Unexpected Interest Ch. 05


"How's everyone doing?" Natasha asked, trying to make small talk.

"Fine. How's your family doing? Bobby told me he met them awhile ago."

"They're fine too. And yeah, we all had dinner."

"Mhm, thank you for my gift as well. I never got to tell you." She said mundanely.

"I'm glad you liked it, I had trouble picking it out since I had never met you before."

"Are you allergic to anything? I made a spicy peanut butter dressing for the chicken. Bobby requested it."

"Nope, I'm not." Natasha said, happy she had the courtesy to ask. Her eyes had begun releasing streams of tears down her cheeks as she diced her 2nd onion.

"Good... Natasha you know what?" Gina said. She turned her body to face Natasha and she did the same. "I think you're alright for my grandson. In the beginning, I was very skeptical about you. You had a high maintenance quality about you, and I didn't want Bobby to be behind it. Plus Bobby had only brought 1 other girl to meet me and she broke. As soon as I started asking her questions she shut down and I never saw or heard from her again. But you stuck up for yourself in a respectful manner and, I like that. Although I do think you let your surroundings effect you too much." Natasha thought about her words and decided to question her about it a little more but left the stuck up quality alone. Bringing that up couldn't end well for anyone.

"Well thank you. But what do you mean by being affected my by surroundings?"

"I mean, you can't let things ride. Things will happen, people will talk and not all of it will be beneficial. But if you continuously react and be affected by it you'll damage yourself. I noticed you were getting disturbed with my questions at the table -- however you controlled it on the outside. But I bet you felt terrible about it on the inside, even after the dinner. Hm? "

"Yeah, I did." Natasha admitted.

"If you had the ability to brush it off the first time you noticed my actions were bothering you, you wouldn't have still been thinking about it on the way home." Gina said in a way that was somewhat thoughtful with a dash of her classic offensiveness.

"Natty!" Bobby called from the bedroom in the exact same way a little boy would call for his mother after a nightmare. Except, Natasha wasn't his mother and the next best thing should've been his grandmother. Gina gave her a hard stare before she turned around to face the food once again. Natasha was cursing Bobby for his needy action, and the preference of her over his grandmother. She cautiously walked out of the kitchen, noticing Gina's attitude change.

Natasha closed the bedroom door behind her and her eyes grew wide at the mess she had left this morning. There were a pair of her panties left in the corner, right beside a pair of his boxers, a used condom wrapper hiding on the dresser and unused ones hanging out of the drawer. She hurried to clean up for the sake of his grandmother and the remote possibility of a better relationship with her. Once she was finished she sat on the corner of the bed, right beside his good leg.

"Why are you crying?" Bobby asked with distress bulky in his voice. She laughed delicately.

"I'm not, I was cutting onions."

"Oh. I'm sorry about the surprise visit. She called, I told her I broke my leg and she insisted she come see me." Bobby said.

"No it's fine... How you feel?" Natasha asked sympathetically. She could only imagine how terrible it must feel to be locked in the house all day. Especially being as athletic and proactive as he was previously. But she was silently glad to have his grandmother around to help with his requests while she wasn't here.

"Bad." Was all he said, and his bottom lip stuck out nonchalantly.

"Is something hurting? You need some medicine?" She said. She had already started rising from the bed.

"I need to fuck." He started, with the most pained expression and whining voice she had ever heard or seen on an adult. She couldn't help but laugh at his silliness and upbeat attitude, even in his conditions. But he didn't seem to think it was funny. "Seriously. I finally get to fully make love to you and the same day I break a leg!" He said too loudly.

"Bobby shut up! Your grandma might hear you. I don't want to give her any other reason to hate me." Natasha said, rolling her eyes at no one and mumbling toward the end of the sentence.

"She'll really hate you when I tell her you won't take care of me." He said playfully again.

"I am taking care of you. Just not in the ways you want. No sex until you get the cast, easy enough?" She asked, while rising up from the bed and over toward him. He looked up at her with big eyes pleading for more intimacy. She vowed to herself she'd spend some quality time with him later tonight and keep him company. She bent down to kiss him delicately on his soft lips, but he took it too far. His strong hands gripped her hips and the kiss lasted longer than she expected. She realized how neglected she felt and foolishly kissed him back. Bobby parted her lips with his tongue and caressed her warm hole busily. He discontinued the kiss to lay kisses on the brown tops of her breasts that spilled out over her blouse as she bent to his level on the bed.

When Natasha opened her eyes to watch him but she couldn't help but let her eyes gravitate in the direction of that ugly, beige boot nestled on his entire leg. She felt like she was having sex with a hurt patient in a hospital. She frowned in disgust with herself and found the strength to pull out of his grip. She disregarded the loud sucking sound left in the air after she pulled her tits away from his opening. Bobby's thick, long dick was evident through his shorts while she headed in the direction of the door. His face was so stricken and he looked completely confused. The swiftness of the entire action had him puzzled.

"Natasha what the fuck?" He boomed. Natasha could tell he was really irritated with her and she smiled at him remorsefully. She felt dreadful for being such a tease. "I need your pu-"Natasha closed the door before he finished his sentence and she leaned her back alongside it in exhaustion. Her core was pulsing and she nearly walked back into the bedroom to finish what she started, but just as rapidly went against it. She prayed Bobby would be up and walking soon because even she was starting to be overcome by their sexual tension.


"Don't eat him! Run little baby buffalo!" Natasha chanted to the TV in Bobby's bedroom.

"That wolf is way too fast. He's gonna' eat his tiny ass, sorry babe." Bobby said from behind her. They were watching National Geographic Wild and a tiny baby buffalo got separated from the herd by a big grey wolf. Natasha was on the edge of the bed, screaming for the animal whilst Bobby awaited his death.

The little calf ran down a hill too quickly and lost his footing clumsily. This was when the wolf crept up swiftly and took a big nip of his bottom. That stopped the calf completely and the battle was over. Natasha sat for a moment, totally upset. The thing with Nat Geo wild was that it wasn't Animal planet. And for some reasons she loved that, and others like this, she hated it. NatGeo was so much more explicit but had far better footage, and Animal planet was upbeat yet focused on humans owning animals much more often.

"Natty, there's a 30th anniversary banquet next month for work. You gonna' be my date?" He asked.

"Of course baby. Is it supposed to be a really fancy, high class type of thing?" Natasha asked.

"Yeah I guess."

Natasha knew she'd have to save up for it, starting with her next paycheck. She wanted to look good and Bobby's arm as they walked in together and all of his filthy rich co-workers scrutinized her and the company she owned. And accomplishing this would never be cheap.

"I'll get you everything you need for it, so don't worry about the money." Bobby said.

"I can pay for it." She said sternly.

"Come on; let me pay for this 1 thing. In the 4 months we've been together, I've never bought you anything." Natasha knew from his tone of voice, this was something he wasn't going to give up. So the easiest way was to give in. But Natasha wasn't surrendering entirely.

"No more than 200 dollars Bobby."

"200 dollars?! That won't even pay for the damn -- whatever. 200, alright... How was work today?" Bobby asked. Natasha moved backwards, in the direction of the headboard and laid beside Bobby before she spoke.

"It was fine. I put an Ad in the paper for an assistant last week and Kelly has been getting a lot of phone calls. But the interviews are tomorrow. After them I'll probably come home early and we can hang out." Natasha said casually. Bobby turned his head downwards and onto Natasha who. He was smiling delicately and his black eyes watched her romantically.

Bobby rapidly turned and reached for his crutches beside the bed. He carefully moved his good leg to the ground followed by the bad one. Once he was stable on the ground, he made his way to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Natasha was left with the feeling of excitement in her pit. The gaze he had given her was so full of lust and yearning, she was somewhat glad he ended it. Natasha looked back at the bathroom door and wondered how long he'd be in there. Then she considered how long it would take her to pleasure herself. She decided to test it out and she hastily moved her fingers to her panties under the comforter.

All I need is 4 minutes. She thought. She gently rubbed her clit and she was drenched. She concluded she didn't have any time to waste with building up an orgasm; she needed her release as fast as it could come. Her 3 fingers moved without delay in a horizontal motion against her sex.

Visualization kicked in and she replayed the night she and Bobby had their first true moment in bed. The scene of him pounding her from behind and causing her breasts to bump her chest uncontrollably filled her mind behind her eyelids.

Just 1 minute later the bathroom door opened and Bobby turned a little to cut off the light. Natasha stopped completely in her tracks and tried not to move her hands under the sheets. Bobby made his way back to the bed and lay down beside her. He looked into her eyes, but he narrowed them instead of the passionate gaze he had done before.

"What?" She mumbled at the same time Bobby ripped the covers off her lower half in one progress. He laid his eyes on the sight of Natasha's panties around her knees, fingers still within reach of her womanhood and her swollen, wet folds.

"Natasha..." He pleaded in a shocked voice. His eyes never left her body and he looked so disappointed. "If you don't want to take care of me, at least let me take care of you." He whispered.

"Bobby, I do want to take care of you. But I don't want to hurt you while doing it."

"There are still ways we can do it without involving my leg." He said. He leaned forward to kiss her powerfully. Natasha was thoughtful for a moment. She couldn't wait another week and a half for his cast to be put on. Riding him wouldn't require him to do much.

"If anything hurts, tell me." Bobby knew he wouldn't tell her, but he just nodded to shut up her up and get the sex started. Natasha didn't know why she had forgotten Bobby's grandmother sleeping on the pull out couch outside the bedroom but she remembered then.

"Your grandma is in the living room." She mumbled.

"She's a heavy sleeper." Bobby replied. Natasha took a moment to listen to the rough, throat drying snores coming from the other room. Bobby took off his shorts and showcased his growing erection that was beckoning for Natasha's attention. Natasha wasted no time covering his leg with the black sheet right after his cock was within view; the two sights just didn't sit well with her.

Natasha straddled him carefully on the bed. He slipped the contraceptive over his dick in a fluid motion beneath her and his fingers brushed her nether regions minimally. He led the tip in and removed his hands to watch it enter. Natasha lustfully called out as she sat on his size and he stretched her accordingly. She took languid strokes and Bobby reached his hands up to cup her bobbing breasts.

He manipulated them in his hands delicately and Natasha's eyes trembled closed when his jagged thumb brushed over her soft yet solid nipples. Natasha's thrill came to life and the motion picked up enthusiasm. Bobby gripped her hips with one hand and bent her back with the other. She took the hint to lean over his torso and continue her proceedings.

When their heads were side by side, Natasha's ass was the only thing that bounced feverishly. Bobby let his eyes wander over her shoulder so he could watch. The pillow under Bobby's head helped to muffle her groans of pleasure. Bobby's hands found their way to her bottom and he held on firmly while her lower back worked to keep her ass pumping on him. His violent squeeze on her cheeks sent her over the edge and she slowed down whilst her climax was delivered. Natasha's back hunched upward in satisfaction and her walls compressed around him roughly. Her crazed pussy's insides locked onto him and he had no alternative but to join her in orgasm. He rumbled in a bass voice before he let his hands clutch even tighter on her ass. Natasha's pained moan filled his ears and intensified the release.


"So what made you want to apply for this position?" Natasha asked Felicia, a woman she was interviewing to be her new assistant. Felicia was a Native American woman born in Canada and seemed to have all of the qualifications she was looking for.

"I love what it is you're trying to accomplish here, and I'd be happy to assist in any way." She said professionally. The girl was perfect but she lacked the strength to withstand the emotional toll this job would require.

"Wonderful. Well thank you for your time." Natasha said as she closed her portfolio and resume. They were in a small conference room with only 2 seats. Felicia surprised Natasha when she reached across the table robotically to shake her hand.

"Thank you Ms. Ellis." She said. Kelly would be bringing in the next person interested in the job within the next few seconds and Natasha still didn't know who she'd be offering it to. She had seen over 19 people and they seemed boring, weak or completely clueless as to what this job was requiring. All of these unwanted qualities would make the job that much more difficult for them tackle head on.

Kelly walked into the room and closed the door behind her. She held a folder with pastel colored tabs in it. Natasha looked at her, baffled when she sat down in the seat opposite her. Kelly only smiled and then proceeded to hand her the binder.

"Good morning Ms. Ellis. I'm Kelly Ortiz." She said laughing, as she extended her hand for Natasha to shake. If Kelly wanted this job, than she'd have to act just like anyone else that would be interviewed; she didn't know Natasha.

"Good morning." Natasha said while she opened the binder to unveil the organized resume with the faint scent of flowers bursting out and hitting her nose. She didn't know Kelly had so much experience with being an assistant until she glanced at her references.

"Tell me about why you'd prefer this job over your current job." Natasha asked.

"I can do it. I have plenty of understanding about being an assistant and I already know most of the things that need to be done." Kelly said. Natasha had to admit; hiring Kelly would lessen the training time and reduce the chance of errors in her first few months of working with the new arrangement. Training another receptionist to replace her could be done in a matter of days.

"Kelly, you need to be tough for this. Sometimes I may get a little angry or frustrated and take it out on you. Not as bad as they do on TV but still enough to hurt those who can't take it. Plus you'll need to be alert even out of the office." Natasha explained. She had just ordered 2 Black Berries for her and her new assistant to share. An email could come at anytime of the day.

"I know you, I know how you get. I'm perfect for this." Kelly said. Natasha sat thoughtful for a minute, before meeting her eyes and giving her a devious smile.

"You start next week. Ask anyone out there if they want a receptionist place." Natasha said while laughing. As Kelly stood Natasha could tell she had gotten dressed up a little for her interview. There was so much relief planted within Natasha as she sat in the chair. She was so glad Kelly was interested in the job; she was a good worker and would help Natasha in so many ways.



"Hi I'm Bobby, I'm coming in with my girlfriend to pick out a dress in about 45 minutes. And I need to set up a plan with someone in the store." Bobby premeditated outside of Natasha's house. He was waiting for her to finish getting dressed so they could shop for the dress she'd wear to the banquet.

"What kind of plan?" The woman asked on the other line.

"She's really frugal. And I want her to get something she wants therefore no limitations on the price. Can everything somehow be 75% off in her world? I'll pay for the difference; I just want everything she wants to be at aa reasonable price for her." Bobby asked.

"Of course, that's very sweet of you. When you come in, just say your name to one of the women in the store and they'll already know your story." She said, and Bobby could tell she was smiling.

"Thank you." He said right before he hung up. He walked toward the BMW slowly. He already had his cast on for over 2 weeks and it was rejuvenating for him to be able to walk again. He refused on using the crutches and had given them back to the hospital, even though they insisted that he should still depend on them. He sat in the passenger's seat, patiently waiting for Natasha to exit.

When she did, she sat in the driver's seat and the car backed out into traffic.

"How's Kelly doing?" Bobby asked, remembering she had a new assistant start last week. He was glad she had some extra help with her job.

"She's great. Very helpful." Natasha said, as the Black berry that rested in the sup holder buzzed loudly between them. Bobby gave it a hard eye roll before turning his attention back out the window.

I can't have it all. He thought, letting her new associate go unnoticed in their conversation.


"Hi I'm Bobby." He said to a tall black haired woman while he shook her hand. She smiled back at him and the way she did it hinted she was in on the plan.

"Natasha." She said to the woman with a smile. The store was very tasteful with an extravagant feel. That was the exact the environment she wanted to be in to look for a dress.

"I'm Candy. What are we looking for today?" She said, directing the couple to a love seat that had a single armchair in front. Bobby sat and instantaneously had the stance of someone at home. His arm was on the back of the chair behind Natasha's head and his cast was extended across the floor. Candy took the seat and flipped her waist length hair over one shoulder in a motion that caused it to suspend in the air for a half a second. Natasha rolled her eyes at the unneeded action.

"I need a dress that's supportive" Natasha started, and motioned toward her large D cup breasts. "And that's not too tight around my butt." Bobby flashed her quick look.

"Well... some tight is good though." He suggested, staring at Natasha who was focused on Candy.

"What style were you looking for?" She asked.

"Either a strapless or one shoulder. No ball gown type of thing." She started and then took another moment to think on a better description. "Very solid colors and nothing too bright."

"Price range?"

"Under 300."

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