tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnlawful Entry Ch. 2

Unlawful Entry Ch. 2


"Mmmmmmm" Sara moaned and squirmed from the wet and warm feeling between her legs. She had been in a deep sleep from exhaustion after the 2 cops had used her, and now she was slowly waking up to a tickling sensation on her skin between her legs, and an orgasm building inside her. Her eyes opened but she couldn't seem to focus on anything except for the feeling that was spreading through her body caused by the alien thing invading her pussy. "Oh fuck" Sara cried as her body's release and she could hear and feel her juices being licked up by what she now realized was a tongue. Her body jerked and quivered as the tongue slid in between the lips of her pussy and poked, flicked, and massaged her clit. Sara was still sensitive from the orgasm that had been forced on her and she desperately tried to sit up and move away from the tongue that was torturing her.

Sara began to panic as she realized her hands were bound together and tied to the headboard and her legs were tied to the footboard so that they were spread apart. She screamed when she felt large hands on the insides of her legs pin her down and force her legs farther apart so that the tongue could have more access. "Noooooo" she was crying now as another orgasm began to take over her body and her hips bucked wildly trying again to rid herself of the tongue invading her. Suddenly Sara's whole body tensed up when her body reached the limit of what it could take and she climaxed again then collapsed back onto the bed. She felt her fluids gushing from her hole as she climaxed for the owner of the tongue again and then she just laid there weak and breathing heavy. She heard a male voice from between her legs croon "You're just as sweet as those 2 stupid cops said you were bitch". Sara lifted her head so that she could see down the length of her body and screamed when she saw who was between her legs.

Sara cringed from disgust and shame as she looked into the cold eyes of a strange man between her legs and she couldn't believe she'd just came for him. He had the look of a biker with the bald head, weather face, full long beard, a somewhat unkempt mustache and he was missing a few teeth which was noticeable when he looked up laughed and grinned when he said "Good morning bitch, I'm Sam and you wouldn't believe how excited I am that you came!" then the grin was replaced by a lustful smile when he added "And I can't wait to watch you have a few more". Sara felt the lips of her pussy being pulled apart and then her hips rocked as he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue and then kissed it long almost driving her into another orgasm but then he stopped just before she came.

Sara's body shook needing the release Sam's tongue had threatened to give her again, but instead of finishing what he had started, she felt him move up her body so that he was positioned above her and she could feel the hair on his chest rub against her naked skin. She could barely breath as she felt the weight on top of her as his hard beer belly pressed against her, "Do you like big cocks, slut?" Sam asked as he moved his hips rubbing himself against her, trying to keep her just on the edge of the orgasm she was riding, and she could feel him growing through the denim of his jeans. Even as she shook her head no, in one last pathetic attempt to stop him, she knew it was useless and realized that her protests were exciting him and making him extremely hard. "Well you will by the time we're done with ya" he laughed.

"Look at me, bitch!" Sam growled as the smile disappeared from his ugly face and he rose to his knees so that he was in Sara's line of sight. She looked up at him obediently, knowing it was the only way to avoid any pain that she knew he would hand out. Her eyes widened at the thick 10" cock that burst out of his pants as he dropped them and she struggled against her restraints with renewed energy. The fear that gripped her and the butterflies of excitement began to dance together through her whole body making her squirm and sending her mind into a state of confusion. Everything around her seemed to disappear into a fog, and when she tried to protest she was only able to choke out the word "No".

"I don't know what your problem is darlin! That big cop was just as big as me. I saw the security tape they scooped from the cruiser, and I saw that cop burry himself all the way in ya. You enjoyed that well enough" he said as he stared down at her and stroked his hard cock. "Maybe you want to suck on it a bit first, see if you can make me cum so I don't have to fuck you, hmmmm?" Sam murmured as he finished getting rid of his pants. Tears fell down Sara's cheeks as he crawled up the bed until his huge hard cock was resting on her lips and she whimpered as he rubbed the head of his cock along them, making them wet from the pre-cum that was hanging off of the tip. She tried to turn her head away from his touch but he held her in position with one hand while holding his cock in the other, the pubic hair on them tickled her skin as he lowered himself to rub it, and his balls, all over her face. "Stroke those balls bitch" he ordered and she stuck her tongue out obediently and ran her tongue all over them.

Sara closed her eyes and let her tongue trail from his balls to the skin behind them and wiggled her tongue to make him tremble and moan, then back up the 10" long shaft to the head of his huge uncircumcised cock. She shivered as his cock grew under her tongue and she felt a tingle all over her body as it jumped at her touch. Sam, taking hold of his cock, moved back and he watched as he left a trail of pre-cum down Sara's nose, over her lips and down her chin. "Would you like to suck this bitch?" he asked as he rubbed the head along her lips.

Sara gasped in surprise as Sam grabbed her hair and, holding her in place, began pushing the large wet head of his cock against her lips. Because her lips were wet, and the head of his cock was slippery from the cum that covered it, it slipped past her lips easily pushing them far apart and stretching her mouth as his cock filled her. His cock was throbbing as he pushed deep into her mouth, he stopped once he was in as far as he could get and just held himself in her mouth, and she heard him moan as she tried to swallow. "Oh ya whore, that's it, swallow me" he said in a gruff excited voice and his hips began moving and grinding as he started fucking her mouth.

Sara let her tongue slide back and forth over his thick cock as it moved in and out of her mouth and she sucked on it gently at the same time wanting him to cum fast. As he got closer to his orgasm he pumped faster fucking her face hard, then suddenly she could taste him and almost choked as her mouth filled up with his hot salty load. She tried to pull away as her mouth overflowed and his cum ran down out the corners of her mouth and down her cheeks, but gave up and swallowed everything in her mouth little by little making Sam jump and push in deeper as his cock softened.

The large biker waited till he was fully soft before he pulled out of Sara's mouth and got up and put his pants back on. While he got dressed, he was smiling at her laying in the bed humiliated with her face covered in his cum, seemingly happy with what he saw. Sam, finally dressed, smiled coldly at her and said "Hey thanks for the use of the hole babe, I needed to blow that load, watching that mouth made me pretty fucking horny". He called out as he walked out the door "All the brothers are gonna love you", then left her alone to listen to the echo of his laughter.

All alone in the room, still strapped to the bed, Sara tried to comprehend what was happening. The last thing she remembered was the two law officers raping her, making her orgasm in her terror, and then putting her in the back of the cruiser. So now where was she" And who were these people that had her now? She squirmed from the tingling feeling Sam had created between her legs and realized he had aroused something inside her making her horny. "Oh God" she moaned then silently tried to convince herself that she was not enjoying this. She didn't know how long she had been laying there when the door opened and she watched Sam and two very large rough looking men walk in and stand at the foot of the bed.

"Who are you?" Sara stammered barely able to speak from fear. She stared in awe at the guy standing in the middle of the trio, she guessed him to be around 6'7" tall and at least 300 lbs of pure muscle, and she cringed when he reached down to rub himself. She tried again through trembling lips, whispering "Why am I here?", and it was the one with a goatee who finally spoke up, "Well I'm Rock, and you know my friend Sam here" he said, slapping the one, who had just raped her mouth, on the back. Turning to the Giant sized man standing beside him, he continued "And this here big guy is Tiny" and then winked at her. Sara stared wide-eyed at the one called Tiny as he dropped his pants revealing a terrifying 12" cock. Rock smiled at her then reached down and unbuckled the straps that bound her ankles freeing her legs. She tried to move them, but they were to stiff from being tied for so long, and her heart sank as the knowledge of her helpless situation sunk in.

Rock and Sam walked around the bed so they were at Sara's side, leaving Tiny at the foot of the bed, and as they did so Rock began to answer her questions. "Now bitch, you don't need to know much, but I will tell this, the two cops that picked you up last night owed us big time. They showed up to pay us and my big buddy here seen you laying in the backseat of their cruiser". Both Rock and Sam grabbed her legs pulling them back so that they were spread wide open, then Rock continued, "Tiny got all hot and horny for you and decided you would be more fun than the money. So guess what Baby? You're the pay-off now, and we're heeeere to collect". They all laughed and then she felt Tiny's weight as he climbed onto the bed and positioned his bearded face between her widely forced open legs.

Sara felt Tiny's long wet tongue start from the crack of her ass and run up to her pussy, stopping to slip into her asshole a little making her squirm from the weird feeling that it created through her body. Sara moved her ass side to side, trying to shake him, but his grip tightened on her legs and his tongue continued its wet journey slowly only stopping again to wiggle inside her wet cunt hole. Sara's back arched when Tiny's tongue finally covered her swollen and sensitive clit and then used the tip of his tongue to slip into the spot where her clit folds, applying just enough pressure to make her squirm again. He made his tongue vibrate and she cried out "OH GOD NO" as her body convulsed into her third orgasm, making her cum squirt from her hole, catching the huge biker by surprise. She felt more of her cum gush down the crack of her ass and she could hardly catch her breath as she lay there sweat covered and trembling.

Sara thought Tiny was going to try to fuck her with his enormous cock right away but was surprised when he got up and moved back off of the bed to stand there stroking his cock and watching her withering body on the bed. Sara sighed in relief as the restraints were removed from her wrists, but the relief was short-lived and she felt hands on her arms forcing her to sit up. "Crawl down there and give Tiny's cock a big wet kiss sweetheart" Rock ordered, seeing she was surrounded and helpless she obeyed. She crawled slowly towards Tiny at the foot of the bed and tried to imagine herself somewhere else as she let her tongue slide all over the head of his monstrous cock, licking off the wetness and flicking her tongue over the tip and the hole there.

"Don't stop there whore" a voice crooned when hands on the back of Sara's head forced her down farther and she used the fullness of her tongue to stroke the long thick shaft as her head was pushed down to Tiny's gigantic balls. "Lick them bitch!" another voice ordered and she did as she was told making long wet strokes all over and gently taking some of the skin in her mouth and sucking lightly. Tiny shivered and his cock jumped in excitement as she moved back up to the head, lightly running just the tip of her tongue along his soft skin and circling just the tip of the head and then she heard him moan when she opened her mouth wide to let his huge cock slide into her hot wet mouth. Tiny's hips started to move and pushing in a little deeper and stretching her mouth to the limit. Hands held on to her tight so she couldn't pull away as his rock hard cock began to swell up in her mouth and she could feel it pulsating in her mouth getting ready to shoot its huge load.

Sara sucked on the enormous cock making wet sounds as the saliva built up in her mouth. She was pulled up to her knees so that her head could be forced up and down on Tiny's meat as he pumped at the same time, and her spit ran down his cock making it glisten in the small ray of light coming through the boards on the window. Sara's body was trembling, not from fear anymore but from the incredible and indescribable feeling that was racing through her and she finally gave into the knowledge that she was enjoying what these men were doing to her. Hands cupped her large firm tits and began massaging them, then squeezing them just enough to make her moan around Tiny's cock. She watched Sam from the corner of her eye as he stood there naked playing with her tits and stroking his 10" cock, and she couldn't believe it was exciting her.

Sara moaned when Rock grabbed her hips and moved behind her, forcing her legs wide with his own, and she felt her juices run down her legs. Tiny spoke for the first time, "You're enjoying this aren't ya whore?" he asked, and then pulled out of her mouth, she hardly had time to catch a breath when his was replaced with Sam's. Sam shoved his cock deep into her mouth and pumped hard and fast while holding her head. Sara moaned when Rock slipped the head of his cock just inside her hot soaking wet hole, then tried to scream when he rammed into her forcing her to take all of him at once. He became still and stayed deep inside her letting her get used him and feel his hard cock throbbing against the walls of her cunt. Her pussy muscles began to contract as Rock ground his hips in circles, stretching her cunt more. She felt him swelling inside her and then she moaned when she felt the heat deep inside her hole as she came hard around his cock.

As soon as Sara came Rock pulled out and scrambled off the bed so that she could be forced onto her back again. She was pulled down so that her ass was hanging off the end of the bed and both Rock and Sam held her legs so they were bent but pulled back and spread wide open for all of them to see her hot wet pussy. "Please don't hurt me" Sara begged as Tiny moved between her legs. Tiny smiled and then in a mocking voice he said "Don't worry sweetheart, we won't hurt you. We own you now and we wouldn't think of breaking one of our own toys". Then Sam added "besides, we're going to spend a lot of time together and we want you to enjoy every minute of it". Sara's head fell back and she tried to relax her body as much as she could so it wouldn't hurt when Tiny was ready to enter her.

Sara could feel the head of Tiny's cock push at her dripping hole, and she closed her eyes hoping it would be over quick. She felt hands change places and suddenly Rock was there straddling her chest and putting his cock to her lips, "Take it honey, I want to feel your mouth tighten around my cock when Tiny breaks you in" he said, and she opened her mouth invitingly for him. Rock's cock slid in deep and she could feel his legs on either side of her as he held himself there, "Now Tiny" Rock urged his friend.

Tiny pushed inside slowly, taking Sara an inch at a time, stopping to wait till her cunt walls relaxed around his cock and then continue pushing to its destination. She tensed and her lips gripped Rock's hard meat firmly, concentrating on not biting for fear of the beating she would get, and he pumped in and out of her tight wet hole. Tiny was almost all the way inside her and she was moaning from the pressure of his huge cock as it filled her totally then she screamed when Tiny became impatient, wanting to feel the warmth of her wet cunt surrounding his cock, gave one more hard push sinking in until his balls were against her ass and his pubic hair was tickling her clit. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he began pumping slow and easy, "Fuck she's tight!" Tiny moaned and moved faster banging Sara and making a slapping sound as skin touched skin each. Rock groaned loud as he pumped his load into her mouth, forcing her to swallow every drop and her body began to convulse from the orgasm that was wrapping around her entire body and taking away her breath. Tiny's hot load warmed her insides and pushed her deeper into the climax as he kept slamming into her.

Tiny pulled out and Sara felt both their fluids flow out of her and down the crack and cheeks of her ass. She was held where she was, with Rock's limp cock still in her mouth, and realized that it wasn't over yet as Sam took Tiny's place between her legs. Sara gasped as Sam rubbed her asshole, using the wetness soaking her to lubricate it. She turned her head and succeeded in spitting out Rock's cock, "Nooooooo please, your too big" she cried. Sam spit a huge gob of saliva into his hand and stroked his cock with it, "Just relax, and I will guarantee you another orgasm to match the last one" he said as he pushed the head of his cock inside her ass. She forced herself not to tense up, trying with everything she had in her to relax, and she felt her legs being pushed open more. Sara had tears rolling down her cheeks as Sam gave one final push and buried his cock in her all the way.

Sam was talking to Sara as he held still inside her, but she couldn't understand what he was saying because her mind was whirling from the mixture of pain and pleasure that was twisting inside her body. "Fuck...Me!" she screamed out as explosions went off in her head and she came hard. Her hot cum poured out of her and soaked Sam right down to his balls. "OH YA BABY" he yelled and fucked her harder, causing her to shake uncontrollably as another orgasm racked her body, then suddenly he grunted a couple of times as he tensed up and pushed hard against her. The feeling of his hot fluid shooting deep inside her ass warmed her whole body and created a new wave of orgasms.

Sam finally pulled his limp dick out of Sara's ass and let her legs drop, then gloated to his buddies as they all watched her laying there with her legs shaking and her body quivering from the pleasure he just took in her. She made an attempt to crawl up onto the bed to curl up and pass out but she heard a new voice, from behind her in the direction of the door, growl at her "What the fuck do you think you're doing bitch!". Sara looked back and saw an older man with grey hair and a mustache leering at her with a cruel smile, "You still have 20 men to service so it'll be a while before you see any sleep" he said as he motioned the others out of the room and then adding as he rubbed himself "And it's my turn next". Sara just closed her eyes and relaxed, it was going to be a long day and an active life.

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