tagInterracial LoveUnexpected Relief Ch. 02

Unexpected Relief Ch. 02


My eyes cracked open to a fresh dawn and for a brief second I was afraid I was back in my own apartment, cold and alone.

That was my nightmare- that I was sleeping in a bed far too large for just myself, on a bed set that had been purchased to merely to replace the bed set I lost when the woman I had loved more than anything, betrayed me in one of the worst ways I could have ever imagined.

My heart pounded, and it took a few seconds for the scales to clear from both my mind and eyes. I stirred a bit and I saw my former pupil- now a beautiful, sexy vivacious woman sprawled out half on the bed, half on me, breathing these little puffing snores, her breath blowing up the long ebony curls that strayed into her face. I couldn't resist the temptation to gently brush them to the side with the knuckles of my large hand- my reverie broken by the call of nature.

Normally, I would get up like some kind of marionette controlled by someone with arthritic hands, stumble to the bathroom, shower and shave, then stagger to the kitchen, downing coffee and a half-ass breakfast that I only half-tasted before the commute on the days I had school, or to the library or coffee shop to study- and on the days (now becoming rarer and rarer) that my friends would drag me out of the house for my own good.

This morning, for the first time in almost half a year I quickly got up, feeling limber and refreshed. Careful to not disturb 'Landa too terribly, I padded to her bathroom. I had missed the feeling of waking up next to a woman- even in the heat of Summer, my bed had seemed so cold and hard without Janette. I had to chuckle to myself- though Yolanda was obviously a woman grown, she kept her place like a teenager. Admittedly, I was rather anal about things- I kept everything well organized, I made my bed in a precise fashion every morning. I even had two hampers- one for coloreds and one for whites- I had a friend rib me that my laundry was Jim Crow- I remember screwing my face at the distasteful joke, but laughed a bit despite my white liberal guilt- maybe because of it.

Yolanda's apartment was just as small as I remember it, and clothes were everywhere, including soda and beer cans. It wasn't gross- I didn't see any science experiments crawling out of cereal bowls or anything- it was just messy. I did have to avoid stepping on a pad of lined paper on my way to the bathroom. Glancing down, I saw 'Landa could write music. I couldn't read it- so I had no idea how it sounded, but the top of the page told me she had labeled it "Sweet Memories". In the corner, over by a small army of stuffed animals a stand with a keyboard and next to that, what was probably a saxophone case, leaned almost lovingly on a steel string guitar sitting solidly in a stand.

My bladder urged me on despite my curiosity, and I saw her bathroom was much like her room- messy, but cluttered with interesting things. I saw photos and doodles of her with various friends, she had enough bath products to run a small spa. Putting the seat up, I relieved myself and the feeling of relief was so good it almost made my eyes curl up into the back of my head. Washing my hands on a little cake of soap shaped like a pineapple, then drying them on one of the cleaner towels haphazardly thrown about her shower door I looked down at my pale body. It was wreathed in Yolanda's kisses, scratches and love bites, smears of her lipstick streaked across various places on my body. I smelled of sex, both mine and hers, before and I decided to take a quick shower before climbing back into bed with the sleeping Yolanda.

As soon as I re-entered the bed, Yolanda's full, plush lips curled into a smile and she made this adorable little crooning noise while pulling me tightly to her curvy, lush body. I held her, and allowed myself to just relax and enjoy the moment. She nuzzled into my broad hairy chest, her puffy little breaths causing my chest hair to rustle like a gentle gusts through a field of grass. I took my time to drink in her beauty- her skin was was a dark brown and I couldn't help but admire the red, purples and blacks of the various tattoos that accentuated her already beautiful chocolate skin, made even more spectacular with how the morning light from her small window played across her lush curves. I inhaled her sweet scent- wildflowers combined with the musk of pure, healthy woman as one of my hands absentmindedly played with the long, thick ringlets of her black hair. Against my upper stomach, I could feel the overflowing fullness of her large breasts, the skin the color of sandalwood contrasting across the pale white of my skin.

I found myself growing hard again as images of the searing sweetness of last night burned through my mind- I dozed for what was probably only an hour or so to feel a stirring at my side, the sudden shock of a wet mouth on my cock. I looked down to find Yolanda almost half asleep, but purring nonetheless take me into her mouth, and nursing the thick head with these firm little sucks as her broad tongue massaged the underside.

I moaned and my hand found the thick mane of her hair and she made the sexiest little keening sound as my fingers massaged her scalp, she took all of me into her mouth, and I could feel her nose breathing against my stomach as I found myself becoming fully hard inside her mouth.

"God...'Landa baby, that feels so fucking good," I uttered in bliss as I felt the wonderfully soft, verdant wetness of her sex as she rubbed herself onto my leg, her hips making these delicious little circles against my flesh.

I could feel the tight, insistent pull of her full lipped mouth on my now thick, throbbing cock and the now full, hungry moans she made traveled to the deepest part of me and I found my hand gripping her long, dark curls of it's own accord. Her body was warming up, and I could feel the hard flesh of her pierced nipple against my lower thigh.

I bent down a bit, my hand tracing down her ear, to the slope of her neck and shoulder, until I found the crinkled licorice field of her aureola and the point of her thick nipple, and I took my thumb and forefinger and started to pinch and pull at it, toying with the jewelry, and we both gasped- she felt the sudden stimulation and I the resulting jolt of pleasure caused by the increase of her already admirable efforts in sucking my now blissfully aching hardness.

I teased the thick plugs of her nipples, the feminine swell of her stomach trembled and flutter. It was as if the scratching caresses of my thick fingers and nails directly caused causing the lips of her already lust-soaked sex to blossom and bloom against my leg. I flashed back to last night, savoring how delicious she tasted and I wanted to experience that again- and share the pleasure she was giving me. I positioned myself differently she adjusted but unsure where to put her hips.

"Yolanda, swing your hips up, I have to taste you again," I swore I could feel her actually thrum in joy at my words and she quickly disengaged just enough so I could reach her. I was about five inches taller than she, but hunched down and wrapped my arms around her hips, my bearded mouth seeking out the sweet aromatic plum of her full slit.

"Mmmmnnnnmmmaaaa....Yes Tommy- so good!" 'Landa breathed into my thigh, before she took my still wetly throbbing cock back into the wonderfully haven of her soft wet mouth.

I moaned and hummed into the dark patch of her pubic hair, and I loved the way her full nether lips felt against my tongue, I enjoyed parting them with my tongue and mouth and the heavy sweet taste of her.

As opposed to irrepressible, milking blow job she gave me last night, her technique was slow and languid, almost leisurely as she moaned and shuddered against me and the loving caresses of my tongue. Like her personality, she had this wonderfully confident and natural way of lovemaking.

Her ability to just enjoy the moment was something I wasn't used to. I admittedly usually felt uptight during sex (I was uptight about everything else, so why should lovemaking be any different) and Janette had always seemed so- contrived. Yolanda's simple, joyful passion was infectious, and it helped me to relax enough to enjoy myself as well. I ran my broad, thick hands lightly over her wonderfully lush hips and full rounded bottom, enjoying the smooth silken texture of her skin and how her coffee hue contrasted with my pale hands and with time, I felt myself becoming more and more at ease. I could feel her hands doing the same for me, and her small soft hands soothing and sensual at the same time.

I nuzzled and delved even deeper into her, drinking her nectar and teasing the little rigid brown nub of her clitoris that poked from it's hood and I moaned in turn as I felt myself be gently pulled into orgasm- her mouth making me feel like I was in a wonderful soothing bath. As with last night, she took me all the way into my mouth, drinking me down with a satisfied relish.

My fingers found their way to her slick, fragrant furrow and I dipped my fingers into her and plied deeply, my thick digit slicing into the sweet, hot gripping mouth of her. I felt her body shiver and writhe in delight as she was almost singing the joys of her own climax around my hardness as which she seemed to be intent on milking every last bit of cum from me.

She disengaged gently, and I got to see her stretch to celebrate both her sexual satisfaction and as a way to greet the morning, the sun pouring in through the window- she looked like some sexy jungle cat.

"Good morning Tommy," 'Landa beamed at me as she bent down to nuzzle my cheek, and my hand went to the long curly black links of her hair. Something about her hair made me itch to touch it, caress it, and run my fingers through the thick fullness of it.

She made this sweet sound of happiness and kissed my chest, inhaling my scent.

"You enjoy your shower?" She asked, her open, grey eyes smiling.

"Mmmhmmmm" I replied.

"I'm gonna take one too- you made me all sticky."

I couldn't help but blush and she laughed.

"You're cute, you know that?" Yolanda stated, her dimples deepening in those smooth brown cheeks of hers as she smiled even more broadly.

I had to laugh- I couldn't think of anyone I know that would have labeled me like that- especially within the last 6 months so I shot her my best "Serious Guy" look (which was pretty good, considering that' was pretty much my default look), and responded with just a touch of wryness "I get that all the time."

Yolanda playfully kissed me on the nose and bounced into the shower. I watched in joy and fascination as her healthy young body shimmied and shook, her lovely dusky flesh pliant and supple.

As I heard the water run, I went to her sink full of dishes that should have been done three days ago- I had to resist the urge to turn on the water and do them since I didn't want to mess with 'Landa's shower.

I couldn't help but consider all the options, "What am I going to do with her? What does she want? Is this right for me? Am I right for her? We're in such different places in our lives- does she even want to get married and have children?"

A small still voice within me- as if my subconscious had found a voice and pushed itself into my waking brain told me to relax, that not everything needed to be plotted out five years in advance.

Something about that concept scared me. I'm so used to planning my life, from what I want to do for dinner, to what I need to do to balance the multitude of classes I'm taking to how much money I should start saving and investing after I got my teaching certificate so I could retire comfortably.

Looking around at the haphazard way Yolanda kept her apartment, to her very free, open and almost aggressive pursuit of the joys in life I had found someone who was very different from myself.

Honestly, I was afraid of getting hurt again. What happened with Janette left me so scarred it made it hard to fully enjoy the wonder of the moment.

I looked at myself in the mirror and shook my head, muttering under my breath, "She isn't Janette, it's not fair to treat her like she is."

I pondered this, and I heard the water stop, so I bent down, scraping a sliver from the dried and cracked cake of soap on an old coffee lid that had been turned into an impromptu soap dish and washed out my face, head and beard.

I heard the water stop- and Yolanda emerged soon after, a towel wrapped around her thick, healthy hair that must take forever to dry. She didn't have another towel, and I could see her body, small, lush and ripe in the hallway. The rings in her nipples glint I couldn't help myself, my jaw fell open like a teenage boy, and she smiled again.

"You're such a dork..." Her eyes were alight with amusement and I can tell she enjoyed the way I looked at her, and...I could tell she liked looking at me. For most of my adult life, I hadn't really thought of myself as attractive. I didn't think I was some kind of Quasimodo, but I wasn't ever what you would call a "pretty boy."

She beamed at me, those bright white teeth over those lovely, full dark, sweet lips, and she shivered, gleaming naked in her hallway, the drops like little diamonds over her smooth, brown skin, goosebumps highlighting her round fullness.

"I ran out of towels in the bathroom Tommy. In the closet hanging up there is a spare one, could you grab it for me?" She said, starting to shiver- though it was still Summer, mornings could be cold.

I did, in fact see the towel, it was long, purple and faded, smeared with the stains of what looked like paint and hair-dye. It was hard for me to look away, I enjoyed her so much.

"Come here, 'Landa" I said, my voice soft and a gently smile on my lips. She shivered in a way that suggested it wasn't just from cold, and looked at me.

She took three steps towards me, each sinuous, rolling of her hips causing her coffee-colored flesh to ripple and shudder delightfully. She looked up at me not knowing exactly what I wanted, but willing to chance the experience.

"I'm cold Tommy." Yolanda said, shuddering, rubbing her delicate hands against her naked arms.

"I'm going to warm you up, 'Landa" I stepped in closer to her, my hands wicking away moisture that had yet to fall to the carpet.

"That's nice," she almost whispered as I slowly, lovingly took the worn, soft towel over her arching back- enjoying the way her twitching muscles made the various notes and clefts of her tattoos almost dance, her toned yet soft shoulders and long, graceful neck. From there, I ran my cloth-covered hands over her belly- round in a very feminine way, flaring out into wide, soft hips. From there, I knelt down behind her, drying the moisture from her full, round brown thighs, playing over her legs and the sumptuous expanse of her ass. I could hear 'Landa's breathing quicken, as I almost held mine, kneeling before her, I dried her off, I looked up into her heavily-lidded bliss-filled eyes and up and down her now mostly dry body, magnificent in it's curves, dips and dimples of chocolate, licorice and the earthy tones of fine wood. I stood up behind her.

"Your arms, please," My voice was gentle, and she raised her rounded arms up and out, causing the vast expanse of her breasts to lift up as well and I toweled those those off as well. I felt myself harden, as I drank in the scent of her soap, shampoo- and best of all, the spicy wildflower aroma of Yolanda herself. I had only meant to dry her off, but this woman, this unbelievably sexy woman who had re-awakened all of the senses I had let dull and atrophy, her actions, fluid and a refreshing lack of self-consciousness aroused me beyond believe.

My large hand cupped her cheek, and she was shaking again.

"Are you still cold, 'Landa?" I asked, my thumb brushing her cheek. She shook her head leaned into my shoulder, her face pressed against my chest.

"Tommy?," she asked, her breath hot and sweet as I, fully clothed, cradled her naked body against mine.

I held her to me, my arms wrapped against me.

"That was such a very sweet thing you did, I...I'm.."She stuttered and stopped and we said nothing for awhile, our hearts pounding in our chest until she spoke in a small, scared voice."I"m not used to...I'm used to just having fun. I don't...I don't know..."

I nodded and cradled her head, still wrapped in the towel in my chest. I was scared too. This was so quick, so sudden. A million "what if's" played through my mind and I took a deep breath.

"It's okay 'Landa. Let's just enjoy today. You've helped me to feel happy for the first time in months, and I think...It's okay to be happy. Let's be happy today, and let's let tomorrow worry about tomorrow."

She looked up at me, her eyes grey moons defying the day, her eyes gently brimming with tears, "But Tommy,I'm not rea-"

I smiled down at her and and said, "Shh." and before she could respond, I kissed her, fully, passionately and I could feel her smiling against my lips, melting into my arms and surrendering to the moment.

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