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Unfaithful Wife


Things had not been going to well for us lately, and in the bedroom was the worse place. We have been married for nineteen years, and our sex life was becoming boring, as I have got older I have fantasies about seeing my wife get fucked by another man or woman, it makes me so hard to think of her on all fours being taken by a strange man why I am made to watch as she pleads for more. I also know that this will not happen.

She is quite straight laced in the bedroom, until she gets really turned on, she will suck my cock, but not let me come in her mouth, and my biggest turn on at the moment is to fuck her virgin arse, which again I have no chance of doing, when she is horny she tells me to finger her arse as I fuck her wet cunt, this I do, as I beg her to let me fuck her up there, but she jus says I don't deserve it, this usually makes me come there and then. Still back to that night, It was a Saturday night and Caroline was going out with her girl friends, As she got dressed I picked a fight with her for no other reason than she was going out and I was staying in. As I watched her dress my cock started to get hard, as she bent down to pull up her white see-through knickers I could see her cunt lips sticking out between her hairy cunt as she pulled the pants slowly into place, her hair sticking out the sides.

Caroline is now forty two but still has a great body, long legs, great arse, a flat stomach leading up to her tits, which are not that big, but are still a handful and very sensitive, her nipples stand right out when aroused. The dress she put on was one of my favourites, it was red in colour with straps going over her shoulders, you could not wear a bra with the dress, so therefore every time she bent down you could see her little tits with the big nipples, and as it was quite short if she bent down in a certain way you could see her little white knickers. With her make up now on she was ready to go, and I must say looking very very sexy.

What time will you be in I asked, she said about twelve and not to wait up, don't do anything I would not do I said, as she left, she gave me a stern look and said I'm not like you, and with that she was gone. The night dragged on for me, but I started thinking that if she was a bit drunk when she came in I might have some fun, I could just see her on all fours with her dress pulled up over her arse and her knickers pulled down around her ankles and me licking between her hairy cunt and arse with this in mind I must have dropped off to sleep. The next time I awoke it was 4. am and she was not back, I started to worry, even if she had gone to a club she would have been back by now. As I paced up and down the house I herd the sound of a taxi turning up, and then the front door opened, where the fucking hell have you been I said as she walked into the room.

She burst into tears, what has happened I said, are you all right, she was sobbing so much I could not get any sense out of her, wait there I will get you a drink. As I made us both a drink I began to look at her, even through the tears she had a look about her, it took me a few seconds to realize what the look was, and then it came to me. It was pure sex, she looked like she had been fucked senseless, I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants, but pushed the idea from my mind, she might have been rapped. As I came over to her to give her drink she bent forward a little and her little tits dropped free, my mind raced as I saw here red sore nipples and the bite marks on her tits. I am so sorry she said, just calm down and tell me what happened.

With that she started to tell me the story that would change our life's. I was in the pub just before closing time when a lad of about twenty-five started chatting me up, I started to flirt back a bit as we spoke, you had pissed me off and I was liking the attention, even when he started getting rude, telling me how good my body was and how he would love to suck my tits. I should have stopped him there, but if I am true full I was enjoying it, the drinks were going down well and I was more than a little drunk when he asked me to go to a party with him, he other girls tried to talk me out of it, but I wanted to go.

The next thing I know I am in the back of a taxi whit the lad named Paul, as soon as the taxi started moving Paul is all over me, kissing my neck, ears and lips, I must admit I liked the kissing and responded with my tongue, as his hands felt out my tits, my nipples grew hard as I told him to stop, I was a married woman, he just laughed as the taxi pulled outside a block of flats, its up to you he said are you coming up or not. I know it should have been no, but up I went. As we entered the flat he started kissing me again while pulling my dress down to expose my erect nipples, his hands were all over my tits pulling and pinching and making them sore but the same time so horny, as his mouth now came down to suck on my hot tits. Next he started to pull my dress up so my knickers, so very very wet with excitement were now on view, I can smell your hot cunt from here he said as one of his hands started to rub the front of my wet pants, now making them totally transparent so my cunt lips were exposed, as she said this she looked at me to see me rubbing my hard cock through my pants, you bastard, this is turning you on she said, I thought that you would hate me, no, no please tell me the rest please almost begging, things are going to change if I do, she said. Ok anything but please tell me the rest.

With that she very slowly opened her legs and pulled them up onto the sofa where her spunk filled cunt opened up like a flower, come and lick me clean as I tell you the rest. I have never moved so fast to lap and to suck my wife's spunk filled cunt. As she continued, as he was rubbing my cunt he had released his rock cock and was pulling my face down to it, it was about the same size in length than you but so much fatter, as he pushed into my willing mouth in and out making me gag it was so big then he pulled out and just wanked it my face, telling me he was going to fire it down my throat, as I tried to tell him I don't do that his come spilled out, great lumps pushing down my throat and all over my face, but rather than be repulsed I like the feeling and I like the taste as he told me to lick him clean.

At this moment the light came on and another man was standing in the door way rubbing himself as he looked me up and down, as I tried to get up, Paul called him over, she, s a married bird, fucking gagging for it, as Paul pushed his cock back into my mouth and his friend came up behind me, lifted up my dress and ripped my knickers right off, with one push his hard cock was pumping into my wet cunt, forcing my mouth onto pals now hardening cock, here I was a 42 year old housewife being taken by two men, and the worst of it all, loving every second of it. As his friend took me from the rear his fingers were pushing into my arse, first one, and then two. pushing in and out in the same movement of his fucking, then I herd a voice saying fuck my arse, fuck my virgin arse, and then realized the voice was my own. No one had touched my arse before, but how much I wanted it now.

As he pulled his hard prick out of my wet cunt, and started to push up my virgin bottom, as he went in and out Paul was rubbing my clit, and the feeling of both of them taking me made come like never before. As she told me this we both came together, her coming on my mouth, and me coming all over legs.

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