tagFetishUniversity Life Ch. 03

University Life Ch. 03


Chapter 3 Fun in a Shower

As I wheeled into the bathroom, my eyes were dazzled by the bright florescent lights reflecting off the white tiles. Moving into the shower area; I lowered the seat in the shower stall; lifting myself onto it. Stepping in beside me, Cynthia slipped her thumbs beneath the elastic waist band of her black mesh thong; pulling it down her legs. Retrieving the thong from the floor, she prepared to throw it on the bench outside the shower stall.

Before she could cast it onto the bench, I halted her exclaiming, "Don't throw your thong on the bench! I want to smell it. May I have it?"

With a big grin; Cyn replied, "Sure baby. Does it get you hot smelling girls panties? There should be lots of pussy juice and cock cream in them; for you to sniff. I like a guy that's kinky. It makes for more possibilities."

Taking the thong from her; I brought it to my nose. Inhaling deeply; I could smell her pungent female scent and the musky odor of male sperm. Just smelling the thong was not going to be enough to satisfy me; I had to taste it. Sticking out my tongue; I licked the material that had so recently covered Cyn's crotch. The thong was soaked with her love juices. The tang of her womanly nectar was delicious. I could also taste the salty remnants of the sperm that had leaked from her ass hole. I needed more. Opening my mouth; I stuffed the thong inside; sucking the entire flavor I could from it. When I had relished every subtle flavor from the thong; I removed it from my mouth; placing it on my head; pulling it down so the crotch covered my nose and mouth.

I was enjoying Cyn's thong so much; I had almost forgotten that she was standing beside me; watching my every action. Looking at Cynthia; I saw her smiling and staring down at me. I started to feel a little self conscious.

"I hope my kinkiness hasn't offended you." I blurted. "I just love the scent of an aroused woman. I want to get as much of it as I can. It gets me horny."

"Don't worry. What ever gets you off?" Cyn reassured me; looking at my now throbbing erection. "Like I said; I enjoy a kinky guy. That way he may be more accepting of any kinky ideas I have. Turn on the water; I'll jack you off; while we soap up. I'm going to plug the drain so there will be a few inches of water in the bottom of the shower stall"

With the water hitting us, we commenced soaping each others body. Cynthia's expert hands concentrated on my crotch and erection, while my soapy fingers were busy lathering her pussy and firm breasts. We were neglecting our other body parts. They would have to depend on the water to get clean.

Even though I had come twice before; Cyn's talented, therapist's fingers were making my cock tremble with excitement. The way she firmly gripped my soapy cock, slowly sliding up and down the shaft was exquisite. With her other hand she cupped my balls, giving them a gentle squeeze. She soon had drops of pre ejaculate oozing from the tip of my erection.

My hands were not idle. Slowly I lathered Cynthia's large breasts; causing her nipples to become hard, erect erasers. Continuing to massage her magnificent melons, my free hand found its way to her shaved pussy. Sliding my hand along her sensitive lips, I plunged two fingers into Cynthia's opening. This startled her, bringing a squeal of delight from her lips. Continuing to pump my fingers in and out of Cynthia's wide open hole, I could soon feel nectar running from her aroused gash. Breathing hard, Cyn gently pulled my questing fingers from her excited pussy, turning her firm, ample ass toward me.

"It's now time to see how kinky you really are. You filled my ass with your spunk! Now it's time for you to lick up the mess you made!" Cyn ordered; leaning against the shower wall; pushing her ass toward my face.

I had thought about closely exploring a woman's ass; as I loved everything about the female body, but I had never had the chance. I had never met a woman that would allow me to play with her ass; let alone wanted me to play with it. I was going to take full advantage of the chance Cynthia was giving me.

Pulling the thong from my head; I threw it onto the wheelchair. Cynthia had spread her feet; giving herself support on the slippery tiles. I had a perfect view of Cynthia's big, beautiful butt; seductively swaying back and forth. Placing a hand on each firm globe; I buried my thumbs in the deep crack separating each cheek. Prying the buns apart with my thumbs; I could see some of my creamy sperm leaking from her puckered, pink ass hole.

Moving my mouth to her cheeks; I licked and bit them; making sure each globe received its share of attention. When my teeth scraped and bit one of her buns; Cyn let out a little gasp of delight. She enjoyed having attention bestowed on her butt. When her ass glistened with my saliva; I decided it was time to explore the crevice between the glorious globes.

Each time I slid my tongue up and down the cleft of her ass; I tickled the tight hole. I could taste the tang of her ass hole mixed with the salty remnants of my sperm. When the crack and hole had been well lubricated with my spit; I slid a thumb into the pink, pucker in the center of her ass crease. I had to apply pressure to force the digit past her tight sphincter ring. When my thumb finally popped in; it slid easily; until it was buried up to the second knuckle. The previous work out I had given her ass had prepared the way. My questing thumb forced a pearly glob of spunk from her tight tunnel. Removing my thumb with a pop; I replaced it with my tongue.

Keeping the hole open with my thumbs; I put my tongue to work. Scooping the glob into my mouth; I had the first real taste of my sperm mixed with a woman's ass secretions. It had a strong, salty, tangy flavor, but it was not unpleasant; considering where it was coming from. Bringing my tongue back to her ass hole; I curled it into a stiff little finger. I then forced my tongue past Cyn's tight ring; going as deep as possible. Twisting and turning my tongue in the tight passage; I retrieved more of my previous ejaculate.

The whole time I was reaming Cynthia's butt hole; she was purring like a contented cat; as she undulated her hips. Removing my tongue from Cynthia's ass hole; I slid it over the skin separating her ass from her pussy; then into her aroused cleft; tasting her freely flowing juices.

"O shit!" Cynthia squealed. "That's a nice surprise. Are you done cleaning my ass hole? If so; I have a surprise for you. It's time your cock got some attention."

Turning around; Cynthia lay in the water that had collected on the shower floor. Bringing her feet to my penis; she began to massage the stiff staff with the soles of her feet. Holding the shaft with the bottom of her feet; Cynthia tickled the sensitive glands with her big toes. When drops of pre come began to ooze from the tip; she used her toes to spread it around the head. The sensations she was creating in my penis were incredible. I had never thought of being masturbated with a woman's foot. What a turn on!

"Do you like the foot job I'm giving you? I bet you've never been foot fucked before." Cynthia cooed; as she caressed my soapy manhood with her feet. "I can tell you are enjoying the foot massage because I can feel your cock throbbing. Does it get you hot seeing my naked body spread out on the floor in front of you? Do you want a better look at my cunt?" Cyn asked; parting the lips of her labia with her fingers. "How is this?" Cynthia queried; inserting slippery fingers into her slit; prying the gash open as far as possible. "Wouldn't you like to be driving that hard cock of yours into this hot hole? That made you twitch. Is my talk causing your balls to churn? Are you ready to blast a thick creamy load of spunk? I can see it in your eyes and feel that your cock is ready. Let go! Shoot all over me! Don't touch yourself! I'll aim your gun." Cynthia ordered; taking control of the situation.

After a couple more strokes of her feet; the dirty talk; the view of her wide open snatch; I lost it. My body stiffened; my balls churned; then a rope of thick, creamy sperm blasted from the tip of my quivering cock. Cynthia had maneuvered my shaft so the first load landed on her chin; dribbling down her throat. Gasping; I felt my balls force a second and third wad of cream up and out my shaft; landing between her trembling tits. Again my cannon erupted; sending another thick glob of jism arching onto her belly. Again and again my tool twitched; sending strands of white semen into the air. They landed on Cynthia's crotch and her busily stroking fingers. I no longer had the force to shoot my come into the air, but it continued to ooze from the tip of my manhood, covering her toes and feet.

Looking down; I could see a big grin of satisfaction on Cynthia's face. I could also see a trail of sperm running from Cynthia's chin to her crotch. Moving the sperm covered fingers from her crotch, Cynthia licked the digits clean. She then scooped up the glob of sperm on her chin, popping it into her mouth. Closing her lips around her sperm covered fingers; Cynthia sucked them, making sure to lick them clean. Collecting more of my pearly cream from her heaving tits, it also disappeared into her hungry mouth.

When Cynthia finished cleaning my sperm from her belly, she placed her feet on the tiled floor; sat up; sucking the whole of my deflating staff into her mouth. With strong suction and rapid tongue work; Cynthia pulled the last few drops from my aching balls. With a few more quick tongue strokes; she cleaned all the spunk from my shaft.

Raising her head from my crotch; Cynthia licked her lips; as she purred, "You taste delicious. I love the taste of a man's sperm. I have another surprise for you." Lying back on the tiles; Cynthia brought her feet to my chest, saying, "Now I want you to worship my feet; while I play with my cunt. Would you like that? Am I too kinky for you?"

"O baby! You are a never ending surprise to me. I'm always ready to try something new." I replied; grabbing a foot; pulling the sole to my lips.

Running my tongue along the sole; I could feel its hard, smoothness and taste the perfume left by the soap. Opening my mouth; I grazed my teeth along Cynthia's foot bottom. This brought a giggle of delight from her. Forcing her foot against my teeth; I began to scrape and bite the sole of her foot. Soon I moved my lips to her big toe, scraping and nipping it. Next I popped it into my mouth, sucking and licking the big toe. Little squeals were now coming from Cynthia. I did not know whether they were caused by my teeth or the fingers delving into her pussy.

"O yes! That's the way! I just love when someone sucks my toes! Suck them!" Cynthia exclaimed strumming her clit with her fingers, as the other hand slid in and out of her gaping gash. "Tease and tickle them with your tongue and teeth. It makes me so hot. Keep it up and I'll soon come." Cyn gasped; rolling her hips; as her fingers continued to work around her clit and the inside of her pussy.

This was all the encouragement I needed. By now I had moved on to her other toes; giving each one the full treatment. Her toes were curling; trying to escape the assault my teeth were directing at them. Holding the foot with both hands; I scratched the bottom with my finger nails. This foot assault was driving Cyn into frenzy. When I had finished with the little toe of the one foot; I turned my attention to the other foot. Cynthia was thrashing around so madly that I had a difficult time controlling her foot.

When I sucked and bit the big toe of the other foot; Cynthia began to whimper. My foot assault was driving her crazy. Her fingers were now franticly strumming her clit, while the other hand squeezed the breast and pinched the erect nipple. She was so ruthless with her clit and nipple; I thought Cynthia might be hurting herself.

Continuing to bite and suck her toes, I gave the sole of her foot a playful scratch. This worked like an electric shock, causing Cynthia's body to stop gyrating and go rigid. With a buck of her hips and a squeal, Cynthia buried her fist in her cunt. She was wriggling in the water on the floor like a snake trying to escape. I could barely keep sucking her toe.

I could not believe how Cynthia had made her hand and wrist disappear into her gash. When she twisted her fist in her hole, she again screamed out. I thought she would wake up the whole dorm floor. When Cynthia climaxed she was not subdued; everyone around her new she was experiencing an orgasm.

Slowly Cynthia came down from her orgasmic high. Lowering her foot to the floor, she began to regain her strength. After a few minutes she was able to breathe and communicate normally.

"Fuck! That was fantastic! I love masturbating while someone plays with my feet. You did great for your first time." Cynthia complimented; sitting up; as the water continued hitting our bodies. "Want to try something really kinky?"

"I can't believe there's anything else to try, but I'm willing to learn. Bring it on! The kinkier; the better. Let's go all the way; no holds barred. This is a night for new experiences." I exclaimed; feeling my manhood stir again.

Lying back in the water; Cynthia commanded, "Piss on me! Get rid of all the beer you drank earlier. I want to see that yellow stream shoot out of your pee hole and feel the hot liquid hitting my body. I enjoy the sensation of warm piss running all over me. Let it go. Shoot your piss all over me."

"Are you sure? I've never done anything like that before. Are you sure it's not too dirty?" I asked; hesitation in my voice.

"Do it! I told you to!" Cynthia ordered.

The warm water had made me feel like pissing, but I had not wanted to do it in the shower; with Cynthia watching. I no longer had to hold back. Grabbing my hose, I aimed the nozzle at Cynthia's body. With a sigh of relief, I let go. Immediately a hot, yellow stream of piss began to shoot out.

The pent up force behind the urine caused it to hit her on the throat and breasts. I then redirected my penis; so the stream fell on her belly. Cynthia was writhing on the floor; trying to get the urine all over her body. Cupping her hands; she collected some of my urine; splashing it all over her hair and face. By now my bladder was almost empty, so I let the last few squirts splash onto Cynthia's crotch.

"I just love a golden shower!" Cynthia exclaimed. "The warm salty water makes me tingle all over. I feel so nasty and depraved. I also love watching the piss as it shoots out of the tip of your cock. It would be great if you could shoot a stream of sperm like that all over me." Getting to her feet; Cynthia again surprised me by saying, "Now it's my turn. I'm going to piss all over you. Get ready!"

Before I knew what was happening; Cynthia had arched her back; spread her legs; letting go a stream of yellow liquid. Since I was sitting; the urine hit me on the belly and crotch; running down the inside of my thighs. The sensations caused by the warm urine hitting my body were pleasant. The most enjoyable part was watching the piss shooting from Cynthia's pussy and hearing it splash against me. It looked like a small water fall arching from the valley between her legs. I was beginning to find the sights and sound erotic. After tonight; I would no longer think that golden showers were dirty. They were just another way for some people to enjoy sex play.

Bending over to open the drain in the floor; Cynthia declared, "We're now squeaky clean. Let's towel off and get back to the room. I can hardly wait to get that big cock of yours in my cunt again."

Looking down at my growing erection; I replied with a laugh, "I think there is apart of me that is looking forward to the same thing. All your kinky ideas keep getting me hot. You've made me come three times already tonight. Now you're making me hard, again."

When we had finished drying off; Cynthia and I left the shower stalls; going into the area with the sinks, mirrors, and toilets. Catching movement out of the corner of my eye, I was startled to see another woman from the dormitory. She was a tall black woman; with an afro and a very shapely body. To my delight; we had surprised her just as she was taking a piss. She was holding the unfastened crotch of her red lace teddy out of the way; as she shot a stream of yellow urine into the toilet. The sight of that golden waterfall flowing from her hairless brown crotch was making me hard.

With a glint in her eye; she sniggered, "Do you enjoy watching girls taking a piss? Cyn, were you introducing this man to the fun of water sports?" Running her eyes up and down me; her gaze came to rest on my bobbing hard on; exclaiming, "Shit! That's one big cucumber you have. I wouldn't mind a ride on that joy stick. How about it, Cyn? Are you going to introduce me to your friend and let me have a go at his big banana?"

"Sure; if you think you are up to it. I don't think john would mind." Cynthia replied, giving me a big grin. "Would you mind, John?"

"My pleasure!" I exclaimed. "A man would have to be crazy to turn down a chance to make love to a woman as beautiful as you."

"Well; let's get back to the room and get started." Cyn suggested; turning to the bathroom door. "With three of us the sexual possibilities just increased by fifty percent." Cynthia giggled, grinding her hips in our direction.

I would have never thought so many sexual fantasies could be fulfilled while getting clean. People can have a lot of fun in a shower.

To be continued...

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