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Uni Girl In Moscow


Some words of me: every of my stories happens in Moscow, Russia, (it's my homeland and I'm a Russian. Thus, my English isn't good enough, but I try to do my best), and there are no usual American details like football, (or American football, there is only soccer), no cheerleader squad, no any fever on how fucking great it is to screw that cheerleader slut, no school bus, (everyone can reach a school on foot in 5 mins max), and so on. Some of my stories are available only on my web page.

* * *

Polina was very glad that she had passed entrance exams at the Moscow State University with flying colors. If God allowed her, within five years she'd become a teacher.

Some weeks ago Polina celebrated her 18th birthday at party with a bunch of her friends. She got carried away, had too much liquor, and being drunk lost her virginity. He was a nice, she thought so at that time, college guy, but she dumped him later as she found out that he was a drug-addict.

Since that first day of fucking him Polina felt like a total slut. I mean Polina now thought of sex nearly every moment of her post virgin life and masturbated twice a day. She could not understand what had happened to her, she was suddenly a sex-addict.

Polina was considered a nice girl of 18, with perky tits, lovely-shaped legs, and tight ass. She had a somewhat sluttish look and as you studied her you found that she had what some men would call bedroom eyes. She was 5'1" tall and weighed a perfect 109 pounds. Polina was from an affluent family and her parents were strict and they, of course, believed that she was a good girl (I mean a virgin one).

When Polina found out that she was accepted into the university she was very anxious to make her parents happy and proud of her. After calling them at their corelian cottage, (all her family liked spending holidays in snowy mountains), to check in and let them know she made it ok, she threw a party to celebrate her success. It was so pity there was no opportunities for her to have sex after dumping her dope-head. Since the first day Polina had fucked her ex, she had felt like a slut. The party with her friends was enjoyable but it lacked the real punch that she had come to crave.

Several days passed and Polina became more obsessed; she wanted to rock at parties and flirt with hunks, like all the girls at that age do. She had no luck meeting men at the parties, so she started surfing Internet dating sites as a method to hook up, but the majority of men that she contacted sent her messages like, "Wanna screw, slut?" Polina disliked the type of guy who would send a message like that, but there were a few that that were promising and those who were good appeared in her ICQ contact list. It seemed so funny to her when she added some smiles to sentences in some of her chats. Chatting on the internet was a safe way to have fun. One of the men she was chatting with quickly became her favorite. This lovely stranger made her smile.

* * *

One day a friendly stranger sent her a message as she logged in at ICQ. Polina had contacted him several times and she adored her budding relationship with him. Polina adored him. So, even though it was strange that he asked her to appreciate a picture of a girl, she agreed.

She was just going to say the picture was great without actually opening it, but curiosity got the best of her. As she looked at the picture, Polina got panic-stricken. It was a picture of hers that was taken at her former boyfriend's place. It was a very compromising photo that she was totally unaware existed. She was on her back on his bed wearing nothing but a tiny panty, her breasts in full view and even he pubic hair was visible through the thin silk.

Polina thought that if this was circulated on the Internet and it could be seen by her parents, (oh, Holy cow!!!) her friends, (they would guess that she was a fucking slut) or someone in the education department. (Oh my God, she could be rejected from attending any university due to her naughty behavior.) She could never allow herself to go through such humiliation. Polina got really pale as she thought about the horrible things that could happen. An ICQ message interrupted her.

-Hey, whattaya think of the fucking slut on that snap? If you wish I'll be able to give you a pile of snaps and videos of her too!!!)))

Polina had almost fainted. He had too much of her and she wasn't even aware of how pictures or video had been taken. She thought about the things she had done with that asshole and she began shaking. She tried to control her emotions and finally typed a response.

-Man, where did you find that shit?

-Ohh, honey, it's sooooo funny when you think about it like this. I got it in exchange from your stupid boyfriend!)))

Polina got really pissed out. Then it got worse.

-You know, I work as a PC programmer. I guess it'd be funny to create your own site for free use and to create blanks on dating sites and one for whores with all your contact list info: your home and cell phone number and of course how to find you at school. Whattaya think, slut-face?

Polina felt beaten and she made up her mind that it would be in her best interest to get all stuff back from this maniac at any costs. She decided to try and reason with this person.

-Whattaya want for this stuff, honey?

-You can get the pictures back if you gimme the world's best blowjob!!!

-Is it everything that you want?

-Yep, head princess!!!

-You know it's too hard to do stuff like this with an absolute stranger.

-After seeing what a slut you are, I think it'll be easy for you. Be at the school entrance in a couple of hours.


Polina kept on sitting in front of PC, staring at the blue screen. She understood she had to stop her blackmailer at any cost, otherwise all of her life would be ruined. She made up her mind to look awesome for him and perhaps she could get her blackmailer to cum faster and she would be done with him. She decided to look like a teaser.

Polina changed into a miniskirt, a white blouse and matching red underwear made up of a G-thong and cut-off bra. Looking at herself in the mirror she unbuttoned 2 buttons on her blouse and her round boobs were visible in the gap. It was the way she liked to look in clubs to tease guys and men to get free access to everything she wanted: drinks, coke and the like. After locking the flat she moved out to the school.

* * *

It was the first time in a while that Polina wasn't late for an appointment; she didn't dare to do anything that might anger this jerk. There was no one at the school entrance. She had already been there for about half an hour and was depressed at the thought that her blackmailer wouldn't come. All the time of her wait she cursed her dope-head ex-boyfriend that took those pictures and then traded those pictures of hers. After a time she decided it was too stupid to stand there any more. Distracted by her own thoughts, she didn't hear the stranger approach. Polina felt a big palm squeezed hard on her boob through the gap in her blouse and she heard, "Not too bad for a 18 year old slut! It's surely the C cup and it's my favourite one!"

She turned her head and saw a man of about 5'6" tall, muscled, short-cropped hair, with stylish glasses on the nose and youth-wear that clung to his physique. He put his arm on the back of her head so he could pull her face closer him and gave her a sloppy, wet tongue kiss. He was surprised when she kissed him back. This girl was going to get it, but she was too stupid to resist. She knew that he probably thought that she was a real slut that was completely ready to spread her legs to take on any cock.

Slapping her skirt-covered ass hard he exclaimed, "It's high time for you, cum-addicted slut, to give me a blowjob! By the way, I'm Paul!"

Defeated, Polina started to get on her knees. "Not here. We'll go to my flat." Paul was happy that she was so eager to suck him off. With these words he put his arms around her tiny waist to pull her back up, then put his arms around her tiny waist and they moved out to his flat.

* * *

It took about five minutes and they were silent on their way to that goddamned flat. Paul watched her as she walked, and could imagine clearly in his mind what a nice piece of ass she'd be for him and his excitement started to advance as he thought about what he had planned for her. As for Polina, her mind focused entirely on doing what she must to retrieve the porno pictures and video of her.

From the moment he let her into his flat Paul liked what he saw and how she reacted to him; it was hard to believe Polina was barely legal, an 18 year old girl, because she looked like a schoolgirl in that sluttish outfit. From his standpoint she was a naturally born slut who liked to put her underwear on display.

After closing the door behind them he locked the door and changed his shoes. They entered the sitting-room and he motioned her to look at a laptop on the desk. Paul switched it on, waited for loading, and announced proudly, "Look here! What you are staring at is your coming webpage!"

Polina turned pale as she saw a series of illicit snapshots taken by her fucking boyfriend on the green background and there were notes under every picture like, "How d'you think I'm a real slut?" and "What would you like to do to me, sweetheart?".

"So," Paul continued, "if you don't want to have it available on the Internet for your friends and family to see what a slut you are, you should do everything I fucking wish!!! Fuck, I want those sluttish red lips of yours on my dick right now and it'll be OK if you gimme the world's best blowjob, filthy whore!!!"

Licking on her lips like a real slut, Polina knelt submissively in front of him. She felt aroused a bit, although she was about to see the second cock in her life, not a youthful cock but a grown man's cock. She knelt in front of Paul's spread legs. He grinned at her and said, "So, what is a young cocksucker like you waiting for? Do you think you can give head to a dressed man? You should pull out my cock." He wanted her to feel like such a filthy slut.

Polina spread her hands out and unzipped his pants. As she pulled them down a huge cock of 10" sprang out of the pants and was already totally erect. Humiliated and aroused at the same time, she licked her lips, opened her mouth and moved it toward his cock

Paul decided this first day that he would treat her nice. He allowed her to take charge and be the boss. Polina started doing her best to provide a credible blowjob, remembering his promise not to reveal her if the blowjob was the best. (If Polina only knew he was only toying with her, grooming her to be his personal slut. Blowing off only several times in her life, she was certainly not a pro, but she would be really soon.)))

Polina put her lips around the tip of his veined-covered stalk and prayed he would cum soon. It happened like that because he was too excited from being with a barely legal teenager. Polina didn't want to swallow his cum, so she tried to move her mouth, but was too slow to get her face away. His cum covered her pretty face. Paul was annoyed he didn't get to cum in her mouth. Polina had only given a few blowjobs in her lifetime, so she was far from a pro, but Paul planned to change that. He was sure though that she would deep-throat and swallow within a couple of days.

After cleaning her face with her blouse's cuff she looked up and asked, "Have I accomplished the mission and there will no more blackmail?"

Smiling, Paul took her hand and they moved to his laptop. "Even kids can suck better!!!" he said and Polina's face paled. "As I promised I'll delete that file of your would be webpage." Paul stressed the word, 'that'.

With these words he opened the file he had shown her with a pile of her pictures and deleted it; Polina was really relieved and happy. She thanked him and told him she had tried her best.

Then Paul continue, "Only I forgot to tell you I've uploaded the real site today and I'm in no mood to delete it since you gave me such a shitty blowjob."

That moment Polina felt faint and she understood that all her life was in ruin. "Just look at it," Paul kept on. "This site you've already seen today!" Looking up she saw the file of hers on the net and it had been visited by thousands of people by that time. Then he opened two more sites, a prostitution and a dating site..

"As you can see you are seen in all your glory on every page without any blur-effects and all of your face is clearly seen. I did it so you could be enjoyed by everyone who'd see your pictures and recognize you outside. of course, it can be see your brother or any relative and they'll want your nice piece of ass, your friends who have a crush on you, your coming classmates or even maybe your teacher. You'll have to do everything that they - and me of course - will want!!! Otherwise I put all your contacts on those sites and then people'll start spy on you and just come up to you, grab your ass and fuck you wherever you are!" He was happy to see how horrified she was. "Although I'm sure who'll see you on the net won't know where you live if you do very my instructions!!! Are you agreed to become mine?"

Polina's head was spinning around and all she could say was yes. So her quiet life was finished!!! What had she gotten herself into?

* * *

Gimme your ideas about the following adventures of her and I'll try them to come true.

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