tagIncest/TabooUnexpected Love Ch. 01

Unexpected Love Ch. 01


Chapter 01: A Daughter's Love

"You fucking Idiot!" I hollered angrily at the driver who had just cut me off. In my mind I was thinking of a multiple of ways to rearrange their face to suit my mood.

To say I was having a bad day was an understatement. I'd go into the details, but I'm afraid I'd bore you to tears. A lot of technical jargon that frankly wouldn't change a thing if you even knew what the fuck I was talking about. The fact that I was driving, the direction I was going, and the time of day was reason enough to be in a better mood, but I was having a difficult time switching gears, mentally speaking. There were the problems at work but there were also problems at home. This week had been a rough one between my wife and myself. I was kind of expecting to find my clothes on the front lawn and a note on the door saying the locks had been changed, perhaps not even a note. It wouldn't be the first time we had been at odds with one another, we hadn't 'slept' together since I don't even remember, but that was another way for Carole to control the situation, by not doing anything, her silent denial. I'll admit that this last bad patch was mostly my fault, but she also couldn't forget, much less forgive any past difficulty. Lately she would tell you I've seemed to take her more for granted than I normally do. It's just the problems at work were driving me crazy and I didn't seem to be accomplishing anything either at work or at home.

I was now off the freeway but that didn't lessen the stress of traffic as a car in front of me was T-boned as we were starting thru the light.

"Shit." All I could think about was being late coming home on a Friday evening. I had no thought or concern for the persons in the wreck. I hoped it was the bastard who'd cut me off earlier. All I could think of was the time I would waste waiting for the mess to be cleared before I could continue on my way. I pulled out my cell phone and called home. I didn't get the answer I expected.

"Yeah?!" A man's angry voice snarled into the receiver. My son, Wilson. He was twenty and home for summer vacation.

"Wilson! How're you doing? Is your Mom handy?" I tried to be pleasant.

"I don't see her around. Wait!" A scratching around sound and some mumbled talking.

"Hey Daddy!" A more cheerful voice sounded in my ear. My little pumpkin, Stevette better known as Stevie, my daughter. Eighteen and just out of school, thinking about college but not sure if she wants to go just yet. Less of a conformist and more of a free spirit. More beautiful than even her Mother, she has a youthful exuberance that is contagious and she is always entertaining and funny. My favorite? Maybe. I was assured of a pleasant conversation talking to her, we were simpatico. She was suited to me. Wilson was more like Carole, with their attitudes and likes. It was the way we were split most of the time, Stevie and I and Carole and Wilson paired off when doing anything together.

"Hey Pumpkin! Is your Mom around?" I asked, trying to match her cheerful mood.

There were some noises in the back ground and I could tell by the sounds Stevie was walking around. It got really quiet and I heard a door close.

"Daddy? Listen, Mom is in a real pissy mood! I got home a little while ago and she was arguing with Wilson. I'm not sure what that's all about but now she's up stairs and doesn't want to be disturbed. She was pretty adamant about that!"

"Hum.' My mind trying to discern what might be wrong. 'Honey, I'm stuck in traffic, and I'm going to be late. I'll be home soon and I'll fix everything when I get home. It'll be alright, Okay?" I tried to sound like the rock, but felt more like the chopping block.

"Okay." She didn't sound very convinced. "But you're gonna have your work cut out for you. Daddy? You had better get home soon if you want to see Mom, cause she's leaving for the weekend."

"Where's your Mom going?" I asked, my brain racing trying to remember if she told me about going somewhere this weekend. Nothing! Typical Carole. Off on another weekend spree alone, running away instead of trying to work thru whatever problems we were having.

"I don't know, but she sounded like she was going to the beach, maybe. I didn't even ask if I could go and Wilson got all defensive and didn't want me to go with her." She sounded somewhat miffed.

"You won't mind staying home will you? Wilson and I will be here." I reminded. "Anyway why would Wilson care if you went with your mom?"

"Wilson won't be here, he's going to Reggie's house for the weekend." She countered. She was silent about why Wilson would care if she went, I shrugged it off.

"That's right,' I remembered Wilson's plans. 'but I'll be home." I tried to cheer her up. "Maybe you and I can do something, together?"

"Can we go to that new restaurant? And there's a movie playing I want to see!" She sounded excited. I found it strange that she would want to spend time with me, but she often did. My favorite? Maybe.

"Sure we can Darling Girl, but maybe tomorrow?"

"Umm, Yeah sure."

"Hey, what are you doing, Sweetheart?" I heard her rustling around, and my curiosity got the better of me.

"I'm lying on my bed. I'm really tired, today was the worst." She still sounded upbeat talking about her bad day. Her voice seemed to change it sounded kind of sensual and dreamy when she talked from a horizontal position.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Any thing I can do?" I tried to convey my concern.

"Yes! Jen and Berry's Rock Hard Nipple." She teased. This was her way of asking for some Rocky Road ice cream. It's a long story, funny, but long.

"I'll see what I can do. It looks like this may take a while. I love you Baby Girl, See you in a few. Let your Mom know I'll be home as soon as I can, the wreck ahead of me and all."

"Okay, Daddy. Love you!" She rang off.

Sirens were sounding all around, traffic was a snarled mess. What seemed like hours later was only forty minuets later, the traffic eased and the wreck was moved and we could get around. I stopped at the store near home and picked up a few things I needed and the Jen and Berry's Rock Hard Nipple. All set, I headed home, finally. Tack on another thirty minuets.

The sun had gone down and the house was dark. I parked in the garage, Carole's car was gone, so was Wilson's. Damn, I wanted to at least say good bye, but I silently counted my blessings that I didn't have the confrontation. Maybe Carole had a point leaving, give us both time to cool down without the hurtful theatrics. I put the ice cream away and began looking for Stevie, if she was still home and not out with friends, or gone with Carole. There was a light under the kids bathroom door, I could hear Stevie knocking around inside. I was just about to knock and tell her I was home when the door flew open and she slammed straight into me, knocking me backward. Her slick naked body crushed into me knocking the wind from my lungs, our arms latched onto one another for support as we fell backwards.

"Whew! Ouch!" My head taping against the wall behind me pretty hard. I tried to get my footing but I was headed downward pretty fast, Stevie in my arms as we fell.

"Whoa, Shit!" The shit part came out like Shhhhiiiiiiitttt!

"Daddy!" Stevie was frantically trying to regain her footing and cover herself with whatever was in her hands, all while falling to the floor in my arms. There was no escape we were locked in a fall. When we landed she was on top of me, I was thankful she was such a petite little thing.

"Thank god you weren't Wilson, I don't think I could have survived the fall."

Her body against mine was at once, excruciatingly pleasurable, despite the wounded pride of my aching butt and the tap on the back of my head. Her skin damp from the shower was soft, smooth and tight on her frame. I could feel heat radiating from her, seeping into me everywhere we touched. Her firm breasts were pressed against my chest, her nipples hard poking thru my shirt, burning into my chest. Her crotch was straddling my leg and I could feel her lightly furred sex thru my pant leg, the moist heat beyond belief. I couldn't help but immediately become hard. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, at least so far.

"Daddy! Sorry. I didn't expect you!" Stevie said breathlessly from above me, her voice apologetic.

"Can we save the chit chat till we get up?" I laughed at her.

"You'll have to close your eyes, Daddy. I'm not decent." She coyly teased, she held herself close to me using me to cover her nakedness. I was almost afraid she would see my hard on if she got up, but then I realized she couldn't help but feel it pressing against her stomach.

She was smiling down at me, with a mischievous smirk. I knew she could feel the throbbing of my cock against her.

"Daddy! You have to close your eyes." She said softly.

"Hum. I do huh?" I said softly closing them, I could still see thru my lashes.

"Daddy!" Stevie dug her fingers into my side, tickling me. "You're peaking!"

"Whoa! Ha, ha, ha. Cut that out, Little Girl!" I threatened.

"Ooo! I'm really scared! Whose going to stop me!" She began mercilessly tickling me. My weakness is that it doesn't take much to tickle me. I was laughing so hard I was rocking back and forth under her. Bending me knee, I brought my leg up between her legs, she emitted a strangled grunt. I felt her sex press against me hard as we rolled around on the floor of the hallway. It felt so wonderful to laugh after the shitty week I'd had, I didn't even think about how someone would perceive this scene if they were looking in.

I tried to tickle her but she was always so difficult to find a spot you could call her tickle spot.

"It's not fair! You're not ticklish!" I complained, laughing hard. Tears were leaking from the corner of my eyes.

"Ooo, that's too bad!" Stevie said laughing. I tried to find a tickle spot on her, but all that happened was my hands roamed all over her body. God, she felt so wonderful. I reached up under her arms trying to tickle her there, but with the angle of my arms all I could reach were the sides of her breasts which were squished between us, the rounded bulges warm to my touch.

"Daddy!" She squealed!

"Ah Ha!" I had found it! Her tickle spot! Stevie squirmed above me, her sex pressed against me rubbing in a rhythmic way, laughing against my chest.

"Daddy! Daddy! Stop! Daddy!" She begged, laughing her very contagious laugh.

"Oh ho! You can dish it out but you can't take it!" I crowed triumphantly.

"Daddy!" Stevie pushed herself up from my chest exposing her breasts to my voracious gaze. Her bosoms were lovely, wobbling before my eyes with a mesmerizing wiggle, the hard, tiny, pink nipples surrounded by crinkly, pink areola that capped them were swaying with a hypnotic beat. I was obviously staring.

"Daddy!" Stevie slapped my chest, "You Perv!" She giggled. "Stop looking!"

"Damn! You are so... so beautiful!" I choked out, lust husking my voice. I force my gaze to look into her eyes.

"Umm. You think so?" She toggled her shoulders causing her breasts to wobble again. My eyes captured again by the movement, causing her to giggle again.

"You Darling Girl!" I growled and hugged her to me, she leaned forward, her face upturned to mine. We kissed. It was definitely not a fatherly kiss. It was the most passionate kiss I'd received from her, ever!

"Wow!" Stevie breathed as we broke our kiss, "That was better than I thought it would be."

"Hum, yeah. So, how often do you think about kissing your Dad?" I countered, wondering how this came about? Strange the turn of events, and just what the fuck am I doing?

"Shut up and just kiss me!" She demanded.

I kissed her again, my hands ran over her body, one slid down to her cute, round, little ass.

"Oh my god! I'm touching my daughter's bottom! This can not be happening!" I was thinking all kinds of outrageous thoughts, none of them remotely fatherly.

"Daddy!" She murmured into my mouth, as I caressed her body. She began to undulate her body, her breasts sliding across my chest. Her youthful legs were writhing and entwining mine, I was in heaven.

"Did you bring me my ice cream?" Stevie asked breaking our kiss.

"Uh, yeah. You're right we'd better get up." I said, trying not to sound bummed.

"I think you already are up, Daddy." Stevie giggled. Pressing her tummy harder against my erection.

She made talking almost impossible as she pressed her sex against me, squirming around on my throbbing hard on.

"Baby Girl!" I blurted, "You're making this impossible."

"Without me none of this would be possible, silly." she countered.

"That's not...I meant I can't help myself. You...are so... beautiful, and... so sexy!" I stuttered.

I grabbed her tiny firm little ass and pulled her against me, my fingers delving into her moist crack. I tickled her clenched rose bud, my finger rubbing the crinkled orifice before delving into her sphincter, causing her rapid breathing to catch.

"Daddy!" She hissed, as if admonishing me for touching her forbidden hole. The light from the bathroom shone down on her casting her face in shadow, her hair wet from the shower looked darker though I knew it to be a lighter blonde. It hung in little ringlets framing her beautiful oval face, shadowing her even more. That combination made it almost impossible to see her almond shaped blue green eyes clearly. She swooped down and mashed her lips against mine her tongue spearing past my lips, to collide with my own. It then became a contest of who could kiss, lick, suck more of the others, lips, tongue, face. And who's hands and fingers could touch more of the others body. Stevie quickly began ripping open my shirt, without taking off my tie. I was to busy, trying to reach under her to touch her breasts and slide down to her little coochie, to do it myself. I had to sit up a little but with her insistent tugging off came my shirt and yep the tie stayed on. When I reached up to take it off she stopped me asking me to leave it on. What did I care about a silly tie, especially when I had in my hands the most beautiful little teenaged girl I knew. Naked. The most beautifully naked teenaged girl I knew. Yeah, I know I said that twice, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. When her small hands began ripping open my pants I felt that this was the point of no return. So I stopped her, and looking up into her eyes I asked,

"Do you really want this, Baby?" She didn't answer, but nodded her head yes. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Daddy. I really want this!" Stevie squirmed her hot little pussy against my turgid rod. "And I want you to put it in here!" The pressure she put on my manhood made me gasp.

I attacked her tender breasts and began an assault upon them that would make the Marines at Iwo Jima envious. Her nipples were so sensitive that when ever I would suck them or lick them she would moan and convulse against me. It was so sexy when she finally pulled open my pants and her little hands drug out the snake, she was cooing and her fingers coaxing total hardness as I caressed her legs, torso, and breasts.

"Wait!" The word burst forth from my lips unbidden as I perceived her rising upward to straddle my hips.

"What? Daddy it's okay, I said already. Besides you won't be my first, you know." It was a statement, not a question, but it took me by surprise anyway. I always operated on the assumption that my little girl would always be my virginal little girl, and not a wanton young hussy. Oops, my mistake.

"Really?" I asked, a look of smokey anger in my eyes. I wanted to holler, Who? When? Something, but where my little girl is concerned my heart is always in the way.

"Don't be mad at me, Daddy!" She whined, "I wanted you to be my first I just didn't think that you would want to take your thirteen year old daughter's virginity."

That set me back a bit, thirteen when she lost it, Damn! Her fingers never left my cock as she stroked it between her legs, the heat from her pussy microns away. Even in the ambient light I could see the wispy hair covering her young mound, it was lighter and less evident than I had assumed as I had felt it thru my pants. The curls were of the same blond hair color.

'God,' I thought, 'why am I jealous of any of the boys, or men who have had the pleasure of her body? Don't I want it as well? Don't I want to fuck her twelve ways till Sunday.' I continued to look at her just drinking her in as she played with my hard on, she was very good. It made me wonder who had taught her how to do this, she was keeping me hard longer than I had been able to do so myself lately, ever since Carole had stopped sleeping with me. Whenever that had been!

"Couldn't you be satisfied with right now? What you and I are doing now?" To emphasize her question she did a little twisting motion with her hand that made me catch my breath.

"Maybe we should move to a bed?" I suggested.

"Fuck that!" She said fuck with such a sexy, throaty voice that I nearly came in her hands right there. "I want to know that we did it right here, because we couldn't control ourselves any longer."

She raised herself up and moving forward she brought her little slit to just above my flaming cock head. She rubbed the large strawberry shaped head between her neither lips before settling it against the opening of her cunt. Stevie lowered herself down but her little opening was so tight that the head of my cock wouldn't enter. The passionate sounds escaping her were tiny, ecstatic, almost to the point of frenzy. A look of concentration furrowed her brow as she worked harder to force my cock into her cunt, causing me no small amount of excruciating pleasure. It suddenly slipped into her causing her to cry out with a squeal of unexpected pleasure.

Stevie immediately looked at me, her eyes smoldering with intense desire. She slowly began to slide further onto my scepter, as she looked into my eyes, as if challenging me to watch her fuck herself on her fathers cock. After several tries to stuff herself full of Daddy's dick she succeeded, and bottomed out, her hips splayed over mine, the lips of her engorged sex pressed against my own pubes. Her fingers were like multiple little vices in their effort, her hands holding onto my arm and chest for support. Both of us were panting our breath coming in gasps.

"Uuumm, Fffuuucckk!' Stevie mewed, 'Ooh, God! Daddy?!" Her pussy was squished down around the root of my pillar, the heat coming from her was volcanic. I was so close to cuming I could just barely contain myself, I was afraid if she moved even the barest inch I would erupt inside of her clutching womb. I placed my hands on either side of her hips and held her impaled upon my throbbing muscle.

"Wait a moment, Darling. Please don't move!' My breath and voice panting and husky, "God! You are so tight!"

My breathing wasn't calming as I thought it would and she was becoming impatient, her efforts to fuck me being thwarted, or at least temporarily frustrated.

"Baby, you're about to make me cum. I just need a chance to catch my breath, then we can get busy!"

"Daddy!" She mewed, "I'm so full of your cock!" Her cunt began to ripple around my meat, causing a renewed desire to shoot my cum.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed. I should have played with myself earlier this week so I wouldn't be so touchy now!

'How the fuck would I have known?' I thought, 'It had been months that Carole and I had done anything! And earlier this week I was balls deep in the catastrophe at work. With that asshole J.P. Handcock riding roughshod on my ass!'

Just a thought of that jerk had me backed off enough to keep from embarrassing myself with Stevie and shooting my load too soon.

I looked up at Stevie her eyes were closed but she had the look of a coiled spring, her muscles taunt just beneath her skin, her breathing quick and shallow, a sheen of sweat covering her skin causing a glow, her face and neck flushed with a spreading blush of pink to the tips of her breasts. It was as if she was vibrating, a look of complete desire infused her features as she sat like a queen upon her throne, impaled upon her Sire's scepter. As I looked more intently at her I realized she was having an orgasm on her Daddy's cock. Her first orgasm with me ,her Daddy! My hands were still holding her hips, only now I slid them under her and lifted her up.

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