tagBDSMUnleashing the Tiger Ch. 06

Unleashing the Tiger Ch. 06


I pressed my lips roughly against hers, forcing my tongue into her mouth before she could respond to my last statement. My tongue probed her mouth relentlessly, pressing on her tongue, running along her teeth and lips. I pulled away from the kiss, licking her lips once before I rolled off of her and crossed the room, grabbing one of the chairs and pulling it over to the bed. I sat down watching her, saying nothing, my eyes roaming over her body.

Her movements became self-conscious as my eyes traveled up and down her body. She moved slowly, as if hoping I wouldn't notice, her arms folding across her chest and her legs crossing, trying to prevent me from seeing the most intimate parts of her body.

I leaned back in the chair, my fingers rubbing my chin, terribly displeased that she would dare try to cover herself from me. "I had thought...you wanted this."

Her body tensed as I spoke and I could see the apprehension that materialized on the soft features of her face. "I...I do, Zack. I just..."

"You're embarrassed by your body?" I asked, standing up, running my index finger from her clit up the centerline of her body to her lips, tapping them gently. "Is that what it is?"

She turned her head away from my gaze, confirming my assumption. I grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at me. She tried to resist, but that just made me squeeze her chin tighter. Tears fell quietly down the side of her head towards her ears and I gently brushed them away, still holding her chin.

"If I didn't think you were worth it, Sandra...If I didn't truly love you with all my heart, I wouldn't be here right now. You're not just a game to me; you never were. I want to be with you." I said, releasing her chin and sitting down next to her.

She nodded slowly, sitting up on the bed next to me, wrapping her arms around my neck, her hands moving through my hair. "I love you, too, Zack. God, I always have."

I kissed her neck softly, the desire to own her still strong and spinning inside of my head. I took her hands away from my neck, holding them down by her sides, looking intently into her eyes. "Lay back down, Sandra. This time...do not hide yourself from me."

"Y...yes, sir." She said, slowly laying back down, her hands by her side.

My head tilted as I examined her again and reached down to her leg, tapping the inside of her right thigh, urging her to spread her legs slightly for me. I smiled as she complied and I went to the foot of the bed to look directly into her pussy, pleased at how wet she already was for me.

I reached forward, letting my finger slide gently into her slit, making a small circle, touching all the sides of her. She whimpered softly with my touch and I grinned, removing my finger and letting it slide into my lips, closing my eyes as the sweet taste of her honey awakened every taste bud in my mouth.

I withdrew my finger from my mouth and looked down at her, her eyes watching me intently. "Just as sweet as I remember." I said, kneeling on the bed in between her legs. "Would you like to feel my tongue on your pussy, my Love?"

"Oh yes." She whispered, moving her hips down, trying to make her pussy come into contact with any part of my body that she could. "I want it more than anything. Oh God, please, Zack. Please just touch me again."

My cock hardened, straining against my pants, desperately trying to free itself. I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes, trying to maintain my composure and prolong my chance to make her mine. "That's...simply too bad." I started, opening my eyes and looking down at her. "I'm not done playing with you yet, my Dear."

I got off the bed, going to the door and returning with the overnight bag we had brought with us. I removed her clothes from the bag, and then mine, digging down to the bottom of the bag, producing a square velvet box. "Sit up, Sandra."

She obeyed, sitting up quickly, not wanting to disappoint me again. I handed her the box and she opened it carefully, excitement gleaming in her soft green eyes. "Oh my God..."

I nodded, confirming the thoughts in her head. "We've talked about it before." I said, reaching into the bag and pulling out a similar box, opening it and showing her the contents. "You have the gold collar, that will one day be mine when I'm worthy enough, and I have the silver collar. Go ahead, put it on."

She took the gold metal collar out of the box and ran her fingers along the cool metal before clasping it behind her neck. I did the same, letting the heavy metal collar fall down onto my collarbone. I reached out, running my fingers along her collar.

"It looks so good on you..."

"It will look better on you, when you earn it..." She said slyly.

My fingers danced along the smooth metal, sliding underneath it and jerking her forward. "Not tonight." I said through gritted teeth, placing my hand on her chest, pushing her hard onto her back.

I went back to the bag, pulling out 4 red silk scarves, laying three of them across her leg, and dragging the fourth one across her pussy, thoroughly enjoying the sound of her whimper and seeing her wriggle under the caress of the soft material.

"I want you to be my good girl tonight, you know. You do want to be my good girl don't you?"I said, waiting for her response. "Do you think you can just lay there and not touch me while I do anything to your body?"

Her demeanor became nervous. "I...I can try, Zack. I'll do my best."

"That's what I thought you'd say. I think I'm going to have to use these on you tonight, Sandra. I don't think you'll be able to control yourself tonight. Actually...considering what I intend on doing to you, I know you won't be able to control yourself." I said, running my index finger down her clit, slipping it into her slit again.

Her hips shifted, pressing against my finger and I removed it, smiling at the disappointment on her face. I ran my hands down her leg to her ankle, tying it to one of the bottom bedposts, doing the same for the other, forcing her to be in a "spread eagle position." My hands traveled slowly up her body to her wrists, securing each one to the upper bedposts, kissing her softly once I had completed.

She pulled on the restraints, testing to see just how tightly I had secured her. The bonds didn't give her much leeway and with every tug and pull she made, the tighter the bonds became.

"There. I think that will suffice. I'd be careful just how much you pull on those." I said letting my index finger slide down the underside of her arm, knowing very good and well how much I was tickling her.

Her body tensed under my caress, and she tried to pull her arm away, but her efforts were to no avail and I continued my decent down her arm, gently tickling her underarms.

"Zack, please...you know..."

"Yes." I quickly interrupted her. "Yes I do know how much it tickles. That's why I do it."

I climbed onto the bed, kneeling beside her, leaning down and running my tongue up the underside of her arm to her palm, licking each of her fingers individually before lapping every inch of her palm. Her fingers bent to touch my lips and I pressed them back against the headboard with my hand, continuing to kiss and flick my tongue across her palm.

A soft moan escaped my lips from deep in my throat. "I love the way your skin tastes, Baby." I said, letting my tongue slide back down the length of her arm.

I swung my leg across her, straddling her and leaning down to flick my tongue across her nipple, feeling it harden almost immediately. I nibbled on it slightly, pulling it with my teeth, completely intoxicated by her moans and whimpers.

My hand moved to gently massage her breast as my tongue continued to tickle and tease her nipple. I kissed it, enveloping her nipple with my lips, sucking gently, smiling to myself as I heard her hands straining to free themselves to touch me.

"Oh God, Zack, please. Please, that's enough, please stop. They're...Oh God, It's too much." Sandra said, moving her body underneath me, trying desperately to withdraw her nipple from my lips.

I paused for a moment, taking a few breaths before grazing her nipple with my tongue again. "Oh, my Dearest, Sandra." I said, grinning wildly. "I have not even begun to show you what's too much..."

I moved my hand quickly down beneath myself to her slit, forcing two fingers deep inside of her, causing her body to jump. She lifted her head quickly off the pillow, gasping hard, her eyes rolling back into her head as my fingers pressed into her.

"What's wrong?" I asked, wiggling my fingers inside of her pussy, using my thumb to gently caress her clit. "Doesn't it feel good?"

Her head fell back onto the pillow, pressing hard against it, lifting her body slightly. She bit her bottom lip, inhaling sharply as my fingers moved. "Oh...Mmm. Oh yes, Zack. It feels so good."

I smiled, already knowing the answer to my question, but wanting to hear it from her own voice. "I know it does. And you like it don't you? Tell me how much you like having my fingers inside of you."

Her hips started to move in rhythm to my fingers, pressing down against them, urging me to try to go in even deeper. "I love it, Zack. I love your fingers so much. Oh...God, they...they feel so good inside of me. I feel so safe with your fingers on me and inside me. Oh, Zack..."

I withdrew my fingers immediately after she finished speaking. Not wanting to bring her to the brink of orgasm just yet. Her objections were expected.

"Zack! No! No please! Please put them back!" She exclaimed, thoroughly upset by my actions.

"Shhh." I said placing my wet fingers against her lips.

I knew very well how much she loved to taste her own honey on my skin and I held my fingers against her lips, waiting for her tongue to appear. Much to my surprise, she just looked at me, silently begging me to give her what she wanted.

I smiled, content with her obedience. "That's my good girl..." I said, rewarding her by licking my fingers and kissing her, sliding my tongue, dripping with her honey, into her mouth.

She was grateful for my reward, sucking on my tongue gently, moaning against my lips. She smiled as I pulled away, thanking me profusely for my generosity and I felt my arousal press even harder against my pants. I kissed her softly again and slid my fingers in between our lips, letting them slide gently into her mouth.

"Clean them. I don't want to see a drop of your honey on my fingers when I withdraw them." I said, trying hard to hide my enjoyment of watching her mouth work up and down my fingers just as she would my cock.

My other hand quickly moved down to my pants and clumsily unbuckled my belt, sliding it from the loops and unzipped my pants, giving my cock a small amount of freedom. I sighed as the tension was released from my hardened cock and I pawed at it, gently rubbing it with my hand as Sandra's mouth continued to clean my fingers.

I withdrew my fingers quickly from her mouth as I felt a good amount of precum seep through my boxers and onto my hand. I was becoming far too excited with all of this and I didn't want to waste any of my cum by using my hand. Besides, I had plenty of places to put my cock instead of using my hand. Her body was completely susceptible to me and I could pleasure myself anywhere I wanted.

Her eyes shifted to the bulge in between my legs and then back up to my eyes. "I can help you with that, if you would allow me to, sir." She said softly, her voice deeper than normal.

I closed my eyes for a moment, opening them to look down at my cock, wanting her to "help" my erection so badly, but not wanting to give in to what she wanted. I had to keep my own rules in mind.

"Not...quite yet." I said, leaning forward to kiss her neck. "I'm still not through with you..."

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