tagFetishUnexpected in Every Way Ch. 02

Unexpected in Every Way Ch. 02


I lifted the bottom of her shirt up to her belly. She lifted her arms to help me take it off the rest of the way. My hands trembled a bit as I did it, as our skin touched. We were coming down a bit from our high.

Of course, we could only do this after she provided one of the highlights of the night, by scooping all the cum off her face with her fingers, then sucking and licking the gooey white substance off each finger in what was just about the best imitation of a porn star I've ever seen. She was into this in a deep way—I could tell now that she wanted this to be the kind of night where you give in to your basest desires all the way.

As I put the shirt down, I finally saw one of the nicest set of tits I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. They were fantastic. Big. Round. Full. Heavy. High. Wide nipples, maybe an inch and a half across. Long nipples, sticking maybe a half inch out, thick as thimbles. They stood out proudly on her chest like puppies sitting up to beg. Now, they weren't shockingly huge—not a double D, not plastic. I've seen bigger, even in real life. But were they big? Yes, more than a handful, quite enough to imagine resting my head on them as pillows. Basically, they were just what any red-blooded male think of when he thinks of perfect huge tits.

Of course, this also revealed her cute round hips and naked, shaved pussy as well, but I'm a tit man, and I didn't waste my time. I cupped them in my hands, pulling at the nipples, then started sucking on them, licking them, mashing them more vigorously in my hands as she started to moan. I was in heaven, sucking away, in a perfect tactile moment, and it apparently wasn't bad for her either. Her sounds became more and more high pitched and quickly followed one upon the other, until eventually her whole body started shaking in convulsions as she came.

"Did you just have an orgasm from me sucking your tits?" I asked increduously.

"Yes," she panted, still clearly in a daze, laying back on the bed. "It's been a long time since that happened. They're sensitive, but it was more than that—I almost came from sucking you off, actually. I was feeling myself up before you woke up, so I was pretty close anyway."

I felt like a fucking master of orgasm-creation after that. My ego, which had been pretty subdued in the sexual arena, started to grow, and pretty damn fast.

I got up on top of her as she lay on the bed and plopped my cock in between those massive mammaries.

"Let's see if we can do it again," I said.

I grabbed each tit with one of my hands, mashing them against each other. I lost no time in rapidly sawing my cock back and forth between them. They were so soft, but so tight and hard at the same time. They were big enough that, even with my tight grip, there was enough left un-grabbed to bounce around like crazy with my thrusts. It felt so fucking good.

I occasionally lifted my cock up to her mouth so that she could suck the head inside, then got back to work fucking away at those magnificent hooters. I moved up and down in the tits, from the very bottom channel, rubbing against her sternum, where there was a bit more space, to the middle of the mass, which was the most jelly-like, and all the way to the top, where I mashed her rock-hard nipples against my cock. Meanwhile she was desperately frigging herself to multiple more orgasms.

She signaled that she wanted to change position, and I lay on my back, with her hovering over me. She gave my head a few more licks, her tits swinging below her, nipples sticking out, colored a lurid pink. Then she grasped her tits together and slowly tit-fucked me herself, pinning my cock between those amazing sponges. She was totally focused on using her tits to make me come. They were swinging up and down, but were also controlled, and the way she used the soft parts along with the nipples was just massively erotic, like getting a massage. Her eyes were intense, her hands a blur, her tits soft against my rock hard cock, the head peeking out every few seconds.

I finally reached the point of no return, and started blasting my cum out, the first few salvos shooting all over her chin and neck, then she pulled back and up a bit so I could drench the object of my desire, those wonderful knockers. I shot blast after blast all over their curves, lacing them together as if with white shoelaces.

As I slowed down, I grabbed her nipples and rubbed them along the underside of my cock, using them to squeeze out the remaining cum. Then I lay there as watched the cum drip from the peaks down to the valley in slow rivulets. Eventually she came out of her own mesmerized state, and lifted one tit after the other to her mouth, sucking the cum right off the nipples, long slimy strands of white hanging from mouth to tit, then slowly slurped up in the most unrefined way.

Wow. Not only was she hot, and sexual as hell, but a cum slut too, it seemed like. She seemed to love eating it as much as I loved watching her do it.

She finally sat up and grabbed my dick.

"This guy is going to need to do some more work," she said.

"Oh, no doubt," I said. "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere until I've plumbed that pussy!"

I hadn't even gone soft. I pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs apart.

"Oooh, a rough guy!" she said.

I lifted her knees up to my shoulders, her face squirming a bit with discomfort from the speed of the contortion, then I smiled and rammed my dick home. She had come enough from what we'd already been doing, so I had no problem, I was balls-deep in a second. Her body shook, it wasn't expecting a cock like this. Her eyes glazed over. I fucked the shit out of her. Bam, bam, bam, the headboard was slamming the wall. I rammed my cock into her sloppy, tight cunt like a jackhammer. Her eyes started rolling back into her head. I wasn't coming anytime soon after the first two times, so I wasn't afraid of going for the gusto.

I flipped her over and pulled her ass in the air, then started fucking again doggy style. I enjoyed watching her ass ripple, and was already getting ideas for later on. But right now, there was a pussy that needed plumbing. I grabbed underneath and got some handholds on those crazily-swinging tits and kept fucking like mad. She was banging back at me like her life depended on it.

She got on top, and came almost immediately from having my cock penetrate so deeply, but couldn't keep up the energy it took to fuck so hard.

Finally, after about half an hour, with multiple more changes in position, I had her on her back again, legs straight up and together, thighs directly parallel with my chest, and I filled her cunt with my seed. I had had plenty of time to get this load ready, and I shot out so much that it was squirting out through her pussy's now-loose seal around my cock.

I pulled out and lay there, exhausted. I watched, unbelieving, as she stuck her fingers in her cunt, twirled them around, and brought them up to her mouth, sucking off our combined cum as her eyes slowly closed. Goddamn.

Her tits slowly moved up and down on her chest in time with her breathing, their shape still round, their size still evident even in this position. Traces of my cum leaked down her spread thighs, streaked across her chest, her face, her neck. What a hot slut. She had seemed so reticent earlier. What had I done to deserve this?

Neither of us could put off sleep any further, but I had more plans for the morning.

To be continued.

Coming up: that ass is mine. Later: The boyfriend.

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