tagFirst TimeUniversity Life Ch. 09

University Life Ch. 09


Chapter 9: Cherry Pie

A few days after meeting Mandy at the orgy; she phoned; saying a friend and her would like to come over for a visit. A short time later I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it; Mandy and a tall slim brunette walked in. They were both dressed in track pants and sweat shirts; as the evening had the feel of winter about it.

"Hello John." Mandy bubbled, leaning over the wheelchair to give me a hot kiss; with lots of tongue and spit. "I've been thinking of you every day since we met at the baby oil party. Just thinking about the fun we had at the party makes my pussy tingle. I'm walking around with wet panties all the time now. Before I get carried away; I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. This is Teresa. Everyone calls her Dedee. This is her first year at university and her big sister wanted me to make sure she enjoyed her first year. That's why I wanted her to meet you. I've told her what a great guy you are."

"Thank you for coming over." I mumbled; not knowing how to take the comments about her wet panties. Turning a light shade of red from embarrassment; I turned to Teresa; holding out my hand saying, "I'm pleased to meet you. I hope you have been enjoying university life so far. I'm sure Mandy is showing you how to enjoy school."

"That's why were here. I told Teresa; any girl that wanted a good time her first year at university; had to meet you." Mandy laughed; giving me a sly wink. Throwing herself onto the couch and kicking off her running shoes; Mandy exclaimed, "I'm sure you will show Dedee the same good time you showed me." Patting the couch beside her; Mandy invited, "Relax Dedee. Sit down and kick off your shoes. It feels hot in here; after the drinks and the cold. I'm going to take off my top and cool down." Licking her lips suggestively; Mandy asked, "How about fixing Dedee and I a drink? It will help get us in the party mood."

Turning to the refrigerator; I removed some rum and fruit juice; mixing rum punches for everyone. With the drinks in my hand; I turned back to face the girls. What a surprise; seeing Mandy without her top; clad instead in a black satin bustier; with a red lace insert covering her breasts. Through the weave of the red lace insert; I could make out the dark nipples and areolas atop her C cup breasts. I was so astonished that I almost dropped the drinks.

"From the look on your face; I can tell you like my outfit." Mandy giggled; thrusting out her chest. "I thought you might like it. Wait until you see the rest." Turning to Dedee; Mandy asked, "Why don't you take off your top Dedee? Don't be shy. Show John some skin. He is a man that really appreciates the female form."

"O Mandy, you're so bold! I just can't show off to a man the way you do. I'm too ashamed." Dedee replied; as her face turned red with embarrassment. "I'm too skinny. Men don't want to look at me."

"Don't be such a prude, Dedee! Take this rum punch and drink it. It will loosen you up. We are here for a good time." Mandy encouraged; handing Dedee the drink. "What do you think John? Do you want Dedee to take it off? Do you want to see some fresh young coed flesh?"

"I sure do. What normal man wouldn't want to see what is under her sweat shirt? Like Mandy said; I love to pay homage to the female form." I enthusiastically responded. "Come on, Dedee. Take it off and let me have a peak." I inveigled.

Leaning forward; Mandy brought her hand to the zipper of Dedee's sweat shirt saying, "Let me help you take this off. Have a big gulp of your drink; while I unzip you. Move the drink to the other hand so I can get your arm through the sleeve."

While Mandy helped her out of her sweat shirt; Dedee kept her eyes tightly closed. Moving her drink from hand to hand, Dedee took gulps, while trying to facilitate Mandy's removal of her top. The top soon fell to the couch; revealing Dedee's slim torso and a small, white satin bra that barely covered the nipples of what appeared to be 35 B cup breasts. Her choice of such a scanty bra made it obvious that she liked to feel sexy: even if she liked to pretend she was sweet and innocent. The way the hard knots of Dedee's nipples pressed against the satin of her skimpy bra made it obvious that she was becoming aroused. Having her body revealed to the gaze of a man, combined with Mandy's sexy banter was getting Dedee sexually excited. Thinking about licking and stroking the flesh exposed by the women's sexy lingerie, was causing my mouth to water and my cock to harden.

"Dedee, you look beautiful. May I give your breasts a little kiss? They look so mouth wateringly inviting; I can't resist." I cajoled.

Receiving neither encouragement nor refusal; I transferred from the wheelchair to the couch; placing myself between the two desirable women. Leaning toward Dedee let my tongue circle the nipple outlined by the white satin of her bra. Closing my lips around the protruding bud; I commenced sucking; causing the white satin to darken from my spit. I could hear a quiet gasp of pleasure escape from Dedee's lips; even though her eyes remained closed.

"I think Dedee is enjoying your attentions." Mandy enthusiastically bubbled. "Unfasten the bra and get a mouth full of her succulent tit. I don't think Dedee will mind and I know how much you enjoy sucking on a firm breast."

I did not have to be told a second time. Immediately I unfastened the clasp at the front of Dedee's bra, pulling the flimsy garment aside, revealing her firm peaches. With her eyes still tightly closed, Dedee shrugged her shoulders, causing the bra to fall to the couch. The slight bounce imparted to her breasts by her shrug made her peaches look even more delicious.

Cupping a breast; I began to gently massage the soft, firm under side of her tit; while my lips sought out the aroused nipple. Finding the hard rosebud; I began to tease it with my tongue. Slowly I sucked on the hard nub, grazing the stiff little bud with my teeth. Sucking harder; I drew part of the areola into my mouth; giving the flesh a nip. This brought a loud gasp of surprise from Dedee.

"O yes! That feels great! My breasts feel tingly and warm all over. I can feel goose bumps growing on my breasts and belly. I never thought it would feel so good to have someone play with my titties." Dedee whispered, hugging my head against her trembling orbs.

It was a real sexual turn on; knowing that I was initiating this attractive young woman into the delights of sex. I was going to make sure Dedee received as much pleasure from being with me; as I was getting from being with her. I wanted her first sexual experience to be unforgettable. This is why I was taking my time; giving my full attention to each breast.

"What about me? My tits need attention too." Mandy pouted.

Slowly I pulled my mouth from Dedee's spit soaked nipple and breast; turning to Mandy. What a surprise! Mandy had removed her track pants; revealing the bottom half of her sexy outfit. The garters attached to her black satin bustier held up a pair of black fish net stockings; while her crotch was covered by a black satin thong; with a red lace insert. Mandy had removed the red lace insert of her black satin bustier; exposing her 36 C cup breasts. Her hands were cupping the magnificent melons, offering them to me, while her thumb and forefinger tweaked the prominent nipples. The way her nipples stood erect and proud atop her firm conical breasts; was a mouth watering invitation; I could not resist.

Bending forward; I sucked the nipple and areola of one breast into my mouth; making sure to lave it with my tongue; as I sucked like a vacuum cleaner. While I assaulted Mandy's nipple with my mouth; my hand caressed and massaged the firm, copper flesh of her tit. With the thumb and forefinger of my free hand; I tweaked the nipple of Mandy's other breast. I was not being gentle. I knew Mandy like to have her tits handled roughly. It really excited her.

I could tell my ministrations were really turning Mandy on. Her breathing was coming in short, panting gasps; as she clutched my head to her heaving chest. Mandy's entire body was trembling, as her impending orgasm began to build.

"O fuck, baby! I love the way you work my tits! You have gotten me real fucking hot! My cunt is soaking wet. I need you to finish what you started!" Mandy cried; thrashing about on the couch; making it difficult for me to maintain contact with her tits. "Get between my legs and eat me out!" Mandy ordered; releasing her death grip on my head. "I want to feel your tongue in my cunt and on my clit. We can show Dedee how good a cunt lapper you are. When she see's how fucking great you make me orgasm, she's not going to be able to keep from spreading her legs for you." Mandy excitedly squealed, pulling the wet red lace insert from her black satin thong; revealing her cleanly shaved pussy.

Moving so her back rested against the arm of the couch; Mandy planted a foot firmly on the floor; placing the other foot on the back of the couch. This position gave me a wide open view of Mandy's hairless, drooling pussy; framed by the black satin material of the thong. Licking my lips; I lowered my face to the dew dampened petals of her wide open flower. Inhaling deeply; I breathed in the musky scent of a woman in heat.

Placing her hands on the back of my head; Mandy forced my face into her quivering jelly roll, crying out, "Eat that hot fucking cunt! Make me cum. I want' a cover your face with my cunt cream!"

Sticking out my tongue; I began to lick along the petal like lips of her labia; scooping some of her nectar into my mouth. With the first taste of her tangy juice in my mouth; I knew I had to have more. Pushing my tongue back into her swampy slit; I swirled it around; caressing her hole as deeply as possible. As I feasted on her pussy, Mandy rotated her hips; pressing my face hard against her vulva. Her bucking hips were smearing her copious love juice all over my face; making it slick.

Wanting to put Mandy over the top, I moved my tongue to the apex of her triangle. Sticking out my tongue, I commenced teasing her clit. This caused Mandy to force her crotch against my face; as she began growling deep in her throat. Continuing to tickle Mandy's love bud with my tongue; I encircled the erect, pink nub with my lips; sucking gently. This raised Mandy's passion to the next level. Her entire body was quivering with passion. Sucking hard on her clit; I gently rasped her go button with my teeth.

Immediately Mandy threw back her head, arched her back, howling out, "O fuck baby! I'm there! I'm fucking coming so hard!" Pulling my hair; Mandy commanded, "Eat my cunt! Don't stop until I tell you! Show Dedee what a good cunt lapper you are!"

Thrashing around; Mandy's leg fell from the back of the couch. Her hands and legs had my head trapped in a vice like grip. As her body bucked and shook; I could barely continue licking up her gushing juices. My face, Mandy's crotch and thong, and the couch were soaked with her girl gush. Slowly I could feel Mandy's arm and leg muscles beginning to relax. Soon Mandy no longer quivered; she just lay unmoving; eyes closed; completely sated.

The whole time I was eating Mandy; Dedee was watching; wide eyed and opened mouthed. The way Mandy was moaning and thrashing about; Dedee did not know if Mandy was experiencing horrible pain or fantastic pleasure. The sight of the two of us locked in lust had caused a light sheen of sweat to form on Dedee's brow and above her trembling lip. Instinctively Dedee's fingers had found her nipples, rolling them between thumb and forefinger. This woman was so hot, I thought she might burst with the pent up passion.

Sitting up Mandy exclaimed, "Fuck that was fantastic! Dedee, it's your turn to have John eat you! You'll really enjoy his talented tongue! Don't be shy! Pull off your track pants! Give him a peek at your pussy! It looks like you really need John to eat you and get you off."

With her face turning red; Dedee stuttered, "I'm too shy to take my track pants off in front of everyone. What you and John did looked like a lot of fun, but I would feel funny doing it." Biting her lip; Dedee stammered, "Maybe I could take my track pants off, but I don't know about taking more off."

"Let me help you take off your track pants." I offered; turning my attention to Dedee. "You have nothing to be shy about. You are a very lovely woman. I'm a lucky guy; getting to feast my eyes on your beauty. You know the old saying; if you've got it, flaunt it."

When Dedee had slid her pants over her hips, I pulled them down her legs, revealing her white satin panty clad crotch. Her cleft was clearly outlined by the tight, white satin of the panties. The wet spot, visible along Dedee's slit; made it obvious that she had been excited by watching me eat Mandy's pussy. Bending my head toward Dedee's crotch; I slid my tongue inside the waist band of her tiny, tight, white satin panties. With teeth and tongue, I pulled her panties over her hips; down her thighs; letting them drop on the floor at her feet. Taking hold of her knees, I spread them, revealing her pussy in all its glory. Dedee's brunette bush was trimmed into a narrow strip of hair bordering her aroused slit. No matter how Dedee protested; the sight of her damp, puffy labia lips told me she could hardly wait to be eaten.

Sliding to the floor; I placed Dedee's feet on the couch; heels pressed against her thighs. This opened her wide, exposing the pink inner lips and erect clit. I could clearly see drops of love nectar trickling along the blood engorged labia. What a delicious sight.

With my nose almost touching her damp inner folds; I inhaled deeply. The fragrance of Dedee's inflamed pussy was completely different from Mandy's sexual scent. It was fresh and sweet; without the muskiness. Her delicious aroma had my cock twitching with lust. I just had to taste her juices.

Lowering my face to Dedee's wetness, I buried my tongue and nose in her fleshy folds. Licking along her inner lips, I gathered up the sweet juices with my tongue; sucking them into my hungry mouth. They were ambrosial; no hint of tartness; food for the gods. As I slid my tongue up and down Dedee's slit; my nose rubbed against her clit; causing her to jump in surprise.

"O my goodness! What are you doing?" Dedee blurted out, jumping in astonishment. Breasts heaving, Dedee bit her lip to keep it from quivering, stammering, "I can feel shocks running up from my vagina to my breasts. My stomach is filled with butterflies. I feel like I could melt. It feels so good. Mandy was right; you have a magic mouth."

The oral stimulation I was giving to this virginal pussy; was spurred to new heights, by the excitement displayed by this sexy eighteen years old. I was determined to make Dedee's first experience of oral sex unforgettable. She would measure all future lovers by the high standards I hoped to set. With this goal in mind; I returned to my enjoyable task.

Holding her love lips open with my fingers, I could plunge my tongue deeply into her canal. Every time my tongue swiped along her inner folds; Dedee's body trembled; as a soft moan escaped her lips. By now her pussy was flowing like a river in flood; giving me lots of juice to drink. Dedee was teetering on the brink of orgasmic release. It was time to push her over the edge.

Knowing how sensitive her clit was, I slurped my tongue along her love lips; until I reached her quivering, pink love bud. Tickling Dedee's go button with my tongue caused her to shake and whimper uncontrollably. Placing her hands on the back of my head, Dedee forced my face into her vibrating honey pot. The dam holding back her pent up desire was about to burst.

Wrapping my lips around her stiff little nub; I sucked hard. Immediately Dedee's body shuddered, as she let out a primitive howl. The sexual energy she had been holding back for who knows how long exploded. Instinctively Dedee wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me into her crotch, holding me tightly. Holding my head in place with her hands and thighs, Dedee's crotch vibrated against my face like a tuning fork. Moans, gasps and incoherent mumblings were all that came from her mouth. Dedee was experiencing her first mind blowing orgasm. There was more pleasure in store for this desirable young virgin.

When Dedee had calmed down; Mandy piped up, "How was that? I bet you never imagined that getting your cunt eaten would feel so fantastic. There is nothing better than sex. I can't get enough and you will soon feel that way." Moving from the couch to the bed; Mandy explained, "There is one more thing you must experience before you are truly a woman. Come over here John and help me show Dedee. You might think getting eaten felt great, but when you feel this big, fat cock in your cunt; you will know what sex is truly all about. Dedee, come over here so you can get a good view." Wrapping her hand around my stiff manhood, Mandy began to slowly slide her fist up and down the hard shaft, saying, "There is nothing better than a rock hard cock. See the drops of pre come bubbling out the tip. I'll pump lots of this cock juice all over the shaft so he is well lubricated. Finger yourself; so you will keep your cunt wet and slippery. This will make it easier for him to slide into your cunt."

Mandy certainly knew how to tease the pre come from a guy's hard member. Her talented fingers had my rock hard tool glistening with cock cream within a minute. Feeling Mandy's hand squeezing my shaft made my rod throb. Thinking about my penis sliding into Dedee's virginal pussy had my erection twitching with anticipation. I had never had cherry pie before.

Releasing my manhood from her tight grasp, Mandy enthusiastically bubbled, "You're hard and well lubricated for Dedee's first time. Stay lying on your back; so Dedee can mount you, John. This way you can control how you lose your virginity, Dedee. Take your time. Make the process as pleasurable as possible. It will hurt when John's cock pops your cherry, but the pleasure you will feel after is fantastic. You will be a woman."

Staring in horror at my twitching cock; Dedee whispered, "I can't put that monster inside my vagina. It will split me wide open."

"Don't worry Dedee." Mandy reassured. "You and John are well lubricated. If you take your time; your cunt will stretch to accommodate this big cock. I'll be here to help you. It will hurt a little at first. When you get familiar with the feeling of his cock inside you; it will become comfortable and very pleasurable. After a while you will wonder what you had been afraid of. You will want one of these monsters inside you all the time."

Making a space on the bed; Mandy helped Dedee to straddle my waist. With a leg on either side of my waist; the shaft of my throbbing, drooling erection nestled in the cleft between Dedee's legs. She looked lovely; sitting on her haunches; breasts heaving; body trembling in fretful anticipation.

"Feel his cock." Mandy encouraged; placing Dedee's fingers around my swollen shaft. "Stroke it. Feel how the juice oozing from the tip makes the shaft slippery. Rub his cock in your cleft and against your clit. How does that feel? I can see your really getting excited. Are you ready to ride the monster?"

Biting her lip; Dedee gave a slight nod of ascent, stammering, "I'm not sure. I guess I'm ready. What do I do now?"

Taking a firm grip on my throbbing cock, Mandy held it upright, instructing Dedee, "Rise up on your knees. Lower yourself until the cock head rubs against the entrance to your cunt." As Mandy rubbed my mushroom shaped knob against the opening of Dedee's pussy, Mandy confided in a soothing voice, "Slowly lower yourself; until John's cock penetrates your cunt. That's the way. When you feel his cock head press against your hymen, stop. Let your cunt get accustomed to his big cock. This is the part that is going to hurt a little, but if you do it quickly the pain will not last for long."

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