tagChain StoriesUniversity of Life Ch. 04

University of Life Ch. 04


Beth was sitting cross-legged on the floor just like everyone else. She had let her mind wander and when she returned to the reality of the rec room she saw that everybody was looking at her.

"Come on Beth, your next let's hear what you got."

Red face, she shook her head no but soon everyone was chanting, 'Beth, Beth, Beth.' She knew they'd never give her peace until she told her story.

"My story involves a man we all know and I don't think it's right to say his name."

"Come on Bethy, you know the rules, it all in, no holding back. Just give us the dirt girl and let the chips fall where they may."

That damn Liz, with her story out Beth had no excuse not to tell the truth.

"OK, everybody remembers Professor Barnsworth, well---"

"Oh hell no, not Barnsworth he old enough to be your grandfather, come on Beth what were you thinking?"

"Just let me finish, geese Melissa, not Barnsworth. Anyway when he was sick last year I had to take him some paperwork from the department."

"Beth you're such a kiss ass, I swear."

"Hush Liz let her finish, or at least get started."

"When I arrived Professor Miller was there to visit. As I started to leave, Bill, I mean Professor Miller said he was leaving and offered me a ride back. After we got into his car, he asked if I wanted coffee and somehow we ended up at Leon's on the other side of town."

Beth looked at her audience for the first time now and she could tell she had their attention. Professor Miller was the cutest instructor on campus and she knew all the girls had a crush on him. Tall and athletic looking, his blond hair, way too long, made a girl think of California and warm beaches. But it was his killer smile that all the females thought of first and some had heard he could melt snow with it. Of course, he had a reputation as a player by the way he flirted with all the women in his classes. As far as anybody knew, he had never been accused of any wrongdoing.

"There we were sitting in the back of Leon's at one of those little tables so close our knees were touching. I looked into those soft blue eyes of his and I knew I was in trouble.

I just made my decision right there I was going as far as he would take me. I was so nervous I swear I could hear my own heart beat. It was like he could read my mind and when I looked at him again he smiled and said that we should leave. That made me jump and I told him no, I wasn't ready to go back to campus yet. He just smiled and said he wasn't ready to go back either. He took my arm and led me back to his Volvo. It was still nice and warm but I think the heat coming from my body would have melted an iceberg. He drove us back to his apartment off campus and once inside he offered me a drink. I knew I was too nervous for booze so I took coffee instead."

"Beth you should have taken the booze it would have relaxed you more than coffee."

"I know but I don't drink much and I was afraid I might get sick. When he kissed me, I lost my nervousness right away and I knew I'd done the right thing.

Listen I know you all will think I'm crazy but every since I first thought about losing my, well you know what I mean; I wanted it to be good. I didn't want to lose it in the back seat of some boy's car. I wanted to be naked and comfortable and I wanted it to be with someone..."

"Yeah we know someone special, Beth we all had that dream as little girls but once you're in the real world you learn it doesn't work that way."

"No not like that I just wanted a man who knew what he was doing and from what I'd heard about Miller I decided he was my best chance."

Professor Miller was not only handsome he came with quite a rep as a ladies' man and Beth could just tell he knew his way around a woman's body.

"We sat down on his couch together and when he put his arm around me I just melted against his chest. I told myself not to chicken out, then I turned my head up to his, and he reached down to put his lips to mine. I don't know how long we kissed it felt light hours, my heart was pounding in my chest and I was getting so excited I thought I might pass out. When he put his hand on my breast, I couldn't stand it any longer, and I just blurted out, please take me.

He looked into my eyes for the longest time and I know my face was turning bright red because I could feel the heat in my cheeks. Then without a word he stood and picked me up in his arms---"

"No way,"

"Yes way, Amy, It's embarrassing to admit but I felt like a bride as he walked me to his bedroom. First, he undressed me and I kept trying to remember what undies I was wearing. I sat naked on his bed, as he began to undress. Now I have been naked in front of a boy before but not enough to feel comfortable so just to occupy myself I asked if I could undress him. This made me feel sexy and somehow in control as I took off his clothes until he wore nothing but undies. No I know what you're going to ask, he was wearing boxers. With one yank, he was now as naked as I was, then I sat next to him as he put a rubber on it. He lay me down and then I blurted out that I was a virgin. He just smiled as he told me he already knew that. Now how would he know that, I just don't understand men."

The questions came from all over the room, "Did you like it?" "How many times did you do it?" "Have you been back since that night?"

There were more but Beth couldn't keep track,

"Let me just say it was more than I've ever dreamed and I don't remember it even hurting. I spent the night in his apartment and he drove me back to campus early. As for Bill, I mean Professor Miller I guess I was just another trophy because he has never asked me out since. You can believe me when I say if he called right now I'd be over there in a heartbeat."

Now the room was quiet and as Beth looked around, she could tell each girl was imagining herself in Beth's place. This made her feel good and she was so glad she had told her story.

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