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Unexpected Visitor


Taylor was sleeping soundly in her bed, when the shrill sound of her doorbell awakened her. She quickly grabbed her cell phone, checking the time. "It's only eight in the freaking morning? Who in the HELL is here at eight in the morning?"

She throws on some pants and a jacket over her pink silk teddy, opens the door to her apartment and starts down the stairs, key to the front door in her hand. As she descends the stairs, she realizes that Alex is the one awakening her from her quiet slumber. A flutter of apprehension mixed with desire shoots up and down her body.

When she unlocks the door, he comes inside and waits for her to shut it again. Then Alex follows her up the stairs, very close behind her. Nothing has been said between the two of them, as the last time they saw each other, there was nothing left to say. He had a girlfriend, and it wasn't Taylor. She ended the relationship. Clearly, Alex wanted more.

Taylor wasn't saying anything because she didn't know what to say. "Why is he here?" Is all she could think, along with, "Do I want him to be here? Should I have even let him in?"

When they got into her apartment, he slammed the door behind them and locked it. At the sound of the door slamming, Taylor whipped around "Wha—?"

He stifled her question with a hard kiss on her lips, pushed her back against the wall and started to take her jacket off. She gave Alex a firm push, but he didn't move away from her, and quickly her hands changed from unyielding to caressing. Grasping the back of his head, she kissed him more passionately, as he threw her jacket to the floor.

As soon as he saw the teddy she was wearing, how the lace across her breasts hid nothing from his eyes, he took one of her tight pink nipples into his mouth and then continued on to removing her pants.

Taylor started taking Alex's jacket off, then his button-front shirt. She was so pleasured by him sucking her nipples and knowing what would come next that her hands were shaking. She couldn't get the buttons undone and just ripped the shirt in half, throwing it on top of their jackets. By this time, Alex already had her pants off and he started unbuttoning his own. She pulled his hands away and finished it for him.

As he kicked his pants off, Alex began kissing her again, their tongues moving back and forth against each other inside her mouth. After his boxers were off, he pushed his cock against her damp pussy, realizing that she still had her thong on. He slipped his hand between her legs, and ripped it away from her body. "Oh yes!" She cried. He got down on his knees and began licking her pussy. Flicking his tongue against her clit and then licking the inside of her lips. She clasped on tighter to his shoulders as she got closer to orgasm. But before she could cum, he stood back up, pulling the teddy with him.

He pushed two fingers into her pussy, knowing it was definitely ready enough for that. They continued kissing, Taylor desperately pushing herself against him, and vigorously licking her juices from his lips. Alex grabbed her ass, pushing her back against the wall, lifting her off of her feet. She wrapped her legs around him as he slammed himself into her.

"Ooohhh God Taylor, you're so hot!" Groaned Alex, as he slid deeper inside her tight, wet pussy. She squeezed tightly around him and bit his neck. All ten inches were deep inside of her and she didn't want him to pull out just yet. But he did.

He pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside. Slowly, he pushed in past his thick head, then pulled it right back out. He repeated this motion until she dug her nails into his shoulder enough to draw blood. Teasing and tormenting her until she screamed, "Damn it Alex, just fuck me now! I need it! I want you so bad!"

Then Alex slammed into her and she moaned in climax. All of that wait, but the pleasure was so immense; it was well worth the torment. He kept the pace intoxicatingly slow. Not so slow that Taylor could lose interest, but just fast enough to keep her on the edge of climax, bringing her close over and over again.

Finally, Taylor knew that Alex was about to bust. He started to push faster and harder. They could hear her ass hit the wall and then his balls smack the bottom of her ass. He grabbed her ass harder, spreading her cheeks wider, leaving white marks on her flesh. She sucked on his neck, sure to leave her mark as well. Faster and faster until she squeezed her muscles so tight around him that he howled and slammed into her one last time.

He came in a flourish of one minute. Just wave after wave of pleasure, making both of them shake. Taylor felt so full, so complete, she didn't even care that he didn't use protection. She never wanted to feel as empty as when he left her before.

Eventually Alex pulled out, and set her back on her feet, not letting go for a second so that she wouldn't collapse. They kissed again, lingeringly, and he slowly pulled away from her. She looked at him with such strong desire, and a bruised, battered weak hurt behind her eyes, they both knew, that he was going to leave, and that the next time he came back, she would let it happen again.

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