tagGroup SexUnfaithful Alicia Ch. 01

Unfaithful Alicia Ch. 01


Hi, it's Alicia again, you've read about my first lesbian sex, now, this story is about the first time I cheated on my husband.

In this story, I'm wearing, a white dress, with black polka dots, a white bra, and, black panties.

I hope you all enjoy reading this story! I can tell you, I had a blast writing it.


I sit in a local bar on a busy Friday night.

I sit there nursing a bottle of beer, when I notice this guy watching me, but, when I turn to look at him, he looks away.

He's a really attractive guy, he's about 5'8, with blonde hair, and, he looks like he's well built, I wonder how big his cock is?

A minute later, the bartender brings me a shot of tequila, and, tells me it's from the blonde haired man, I look over my shoulder, and, smile at him, but, trying not to show too much interest, I want him to work for my attention.

I quickly down the shot, and, the bartender quickly pours me another one.

"The man told me to keep your glass full." He says, winking at me.

So, I slam that shot as well, and, the one that came after that, and, the one that came after that, and, by now, I'm starting to feel a little tipsy.

The bartender pours me another shot, and, I grab that, and, my beer, and, walk over to the man's table.

"Hi, I'm Alicia!" I say, as I slam the shot.

"Hi, Alicia." The man says, pulling a chair out for me to sit.

"So, what's your name?" I say, only slightly slurring my speech.

"Does it really matter what my name is, Alicia? I'm going to be honest, I'm paying to get you drunk, so I can take you back to my apartment, and, fuck you. You're a one night stand, Alicia, plain and simple."

I look at him as I finish my beer.

"Buy me another beer, and, we'll discuss whether I'll be your one night stand, ok?"

The waitress brings another beer, along with another shot of tequila.

I quickly slam the shot, and, by now, I'm well beyond buzz.

"I can tell by that ring on your finger that you're married, but, I don't think you'd be sitting here if you weren't looking to hook up, am I right?" He says.

"Oh, you're right!" I say, as I start slamming my glass of beer.

"I gotta admit, I like a girl who can slam liquor like that! My roommates are going to love you!" He says with a smile.

"You have roommates? So, you'll be sharing me tonight? I like the sound of that! But, I must tell you, I'm no girl, I'm all woman, I'll even go so far as to say, I might be more woman then you can handle!" I say, matching his smile.

"I guess we'll see about that!" He says, taking my hand in his.

I have another beer, and, three more shots, and, by now, I'm totally drunk.

"Are you a drunk slut, Alicia?"

"I want to be your drunk slut!" I reply.

"Do one more shot, then I'll take you back to my apartment!" He orders.

"Yes, Sir!" I say, slamming back another shot.

He pays for our drinks, and, takes me by the hand, and, leads me to his car.

"Have you ever been with three men at one time?" He asks as we pull out of the bar parking lot.

"No." I say, blushing slightly.

"Well, you will tonight!" He replies.

I have to admit, that the thought of being with three men at the same time is making my panties wet, of course, I won't tell him that!

We pull up to his apartment a few minutes later, I try to get out of the car, but, he stops me.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Take your panties off, right now, I'm serious, slut, take off those fucking panties!" He orders.

"Yes Sir!" I say, reaching under my skirt, and, sliding my black satin panties down.

"Hand them to me!"

I hand him my panties.

"If you're a good little slut tonight, you'll get these back! Now, get the fuck out of my car!"

"Yes Sir!" I meekly say, opening his car door, and, stepping out of his car.

He takes me by my hand, and, leads me into his apartment, where his two room mates are waiting for us.

"It's about time you came back, oh, and, look, he brought us a toy to play with!" I hear the one man say.

He stands up, and, he's a short, bald headed man, he looks to be in great shape.

The other room mate is a tall, thin, black man.

I've never had black cock before, this might be interesting.

"Get undressed, you white trash whore!" The black man orders.

I've never been called 'white trash' before, hearing those words kind of turns me on!

"Yes Sir!" I say, as I unzip my dress, and, let it fall down around my ankles, now I'm just wearing a white satin bra.

The bald man walks over, and, cuts the straps of my bra, making my breasts pop free.

I blush, and, try to cover up.

"No you don't, whore! Show us those titties!" The blonde haired man says, pulling my arms away, exposing my breasts, it was cold in the room, so, my big, puffy nipples were fully erect.

The bald man, and, the blonde haired man begin sucking on my nipples, and, the black man begins kissing me.

All of this attention is making my pussy so fucking wet!

"On your knees, trash!" The black man orders, pushing down on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees, I've never let a man treat me like this, I have to admit, it's exciting!

"White trash, meet black cock!" He says, dropping his pants, and, showing me his cock, he has the biggest cock I've ever seen, my mouth just drops open.

"How big are you, Sir?" I ask, my mouth still wide open.

"I'm 14 inches long, whore!" He says, smiling!

The other two meen take out their cocks as well, and, they're both about 9 or 10 inches long, I'm literally looking at the three biggest cocks I've ever seen.

"Here's how it's going to be, whore, we're going to fill all three of your slutty holes, do you like how that sounds, whore?" The bald man says to me.

"Yes, Sir, it does!" I say, lowering my head.

The blonde haired man helps me to my feet, and, quickly bends me over the arm of a chair.

"Spread your legs as wide as they'll go, whore!" He orders.

"Yes, Sir!" I say, complying with his order

The blonde haired man lays on the floor under me, and, begins licking my pussy, as the bald man spreads my ass open, and, starts licking the rim of my dirty asshole, the black man comes over to me, and, I start licking, and, sucking on his balls.

"That's good, whore!" He moans, running his fingers through my hair.

After a few minutes of this, the three men help me to my feet.

"Time to fill all of those holes!" The bald man says to me.

The bald man sits down in a chair, and, motions for me to come closer.

"You're going to sit down on my cock, whore!" He says.

"Sit down? So it goes in my pussy?" I ask.

"No, I want you to sit down, so my cock goes into that tight little shit hole of yours!" He says with a smile on his face.

I blush as I walk towards him, and, start to lower myself down on to his hard, rigid cock.

I've never been taken in my ass before, so, his cock hurts a little as it penetrates my tight, dirty hole, he's so big, I can already feel that he's torn me a little.

Once I'm sitting down completely on his cock, the blonde haired man comes over to me, and, starts rubbing the head of his cock over my bald pussy lips.

"While he's fucking your ass, I'm gonna fuck this tight, slutty cunt!" He says, ramming himself into me, I can also feel my pussy bleeding a little from the size of his cock.

As these two men fuck me, the black man comes over, grabs a handful of my hair, and, jerks my head back, and, starts rubbing the head of his cock over my mouth.

"Open your mouth, whore!" He orders.

I comply with his order, and, he slides his enormous cock into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat, making me gag.

"That's it, whore, gag on it!" He says, as he starts to throat fuck me.

I've never had three cocks inside me like I do now, I'm so filled with cock I could just about explode.

I can feel that the cock in my ass, and, the cock in my cunt has torn me open, I can feel the blood dripping out.

"Look at this shit, we tore the bitch open!" I hear the bald man say, as he slaps five with the blonde haired man.

The black man starts fucking my throat deep, and, fast, slamming the head of his cock against the back of my throat, making me gag more, and, more. I can literally feel his balls bouncing off of my forehead.

I can feel my clit getting hard, I've never been so turned on in my life!

The blonde haired man starts fucking me a little bit faster, I can tell he's close to cumming.

"Yeah, you're gonna make me cum, you tight little whore!" He says, shooting his load deep into my cunt.

He pulls out, but, still continues to slap the head of his cock against my super sensitive clit, does he realize how close I am to cumming?

"This bitch is getting close to cumming!" The blonde haired man says, as he starts slapping my clit with the palm of his hand.

My clit is so hard, and, so sensitive, every little bit of stimulation is sending shock waves through my little body.

Before too long, I can no longer control myself, and, I have a loud, intense orgasm, the orgasm was so intense, I creamed.

"Oh my God! We made the bitch cream!" The black man said, as he continues to punish my mouth with his monster cock.

I can feel the bald man bounce me up and down on his cock a little faster, thank goodness, I think he's close to cumming.

"I'm going cum in your dirty little ass, whore!" He whispers in my ear.

With those words, I feel his cock jerk, and, empty his load deep in my tight, virgin asshole.

"You made me cum, whore!" He says, reaching around, and, roughly pinching my nipples.

He slowly pulls out of my ass, making the pain last as long as possible, but, I'm still sitting on his lap, and, now he reaches down, and, starts rubbing my clit, once again making it rock hard.

"This bitch is loving all of this attention, aren't you, bitch?" The bald headed man asks.

I moan out an inaudible response, my mouth is still full of 14 inches of hard, black cock.

The black man continues to fuck my throat, I can literally feel the head of his cock hitting against the back of my throat.

Finally after all this time, I can feel the rush of precum oozing down my throat.

"You're gonna make me cum, you white trash whore!" He moans, as his cock explodes, and, he floods my mouth with his cum, he cums so hard that cum pours out from the corners of my mouth.

The bald headed man is still rubing my clit, which is making my pussy so wet again.

"Slap her clit, the whore really likes that!" The blonde haired man says.

The bald man slaps my clit so hard, I actually moan out in pain.

"Maybe you'll like this too, whore!" The black man says, balling up his fist, and, shoving his fist into my pussy, my pussy is so wet, it doesn't even hurt!

With the black man fist fucking me, and, the bald headed man slapping, and, rubbing my clit, the blonde haired man decides to lean in, and, start sucking on my nipples, which are once again fully erect.

"Oh my God! I'm gonna cum again!" I yell, as my body tenses up, and, I have another explosive orgasm, squirting all over the black man's hand, and, arm.

I gasp in pleasure as the black man pulls his fist out of my pussy.

"Look at this, you made us all hard again!" The bald man says, pushing me off of his lap.

All three men stand over me as I lay in the floor, and, prop myself up on my elbows.

"What are you three going to do now?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

"We're going to jerk off all over your slutty face, whore!" He blonde haired man says, slowly stroking his cock.

All three men stand over me, stroking their cocks, just watching them stroke their cocks is making my pussy so incredibly wet, I start teasing, and, rubbing my clit as I watch them.

"Oh my God, this bitch is going to get off with us!" I hear the blonde haired man say.

I suck on two of my fingers, and, slowly insert them into my wet cunt, I'm so fucking turned on right now.

The faster they stroke their cocks, the faster I pump my fingers in & out of my pussy.

I can feel that I'm so close to cumming, I start spanking my clit to bring me even closer.

"Holy fuck! I'm gonna cum again!" I yell, as I have another intense orgasm, I pull my fingers out of my pussy, and, bring them to my mouth, and, start to suck on them, tasting my juices.

"Do you boys like watching me taste myself?" I ask, giving them a sly smile.

The guys start picking up the pace, stroking themselves hard, and, fast.

First, the bald man cums first, shooting his load mainly on my face, and, in my hair.

I just lay there, and, giggle, as I open my mouth, and, let some of his sweet load drip into my mouth.

Then the blonde haired man cums next, he gets a lot on my face, and, some in my mouth.

"Do I taste good, whore?" He asks.

I just give him a smile, as I get a fingerful of his cum, and, suck it off my finger.

All that's left is the black man, and, I can tell he's close to cumming.

"That's it, baby, shoot your load all over my face, make me even trashier than I already am!" I say, encouraging him.

He cums almost immediately, and, his first puls of cum hits me right in the eye, and, the last of his load goes all over my face, and, some on my tits.

I just lay there, gasping in delight, I've never had three guys cum all over my face like that.

The blonde haired man helps me to my feet.

"Go get cleaned up, and, get the fuck out of my apartment, here are your panties back." He says, handing me a towel to wipe my face off with.

I leave their apartment, and, call a taxi to pick me up, and, take me home.

I know this won't be the last time I cheat on my husband!

To be continued....

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