tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUnresolved Issues

Unresolved Issues


Never mind why I thought I might have an STD. Later, it turned out that I didn't. I'd gone to the health clinic a half-mile off campus to get tested.

I filled out the paperwork at the office window, nervously aware that everyone in the waiting room could be watching me. I found an empty chair and tried to be invisible.

Twenty minutes went by before I was called. I tried not to make eye contact. The waiting room was mostly women. But there was a broad mixture waiting their turn. Older and younger. All races, people from all walks of life. I saw a couple, but mostly women alone.

The nurse called me through the door into the back office. A hallway, a workstation, some carts, a scale, and a bunch of closed doors.

She led me through one of the doors into the examination room. She was in her 50s, graying black hair tied back, sturdy and no-nonsense. Clearly very busy, and not somone who would tolerate delay or shenanigans.

In the middle of the room, a padded table, covered with a paper sheet. And two college-age girls busying themselves. I assumed they were cleaning up after the last patient.

The nurse told me that I should take off all my clothes except my underwear and have a seat on the table, and that she would be back to begin the examination.

The three of them left the room.

I folded my clothes in a pile on a chair and sat on the paper, legs dangling, as I waited to have my genitals examined.

The door opened and the nurse came back in -- along with the two girls!

It was rather embarrassing to be in my underwear around three people instead of just a nurse. I wasn't sure if they needed to pick up some supplies or paperwork or something. But no one explained it.

The nurse picked up a syringe of some kind and began by telling me what they would be testing for. She confirmed my name and explained to the girls that I was here for unresolved medical issues. She wrapped a hose around my upper arm, held my forearm efficiently and firmly, and stuck my elbow with the needle.

One of the college girls pulled the hose off my arm, and the nurse drew a sample of blood. Were they still here? What was going on? Why wasn't the nurse examining me privately?

The nurse explained the rest of the tests while the other college girl taped a cotton ball to the inside of my elbow. Both these girls wore streaked blonde, straight hair in a ponytail, and they both wore the same practiced professional look on their naive, trusting, pretty faces. Same height, same plucked-thin eyebrows, same pert noses. I was sure they got drunk every weekend and probably never had anything bad happen to them. They had different color blouses under their white lab coats but I still couldn't tell them apart.

"...and this test," the nurse was saying briskly, "is done by saturating the skin of the affected area with a gel that softens the skin and causes any potential trouble areas to become visible to the naked eye." She got out a tube but I was distracted by the word "naked."

I didn't need to picture the nurse naked, but the thought of these two bubble-headed girls naked was a good distraction. A split second later I realized I was wearing only my boxer shorts and I didn't need that kind of distraction. But it was too late, I felt my penis start to grow a little.

Not good. I didn't need that kind of embarrassment. They were just doing their job. I was just a patient.

I was trying to think about something else when I realized the nurse was holding a tube of something and had asked me a question. "Uh... what?" I said.

"I asked you," she said, deliberately, "if you would like to apply the gel yourself, or would you like me to do it?"

"Ah, well you're the professional, I guess you'd know better than me," I said.

The nurse turned away. I avoided looking at the college girls, tried to think about something other than sex. Interns, I guessed. Or maybe this was for a health class they were taking. Oh hell, what if they went to my school? What if I knew them? What if I ran into them in the cafeteria, and they'd seen me here in my underwear being tested for an STD?

As I wondered whether there was a confidentiality thing, I couldn't help studying the one to my right out of the corner of my eye. I thought I could see her breasts bulging under her lab coat. Big ones. The sexy firm boobs of a 20 year old. Oh sure, they were chastely resting inside her bra, but she'd love it if I set them free for a little playtime. They were just the right size to cup my whole hand under them and heft them up. I'd stand behind her and squeeze her breasts as she leaned back against me and got all horny from what I was doing.

Oh, shit, I shouldn't be thinking about that right now -- my dick got a little stiff -- oh, the nurse just asked me a question.

I guess I had a blank look on her face because she repeated herself. "Would you like to remove your underwear entirely, or leave it on for this procedure?"

Underwear? What the -- the two girls were still here! I looked between them. They just stood there. They weren't going anywhere. Did interns really need to see this?

"Uh, I'll leave it on I guess," I said. What procedure?

"Would you please pull your penis out for me, then," the nurse said.

Right here? In front of all three of you?

I suddenly realized what the tube she was holding was for. It was some kind of medicine I guess. That was where it was going.

I swallowed, hard. The three of them were all just looking at me. And for some reason my penis had suddenly gotten a little harder.

I reached through my fly and fished myself out. I was definitely half-hard now, it was starting to straighten out and it was thickening up. I did not need this.

I told myself it was just a medical procedure. Just a treatment from a doctor, no big deal. But I was mortified. These girls -- and this woman who must be 55 if she was a day -- were just looking at me. And... I was sprouting a boner in the doctor's office. How could I explain this?

The nurse looked down and frowned. "I'll need you to expose your testicles too, please, sir," she said. I carefully pulled them through my fly too.

My penis and testicles were squeezed out the opening and just lay there. Spread out like they were on display in a museum. Now my boxers just made me feel more naked. I felt more exposed than if I'd been wearing nothing at all.

The nurse squirted some gel into her gloved hand -- she was wearing gloves now, she must have put those on of course -- and, handing the tube to one of the girls, reached down and began massaging my penis.

I jumped a little. It was cold! But it warmed up fast as she began working it into my skin, first up and down my penis, and smoothing it around until the whole shaft was covered. And then she worked the excess goo into my scrotum. She lifted my balls and soothingly rubbed the slippery gel under them, then held my whole sack in one hand and very gently squeezed it as she made sure the gel covered the whole thing.

I couldn't help noticing these two girls were both watching this. Applying the gel only took a few seconds but they were staring at my crotch as this older woman spread what felt like lubricant all over my privates.

And I don't know if it was that, or the feel of her warm hands through the gloves, but my penis was standing almost fully erect now. It was jutting up at a 45 degree angle, pointing right at the nurse.

"Well, that's all right," she soothed me. "No need to worry about the unwanted erection. I'm sure you'll relax and soften up like we need in just a bit." A wave of shame passed over me as she said the word "erection."

She wiped a last bit of gel from one gloved hand to the other, smeared it on the tip of my dick, and, making a fist, twisted to smear it evenly around the head. A shock of pleasure shot through me.

My cock twitched hard. Bounced up and back down. Sticking out into the air. Pointed right at her.

Then she and the girls just stood there, looking at me. Waiting for something.

I waited a little bit, my dick feeling like it was made out of wood. My damn dick still had the lingering memory of her last touch, and it was hoping for more from these two chicks. I couldn't control what the greedy bastard wanted.

Then I asked, "uh, so what are we waiting for?"

The nurse caught my eye and explained like I was a slow child. "As I said, this gel works best when the skin is soft and pliant. We need to stretch the genital skin to examine it. With an erection, obviously the skin is stretched by the enlarged tissue underneath. That means we need you to become flaccid before we can begin the examination. Is that something you feel you will do shortly?"

I gulped. They needed my dick to get soft? I couldn't even look at these girls' faces, they were so pretty and they could fuck guys like me any time they wanted. With my cock and balls forced through my narrow fly, it almost felt like a cock ring squeezing me. I wasn't sure I even could lose my hardon.

But what was I going to say? "Ah, well, I think I will, yes. I mean --"

She had already turned from me and was looking at her watch. She said something about the time to the girls, in what sounded like medical talk, and started stripping off her gloves.

"I'll allow my assistants to begin the examination, then, and when I return we'll try to continue. Please do try to relax so we can proceed. We're awfully busy today." She nodded curtly at me, opened the door -- thankfully my back was to it -- and left.

The girls were going to begin? But -- oh, now they were both pulling on gloves. Were they going to look me over?

"Can you lean back a little for me?" said the one. Confused, I did. Then without another word she reached down, nudged my swollen cock to the side, and took my balls in her hand!

I was in shock. What were we doing? I thought the gel couldn't work yet! But -- oh, the skin on my ballsack was still soft. That must be what they were going to examine.

Sure enough, this blonde college girl was already gently pulling my ... my scrotal skin away from the fly of my boxers, and massaging it to get the gel into the skin. The two of them were talking about something medical I think as they looked down at me.

She gently took the skin at the bottom of my nut sack between thumb and finger, and pulled it until the skin was stretched. Then she carefully squeezed the base with her other hand, and my balls protruded between her fingers. It wasn't really painful but it didn't feel good either.

I was acutely aware that this blonde chick was pressing my stiff dick out of the way with her palm. And she was pulling the skin there at the base, too. It was stiff as a stick, waving gently back and forth as she adjusted her grip on my nuts.

"OK, start looking him over," she said, and the other blonde college girl bent down and starting tugging and pulling on the skin of my scrotum. Stretching it out piece by piece to look it over.

She was mostly touching my balls as she did this. It felt like she was playing with them. That gel was so slippery, her fingers kept sliding around and sometimes she ended up just sliding my balls around when she was trying to get a grip. The stretching felt bizarre, but her fingers playing with my balls felt amazing.

If they thought this would make my cock shrink, they were damn wrong. I was as hard as I'd ever been. I'd leaned back, and it laid on my belly. My purple-red dickhead was dying to be touched. I wanted like anything for these girls to just grab it and give it a good hard stroke. Fuck, either one of them could just move their hands three inches, grab my cock, and start giving it a hard pumping if they wanted.

One of them giggled a little and I looked up from my crotch to their faces. The first one was standing up just holding my sack, staring down at it. Or was she looking at my dick?

The second one was bent over, her ponytail having fallen over her shoulder and hanging down as she juggled my balls around. She was giggling and saying something about my slippery balls in her medical language. From this angle I could see the top of her head, her hair pulled straight back, and I could almost picture her sucking me off. She was at just the right angle to take my cock in her mouth. All she had to do was move a little bit, and she could slide her mouth down and give it a good hard suck as she lifted her head back up.

Shit, I was dying here. Two fucking hot girls playing with me. Four hands were gripping, stretching, sliding all over me.

This was like a damn porno, two girls one guy, except for one thing. My cock was hard as a rock, greased up with lube, and ready to go, but it was just being ignored. Just sticking out there like a sore thumb.

How long was this going to go on? This was turning me on like crazy. Did they even know?

I looked back up and the first girl was looking right at me. Did she have a little smirk on her face? She knew. Did she know? I made a face like "well, what are ya gonna do?" and at that she smiled. I think that was sympathy.

Hot damn, I thought, I got away with it. That stupid innocent girl. She doesn't realize I'm getting off on her and her dumb friend playing with my balls. She thinks I'm just a patient. I was leaning back on my elbows thinking about boning her and her hot friend, but she was probably going to go home and worry she hadn't been professional enough. She'll fret about how she gave her poor patient a hard-on.

Well, at least she felt bad for me.

I know I felt bad for me. These two girls were still toying with my balls, fingering my slippery nutsack like they'd found a new sex toy. If it was just a little different, this could have been the hottest sex I'd ever get. But I knew it wasn't going to happen. When I got home I could jack off for a week thinking about this and I still wouldn't get it out of my head. God, my cock was hard.

Just then the door opened and the nurse strode back in. Here comes trouble, I thought. The second girl started explaining how she hadn't seen any evidence on my scrotum.

The first girl had turned to look at the nurse too, and this was my chance to sneak a good look at her tits. I couldn't see down their shirts or anything, and they were wearing those white lab coats buttoned up, but they both had a great set of tits and I could picture them under the coat. I licked my lips.

I looked up just in time to keep from getting caught staring. The nurse was telling us how disappointed she was. "I had expected this situation to be resolved by now. This is often a problem with this particular treatment, but usually it goes away quickly. Do you expect yourself to be relaxed anytime in the next few minutes?"

She was talking to me. "Uh, no," I said. "I don't feel like I have any control over... I mean, it seems like it's going to stay like this... for a while."

She sighed. The girl gave a final stroke to my scrotum, patting it to lay it back flat, and let go. My wet cock was pointed straight up, resting on my abdomen, pointing at my bellybutton. The nurse thought for a second.

"Well, time pressures being what they are, I think we have to resort to the secondary protocol," she said. "Fortunately, he has already signed all the releases, so I will simply begin now."

"I am going to manually masturbate you," she said, pulling on gloves, "until you ejaculate, at which time we will continue the examination."

What the fuck!

Before I could even say anything, she had squirted out more gel, rubbed her hands together, and grasped my dick in her fist. I let out an "ahhh--" and my stomach tensed up as she started jacking me up and down.

She had a firm grip and didn't warm up or anything. She grabbed me and just started pumping her fist. My ass just about climbed off the table. Holy shit, this lady was jacking me off!

Now, I didn't much like her. She was way too old for me and she was all business, in fact, kind of a crabby old bitch. But my cock was in heaven.

She started explaining to the interns what she was doing. "Pay attention here. The preparation has a thin oil base, non-latex-reactive, which provides appropriate lubrication by itself. If you ever find yourself needing to do this, begin by taking a firm grip just behind the head of the penis. You will stroke down from there nearly to the base, then back up over the head, and then repeat."

She was demonstrating on me. Shit, my dick was going crazy. I was trying to relax so I wouldn't shoot right away. But at the same time, this was so weird that I wasn't even sure I could cum if I wanted to.

"This patient appears to be nearing ejaculation, but if you find that additional stimulation is required, and the penis is of an appropriate size, you can use your other hand" -- she did -- "in a second fist, to provide additional stimulation to the entire organ. For some men, this means orgasm will be achieved quicker."

The nurse wasn't looking at them, but those two college girls were blushing like crazy. They were more embarrassed than I was! She was pumping me with both hands like she was churning butter or something. She was squeezing my cock head through her top fist, over and over.

Jesus. She was a lot older than me, but this felt like the best handjob I'd ever had. I couldn't look at her, but if we'd been in bed -- and alone -- and she was doing this, shit, I'd be telling her, don't stop, yeah, keep jacking my cock baby... her hands felt so good.

Shit, she kept squeezing my dickhead each time her hand slipped off the tip. That felt so fucking good.

"Also, some patients will achieve additional stimulation if they participate in the masturbation process. Sir," she said to me, "please begin assisting me by sliding your penis through my hands."

She stopped jacking and just held my dick in her two fists, one on top of the other, looking at me. I leaned on my elbows and lifted my hips carefully, driving my cock up into her hands. I have to admit that did feel good. Almost like her hands were making a vagina for me to fuck.

So I thrust up into that slick tunnel of lube, slowly, over and over, and I kept fucking her fists while she started talking to her interns again. The gel was slathered all over my dick, oozing everywhere, a bit of it even whipped into a white froth by sweat and friction.

But I started thinking, this nurse who was jacking me off was old enough to be my mother. Hell, she could be someone's grandmother. She might be 60. I wasn't sure I liked that much. Damn, she was even twisting and squeezing me a little as I fucked her slippery hands. But she wasn't what I wanted. I wanted those pretty, innocent little college girls.

And those girls were probably thinking I was some kind of freak.

That sobered me up somehow. Brought me back to where I was. I was a patient after all. I just came here for medical treatment. And now this old cow has me performing like a circus show for her? Making me look like a horny jerkoff in front of these girls?

My dick was still just as hard. But I wasn't into it the way I had been. I relaxed and set my ass back on the table. She stopped talking and was just moving her hands up and down slowly.

"I think you better take it from here," I said.

Her face went stony. Oh, she didn't like that. Me treating her like she was my personal whore. Now she was mad.

She took her left hand away. She squeezed my cock plenty hard with her right hand, grabbed my shaft, and started stroking me fast. Whipping my dick skin up and down, no friction, just the sensation of her hand giving my dick a tight squeeze and a powerful jacking.

Oh, I felt that for sure. I was horny as hell, I could feel the cum filling up my balls. But I just laid there, and stared her in the face like I was daring her to make me cum. She looked right back at me and kept pumping me like a piston.

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