tagLoving WivesUnquenchable Desire Ch. 02

Unquenchable Desire Ch. 02


And is surprised at how she feels when the tables are turned.

This story contains elements of BDSM and power exchange. If these elements offend you, find another story. I dedicate this story to Tammy, the first truly free-spirited openly sexual woman I dated, and Amy, who I had the pleasure of meeting. You may want to read Unquenchable Desire chapter 1 before you read this story.

* * * * *

Harold took a deep breath and counted to ten to calm down. He'd been at the reception for over an hour and couldn't find Tammy anywhere. He lost count of how many people, some he'd only just met, asked him, "Where's Tammy?" The photographer was looking at his watch, waiting to get pictures of the wedding party.

Suddenly, Tammy and her bridesmaid, Amy, rushed into the reception hall, faces flush. Tammy scanned the room and after seeing Harold, walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Sorry we're late. We got lost on the way to the hall."

Harold quietly seethed. "I told you that taking separate cars wasn't a good idea."

Tammy put her hands on her hips. "Not that argument again. I told you I didn't want to ride in a limousine to my reception."

Harold took Tammy's hand in his. "Let's not fight. The photographer is waiting for us."

Tammy, Amy, Harold, and his best man, Dave, went over to where the photographer was set up. After the pictures, Harold and Tammy cut the wedding cake and stuffed pieces of cake in each other's mouths. After the first dance, Harold relaxed and allowed himself to enjoy the reception. Tammy walked him around the room, introducing Harold to her friends and family.

After a couple of hours, Tammy excused herself to change out of her wedding dress. She and Amy took a little over an hour to change. Just as Harold wondered what was taking so long, Tammy came out, kissed him, and pulled him toward the door.

Harold opened the car door for Tammy. She got in, and he walked around to the driver's side. After he started the car and drove away from the reception hall, he turned to his new wife and asked, "What took you so long to get ready?"

Tammy smiled. "Now Harold, you agreed that I could have fuck friends after we married. Do you want me to tell you every time I fuck someone else?"

Harold was astounded. He never imagined that she would cuckold him on their wedding day. "Did you fuck someone else today?"

Tammy giggled. "Amy's boyfriend, Phil, was so adorable and she was so nice to share him with me. Yes Harold, he fucked me. Twice. Once before the reception and again when we were changing."

"He fucked you in your wedding dress?"

Tammy fluttered her eyelashes. "Kinky, don't you think? Yes, Amy stood beside me and held my wedding dress out of the way while he pounded his cock into my wet, willing pussy. You didn't answer my question. Do you want me to tell you every time I fuck someone else?"

Harold felt humiliated. He wondered how seriously Tammy took their marriage. He wasn't sure he could stand to hear about every fuck. "Um, how about you tell me when I ask you."

Tammy leaned over and kissed Harold on the cheek. "Sounds good."

Tammy napped while Harold drove. It took a couple of hours to get to the cabin in the mountains they rented for a honeymoon weekend. Tammy went inside while Harold got the suitcases out of the car. She was sitting on the bed.

Tammy held her arms up. "Put those suitcases down and get in bed with me."

Harold smiled and jumped into bed. They helped each other out of their clothes. He took her in his arms and kissed her. He squeezed her breast and she squeezed his stiffening cock. She put her nipple in his mouth and he greedily suckled. After a while, she climbed on his shaft and bounced up and down while he squeezed her nipples between his fingers.

Tammy cried out as her body convulsed through an orgasm. She fell on her hands, her breasts swinging over Harold's face.

Tammy looked into Harold's eyes. "Damn, that felt great Harold."

Harold looked away. "As good as Phil?"

A look of concern came over Tammy. "Are you jealous, darling?"

"Um, no, but I'm a bit envious. I thought I'd have you to myself on our honeymoon."

Tammy let herself down on the bed and laid her head on Harold's chest. "So far you have."

Harold put his arm around Tammy. "Not funny. Can I have you to myself this one weekend?"

Tammy snuggled against Harold. "Since we're alone in the mountains, I suspect you'll have me to yourself."

Harold felt relieved. "Thanks Tammy."

"You're welcome, Harold. Do you want me to play with you now?"

"Mmm, that would be nice."

Tammy got up and opened her suitcase. She got a bottle of baby oil, cigarettes, and a lighter. Harold was surprised to look up and see Tammy light a cigarette.

"When did you start smoking Tammy?"

Tammy smiled. "I thought I'd surprise you Harold. After you told me how much it turns you on to see a naked woman smoke. I decided that I could smoke for you when I played with you or whenever you wanted me to."

Harold sat up in bed and hugged Tammy. "Thanks."

Tammy playfully pushed Harold back on the bed. "Lie back and enjoy yourself." She poured baby oil in her palm and rubbed oil on his cock. She had time to enjoy a couple of cigarettes before he came to her stroking.

Harold fell asleep after she cleaned his cock with a hand towel. Tammy took a shower and unpacked the suitcases before she turned off the light and scrambled into bed.

The next morning Tammy got up and fried a few eggs and made toast. After breakfast they found a trail and walked for a couple of hours, enjoying the warm sun and the crisp mountain air. She giggled when he unbuttoned her shirt and played with her breasts in the warm sun on a large rock near the trail.

Tammy made sandwiches for lunch, and afterwards they hung around the cabin, cuddling. After dinner, they went for a walk in the moonlight. Harold unfolded a blanket, and they had loving passionate sex under the stars.

It was the weekend after the honeymoon before Harold could move his clothes into Tammy's place. She had the bigger house, and lived closer to both their jobs. They settled into a domestic routine, although they had a spat the first time Tammy came home from work late.

Tammy kissed Harold on the cheek. "Evening darling."

Harold hugged Tammy. "Where were you?"

Tammy hung up her coat. "I had a fuck date tonight."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Tammy snickered. "I thought you didn't want me to tell you when I had a fuck date."

Harold frowned. "I still want to know when you'll be late. Will you call next time so I don't worry so much?"

Tammy put her hands on Harold's shoulders and kissed him. "You're sweet. Yes, I'll try to call you next time. The date came up suddenly. Do you want to hear about it?"

"Um, maybe after dinner."

"Ok sweetie. What did you have in mind?"

"I made a chicken casserole, but I think it dried out after being in the oven so long."

Tammy laughed. "I never imagined my husband would try and make me feel guilty over a ruined dinner. We can call for a pizza or something."

"Ok." Harold went into the kitchen to throw away the ruined dinner and clean up while Tammy called Papa John's and ordered a large works. The pizza arrived, and Harold opened a bottle of Pinot. They sat down and enjoyed a quiet dinner together. After dinner, she wrapped the leftover pieces in plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator.

Tammy came out into the living room and sat down next to Harold on the sofa.

Harold put his arm around Tammy. "Did you have fun tonight?"

Tammy smiled. "You want to hear about my fuck date, Harold?"

"I'm all ears, Tammy."

"You know what I want you to do, then."

Harold sighed. He went into the bedroom and undressed. He sat down in a chair and let Tammy tie his wrists behind the back of the chair and his ankles to the legs of the chair. She tickled his cock until it was nice and stiff before she undressed, sat down on the bed, and lit a cigarette. She loved sexually teasing him by talking about her fuck adventures.

"I went out with George, one of my company's clients. He'd been hinting for a couple of months that he'd like to see me after hours, and tonight I decided to take him up on the offer. He took me to his hotel bar, and after a few drinks we went up to his room. After we undressed, I whipped out a new contract for him to sign. He doubled his company's order."

Harold smiled at how resourceful Tammy had been. She smiled as she saw his cock twitch. She took a puff of her cigarette and continued.

"I was surprised at how great a kisser he was. I wasn't expecting much, but he was great. He took his time kissing me and squeezing my nipples before we fucked. I was so anxious and so wet. He couldn't keep his hands off my boobs. They're still a little sore."

"Would you like me to rub lotion on them, darling?"

Tammy laughed. "Maybe later sweetie." She took a puff of her cigarette. "Where was I? His cock was about the same size as yours. He lay back while I climbed on top. He squeezed my breasts while I rode his cock. I came three times before he shot his load. I'm getting horny again just thinking about how great it felt."

Harold sat quietly and watched as Tammy lay back on the bed and played with her clit. He didn't mind so much her fucking other men, but wished she didn't enjoy teasing him about it so much. It only took a few minutes before she shouted and quivered with an orgasm. She rested a while before she got up and untied him from the chair. They kissed and cuddled while showering and went to sleep.

The newlyweds enjoyed pleasing each other sexually. Tammy played with Harold most evenings when he asked. Similarly, Harold went down on Tammy whenever she wanted it.

Tammy surprised Harold at dinner one Friday evening when she nonchalantly mentioned; "I invited Chuck over tomorrow night. Do you want to watch us?"

"Um, does he know we're married?"

Tammy smiled. "No, I don't think I mentioned it to him."

Harold shifted on the couch. "So how many times have you fucked him since we've been married?"

Tammy counted past thirty on her fingers and laughed at the expression of disgust on Harold's face. "I've been over to his place a couple of times."

Harold scowled. "Not funny, Tammy."

Tammy kissed Harold on the cheek. "Don't be so envious, Harold. You make me happy in your own way."

"You mean with my mouth."

Tammy giggled. "Mmm, you bet, pussy boy."

Harold lightly punched Tammy in the shoulder. "Not funny."

"Ow." Tammy smiled. "Speaking of pussy, my pussy wants to feel your magic tongue now."

Harold folded his arms and pretended to be hurt. "I don't think so. I'm not in the mood."

Tammy whipped off her blouse and bra. "Does this help, sweetie?"

Harold squeezed Tammy's breast and twisted her nipple between his fingers. He waited until she closed her eyes moaning before he took his hand away and said, "No."

Tammy lightly punched Harold in the shoulder. "Not funny, Harold. Don't leave me hanging. Finish what you start."

Harold laughed, stood up, took Tammy up in his arms, and deeply kissed her. He led her into the bedroom where they kissed and cuddled for a while before he finished undressing her and nibbled her clit to three quick orgasms.

Tammy pulled Harold to her side and laid his head on her chest. "Mmm, that felt fantastic sweetie. Thanks."

"You're welcome, darling. I decided I want to watch you and Chuck fuck tomorrow."

Tammy smiled. "I thought you might come around." She pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply. "Good night sweetie."

"Good night darling." Harold undressed, turned off the lamp, and they went to sleep.

Harold woke Tammy by sucking on her nipple. She pushed him on his back and smothered him with her pussy until he gave her a couple of orgasms. They stayed in bed kissing and cuddling until Tammy got up and made lunch.

After lunch, Harold took a shower and returned to the bedroom. Tammy shackled his wrists to chains hanging from the ceiling and his ankles to a two-foot spreader bar. After gagging him with a leather ball gag, she tickled his cock until it stiffened. Smiling, she took a shower and sat down to put on her makeup. After dressing she primped until the doorbell rang.

Harold shifted his weight from one leg to another. It seemed like Tammy and Chuck were in the living room for a long time. Finally, they came through the bedroom door.

Chuck smiled when he saw Harold. "I see pussy boy's here again."

Tammy laughed. "Yes, he loves watching you fuck me."

Chuck grinned. "Then get on the bed, bitch."

Tammy smiled as she undressed. Naked, she slid to the middle of the bed and waited for Chuck to undress and join her. He jumped into bed, kissing her all over her body. She took his head into her hands and they kissed. He squeezed her breasts and twisted her nipples with his fingertips.

Tammy pushed Chuck on his back and climbed on his massive shaft. She pumped his rod while he squeezed her breasts. She collapsed on his chest, panting heavily, after a couple of explosive orgasms.

Harold's cock was standing at attention. He was happy watching Tammy receive so much pleasure. Her pussy scent filled the room.

Check held Tammy against his chest while she rested. After a while she got up on her hands and knees as he knelt on the bed behind her. He grabbed her hair and pulled as she rocked back and forth. She rode his cock to another couple of orgasms before her arms gave out and she fell on the bed, mewing contently.

Chuck lay down on his back and Tammy twisted around, taking his cock into her mouth. His body twitched as she attacked his cock and lightly squeezed his balls. She choked a little as he exploded in her mouth, but she swallowed every drop.

Chuck pulled Tammy to him. She rested her head on his chest while he rubbed her back with his hand. They kissed and cuddled for a long time before he got up, got dressed, and left.

Tammy sat up in bed, getting a cigarette and lighter from the dresser. She lit the cigarette and took a puff.

Harold twisted in the shackles. His arms and legs were stiff and felt sore. He wondered when Tammy would unlock him.

Tammy looked at Harold and smiled. Even though she loved him, she took great pleasure in teasing him and being a sexual bitch with him. She enjoyed the cigarette, knowing he wanted her to get up and unlock him.

After Tammy finished the cigarette, she pulled her large vibrator from the end table drawer. Lying back on the bed, she held the vibrator tightly against her clit until the force of her orgasms made her let go.

Harold whimpered watching Tammy orgasm. He knew that she would rest afterwards and it would be a while before she got up to unlock him. Her insatiability made him happy, but he wished his suffering didn't make her so happy.

Harold's legs were so stiff when Tammy unlocked him from the shackles that she had to hold him up and help him on the bed. She rubbed his arms and legs until he pulled her on the bed to kiss her and cuddle with her. He came briskly when she stroked his cock. While she enjoyed making him suffer, it delighted her to see how much suffering turned him on.

One evening about five months after the wedding, Harold came home from work to find Tammy in the living room chatting with some friends. He recognized Amy and three of Tammy's friends from the wedding. He waved, walked past, and was heading into the kitchen when he heard one of the women say rather loudly, "So Tammy, you never fuck?"

Harold's face reddened as he turned around and faced the group.

Tammy turned to Harold, smiling. "Do you want to answer Gail, or shall I?" After a long pause, Tammy turned to Gail. "No, he never fucks me, Gail."

Harold endured the cruel laughter as Tammy patted the sofa seat next to her. He sat down, his face nearly crimson with embarrassment.

Joan smirked as she asked, "So what does he do?"

Tammy smiled, patting Harold on his shoulder. "He's one of the best pussy eaters I've ever been with. He's a superb cunnilinguist."

Amy gave Harold an evil grin. "And you're satisfied with that, Tammy?"

Tammy smiled. "Hell no. I have my vibrator, and Harold is nice enough to let me have fuck friends."

The gasp of shock from the women surprised Harold. He inferred that Tammy and Amy set them up.

Gail spoke first. "He lets you fuck other men, Tammy?"

Tammy smiled. "Yes Gail."

Joan turned to Harold. "And you're not jealous?"

After a while Harold found his voice. "No, I found out early in the relationship Tammy needed more than I could provide sexually. We discussed her sexual needs before we got married."

Sheila asked quietly, "Does Harold get to have sex with other women?"

Tammy leaned back on the sofa. "Depends on what you mean by sex. It hadn't come up before, but if he wants more pussy to eat, he's welcome."

Harold smiled watching Tammy's friends squirm in their seats.

Amy grinned. "So you don't mind if Harold eats my pussy?'

Tammy leaned forward and looked directly at Amy. "No, I don't mind at all."

Amy pulled up her skirt, grinning. "You heard her Harold. Get over here."

Tammy put her arm across Harold's chest. "Don't embarrass our friends." She turned to Harold. "Take Amy into the bedroom if you want."

Harold smiled, kissed Tammy, and got up. He took Amy's hand and led her into the bedroom.

After they left, Sheila asked Tammy, "Do you suppose Harold would, um, eat my pussy when he's finished with Amy?"

Tammy smiled. "I could ask him. I hope Amy doesn't wear him out."

Joan piped up, "Um, I'd like that too."

Gail's face reddened. "Me too."

Tammy laughed. "He's not a machine you guys. I'll ask him." She got up and went into the bedroom. Harold was lying on the bed, naked. Amy was lying on top in a sixty-nine position.

Tammy felt offended that Amy hadn't bothered to take off her clothes. A twinge of jealousy passed seeing the joyous expression on Amy's face. She watched quietly until Amy screamed in orgasmic pleasure and slid forward to rest.

"So, how was it Amy?"

Amy looked up and grinned. "That was the best oral I've had in years. Thanks for sharing."

Tammy smiled. "You're welcome. Did you enjoy yourself, Harold?"

Harold grinned. "Hmm, it was a challenge. No foreplay, she just plopped her pussy on my face. She has a saltier taste than you."

Tammy laughed. "Um, Harold, my friends want to know if you will eat their pussies too."

Amy laughed. "I knew it, I knew they would give in."

Harold smiled. "Wow. All three?"

Tammy grinned. "Yes, Sheila, Joan, and Gail."

Amy pulled herself off Harold. She sat on the side of the bed, straightening her skirt and blouse. "They're in for a treat." She leaned over and kissed Harold. "You're the best."

Tammy felt another twinge of jealousy seeing Amy kiss Harold so passionately.

Tammy and Amy returned to the living room. Tammy tapped Sheila on the shoulder. "Harold is waiting for you."

Sheila stood up, grinning. She hurried into the bedroom.

Joan turned to Amy. "How was it?"

Amy grinned. "He's the best."

Joan and Gail squirmed in their seats.

Tammy laughed.

Nobody wanted to break the silence. After a few minutes, Tammy got up and went into the bedroom to discreetly watch Harold service Sheila.

Sheila had taken off her dress. She was lying next to Harold, kissing him while he fondled her breast.

Tammy counted to ten to calm herself down.

After a while Harold pulled Sheila on him in a sixty-nine position. While he nibbled on her clit, she tickled his cock with her fingers. Tammy watched Sheila pant and mew like a kitten. Sheila's body convulsed violently and she slid forward to rest. Tammy slipped out of the room before Sheila noticed her watching.

A few minutes later, Sheila came back to the living room, grinning from ear to ear. She barely had time to sit down before Gail asked, "How was it?"

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