tagNovels and NovellasUniversity Life - First Ch. 16 & Epilogue.

University Life - First Ch. 16 & Epilogue.


Here's Chapter Seventeen and the Epilogue of my babies! I probably shouldn't say this but I have to admit that this was my favourite of the lot! I absolutely love this story and I'm a bit gutted that it's come to an end...shall deffo be missing Nens and the gang...and let's not forget Minty! :)

Anyway hope you lot enjoy this story and as I said in my bio I shall be going on a little hiatus whilst I sort out a few ish!

Thanks for being on this journey with me and Merry Xmas and a splendid New Year in advance if I don't pop back on here before the end of the year.

Happy reading everyone! xoxo

*********************** *************************


'What are you doing?' Kainene asked breathlessly.

Rufus smiled against her collarbone as he placed open-mouthed kisses there. 'I'm helping you relax before you continue studying.'

Kainene opened her mouth to protest but a gasp came out instead as he trailed the bone from tip to tip with his tongue.

'Oh God, Rufus! We haven't got time for this...I...oh shit...' Her voice trailed off as he sucked at the top of her breast, her jumper pushed as far as it could go.

Rufus said against her breast, huskily, 'You really...' He pushed forward, 'Really...' Her bra came into sight, 'Need to relax for a bit.'

He popped a breast out as Kainene nearly hyperventilated, 'Your brain's probably on overload.' He placed his lips on her nipple and sucked hard.

Kainene doubled over his head groaning, clutching him hard as she did so. What was he doing to her? Her tummy clenched as pleasure slid all over her body. She tried to think of whether it was wise to be doing this when they had just made up, when she had an exam in less than six hours, then her mind trailed away to nothing but feelings. She would make up for it later. Now, Rufus was doing amazing things to her and she could not concentrate on any other thing but his lips and tongue.

Rufus sensed her capitulation and smiled inwardly to himself. He grabbed her by the hips and carried her to the top of a table, placing her there as he kissed her lips softly. She stared at him, smiling lazily, her feelings swimming in pleasure.

Soon, her jumper was lying on her Redbull cans with a sleeve scraping the floor. Her jeans were on the floor and her bra hanging over a computer. Rufus slid her knickers down her legs and threw them on her jeans before grabbing her legs and wrapping them round his jean-clad hips.

He bent his head once more to kiss her. Kainene wrapped her arms around his head and clutched his hair as she kissed him back, his tongue thrusting into hers as if the urgency of their copulation had increased.

Kainene gasped as he suddenly dragged his lips away from her mouth and held her head between his hands.

'I love you.' He whispered, staring deep into her eyes.

Kainene nodded, sniffing as she felt her eyes well. She opened her mouth to reply that she loved him too, but he placed a finger on her lips and shook his head. Then he smiled and bent to kiss her again. This time it was done tenderly.

She smiled against his lips. She did not understand why he did not want her to say it, but she had a feeling he seemed to want some penance for what had happened and withholding her love from himself was some sort of punishment.

Soon Rufus stepped back and divested himself of his clothes. Then he stepped forward and touched a finger to Kainene's pussy. She gasped as he slid it in slowly, torturously.

'Just do it. Don't torture me, Rufus, just...' Kainene's whisper was cut off as he slid his cock into her so suddenly.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she adjusted to him inside her.

Rufus kissed her forehead and asked gently, 'Are you okay?'

She nodded inhaling.

Rufus slid back out then into her again slowly. Kainene's eyes fluttered shut as she felt the walls of her pussy being stroked so fully. Then her eyes flashed open as he slammed into her.

She looked at Rufus's face and saw him staring at her so intensely that her tummy jumped as if her orgasm was already about to take place.

Rufus held her head with one hand and her leg with the other as he began to pummel into her.

Their sex which had been rather calm and tender at first had become frenzied.

As he slammed into her, the table creaked at the force of their fucking. Their harsh gasps were the only sound in the room, apart from the squishing sounds as his cock slid in and out of her pussy.

Then Kainene felt her heartbeat escalate and her toes start to curl in. 'I'm going to come!' She gasped out.

This spurred Rufus to fuck into her harder and faster. The thrusts caused her back to arch pushing her breasts into him as she clutched his head which was burrowed in her neck harder. Then a sharp groan was torn from her as she climaxed violently.

Rufus kept on pushing through her clenching pussy walls as he prolonged her orgasm till she fell limply against him.

Rufus stood still as well, the veins on his neck and forehead throbbing. Then he slid out of her gently and placed a kiss on her sweaty forehead.

Kainene raised her head lazily, then her gaze cleared as she saw that Rufus had not come and was leaning against the table breathing heavily.

'What...aren't you going to...?' She asked confused.

Rufus shook his head once, and then smiled at her, although it looked painful. 'I can't come in you, I haven't got a condom. And I can't come on you either. Don't think you'll be particularly comfortable with dried come on you during your exams.'

Kainene giggled at that, then she looked at him as he just stood there with a hard cock jutting towards his navel.

He sighed as he rubbed his hair with his hand then he bent to grab his boxers to drag them on.

Kainene placed a hand on his and shook her head. He stopped and stared at her confused.

'I love you too, Rufus Lloyd-Butler.' She smiled at him as she stretched to place a kiss on his lips. Then she bent and took his cock in her mouth.

Rufus let out a long groan as she began to, tentatively, suck him.

Kainene held the base as she tried to take as much as she could into her mouth. She had never given a guy a blow job before and the most she knew was that she should not use any teeth. She decided that she would do whatever popped into her head and hope that he got pleasure from it. She started licking it from top to bottom, stopping to push her tongue into the slit on the head. This caused him to clutch her hair, although he did not fuck into her mouth. He wanted her to go at her own pace as he knew this was her first time doing this.

Kainene began to place soft kisses up and down his cock. She opened her mouth and sucked just the head, laving the underside with her tongue. She sensed that he liked this as he clutched her hair harder.

She started sucking harder and harder, her spit lubricating his dick as she jacked the bit that could not fit into her mouth.

Rufus began to breathe deeply as he panted, 'You need to stop now, Nens.'

Kainene stopped and looked up at him confused, 'Why?'

Rufus stared down at her swollen lips and his cock jutted once more at the sight before him, 'Or I'm going to come in your mouth.'

Kainene gave a large coy smile, 'That's the whole point of me doing this, numpty.' Then she put his cock in her mouth and sucked once. Deeply.

Rufus could not hold back again. He felt his balls tighten as he began to spurt into her mouth.

Kainene closed her eyes and did not think of the taste as she swallowed the first spurts. She was not sure if it was going to taste nice or bitter so she just swallowed as much as she could. When he stopped, she decided to push the remaining bit round her mouth in order to see if this was something she was going to be doing again.

Her eyes widened a bit as she realised that it was not bitter. It was not especially sweet as well, but it tasted salty and a bit...tart!?

She looked up as Rufus placed his hands over her cheeks. He looked down at her tenderly. 'You didn't have to do this, Nens. This was all about relaxing you because you looked so tense and a bit jittery.'

Kainene smiled as he raised her up and placed a kiss on her lips. 'Well this was to tell you that I love you, and I forgive you. And that the next time you act silly, you'll know what you'll be missing in future.'

Rufus let out a chuckle as he pressed her head to his shoulders in a hug.

Kainene rested there for a bit as they cuddled. Then she cleared her throat, 'I've got to get back to studying, Rufus.'

Rufus nodded and let her go. 'I could stay here if you want. I won't make a sound; I'll just sit over there then walk you to Wills when it's time.'

Kainene smiled but shook her head, 'That's sweet of you, but I don't think I'll be able to concentrate if you're here. And it's not even fair to you, especially when you're through with your own exams.'

Rufus shrugged, 'I don't particularly care, I can still stay. Not like I'd be doing anything else anyway but thinking of you.'

Kainene giggled, 'Sweet but corny. Still, I won't concentrate so just go. I'll see you when I'm through okay?'

Rufus mock-pouted but smiled as he started dressing up. Then he grabbed her and kissed her fully. 'I'll see you later then, good luck sweetheart.'

Kainene blushed as she heard the endearment, 'Thanks. Bya.'

She smiled as he walked away and turned round to begin dressing.

'Oh, and by the way, you do realise you're going to the summer ball with me?'

Kainene turned round, a surprised look on her face as Rufus stood by the door staring at her.

'I am? I mean, you've got tickets?'

Rufus nodded.

Kainene widened her eyes, a smile spreading on her face, 'Are you trying to tell me you got tickets for both of us without finding out if I was even gonna go with you in the first place?'

Rufus nodded again, this time grinning.

Kainene shook her head, 'Cocky much, Rufus?'

Rufus smiled and replied, 'Let's just say I had faith. And this faith was pretty strong.'

With that he waved and opened the door, leaving the basement.

She let out a huge sigh as she grabbed her clothes and began to put them on.

He was such a numpty, but that was why she loved him. She was so thrilled they had made up. She felt so relieved. Plus the naughty sex they had just had in the basement; that had taken some time out of her revision but by God was it needed!

Then she looked up and spotted something which looked like a CCTV camera. Oh Crap! She gasped out a laugh. She hoped it was not working or some security guards would have had the show of their life. But she realised she was not as worried as she normally would have been. She was too happy and relaxed to care.

She thought about sending a quick text to Lorna then decided not to. Let her be surprised instead.

She sat back down and began to study once more, a shit-eating grin planted on her face.


'I can't believe it's been a year since we've all been together.' Lorna squealed.

'I know!' Kainene squealed back.

Exams were over and it was the night of the summer ball. The three girls, Viola, Lorna and Kainene were sat together as people milled about talking or dancing.

'I can't wait for Mykonos.' Kainene continued. This was her first proper trip outside England for holidays. Rufus, Lorna, Matt and herself had pulled resources together to rent out a villa for two weeks for the holiday then Rufus was going with his family to the Hamptons. She had been invited but she had already promised Vicky and Anna that they were going on a 'road trip' round Scotland and she could not back out. But when he got back, they were going to hole up in his London flat and maybe go to the Channel Islands. It had not been decided yet.

She grinned excitedly as she chatted with her new best friends. Matt was off talking to some of his mates as was Rufus. Mykelos was nowhere to be found as usual. Kainene smiled wryly to herself as she wondered what he was up to, or rather who he was up to.

The girls had already found a gorgeous house in Clifton Village which was a fifteen minute walk to university. She was particularly excited about it because they had drawn straws and she had ended up with the master bedroom which had its own ensuite bathroom and toilet. And it was a five minute stroll to Rufus's one bedroom flat.

*Insert gleeful smile*

As Viola described, with great excitement, the cute guy she had pulled in the cloakroom, Kainene looked up and saw Rufus staring at her from across the room. She smiled softly at him as he did the same back to her. Then he started walking towards her.

Lorna looked up and saw what Kainene was looking at.

'Awww, boyfie alert.' Lorna giggled and Kainene cuffed her playfully.

As Kainene stood and walked towards him, Viola turned round to Lorna and said, 'I'm so pleased for her, and slightly envious. They look fantastic together and he like really fancies her.'

Lorna nodded, 'True, true. And don't be envious you numpty, you're going to be getting some tonight too.'

Viola shrugged. There was no need pressing the matter. They both knew that what she meant was she wished she was in a relationship too. Lorna was in one as was Kainene which left her as the only one out of the three of them single. Ah well, there was still next year, and the year after that. She shook her melancholy thoughts out of her head and turned back to Lorna to talk about other stuff.


Araminta muttered snidely to Heather as Rufus and Kainene danced with the other couples. 'I can't believe they're back together again. This is so freaking annoying. And now he's not even talking to me, all because of that silly girl. I'm sure I could still get him if I wanted.'

Heather then did something shocking. She rolled her eyes and hissed at Araminta, 'Belt up Minty, just give it up. It's over. She got the guy and you didn't. Give it a rest, will ya and let's concentrate on something else, Gawd!' And with that she stalked off.

Araminta stared after her gobsmacked. This was the first time in the history of their friendship that Heather had ever spoken back to her. She quickly looked around to see if anyone had witnessed what happened. Satisfied that no one had, she quickly hurried after Heather. She had been exceptionally nasty to a large number of people and without Heather she was friendless so she could not afford to sulk and stay away from her. She was all she had in Bristol.


The year had been great with all its ups and downs but Kainene would not have had it any other way. She had made new friends and bagged herself the world's greatest boyfriend. All she needed was her results which she was getting during the summer holiday then all would be splendid indeed. She smiled once more as she placed her head on Rufus's shoulder and they spun around the ball room with her friends as they all danced to cheesy summer songs.


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