be taller and stronger. She moved silently and reached for her panties, pulling them on before draping a sweater and jeans over her naked body.

Now she only needed a weapon. She glanced around in the dark room. She could barely make out any of the furniture. Think, god damnit, she thought. She could hear the whistling coming closer. A small dump was heard just outside the cottage, before the footsteps retreated to the car again. By the sound of it, whoever it was, the unknown person was unloading some gear outside. The tools of a thief, most likely.

Still, that told her the intruder was trying to gain access through the front door and that helped her concentrating on where to put on an attack. She moved slowly and quietly between the furniture and headed for the umbrella rail. Grabbing the largest umbrella she prepared herself to buy some time to find a more useful weapon. She would have preferred a gun or a sword, or even the heavy rolling pin, but since the first two were unavailable and the last one would make a lot of noise to locate, this would have to do.

Now she heard the whistling coming closer and she prepared herself as she saw the doorknob move. A key was inserted and before she managed to think more about it, the door slammed open and she reacted on instinct as she slammed the umbrella down over the hand belonging to the intruder. A loud scream was heard and she welcomed the sound as she continued hacking away at every dark part of the intruder she could reach as she screamed like a banshee.

"Ouch," she heard him utter as she hit his chest. The dark voice could only belong to a man and she lifted her weapon to hit him some more before he decided to play out any of the scenarios in her head. The panic made her gather more strength than she had ever thought she had in her.

All too soon she was tackled and thrown to the floor. Her attacker slammed down on top of her, making her lose her breath by the weight of his heavy body. She was momentarily stunned and as she inhaled sharply and started to resist again, he reached for the weapon she had dropped in the impact and threw it away.

Oh my god, she thought in panic as she felt the weapon being thrown out of her reach. Tightening her fist she punched him in the shoulder as she screamed at him.

"Get off of me, you maniac."

"For god's sake, stay still," her attacker said harshly as he gathered her fists and held them down on the floor.

"Let go of me!" she hissed at him, trying her best to hide her fear by anger. She struggled against his hold but he held her so arms tight she couldn't move them at all. She started wriggling, trying to move him away from her.

"Not before you behave," he drawled and she fumed as she heard a hint of humour in his voice. The cad. If he dared laugh at her before raping her she was definitely going to kill him at first chance. No matter how many prison years she would get in return. He deserved it. He chuckled as a response to her thoughts and she tried to kick him instead. Immediately he moved and laid his body over her, stopping her struggles so easily with his own weight.

Dimly she was aware of his large size combined with the small amount of strength that he needed to hold her tightly in his hold. This wasn't going to be easy, she thought. She would have to use her brain instead if she was ever going to get out of this unharmed. She let her muscles relax completely, trying to make him believe she had given up.

"Ah finally. Now, I can finally get some answers for such a lousy welcome. Who are you?"

"I might ask you the same question," she snarled at him.

"Ah, now you're having secrets for me?" he said teasingly. She would bet the darkness hid his smirking smile as well. "That won't last long," he declared as he collected both her hands in one of his own before roaming his other hand down her sides, methodically searching her for weapons by the feeling of it. Still she gasped loudly as he touched her hips while searching in her pants pockets.

"You're a woman, by the sound of it," he said as if he was gaining evidence against her. "But, we can never be too sure," he murmured before moving his hand around her breasts and groping her. She gasped at the unexpected pleasure that mixed with her fear and she started to struggle in earnest, trying to throw him away from her body. He answered by flattening her even more, and she almost jumped as she heard his voice close to her ear.

"Now, how about telling me your name this time -- or will I be forced to undress you to discover your identity?"

She gasped at his suggestions and was even more shocked as she felt him rub his abdomen against her. She could even feel the outline of his hardened cock and she shivered at the feeling of what was to come.

"I own this place," she snarled at him.

"No, you don't. This is Cade's place."

"Well, that's almost the same as I'm his sister." He froze suddenly.

"His sister?" he said weakly. "Then you're...Ann? Ann Mason?"

"Of course I am. And who are you?" She gave him a push and this time he went willingly. As he stood up and hit the light switch she finally had a chance to see who the intruder was. "Jared Anderson," she gasped as she finally recognised him.

He was a friend of her brother. Could this situation get any worse, she wondered as she blushed by the thought of her having had a major crush on this particular man when she was only a teenager. Now she was older and wiser -- she hoped. He had never noticed her. And why should he? With his tall and solid frame filled with muscles and topped with a very masculine face he had always been popular with women. This masculine perfection had never given her a second glance and she had cried her bitter tears and vowed to forget all about him. Until now as he stood staring suspiciously at her.

"What are you doing here? Following me around?" Jared asked suddenly.

"What? If anyone is following anybody it's the other way around. I was here first, you idiot." She was not going to let some decade-old crush make her treat him with kid gloves. No way. He would soon learn that she had grown up to become an independent woman that didn't live on the attention of spoiled gigolos. "Cade lent me the cottage for the week. He said it would be empty at this part of the year."

"How strange since he told me the exact same thing," Jared said coldly, before pausing. "Damn that Cade," he then burst out.

"What? Don't tell me you think he did it on purpose?"

"Of course he did. Have you ever experienced Cade forgetting anything at all?"

"That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard," she told him truthfully. "Of course he forgot. But that's easily rectified. You just get in your car and come back another week -- when it's vacant."

"No way. I'm here for the entire week. End of story. And if you have a problem with that I suggest you take off," he glared at her. "What are you doing here anyway?" he wondered before looking around him in the one-room cottage. Noticing her large stacks of books he walked over and picked up one of them before she could stop him. "Endless pleasures. A book of erotic romance," he read aloud. Before looking questionable at her. "You've brought a large amount of reading material."

"Give me that," she snarled as she flung herself after the book. He held it higher, twisting his body to prevent her from having it. Then opened the book at a random page and began reading.

"He opened her blouse and brushed his hand over her tightened nipples, making her groan with the pleasure pouring through her and collecting in her groin. Her panties were moistening as he bent down and sucked her nipple into his warm mouth." He laughed out loud and she hit him hard in the stomach. "Ouch," he groaned out.

"Give me that, or else...," she snarled at him.

"Some light summer reading?" he smiled at her and handed her the book as he winked at her. She felt her cheeks blush at the fact that he now knew about her hobby. "Judging by the stack you're spending your holiday reading, is that it?"

"It is," she reluctantly admitted. "I come here a week every year to read. Now, does that satisfy your curiosity?"

"You come here alone?"

"Yes," she bent down to put the book in the right stack, busying herself with arranging her books in the corner of the room.

"Hmm," she heard behind her. She couldn't resist the temptation to look up at him and frowning at him. If he dared make fun of her she would do something nasty to him, she was sure, and it certainly seemed as if he was burning to say something he would think of as hilarious.

"And what do you do when the books are read and your libido is higher than ever? Invite a boyfriend?"

"None of your business."

"Sounds really bizarre. Why would you want to torment yourself with sex stories without having release?"

"Maybe I'm capable of taking care of the problem myself?" she snarled at him before she managed to restrain herself.

"Oh...," he sent her a heated look. "Good for you." He paused a little while roaming his heated eyes over her body.

She breathed deep as she wondered what on earth he was getting at and why she was the recipient of that heated look. He had never shown any interest in her before, so she didn't believe it could be lust. Most likely he was aiming for the kill and building up an insult that she didn't want to hear. She turned toward her bed to locate her socks as she finally heard him behind her.

"Can I watch?" he murmured so softly she wasn't sure she had heard him. Turning around as she gasped and blushed at the same time, as an image of her masturbating in front of him came to life, and she found herself strangely attracted to the idea of letting him watch but never touch -- tormenting him as she pleasured herself.

"Never," she said in a choked voice she barely recognised as her own.

"What a pity. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it," he said sullenly as if she was denying him a candy that he wanted.

"Forget it."

"Oh well," he shrugged his shoulders. "Just let me know when you change your mind," he smiled. "In the meantime I'm getting the rest of my gear."

"Hey, you can't do that. I'm having the cottage for this week and I don't want to share."

"What a pity. Then you'll have to find yourself another cottage, because I'm staying right here." And with that he dumped a ruck-sack inside the door before going back to his car to collect some more of his things. All the time he was whistling the same melody as before. The man was a complete cad, but she wasn't going to let him ruin her holiday. She would have to trust that he came to his senses in the morning.

"But there's only one room," she reminded him.

"With several beds. Or are you suggesting we share yours?" he cheekily suggested.

She blushed at the insinuation that she would ever want this man anywhere near her. Her teenage fling was over years ago. He was only a big flirt and she hated the very sight of that lazy expression of his, telling her he was never lacking female company if he wanted it.

"Stay as far away from me as you can or I'll chop off a piece of you," she threatened. He laughed loudly at her threat, clearly not believing her ability to harm him. "What are doing here anyway?" she asked as soon as he returned with another ruck-sack and some long cylinders.

"My yearly holiday," he smiled at her.

"Doing what?" She glanced at the large amount of equipment he had brought with him. "It seems you have brought your entire house with you," she stated as he carried inside several bags and a long and flat suitcase.

"Fishing and hunting," he replied as he placed a large box in her arms and smiled as she nearly dropped the heavy crate. "Careful," he smiled as he helped her lift it and place it on the kitchen counter.

"What is this?"


"Well, don't look at me to cook it, you swine. It's every man for himself up here and I've brought my own."

"Let me guess: lemons and vegetables?"

"At least it's better than the ton that you intend to eat. Are you afraid you'll starve to death?" She pointed at the heavy crate. "Or are you just a lousy hunter?"

"Depends on what I'm hunting," he said strangely and his eyes turned warmer. She blushed in immediate response to his temptation and she turned away from him.

"Don't get any ideas, moron."

"Too late," she thought she heard him murmur behind her, but she chose to ignore it -- and ignore him.


As he had stacked the last of his gear and closed the door, Ann watched as he turned to the bed farthest away from hers and started to take of his sweater and shirt.

"What are you doing?" she asked in shock.

He turned his head around, his shirt hanging open. "What does it look like? I'm getting a few hours of sleep before heading out."

"But...but you can't sleep here."

"Why not? There are several vacant beds as far as I can see or are you planning to use them all for your masturbation sessions?" he winked at her.

"Don't you dare... But there's only one room here," she tried to remind him again.

"Yes, and a bathroom. You can change in there since you're so uptight," he smiled as he sat down on the bed and removed his shoes and socks.

"But... I...," she stared at him in disbelief as he stood up again and shed his shirt. Moving his hands to his pants, he glanced at her.

"You better turn away now," he smiled as he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned the top button and unzipped his trousers.

He was really going to do it, she thought and she was barely aware of her wetting her lips at the sight of his well-muscled body. She froze as he removed the belt from the loopholes and laid it on the chair beside his bed. Now she could see his pants revealing an impressive bulge on his abdomen. His cock, she thought. Wonder if he had any socks down there or if everything was real. That was what she felt against her stomach earlier. A hardness that had made her breathing difficult and given her a need to take a closer look.

She stared in awe as he met her stare. His actions stopping momentarily before he smiled knowingly as if he was used to women staring at him while he undressed himself. His eyes were burning at her as he moved his hands to the top of his jeans and starting to move it downwards, revealing a set of well toned and strong thighs, his muscles evidence of a healthy body and a man that could make love for hours. She breathed deeply as he bent and removed his jeans completely.

Standing up she roamed her eyes all over his lean body, barely stopping at his rippled stomach and the trunks that seemed to be covering something really large. She wet her lips with her tongue at the thought of him taking off the last piece of clothing as well.

"Do you like what you see?" he growled out and made her flinch out of her deep thoughts.

"Not bad," she finally managed to croak. "But you should learn to wiggle your ass a bit more before joining a strip club."

"You mean you weren't impressed?" he teased her.

"No. So you still have to cook for yourself come morning. Right now I'm so tired I'm going to bed," she said and laid down on her bed, grabbing her cover and closing her eyes.

"Would it have helped if I removed my trunks as well?" he asked teasingly.

"I doubt it," she croaked. He heard her tone and laughed out loud, clearly realising she was lying. "But you could always try for some string pants the next time," she forced herself to laugh.

"Gosh, you're a hard lady to please," he groaned as he lay down in his bed and turned off the lights. Moments later she heard his breathing slow down and he had fallen asleep. Typical men, Ann thought as she turned over for the second time in five minutes. How did he expect her to sleep after treating her with a display like that? The warm clothes were probably preventing her from sleeping, she thought as she slowly removed her clothes and lay them next to her bed.


The next morning he was up early and moving about long before Ann even wanted to move at all. She hadn't been able to sleep until the early morning and her head felt as if she hadn't slept at all. She groaned as he started to whistle again.

"Oh for god's sake, have mercy," she groaned out loud.

"Tired? You didn't sleep well even knowing there was a strong man around that could handle the next bad guy that came through the door, then?"

"Don't remind me. Believe me, you took years of my life by that arrival of yours. Next time I'll shoot first and ask later."

He laughed loudly. "First, you'll need a gun, but I'd be happy to give you shooting lessons, by the way."

"Don't tempt me. I might consider using you as target practise just to make sure that you stop invading my cottages in the middle of the night."

"Ah, you should blame your brother, Cade, for that one. I'll even volunteer to hold him as you punch if that is any consolation."

"Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know if I resolve to take my revenge in such a primitive manner," she said ironically as she bent down to retrieve her panties. Taking them underneath her quilt, she wiggled it on as she made sure her body was covered the entire time.

She heard Jared laugh and looking up she noticed he was following her every move.

"Would you like me to turn away so you can dress more easily?"

"I'm fine," she snapped at him.

"Never thought you were this timid," he smiled at her. "But I like it."

"Don't even start." She hurled on her sweater and jumped out of bed and quickly donned her jeans. Next time she would find her long shirt and keep it in a short distance. Or perhaps a long robe was better.

"You really scared me to death last night," she said truthfully as she tried to steer their conversation into safer areas. "I thought I was going to be raped by a whistling stranger."

"Oh, well...I'm sorry about that," he reluctantly admitted. "I'm used to travelling by night."

"What a vamp," she giggled.

"I had some work to do."

She poured herself a large cup of coffee that he'd made and drank half the content. "You're a workaholic as well as a vamp then? Interesting company."

"What a vivid imagination. You've read too many books," he interceded.

"There's nothing wrong with that," she said angrier now as she prepared a sandwich.

"No? How about practising some of what you're reading instead? Why don't you bring a boyfriend instead of a stack of books?"

"I prefer the books."

"Hah, you don't dare to try the sex-games in the real world, is that it?"

"What sex-games are you talking about? I prefer basic and straightforward sex, thank you very much."

"Me too. Want to give it a try?" he asked heatedly.

She completely lost her footing. The offer was tempting, but the man saying it was all wrong. He would have the upper hand afterwards -- telling all his friends about the dried up spinster he had fucked in between his hunting trips.

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