tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 03-04

University Life - First Ch. 03-04



'Oh God.' Lorna groaned dropping on the sleeping bundle on Kainene's bed, 'I can't believe it's the end of the week. We start classes tomorrow. Gahhhhhh!' She fell back heavily on Kainene who poked her head out of the duvet.

'Gerroff. You're deceptively heavy Lorna. Off.' Kainene half-heartedly tried to shove Lorna off her legs but to no avail. Lorna did not budge one bit.

It had been a wonderful week. Going for talks in the hall during the day and going clubbing at night every single day of the week. She had been to the Wills Memorial Building where her course was to be held and had received her timetable. And there was a welcome talk to be held there on Monday morning which she was really looking forward to. She felt a bit odd to have spent such a long week doing nothing and couldn't wait to sink her teeth into some studying. Also she had applied for a job at the student union shop close to her hall and, to her delight, had got it and been working there for the last three days. Now, it was Sunday and she was finally having a much needed rest-filled day. She was nervous about starting classes the next day, but she was too tired to concentrate too much on it. She was studying law and had yet to meet any other person on her course from her hall. Lorna was studying history and had met quite a few people doing the same course. Mykelos was studying archaeology and could not care less about other students. He had hooked up with three different guys already and had declared as much as possible to the others that his goal in university was to pull at least two guys a week. He was definitely on course then! Matt, on the other hand, stayed away from everyone in the hall apart from the flatmates and had made friends with a few people from Wills. This was because he knew several of them from his old college and Kainene thought this made him a bit more relaxed and pleasant as he had clearly found his niche. He talked more nicely to her and when he started acting up she simple excused herself and went to her room. He had finally realised her way of dealing with his petulance and had, on several occasions, knocked on her door to apologise to her utter amazement. Mykelos, on the other hand, never paid any attention to him when he started acting up, and Matt fancied Lorna too much to be mean to her. John, no one really cared about as they hardly saw him anyway.

'I wonder if I'm gonna meet any friendly people on my course. Or if it's gonna be difficult. I really hope it isn't or I'd kill myself.' Kainene muttered out loud to herself.

'Wierdo,' Lorna rolled her eyes, making herself more comfortable on the bed. 'Other girls, normal girls talk about meeting fit guys and you, swot that you are, are hoping for an easy course and yaddi-ya. Your beauty is so wasted on you, Nens.'

Kainene blushed as she always did whenever people referred to her looks. Looks she simply could not comprehend. 'Ah well. Whatever! We should probably stock up on food at the union shop. We can use my discount card ha ha.' She got off the bed and started rummaging through her wardrobe for her comfy tracky bottoms and college jumper.

'Oh yeah, I forgot you worked at the union shop. Wow, that is so true. We can get cheap booze! That's the only reason Matt drags you with him to the union. Tosser!' Lorna giggled and dived under the still warm duvet.

Kainene dragged the duvet off her, 'Get up, lazy. We need brain food this week. And this is gonna be the only free day I get every week so I'm going grocery shopping and you are coming with me. Don't want you nicking my milk later on.'

Lorna started to deny this and Kainene shushed her, 'Sharrap! I saw you using my milk for your tea. You know I don't care anyway, but we are gonna stock up on milk now, and anyway you use skimmed and I use whole milk so why torture yourself unnecessarily?'

'Bitch. Remind me about you using whole milk why don't you. Lucky skinny cow.' Lorna grumbled good-naturedly.

Kainene grinned to herself shrugging off her flannel nightie and diving into her clothes. The first couple of days she had felt uncomfortable changing in front of Lorna, but Lorna, who had spent the past eight years in boarding school had poohed at her because this was something she was so used to. Now she, Kainene was free in front of Lorna, especially as she considered her to be her new best friend.

'You going like this then?' She asked Lorna who was dressed in tattered Jack Wills tracky bottoms and a rowers rugby shirt.

'Yah! Why would I change to go to the sodding union shop? There aren't any fitties in this stupid hall anyway.' Lorna said.

'Ahhh, but why should one care, when one fancies a certain Matt Holmes?' Kainene slyly asked.

Lorna blushed and shoved her gently, 'Bugger orf, idiot. And I do NOT fancy Matt okay?! And quit talking like that, you sound like you've got herpes.'

Kainene shrieked with laughter as they walked out of the flat together, 'Like I've got herpes? How the hell is that supposed to sound? And you would know wouldn't you?'

Both girls jostled each other jokingly, shrieking at the top of their lungs. As they got outside the union shop, Lorna spotted two guys walking towards them. She quickly stopped shrieking and tried to compose herself as they passed them and walked into the shop. Kainene was oblivious to this and still kept on joking about herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases.

'Shut it you idiot! Didn't you see Rufus walk past?' Lorna hissed at her as they got little baskets to fill their groceries with.

'Hunh?' Kainene asked confused. Who the hell was Rufus?

'Who the hell is Rufus?' She asked, not bothering to whisper.

A guy turned to stare at her as she asked this. He had long surfer-like blonde hair, startling grey eyes and cheekbones you could slice cheese on. He was tall, far taller than Kainene and this was a first. Suffice to say, the guy was simply stunning. He smiled slowly at her then turned back to the guy next to him as they walked to the counter to pay for their juice cartons.

Lorna waited till they left then groaned loud and long. 'You had to say that loudly didn't you? That was Rufus, you...you...aargh, I don't even know what to call you.'

Kainene looked askance. 'So? He heard me, big deal.' She shrugged and put a bag of oranges in her basket.

Lorna hit her head with her palms, 'Nens, Nens, Nens. That guy, the one who you just acted like you hadn't a clue who he was, is THE fittest guy in Stoke Bishop. He's in Churchill Hall and is...adored by everyone, and I mean everyone here. He took a gap year from Eton! He's older than the rest of us, well majority of us girls anyway 'cuz he's 19! And his father apparently is a Lord or something, well some form of royalty anyway. Do I need to mention his absolute gorgeousness? I cannot believe you don't know who he is! I mean, did you not see him at The Lounge?' This was ended with a squeak.

The Lounge was the Friday club to be, or so the students said. Kainene shrugged again, she hadn't really paid attention to any of the people there. They were mostly rahs and had whipped their backcombed hair about irritating her to the maximum. She had danced with Lorna and Mykelos and Matt, on occasion, and ignored everybody else. Granted, this Rufus person was fit, and rich and all that jazz, but was there any point drooling over someone she knew was never, ever, going to give her a second glance?

'Babe, it really doesn't matter. I don't know anyone in Churchill so I don't think I'm gonna be seeing him any time soon, if ever, so really who gives a shit? Anyway how do you know all this? We've been to the same places and hung out together so who told you?'

'Viola Featherington.' Lorna replied. Kainene looked blankly at her. Lorna rolled her eyes, 'Did you even pay attention when I introduced to some of my old college and prep school mates? Nens! Anyway, Viola's older brother Luke went to Eton with Rufus and they like knew each other or something. Pity Luke's not too fit though I mean, Viola has got like, the richest grandfather in the world. Her parents are a bit hippy but her grandfather left her and Luke like fuck loads of money in their trust fund. Anyway, I digress, so basically Luke knows Rufus and like Viola rang him up the moment she heard he went to Eton and got all the goss from Luke. Interesting, yah?' She squealed with delight.

'Very.' Kainene drolly remarked. She continued quickly before Lorna could fall to the floor bawling at her nonchalance, 'Spaghetti Bolognese, or Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch?'


Oh God, oh God, oh God, Kainene muttered inwardly. First day at University. It felt like she was going to college for the first time. The butterflies fluttering in her stomach, her heartbeat racing like a Thoroughbred, it was devastatingly exciting.

'You ready, yet?' Lorna popped her head into Kainene's room. 'Oooh, you look nice. Well, proper, I mean smart, I mean...' She trailed off.

'You think I should change my outfit, innit?' Kainene asked wildly.

Lorna shrugged, mumbled something inaudible and sighed. 'Well, my darling gorgeous girl. Yah, as a matter of fact I do think you should change. You look like you're off to your first job interview, or someone's funeral, or something serious anyway. It's bloody uni, like a free-er form of college. You know, have fun, skive classes without detention, drink, have sex...' Lorna quickly hushed turning red. 'Well you know what I mean...just change. I'll wait for you in the kitchen.' She turned around and walked out of Kainene's room quickly.

Kianene smiled to herself then stared at her mirror again.

Oh shit on every level!

She did look smart, in a dreadfully nerdy way. She was wearing a white blouse and a black high-waisted skirt with black pumps. She had on a black hair band to finish off the look. Oh Bugger.

Fifteen minutes later Kainene went to the kitchen. 'Well, what do you think?'

'Now you look like a normal eighteen year old fresher, albeit fitter than the average girl.' Lorna grinned at her. She had changed into a fuchsia pink oversized jumper and black leggings with black high tops. She had to admit to herself she felt so much better as the quirky image was more her style.

'Okay, Lorna baby, let's tackle the great Redbrick University of the South West.'


'You have got to be kidding me?' Kainene looked astounded.

'Err...no I'm not actually. This seat is for my very best friend who is, unfortunately running a little late – unfortunately for you that is so skedaddle somewhere else.'

Kainene stared at the brunette in utmost amazement. She could not believe it. She had come in ten minutes early and the hall was practically full. She had finally found a spare seat close to the front row as she had forgotten her glasses and was terribly short-sighted, and was being told to 'skedaddle'!

'Excuse me? I got here first and you want me to leave for someone who did not have the courtesy to show up early? Knowing that on the first day everyone was going to be here? Are you completely insane?' Kainene snapped. She was a bit shocked that she could say this with courage but she was tired and not in the mood to placate any 'poshies' especially American ones who sounded like they were straight off the set from Gossip Girl!

The brunette gasped, her big blue eyes widening dramatically, 'Well...well...' she stammered and Kainene just rolled her eyes. 'Please get your bag off the chair.'


Oh my God! I cannot believe you said that. You fibber!' Lorna gasped laughing out loud. It was lunch time and they were sat at a cafe called 'Cafe Gusto', right opposite the Wills building.

'I know! I can't believe it either! I was just so angry at that point, although when I calmed down a bit I thought I was gonna have a massive heart attack. It was like a mad adrenaline rush, reflecting on what I said.' Kainene giggled and bit into her croissant. 'Oh and you know the best part of like everything?' She swallowed quickly and continued, 'Her friend, who was apparently running a little late, came in like fifteen minutes late and walked up to the girl and went, in a loud voice mind you,...' She put on her plumiest accent, 'Oh Heather dahhhhling, where on earth do you expect me to sit now?'

Lorna burst out laughing, nearly chocking on her mocha. 'You are having the greatest of laughs! What the hell, like she interrupted the Dean?'

'Oh yes she did.' Kainene nodded, 'He was so stunned, he just stared at her with like, his jaw hanging and then she walked right back out of the hall and he continued, but her Heather friend gave me the darkest of looks, like...baleful!'

Lorna shrieked again, 'Oh Nens, Nens, Nens, first day of uni and you already have enemies. That's classic.' She sighed, wiping her eyes, 'Anyway babe, you out tonight. Apparently, it's like the best student night of the week, Mondays at Panache, absolutely gorg!'

Kainene thought for a second, she had to go to work at the student union shop that night. 'I dunno babe. I mean I've got work tonight and it's like 5:30 till 9:30. And I've got like the longest day today 'cause I'm through here like 5 so...we'll see, depends on how I feel.'

'That's utter fuckeries.' Lorna stated baldly. 'It's the first student night as a proper student not that silly fresher's fair where like we didn't spot any second or third years. Just babies.'

'Which we, kinna are as well.' Kainene pointed out dryly.

'Whatever! The point is, you are not missing this night...or I'm gonna...I dunno psyche Matt on you!' Lorna smiled wickedly as she said this.

Kainene could not suppress a little shudder. She had nothing against Matt, but he was best taken in small doses, like once a week, or better yet, a fortnight. 'Oh please not that. Okay fine. But if I fall asleep at the club you are going to take good care of me, log my unconscious body back home and make sure I don't look like a passed out drunk, plonker!'



'You ready to partay?' Lorna screamed as soon as Kainene walked into the flat.

Kainene sighed to herself and just smiled tiredly at Lorna. 'Just give me about fifteen minutes to rub my aching feet as I've been standing on them for, God knows how long. Then about another thirty minutes for a quick shower and rushed dressing, then we'll see.'

'Aww poor baby is tired, isn't she?' Matt sarcastically asked from the dining table.

Kainene rolled her eyes and shook her head. She was too tired to reply Matt, and anyway he just wanted some attention which she was not in the mood to give to him.

'Whatever, Matt. I'll try and be ready in like forty five minutes. An hour tops, so just keep on...doing what you're doing you guys.' She made to go to her room.

'Oh I'm not going with you guys.' Matt quickly said.

'What!' Lorna asked staring at him in disbelief. Then she smiled slowly nodding to herself, 'Oh I get it, we University Hall students aren't good enough for you so you're hanging out with your Wills people.'

'Come off it Lorna I never said that. I mean, you could not possibly be NOT good enough for me. We were in the same college for forever.'

'So is it me then, Matt?' Kainene asked. Lorna started talking but Kainene cut her off with a sharp hand gesture. 'No, I want to say this, Lorna so stay out of it. Look Matt, I am sick and tired of your condescending attitude, okay. I don't give a shit what school, college or fucking money you have or your parents, or whatever. I've stayed silent and basically ignored all your snide little comments. Do you think because I can't speak up for myself, that I'm completely stupid? Or dumb? Get over yourself and off your posh white high horse Matt, go with whomever you want. Yes. I said whomever. I may come from the rough ends, but my grammar is impeccable, forget the sodding pronunciation.' She took a deep breath, ignoring the stunned looks on Mykelos, Lorna and Matt's faces.

'I'm going to be out in an hour. Whoever's still here I'll go with, I really couldn't care if I end up with John.' And with that she walked into her room and slammed the door.

'Well,' Mykelos smiled to all of them in general, 'seems our little tiger has finally unsheathed her claws.'

Kainene lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling. It had been a very long day and she was already regretting her outburst. She did not really feel like going out anymore. She sighed to herself loudly. As she rolled out of bed, preparing to take off her jumper, she heard a knock. She quickly shrugged her jumper back on before emitting a tiny 'Come in.'

Matt poked his head into with a sheepish smile before stepping in fully. 'Erm, I came to apologise.'

Kainene started to interrupt and he quickly continued, 'No. Please. Let me. I really am sorry that I'm such a pompous arse, but honestly, just now, I didn't mean anything like what you thought I meant when I said I wasn't going with you guys. I arranged to meet up with a few chaps, yes from Wills, but these are my friends. I mean we do the same course and have hung out for like ten days now, and I wanted to go with them not my two female friends and gay friend. I need a separate life from just my flatmates. Do you understand? And for the record I don't give a shit about your accent. Well not anymore. I've been living a very sheltered life and it's time I get used to the fact that there are actually normal, lovely people who don't necessarily come from my world, but are so much better than most of my peers.'

Kainene looked at him quiet for a few seconds. Then said, 'Wow, Matt. I'm impressed. I think that's the best apology I've ever received. You sure Lorna didn't put you up to this?' They both laughed. 'Well, thanks. And I'm sorry too. For overreacting.' She continued.

Matt nodded and smiled at her. 'Okay then, see you at Panache later on?'

'Definitely.' She nodded. As he turned to leave she called out, 'Hey Matt?'

He looked at her.

'Any of your mates fit? Wanna hook a sister up?'

Matt burst out laughing, 'Oh anytime Nens, just pick the person.'

They both grinned at each other and he turned back to the door, quietly shutting it behind him.

Kainene scrutinized herself in the mirror as Lorna straightened her hair by the bed. Mykelos poured tequila into three shot glasses and downed them all.

'Hey, don't look at me like that.' He blustered when Lorna stared at him, 'I'll pour some out for you, just need some Dutch courage for the guy...well guys I intend to pull tonight.'

'Oh and also get gonorrhoea from?' Lorna sarcastically asked. Mykelos just stuck out his tongue and poured some more shots for him and the girls.

'So what do you think about my outfit? Think I shall pull some chaps myself?' Lorna asked standing up and nudging Kainene away from the window so that she could look herself over. She was wearing a short ivory shift and red Louboutins. Her hair was in dramatic waves, shaping her heart-shaped face, and her eyes lined darkly giving her an exotic Isla Fisher look.

'You look wicked, babe trust me. I feel like an ugly step sister next to you.' Kainene said staring at her a little enviously. Lorna's dress was simply stunning and was also a Lanvin dress, Kainene had checked out the label surreptitiously. She felt underdressed and a little cheap in her black skinny jeans from Primark and her striped boy shirt from H&M.

'Oh shut it, little miss non-sunshine, you look gorgeous too. Both of you. I'd have a boner if you had dicks.' Mykelos slurred a bit.

'Oh my God, you disgusting fairy!' Lorna gasped giggling. Kainene laughed as well. Sod it, she looked alright too. Anyway, she just wanted to go dancing as she had not in such a long while and her outfit was perfect for a little bump and grind on the dance floor. She finished applying her raspberry flavoured lip-gloss to her full lips and some more mascara to her long eyelashes.

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