tagLoving WivesUnexpected Turn Ch. 01

Unexpected Turn Ch. 01


I'll start this off by telling you about myself. My name is Jessica and at the time of this story I'm 25, 5'4 125 34C 26 waist with a bubble butt, thanks to my latina blood. I had long sexy brown hair with blonde highlights. I'm born and raised in Southern California. I had been married 3 Years. I met my husband David a year after I had my daughter. We got married 6 months later. He was good to us even though he wasn't her dad.

Our sex life was ok, sometimes very romantic but safe and not any different than my previous experience. The only problem I had is that he wouldn't let me give him head. He said that I kiss my daughter with that mouth and it's dirty.

We struggled financially and lived with his parents, but all that was set to change. I had got a job working as a medical assistant at the local hospital. The pay was more than he made and we were going to be able to move out soon. The new job was going well, I started hanging out with a co-worker named Linda. She dated some kind of low level drug dealer named Paul. She was using him to get coke since it helped her get through her shifts. We would eat lunch everyday and complain about our man troubles. Her man was always broke and I wasn't getting any from David.

On Friday David wasn't going to pick me up until later because he had a Softball game. I told him that I would just go to Linda's and he could take his time and pick me up after. Shortly after arriving at Linda's she asked me if I wanted to go pick up her boyfriend to hang out. We got in her car and drove about 5 minutes to pick up her boyfriend and I had to get in the back seat because he wanted to drive. Asshole... Linda asked me when David was picking me up because they had to go pick up her boyfriend's brother, Marco. I said he would be there in an hour.

We picked up Marco at a burger joint about 15 minutes away. The long car ride was starting to make my butt hurt and I was getting irritated hearing her boyfriend talk about how "bad" Marco was. We waited a couple minutes for him to come out. He took my breath away the first time I saw him. Designer jeans, Air Jordans, tattoos a wife beater and a nice athletic body. He asked if we could take him to his car which was about 30 minutes away. Irritated from a long day of work and not wanting to fight with David I pleaded with them to take me back to Linda's. To my surprise Marco said it was cool. That made him interesting to me, I couldn't believe he had manners and respect. He had a quiet confidence, unlike his loudmouth brother.

We arrived at Linda's and went straight into her living room. My butt was sore from the long car ride in Linda's crappy car. I decided to flirt a little so I went to the bathroom and freshened up my hair and make up. When I came out I asked Marco how he was going to make up for my butt being sore and batted my eyelashes. He said anything I wanted and took out a wad of cash from his pocket, must have been about three grand. He quickly turned and retreated to the bathroom. I tried to follow him but he slammed the door on me.

I waited for him to come out and then decided to be bold. As soon as he opened the door I pushed him back in there and locked the door. He smiled knowing that he had me. I asked him again how are you gonna make up for my butt being sore? I was pouted my lips and tried to be flirty. He said he would rub it for me, and I said how about you let me take a picture of you. He said ok... and then he remarked about how I was a tease for trapping him in the bathroom and wanting to do something dumb like take a picture. I thought quickly of something naughty to say then I whipped out my iPhone and blurted out let me take a picture of your dick! He said only if I took it out of his pants, I became very excited and nervous so much so that my whole body was shaking as I undid his belt and pulled down his zipper. I was pleased to discover his black silk boxers. I tugged on the waist band and saw the sexiest thing my eyes have ever seen to that point in my life, his shaved and semi hard cock. My pussy warmed up and began to moisten quickly soaking my panties.

I took a step back and opened the camera on my iPhone I was focusing in on his beautiful cock and then bam!!! David called. I almost had a heart attack!! I answered and I mouthed to Marco to stay quiet... David said he was going to be about 30 minutes late. Such a relief, thank god!!

I told Marco that I was married and gave him the details as quickly as I could. He asked what's next. I told him that it's his call. He pushed me up against the door and said he was gonna fuck the shit out of me! It sounded so hot but my morals and nerves kicked in at the same time and I told him that I never had sex in anyplace but a bed and he wasn't going to change that. I asked him if he thought I was some slut? He smiled and said nothing. I still felt so horny and David was going to be picking me up in less than 30 minutes. My body was shaking and my mind was racing. I told him to let me go and I went to Linda's living room and asked her if me and Marco could talk in her room.

I grabbed Marco by the hand and led him into the room. I locked the door and then he grabbed my by the waist and kissed me passionately then he grabbed two handfuls of my ass cheeks and kneaded them like a pro. I've never been so wet in my life! He reached into my scrubs and past my panties and grabbed my ass bare. I almost came! He laid me down on the bed and continued to have his way with me kissing my neck and grabbing my ass I moaned like a whore... I've never moaned for a man in my life! Marco took out his long thick clean dick and told me to suck it. Compelled by his words I got off the bed and got on my knees and licked the precum off of his dick, I continued to lick and suck his dick with lust like I've never experienced. Then my phone rang again!!!! It was David and he was parked outside and he said to hurry...

To be continued...

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