tagIncest/TabooUniversity Life Ch. 10

University Life Ch. 10


Chapter 10 Mother and Daughter Reunion

While Cynthia and I waited at the restaurant to meet her mother, my mind began to wander to my favorite subject, namely sex. My daydream began to center on my meeting with Mandy's virginal friend last week. I was becoming aroused, as I remembered how I had initiated Dedee into the pleasures of sex. My pleasant reverie was broken, when Cynthia elbowed me in the ribs.

"I know what you are thinking when you get that look on your face! Try not to think of sex for a few minutes! My mother just walked into the restaurant." Pointing to an attractive blonde on the other side of the room, Cynthia said, "There she is." As the woman approached, Cynthia stood saying, Hi mom! How are you? I want you to meet a friend of mine. Mother, this is John. John this is my mother, Wanda Lustte."

Throwing her arms around my neck, Wanda pressed her ample bosom into my face exclaiming, "I'm so glad to meet you! Cyn and I have similar tastes in friends; so I'm sure we will become close."

With my face buried between Wanda's breasts, I returned her greeting, mumbleing, "It is a pleasure to meet you. I can feel us becoming closer already."

As Wanda and Cynthia chatted; catching up on all the news; I was able to scrutinize the two women, comparing their attributes. Wanda was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with short blonde hair like her daughter. She was not as well endowed in the breast department as Cynthia, but she had more than a handful. Cynthia was taller, with wide hips; while Wanda was slimmer, with a smaller butt.

Both women wore short tight skirts; revealing lots of shapely, hose covered leg. Cynthia wore a tight, see through blouse; with strategically placed pockets. Wanda's blouse was opaque; with a plunging neck line that revealed an ample amount of cleavage. The way her nipples were clearly outlined against the material of her blouse made me think she did not wear a bra, but I could see a hint of purple lace at her cleavage.

"Are you ready to order supper?" Cynthia asked; looking from me to her mother.

"Yes. I'm famished. I would like a large, piping hot male organ; with lots of cream sauce; garnished with nuts." Wanda laughed; giving me a provocative stare.

"O mother; you're so rude!" Cynthia exclaimed in mock horror; rolling her eyes and throwing up her hands. "All you old girls think about is big hard cocks." With a mischievous look on her face; Cynthia leaned toward her mother saying, "If you're good; I'll let you have some of John's banana for desert. It's fat and long; just the way you like them. A perfect banana for your split. Now we have to order some real food to eat."

When we had all ordered; Wanda turned to Cynthia asking, "How about a small sample of desert? I promise not to let it ruin my supper." Wanda laughed; looking from Cynthia to me.

"O mother; you're incorrigible!" Cynthia laughed; looking around. "Well maybe you can have a little sample, but don't get greedy and embarrass me. I don't want to get thrown out of the restaurant until I have finished eating." Cynthia smirked; sliding her hand beneath the table.

When Cynthia's hand reached my lap; she unfastened my trousers; withdrawing my rapidly growing penis. With a few deft strokes; Cynthia brought my manhood to full erection. I made sure to keep well under the table; so passing waiters would not glimpse what Cynthia was doing to my erection. All this attention was going to make it difficult for me to concentrate on eating my meal.

"Slip your hand under the table and grab hold." Cynthia suggested; giving her mother a lascivious wink. You will not be able to handle the entire thing; as it takes two hands to handle a whopper." Cynthia giggled; breaking into a wide grin; unable to keep a straight face.

"I'm anxious to try." Wanda replied; sliding her hand under the table. Finding my rigid pole; Wanda took a firm hold exclaiming, "My god, Cyn! You didn't lie! It is a whopper! Does it come with lots of special sauce?"

My whopper was starting to feel excited; as Wanda's hand caused my pre ejaculate to ooze from the tip. This was not doing my ability to eat much good. I dropped a fork full of chicken on my napkin; as Wanda's hand milked me beneath the material. The way she slid her fist up and down my shaft was getting me hot. When she rotated her thumb over the slit in the head of my cock, I could feel the sperm churning in my balls. This woman knew how to pump my penis.

I could not hold out any longer. Dropping my fork on the plate; I began to squirt my seed into Wanda's hand. What an unbelievable feeling. Shooting a load of spunk into an attractive older woman's hand, while surrounded by a room full of diners and waiters was incredibly erotic. I could feel Wanda's fingers draw more juice from my balls, then I had ever shot before.

Taking her hand from below the table; Wanda brought it to her coffee; allowing some of the thick, white juice to dribble in; saying, "I love fresh cream with my coffee." Moving her still glistening finger tips to her lips, she licked them saying, "Yes, your special sauce tastes magnificent. This taste was only an appetizer. I can hardly wait for a mouth full." I turned red when Wanda boldly hailed the hovering waiter asking, "Do you have another napkin? John seems to have spilled some cream sauce all over his lap and we need to clean him up."

To avoid being caught by the waiter; I quickly wiped my limp penis clean; returned it to my pants and refastened them. When the waiter returned with the napkin, Wanda nonchalantly took the proffered cloth and proceeded to dab my pants clean, making sure to rub along my hidden penis. With that done she proceeded to wipe any remaining traces of my cream from her fingers. The whole episode was causing me to blush with embarrassment. In the short time I had known Wanda; I was learning to expect anything from her, no matter how outlandish.

"Is everyone finished with there meal?" Wanda impatiently asked. "With the main course out of the way; I can hardly wait to get back to the room for desert. I want a close up look at that one eyed monster of yours, John." Turning to Cynthia Wanda gleefully said,"You certainly know how to pick the big ones."

When the bill had been paid; the three of us quickly made our way to Wanda's hotel room. With no preliminaries, Cynthia unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Moving her fingers inside my open pants, Cynthia withdrew my limp manhood exposing it. Cradling my growing erection, Cynthia moved from behind the wheelchair to a kneeling position before me.

Turning to her mother Cynthia stated, "Mother, watch how big and hard I can make this limp piece of man meat become."

With some strong suction, Cynthia inhaled the entire length of my expanding penis into her mouth. With the first swipe of her tongue along the underside of my shaft, I could feel my member grow to its full size. With her mouth pressed against my crotch; Cynthia began to massage the length of my pole with her throat muscles. What a fantastic sensation her deep throat action was creating in me.

When I thought I could hold out no longer; Cynthia withdrew my rock hard shaft from her mouth; calling to Wanda, "Come over here and get a close up look at this monster cock. Have you ever seen one so big? Holding my penis by the base; Cynthia offered my throbbing manhood for Wanda's inspection saying, "Give it a lick. There is enough for the both of us.

Kneeling before me on the carpet; Wanda joined Cynthia in licking up and down the length of my quivering hard on. Cynthia then began to lick my balls; while Wanda engulfed my shaft with her hungry mouth. Wanda did not stop until my whole shaft had disappeared down her throat. Bobbing her head up and down; Wanda made my penis disappear and reappear in her mouth; as she applied suction to the head. Like Cynthia Wanda was able to squeeze my shaft with her throat muscles. I now understood where Cynthia got her intense sex drive and uninhibited outlook. Wanda had passed her talents to her daughter.

"O shit! That feels great! If you don't stop soon; I'm going to shoot my load down your throat! I exclaimed, holding Wanda's blonde head.

"Not now! You can shoot down my throat later." Wanda exclaimed; pulling my shaft from her mouth with a pop. "You're not going to shoot until I feel this monster inside my cunt!"

Standing up; Wanda quickly stripped off her blouse and skirt; revealing a very sexy purple bra and panty set. The purple, lace bra had cutouts; exposing Wanda's erect nipples and areolas. The matching purple, lace, crotch less panties exposed Wanda's light blonde down covered cleft. The outfit was completed with a pair of Purple mesh stockings held in place by a purple lace garter belt and a pair of black leather, stiletto heeled pumps.

Cynthia had also stripped out of her white see through blouse and skirt; exposing her huge, unencumbered Double D breasts. Covering her crotch was a pair of skin tight, black satin panties; with a slit running from crotch to ass. White satin garter belt holding her white mesh stocking in place. Her 5 feet 7 inches height were augmented by a pair of white leather high chunky heeled pumps.

Staring at the ladies; I exclaimed, "The two of you look incredible. Those are really hot fucking outfits! You don't even have to take them off to get fucked.

"That's the idea." Cynthia responded; unfastening my pants. "We may be able to leave our clothes on, but you have to take yours off." Cynthia stated; pulling my pants off. When Cynthia had removed my shirt; she suggested, "Mother is waiting for you on the bed. Show her the same good time you give me. I'm just going to relax in this easy chair; frigging myself, while you fuck my mother senseless with your huge cock." Cynthia laughed.

The sight of Wanda laying on the bed; in purple peek a boo bra and crotch less panties; purple, mesh stocking clad legs spread wide; was drawing me like a magnet. Sliding from the wheelchair; I knelt beside the bed; resting the head of my aching cock at the entrance to Wanda's gash. I was so hot from the previous blow job; I knew I would not last long; so I decided to Fuck Wanda hard and fast.

Taking a firm hold of Wanda's hips, I thrust my pelvis forward; slamming my cock into her pussy; until my shaft was buried up to the balls. Grinding my crotch into her vulva; I withdrew; slamming back into Wanda's sucking slit. The sight of my penis disappearing into Wanda's purple lace covered pussy; as her hot wet canal clutched my manhood felt fantastic. I was soon pumping in and out of Wanda's squeezing love tunnel; like the piston in a racing engine. I could no longer think about anything except the incredible sensations, as my throbbing erection pumped in and out of Wanda's hot, grasping hole.

Deep in my balls; I could feel the sperm churning. Pumping faster; I threw back my head howling out my pleasure, as I let go. As if in slow motion, I could feel my spunk surge up my shaft; blasting from the tip. Again and again I felt my juice splash against the walls of Wanda's womb.

I had not even noticed how wild Wanda had become; as I was lost in my climax. Her fingers were pinching and squeezing her breasts; while her hips rotated and bucked. Every time I slammed against her thrashing crotch, Wanda would let out a growl of pure animal pleasure. With each slap of our pelvis, I could hear a sucking sound come from her quivering pussy. Looking down I could see our crotches covered with her pussy juice and my cock cream. She was enjoying herself as much as I was.

Sitting on the bed beside her mother; Cynthia purred, "Mother, your banana cream pie looks delicious. I've got to have a taste." Leaning forward; Cynthia licked a glob of sperm from the blonde down surrounding Wanda's gash saying, "It tastes great. I love cock and cunt cream mixed together. Mother, I'm going to feast on your cream pie, while John watches me. I know how hot it will get him. He should be hard enough to fuck me doggie style in a few minutes. That way I can continue munching on your banana cream pie and get a good hard fucking at the same time."

When Cynthia's mouth was next to Wanda's slit, I pulled my limp penis from the still palpating vagina. Immediately a river of juices flooded out. With lapping tongue and sucking mouth, Cynthia gathered up the stream of love juice. When she had devoured the sexy mixture, Cynthia proceeded to clean the rest of the sperm from Wanda's crotch. Cynthia's talented tongue work was causing the muscles of Wanda's vagina to force more of my sperm to ooze from her tunnel. In her quest for the last strands of my spunk, I could see Cynthia's tongue delveing deep into Wanda's hole. Having scouped the last drops of cream from Wanda's pie, Cynthia started fluttering her tongue against her mother's engorged clit. The hot show had made me hard again, ready for anything.

"All right! You're hard enough to fuck me now!" Cynthia exclaimed; taking her mouth from Wanda's crotch. "Mother has had all the fun. Now it's my turn! I can hardly wait to feell your long, fat cock inside me again. I'm going to eat mother's cunt; while you fuck the shit out of me." Cynthia cried, positioning herself between Wanda's legs; ass wiggling in the air.

Quickly Cynthia moved into position between Wanda's wide spread, purple stocking clad legs. With her face buried in Wanda's pussy; Cynthia's black satin clad ass swayed invitingly. Moving behind Cynthia's ass; I slid my bobbing erection into the slit opening of her black satin panties. This placed my shaft along the valley of her weeping cleft. Taking a firm hold of Cynthia's black satin covered ass cheeks; I let my shaft slide along her moist valley. When my tool was thoroughly lubricated; I let the head find the entrance to Cynthia's womanhood. With a powerful thrust of my hips; I drove my rigid pole into Cynthia's wet, velvety slit; making a loud smacking sound, as my crotch slapped her ass cheeks.

It felt good to have my throbbing manhood buried in Cynthia's pussy again. I could tell Cynthia was enjoying getting fucked doggy style by the way she thrust her ass backward; slamming it against my crotch. Each time I withdrew or slammed into Cynthia's tight, wet sex channel; I could hear a loud slurping sound coming from our crotch. Smack! Slurp! Smack! Slurp! The sounds of sex reverberated around the room.

As I pounded into Cynthia's swampy slit; she was busy eating Wanda's pussy. I could hear slurping sounds coming from between Wanda's wide spread legs; while moans of pleasure came from her mouth. By the way Wanda was moaning and bucking her hips into Cynthia's face; it was obvious she was a good pussy eater. As Cynthia lapped at Wanda's honey hole; Wanda was squeezing and pinching her breasts. Suddenly Wanda began to growl deep in her throat.

"I'm there! Keep sucking my clit! Don't stop! Push your fingers in my cunt!" Wanda ordered; giving her stiff nipples a hard pinch.

Watching Wanda orgasm from Cynthia's cunt lapping pushed me to a new level of sexual excitement. I began to piston in and out of Cynthia's hot hole like an out of control jackhammer. Sweat ran down my chest; as my fingers dug into Cynthia's butt cheeks. I could feel my sexual energy being transferred to Cynthia; as her body began to vibrate with the pent up force of her impending orgasm. Suddenly the suppressed sexual energy exploded.

Grinding her ass against my crotch; Cynthia pulled her mouth from Wanda's vagina; crying out, "O yes! I'm fucking coming! Slam that big, fat cock up my cunt! Don't stop! Fuck me harder!" With her fingers stroking my cock and her clit; Cynthia commanded, "Fill my cunt with your hot cock cream! I want to feel your sperm splash against my womb! Don't stop until my cunt is filled to over flowing! I want to see it run out of my hole and down my thighs! I want lots of cock cream for mother to lap up!"

Before Cynthia could finish her dirty talk; I could feel my balls contracting causing my seed to rush up my shaft. Load after load of hot sticky spunk blasted from my cock head into Cynthia's wet, sucking fuck hole. Keeping my crotch tight against Cynthia's ass, so my penis would remain buried deep inside her body; I continued to pump my love juice into her. I could feel the muscles of Cynthia's vagina squeezing the entire length of my shaft; forcing more spunk from the tip. Nothing existed for me except my spurting cock and Cynthia's grasping cunt.

Finally I could no longer feel sperm flowing from my penis. It felt like I had discharged more spunk than ever before. Our copious love juices seeped from her hole; past my embedded shaft; down our thighs. Even though I had ceased pumping sperm from my penis; I did not become limp. Cynthia's talented twat muscles milked me like a fist; keeping me hard. Suddenly Cynthia jerked her ass forward; causing my still stiff cock to pop from her tight tunnel; like a cork from a champagne bottle.

Lifting herself over top of Wanda's chest, Cynthia ordered, "John, since you're still hard, you will fuck mother for a while! Don't get carried away and come! I want you to save it as long as possible. I have a treat in store for you." Lowering her black satin covered crotch onto Wanda's face; Cynthia laughed, "I'm going to give you some of my special cream pie. Mother, stick your tongue into the slit of my panties and lick me clean! When you have lapped all the cock cream up; John can double fuck us." Settling onto Wanda's face; Cynthia turned to me asking, "How does that sound? Have you ever fucked two women at once? What about fucking a mother and daughter at the same time? Does thinking about that get you really hot?"

Placing my slippery cock head in Wanda's drooling cleft; I replied, "O fuck Cyn, you're making my cock throb with your talk. Just thinking about sticking my cock into the two of you sounds like fun. Doing a mother and daughter at the same time just makes the whole thing wilder. Cyn, you always have something new for me to try."

Thrusting forward; I buried my slick pole in Wanda's hole. Since I had just climaxed; I knew I would be able to last for a long time. This meant I would be able to give Wanda another hard fucking. I knew Wanda did not want to get fucked gently, so I intended to give it to her rough and hard. From her speech Cynthia made it obvious that her mother wanted to be sexually dominated.

Grinding her pussy into Wanda's face; Cynthia commanded, "Mother, lift up your ass and put your legs around my waist! Lock your feet around me! John, put a pillow under mother's hips!" With Wanda's legs wide open and her ass in the air; Cynthia laughed, "John, you should be able to pound your cock into mother now! Slam it to her! Make her scream!"

Cynthia had maneuvered us into an incredible erotic position. Cynthia faced away from me astride her mother's face. Wanda's legs were spread wide, with her ankles crossed around Cynthia's belly. This raised Wanda's hips into the air, giving me incredible access to her pussy.

Kneeling against her ass; I plunged my rock hard rod into Wanda's wide open cleft. Her hole was sloppy from her previous orgasms; allowing me to slide into her like a hot knife through butter. I could not believe how deep this position allowed me to penetrate. When I had reached bottom; I stirred my rod around her boiling pot. Placing my fingers on Wanda's clit; I tickled it; as I continued swirling my stick in her steaming cauldron. Bringing my fingers to my mouth; I tasted them; trying to determine if Wanda's stew was ready for eating.

Just then Cynthia began to squeal out, "That's it mother! You're making me come. I'm shooting my juice all over your face! Lap it up! Don't miss a drop!"

Cynthia's ecstatic cries triggered an upheaval in Wanda's body. I could feel her pussy sucking at my buried shaft. From her pussy filled mouth; I could hear muffled moans of pleasure. I knew she was being consumed by her own orgasm. I continued to work my shaft in Wanda's deep hole; trying to get off like the women were.

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