tagMind ControlUniversity Life Ch. 13

University Life Ch. 13


Chapter 13 Festival of the New Fire

It was a few days before Christmas when I found myself outside a strange house with Cynthia. I was finished with the fall term at university, so we were going to celebrate at a Christmas party Cynthia had received an invitation to. Just as Cynthia was about to knock the door opened. We were beckoned in by a tall blonde haired man wearing nothing but a green kilt. This caused me to wonder what kind of Christmas party Cynthia had brought me to.

Without a word we were ushered down a hall to a long narrow ante chamber. To my surprise we were met by my thesis advisor, Professor Sandra Minx. Except for a wreath of holly around her neck, mistletoe plaited into her short red hair, and knee high, lace up, green suede high heeled pumps, she was completely naked. Handing the evergreen branch she held, to her male companion, Sandra embraced Cynthia exclaiming, "Hello Cynthia! I am so glad you could make it!"

I watched the two women, as the embrace turned into a passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss, it was my turn to be hugged. Holding me close, I could feel Sandra's C breasts rubbing against my shirt front. Finding my lips, she planted a hot wet kiss on them, making sure to use lots of tongue. This warm welcome was causing my manhood to stiffen.

Releasing her embrace, Sandra exclaimed, "John, I am so glad Cynthia could talk you into joining us." Turning from me to her male companion, Sandra surprised me by saying, "John, I would like you to meet my son, Lance. He is a very attentive young man. Lance could you bring me some holly, mistletoe, and an evergreen wand. I will help Cynthia dress, or should I say undress. Could you also bring John a kilt?" Returning her attention to Cynthia, Sandra stated, "Let me assist you in removing your blouse. O, such lovely breasts. I had almost forgotten how delicious they are. Do you mind if I have a little taste right now?"

"O Sandra, you don't have to ask. I love when you lick my tits." Cynthia laughed.

Taking a wreath of holly from Lance, Sandra placed it around Cynthia's neck, bending to suck on the large exposed nipples. When the one nipple was gleaming with spit, Sandra directed her attentions at the other nipple. While Sandra's mouth bathed the large nipples, her hand found its way beneath Cynthia's skirt.

Coming up for air, Sandra cooed, "O Darling, you are not wearing a thong. You were always the horny one. Slip off your skirt, take up your wand and join us. We can enjoy ourselves more intimately later." Seeing that I had divested myself of my clothes and was now attired only in the green kilt, Sandra said, "John's ready. I want him to meet the other guests." Returning her attention to me, Sandra commented, "When we played cowgirl, I told you I had some people that could make good use of your phallus. I want you to meet them now. I think you will know most of them."

Walking before us, naked ass swaying, Sandra led us into the large room opening off the ante chamber. The long wall of the room was made up of huge windows, which flooded the room with light. Breaking the panoramic view was a large evergreen tree in a huge planter. Around the doors, windows and even from the cathedral ceiling evergreen branches, holly and mistletoe hung in profusion. Along the wall of the shorter wall was a fireplace large enough to burn six foot pieces of wood. It was laid for a fire, but none burned. Either side of the fireplace there were basket chairs suspended from the ceiling. Along the wall of windows there were some low divans upholstered in green and red. Along the opposite wall were three long green leather couches with end tables separating them and padded leather coffee tables in front. In various places there were comfortable looking leather recliners. Turning to the left, my eyes were greeted by an incredible sight.

Seated on the large green leather couch was a mature, buxom black woman. Between her wide spread thighs, bobbed the head of a black man. On either side of her kneeled an attractive very naked woman. One of the young women was brown, while the other one was Asian. They both held bottles, while they milked the buxom black woman's mammoth breasts. I was mesmerized; as I watched the bottles fill with milk.

Moving her attention from the flask filling with milk to us, the brown woman smiled saying, "Hi Cyn and John. Glad you could make the party. Hope you're ready for some fun."

What a surprise! The woman was Joy Bangg, who I had first met at Cynthia's dormitory at the beginning of term. Looking closer at the other woman, I recognized her as Sue Ling. Like me, she was another of our hostess's graduate students. This certainly was an evening for meeting old friends. Intrigued by seeing Joy and Sue Ling, I began to scrutinize the rest of the guests to see who else I recognized.

As I scanned the crowd it became obvious to me that I knew most of the guests. At the far end of the room I noticed my friend Billy, surrounded by three women. To my surprise they were three of the women that Billy and I had made the adult movie with. There was the blonde, 5 foot 6 inch Lanny Barbie shaking her 36 C tits in Billy's face. Beside her was the black, 5 foot 5 inch Kitten, with her 36 D breasts and gold belly button and clit rings on display for everyone to see. The diminutive 5 foot 3 inch oriental, Jade Marcella, was idly stroking her 34 B breasts as she listened to the other three talking.

The first person to come over to us was Cynthia's sexy blonde mother, Wanda. Like the other women, she was naked except for mistletoe in her hair, a wreath of holly around her neck, and knee high, lace up, green suede high heeled pumps. In one hand she held the evergreen wand, while the other hand slowly masturbated a man I did not recognize. As she approached, Wanda still stole side long glances at the lusty scene taking place on the couch.

"Cyn, John, I'm so glad you could make the party. Staring at my stiffening cock, Wanda bubbled, "I was hoping Cyn would bring you." Leading her male companion by the dick, Wanda rubbed his knob against my bulbous cock head saying, "John, I'd like you to meet my brother, Rod. Maybe you and Rod could double up on me later. There is nothing I like better then having two of my holes stretched by a couple of big cocks."

Before I could reply to Wanda's lewd offer a pair of warm hands covered my eyes. The next thing I felt was a hand wrap around my shaft, while another hand gently cupped my balls. I then heard two girls giggling, as hot wet tongues probed each of my ears.

"Guess who?" Continuing to giggle, the two voices suggested in unison, "Maybe he will remember if he feels our tits."

Keeping my eyes covered the women took up a position either side of my wheelchair. Leaning forward the women pressed a breast into each of my ears, while placing my hands on the other breasts. They then suggested that I feel their tits and guess who they were. I did not really have to feel their breasts. I could tell from the voices that I was being groped by Mandy Fox and her friend Dedee, but I was not going to guess to quickly. I was having too much fun playing with their melons, while they massaged my cock and balls.

Finally I gave each breast a firm squeeze, stating, "This feels like Mandy's 36 C breast, while this feels like Dedee's 35 B breast. How about letting me have a little lick?"

The girls then removed their hands from my eyes, as they giggled, "I guess you deserve a treat for guessing correctly." Twisting their torsos the women mashed their tits into my face saying, "They're all yours. Suck them! Bite them!"

When I had feasted on the two ripe melons mashed against my face for a while, Cynthia brought me back to my surroundings saying, "I have someone I want you to meet." Wheeling me to the mature black woman Cynthia introduced us saying, "Emmanuelle I'd like you to meet my boy friend John."

"Pleased to meet you!" Emmanuelle exclaimed with a French accent. "I am glad you could join our little gathering. I have heard so much about you from the other members of our group. I can hardly wait to feel your big bamboo inside me." Reaching down, she stroked the head of the black man feasting on her delta, murmuring, "This is my grandson Shaft. I think you met him before."

Turning his cream coated face toward me Shaft grinned saying, "Hi Mann! Good to see you again! Last time we met I had my face buried in pussy; just like now. I'm glad you are here to help me take care of all the hot pussy around us."

"Enough chat, boy! It is time to push your big black rod into your grandmother's hot box!" Emmanuelle ordered, spreading her thighs wide. Putting her hands on the back of Joy and Sue Ling's head, Emmanuelle pressed their faces toward her mammoth breasts saying, "Ladies, it is time to drink your fill of my special milk. You have collected enough milk for the potion."

I could see drops of milk oozing from Emmanuelle's large, protruding nipples, just before they were sucked into Joy and Sue Ling's hungry mouths. Shaft was just as quick in carrying out his grandmother's commands. Lifting himself to a kneeling position, Shaft brought his drooling knob to the wide open, wet entrance of Emmanuelle's cunt. With a quick thrust forward, Shaft was buried up to the balls in his grandmother's hungry hole.

"O yes, baby! Come home to mama!" Grabbing his ass with her hands, Emmanuelle held Shaft tightly against her crotch growling, "You're back home; where everyone comes from! Make your grandmother shoot her juices; just like you!"

What a hot sight. Watching the two young women nursing on Emmanuelle's breasts, while Shaft ground his crotch against her thrusting pelvis was making my cock turn the green kilt into a tent. I could hardly wait to get a piece of Emmanuelle's hot chocolate pie.

As I watched, Cynthia turned to me with a laugh saying, "By the way your kilt is waving around; it looks like you want to change places with Shaft. You'll get your chance! All the men will get a turn. Emmanuelle is from Haiti. She is a very powerful voodoo woman. During the Christmas season, when we celebrate the "Festival of New Light," the power of her life juices are increased. Emmanuelle takes her breast milk, cunt cream, male sperm, pine sap from freshly cut evergreen boughs; puts them all into a special pot. She then lights the new fire. Placing the pot on the fire, she heats the ingredients, while chanting some special prayers and slowly mixing them with the sacred evergreen wand. The wand has been soaked in Emmanuelle's life juices until it is saturated. The male who's sperm is in the mixture drinks the potion. One of the women that have imbibed enough of Emmanuelle's breast milk rides his cock, while another sits on his face. The man must drink all the juice from the woman on his face. When he has filled the other woman's cunt with his sperm, he must eat all the cream pie. When he has successfully completed the ritual, his cock will stay hard for an entire day, even after he has a climax. Every time a woman draws a load of sperm from him, she will drink it, receiving an increase to her life force. This will help us stay young and lusty. It does not detract from the man's life force.

All the women here are members of our group. After I met you, I enjoyed being with you so much that I recommended you as a candidate for our group. Meeting the women you did over the fall school term was not coincidence. It was arranged, so the members could meet you. They were testing you to see if you were the kind of man they wanted to partake in the ritual. Since you are here, it is obvious that you passed with flying colours." Giving me a hug, Cynthia exclaimed, "I can hardly wait to initiate you! When Shaft has discharged, you are next!

I was fired with a new interest, as I returned my attention to the tableau taking place before me. As I watched, Shaft began to slam his cock in and out of his grandmother faster and faster. Arching his back, Shaft slammed deep into Emmanuelle. Holding himself rigid, Shaft threw back his head, letting out a howl of pure animal pleasure. Immediately Emmanuelle locked her legs around Shaft's waist, holding him in place. By the way his body twitched with his crotch pressed hard against his grandmother's groin; it was obvious Shaft was emptying a large load of sperm deep inside Emmanuelle's vagina.

I could see the muscles of Emmanuelle's thighs straining as they squeezed her grandson in their vice like grip. At the same time her hands were pressing Joy and Sue Ling's faces into her sumptuous bosom. Emmanuelle was so carried away with the excitement of the moment she was unable to make a sound. She could only open and close her mouth like a fish gasping for air.

Finally Emmanuelle relaxed her grip on the women's heads and Shaft's waist. Immediately the two women jumped from the couch, retrieving a brightly polished brass cauldron of about one gallon in size. By now Shaft had slumped to the floor; his energy drained from him. Ruthlessly Joy and Sue Ling pushed him aside, placing the brass cauldron between Emmanuelle's feet. Putting her arms around the two young women's shoulders, Emmanuelle slid to a kneeling position above the shining cauldron

With their free hands, Joy and Sue Ling began to separate the folds of Emmanuelle's glistening pink vagina, allowing thick creamy juice to leak out. As they opened her wide, the talented fingers stimulated her protruding clitoris. Soon the two women's red nailed fingers had Emmanuelle rotating her hips, as she moaned with orgasmic pleasure. Just then a stream of milky liquid began to squirt from the pulsating pussy into the cauldron. It took all of the two women's strength to keep Emmanuelle's thrashing body centered above the brass cauldron.

Finally Emmanuelle's pussy had finished expelling the last of the mixture of cunt and cock cream. Holding the sagging body, Joy and Sue ling helped Emmanuelle to sit back on the couch. Retrieving one of the flasks containing Emmanuelle's breast milk, Joy poured some into the cauldron.

"My lord! That was intense!" Emmanuelle sighed, resting her hands on her heaving torso. "Kitten, Lanny, light the new fire! The pine logs have been blessed. It is time for the potion to bubble and the ritual to commence."

As Lanny and Kitten touched the burning candles to the pitch soaked logs there was a sudden whoosh, as the wood burst into flame. As the flames leapt around the wood they caused the oil on Kitten's dark brown skin and Lanny's tanned body to glisten. The dancing flames glinted off there gold belly button and clit rings.

As the fire began to consume the wood the women gathered around the blaze. Every nationality seemed to be represented. There were blondes, brunettes, red heads, black afros, and long black silky hair. Their black, brown, copper, tan bodies were shiny with oil and the sweat of sexual excitement. It reminded me of some primitive fertility ritual.

Emmanuelle now stood before the fire naked, in all her buxom black beauty. When she sat on the couch I had not truly appreciated what a commanding presence she was. Standing before the fire, legs spread, hands on hips, Emmanuelle's six foot frame; towered over everyone else. The fire behind her caused her black skin to shimmer. I could not believe the way what must have been 40 double E breasts, jutted from her chest. Any teenager would envy the firmness of her breasts. The rest of Emmanuelle's 29, 42 body was all firm rounded muscle. Her wide open, juice slick, coral pink gash was surrounded by close cropped kinky black hair. The prominent pink clit at the top of her cleft looked like a long finger pointing the way to paradise. Once it had lured a man's cock into its depths there would be no escape, until the penis was drained to the last dregs. I could not believe this woman, as Cynthia told me later, was 60. She exuded a supernatural power and sexual lust from every pore in her body.

Raising her arms above her head, Emmanuelle began to chant, "Let this new fire renew our bodies, our spirit, and our friendship. Let it strengthen our bodies, our spirit, and our friendship. Give strength to the potion of life. When the men drink of the life juices let their penises become hard and thick like the pine logs, which are being consumed. Make their juices flow like the sap in the pine wood which is being eaten by the new fire. May we remain full of life all the year like the evergreen tree. May lust flow through us like the sap of the ever green tree."

While the women knelt before Emmanuelle repeating the lines of the chant the men stood at the other end of the long room. By the way their cocks were tenting the kilts it was obvious they were looking forward to what was going to happen. Like everyone else I was excited, but since it was my first time I was also a little apprehensive. What was about to happen? I was glad Shaft was going to be the first man to do whatever was expected.

"Joy, Sue Ling; put the cauldron on the fire. Everything is ready! Use your wands to stir the brew." As the two women stirred the ingredients, Emmanuelle turned her attention to the men ordering," Shaft! Come forward!" When Shaft stood before his grandmother Emmanuelle said, "The potion is ready. Bring it to my grandson."

Being careful not to burn themselves, the two women brought the warm brew to Shaft. Holding the cauldron with pieces of cloth, they lifted the container to Shaft's lips, allowing it to trickle into his waiting mouth.

When Shaft had consumed the last drops of the liquid, Joy and Sue ling took him by the arms chorusing; "Now you're ready for us!" Ushering him to the nearest divan the women ordered, "Lay down! Prepare yourself!"

Before I could see what happened next, I heard Emmanuelle command, "Come here Johnny! You are next. At last it is my turn to see how your big bamboo feels."

Looking toward the couch, I saw Emmanuelle seated there, legs spread wide in welcome. Cynthia and Kitten knelt on either side of her, gently stroking her huge breasts. Lowering their heads the two women began to suckle on the large nipples.

My eyes were riveted to the wet, wide open gash nestled between Emmanuelle's powerful thighs. As if in a dream, I wheeled to ward her, climbed out of the wheelchair, kneeling between her firm black thighs. My raging hard on was standing straight out from my groin, pointing towards her gateway to paradise.

Leaning forward, I could watch the head of my cock disappear into Emmanuelle's hot wet depths. The velvety walls of her vagina seamed to pull my shaft into her moistness. Soon our two crotches were grinding together. She had engulfed my entire length in one smooth motion.

Slowly I tried pulling out of her hot sheath, but it was difficult. It felt like she had a suction pump trying to keep me from withdrawing. It felt like she was sucking me off with her mouth.

I was soon able to set up a slow in out rhythm. Each stroke felt better then the last. As I gradually increased the tempo of my thrusting, I could feel Emmanuelle's legs wrapping around my waist. I was trapped in the vice like grip of her thighs.

Unable to slide in and out, I began to grind against her pelvis. Trapped inside her succulent slit I could feel the walls rippling along the length of my shaft. It was incredible. I could feel the walls of Emmanuelle's cunt drawing the sperm from deep in my balls. Slowly her talented vaginal muscles expertly milk the sperm up my throbbing shaft.

Suddenly I was shooting my seed into Emmanuelle's tight tunnel. I could feel each load, as it squirted into her womb. Nothing else existed at that moment. My mind was centered on emptying my sperm into Emmanuelle's cunt. I could feel every drop of juice in my body being drawn from the tip of my cock by Emmanuelle's vagina. I could not believe how much sperm I was ejaculating. Soon I could no longer discharge and the suction continued, causing some pain. When this happened, Emmanuelle unlocked her legs, allowing me to sink to the floor.

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