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For as long as she could remember, Victoria had been hearing how wonderful Uncle Jim was. He was not her real uncle, just a friend of her parents, but he was her godfather. According to her parents, Jim was just one step beneath the angels and was the best friend a family could want.

Victoria had lost count of the times that her parents had told her that ‘Uncle Jim’ had paid for this holiday or that treat. If she were to be honest, Victoria liked his generosity but fast tiring of hearing how wonderful Jim was. He had never married and, as far as she knew, had no girlfriends and this became the germ of her big plan.

One afternoon, while her parents were out, Victoria accidentally dropped in on Jim. He opened the door to find her on the step, looking as sweet and girly as she could for her nineteen years. He stood back from the door, opening it wide and gestured her inside.

“Victoria. What a pleasant surprise! Come in.”

“Thank you Uncle Jim.”

“Can I get you a drink? Coffee, Coke, Lemonade?”

“A Coke would be nice, thank you.”

Jim led her into his lounge where she flopped gracefully onto his big leather couch. He disappeared into the kitchen and was back in a moment with a tall glass of Coke and a mug of fresh coffee. He put the drinks on the coffee table and lowered himself into the armchair across from Victoria. They sat for a moment and looked at each other over their drinks. Victoria sipped the fizzy liquid and moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. Jim sipped the scalding brew in his mug and waited.

“Uncle Jim, I need to ask you something. It’s for a project at college.”

“Ask away, I’ll help you any way I can.”

“Uncle Jim, are you erm, are you gay?”

Jim laughed, throwing his head back and grinning broadly.

“Victoria, the answer to that is no, definitely not.”

“But you’ve never been married and we’ve never seen you with a girl.”

“That’s true. I never married because, when I did fall in love with a woman, she was already married and compared to her, nobody else measures up. I’ve been out with a few women, but you were too young to realise that they were my girlfriends.”

“What was this woman like, the one who was married?”

“Is married. She is tall, dark haired and has these deep brown eyes. She could make me want to laugh and cry at the same time, still can in fact. She’s been married almost as long as I’ve known her, most of the time very happily.”

Victoria leaned back and looked around the room. She noticed, as if for the first time, the photographs that lined the walls. Almost all of them had been taken by Jim and most showed her with parents. Pride of place went to an enlargement of a photograph that Jim had taken of her, just after she had been presented with her scholarship. In it her mane of dark chestnut curls tumbled down her shoulders and her deep brown eyes seemed to glow. Suddenly, Victoria recalled Jim telling her how she had so closely resembled her mother when they had first met. Things suddenly became clearer and with an almost audible ‘click’, Victoria realised who the married woman was.

“Uncle Jim, that woman, she’s my Mum isn’t she?”

“Victoria, I’m not saying.”

Victoria just looked at the rising blush on Jim’s face and she knew that she was right. Suddenly, her plan seemed to be going a little astray. She looked again at Jim and saw that he had worked hard to keep in shape and, even though he was old enough to be her father, not just her godfather, he was lean and hard muscled. His dark curly hair had the faintest sprinkling of silver and his eyes were still a clear greenish blue. Victoria’s mouth went dry and her heart hammered in her chest so hard that she thought that Jim must have heard it. She felt the prickling in her nipples that meant they were swelling and hardening and she realised that they must be pushing at the silk of her bra and were probably obvious through her clinging t-shirt. She dare not look down, in case she drew his attention to her excitement that even as it made her blush was filling her mind with confused thoughts. She had planned an entirely different conversation in her mind and suddenly the clever words she had rehearsed had deserted her brain. She gulped the last of her drink, so fast that she could feel the cold bringing a headache to her temples, and stood up. Jim immediately got to his feet and reached for her elbow. With a shuddering gasp, Victoria flung her hands around his neck and pulled herself against him. Her weight, even though she was as willowy as her mother had been at her age, was enough to pull Jim's head down a little and she pressed her mouth to his hungrily.

Taken totally by surprise, Jim was lost in the sweetness of her kiss, her hot mouth pressed to his and her tongue busily pressing against his lips. Her mouth was soft and moist and the scent of her body made his senses reel as though he were drunk. Her grip around his neck tightened as she crushed her lips to his. As if they had a mind of their own, his hands slid to her waist, holding her hips and trying to ease them apart. Victoria merely wriggled a little and pressed herself closer to him. His hands slid around her slender waist, resting lightly on her hips and he held her close. Gently he pushed the tip of his tongue against her lips and she opened her mouth, moaning softly into his as she gently sucked on his tongue, drawing it inside. Her whole body trembled in his arms and she leaned heavily against him, feeling him holding her closer as she pressed herself against him. At last they broke apart and she nestled against him.

“I’m sorry Victoria, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Didn’t you like it?”

“Of course I did, but I’m old enough to be your father.”

“But you’re not my father.”

“But you’re my best friends daughter and my goddaughter.”

“So that’s all I am to you.”

“Listen, Victoria, you’re beautiful and desirable but you’re still so young.”

Victoria said nothing more, just pulled him to her and kissed him again. This time, she slid her hand between them and ran her fingertips over the hard bulge in his pants. It was Jim’s turn to groan and Victoria swallowed the sound as if it were a sip of fine wine. She could feel the heat of his excitement through the cotton and knew that he would do whatever he asked. Breaking away, she took hold of his hand and led him to the stairs, guiding him as though he were blind. Victoria knew where the master bedroom was from the times she had stayed with ‘Uncle Jim’. This time she led him past the room she normally used when she stayed over and led him straight into his own room. The curtains glowed in the afternoon sunlight making the room pleasantly light and airy.

Victoria kicked off her shoes and, releasing Jim’s hand for a moment, shrugged out of her t-shirt and unbuttoned her jeans, letting them fall in a heap on the floor. The sheer silk of her bra and panties glowed against her smooth, lightly tanned skin and her hard pointed nipples were like shadows on the soft material. Jim swallowed and looked at Victoria, his eyes drinking in the mane of dark curls that tumbled to her waist and the smooth skin. He could see the dark smudges of her nipples pressing against the cloth and he was sure that he could smell the faint musk of her arousal.

Victoria smiled and reached behind her to undo the clasp of her bra. Her breasts bobbed briefly and settles, the hard points of her nipples aching to be touched. Hooking her thumbs into the elastic of her panties she bent for a moment, displaying her sweetly rounded cheeks as he pushed them down. Totally naked, Victoria took the two steps to his bed and lay back on the white linen. One leg bent and the other stretched out, toes pointed towards him, she rested on her elbows and smiled. The softly curved mound of her sex was covered with the faintest fuzz of hair, already becoming moist from the droplets of nectar collecting on the pink lips

“Come on then show me yours.”

Jim slowly unbuttoned his shirt, almost lost in the spell Victoria seemed able to cast over him. His fingers were clumsy and shaking, as he unfastened the leather and let the immaculately creased material fall in a heap at his feet. The stiff bar of his erection was already making a tent in the front of his briefs and he hissed in excitement as he eased the waistband of his briefs over the swollen head. He kicked off his shoes and stood, proudly erect, in front of her. Slowly he took the two steps to his bed and lowered himself to the bed next to her.

Slowly Jim leaned over her, the tip of his cock brushing against her thigh and leaving a moist trail of pre-cum. His lips met hers and they kissed, tongues twining and fencing together ass he slid his hand over her taut belly to cup the tight swelling of her breast. His hand was hot against the cool skin of her breasts and the rough rasp of his thumb against the hard point of her nipple brought another flood to her thighs. He pinched the hard bud gently, twirling it and tugging, making her groan into his mouth. Sliding his hand lower, he touched the swollen pink lips with his fingertip, running it back and forth , gently opening her and spreading the bubbling nectar. His mouth closed around her nipple and he sucked slowly and gently, then grazed his teeth along the tender erect flesh. Victoria thought that her nipples were exploding as the sparks of pleasure and a little pain shot through her body. She gushed over the tops of her thighs.

Jim slid his finger slowly inside her, caressing and exploring the tight passage. Victoria arched again as he grazed the tip of her erect clit with his fingernail, breath coming in a wracking sob. Slowly he worked his finger along the length of her crack pressing gently so that it slid further inside her with each stroke. He could feel the ripples in her pussy trying to draw his finger deeper as he teased and caressed her.

Time upon time he stroked and caressed her, until she was almost ready to cum, and then he would pause, waiting for her trembling to ease off and for her body to cool a little. The his fingers and mouth would begin to kiss and caress her again until she was almost there.

At last, he pressed gently on the inside of her thighs slowly opening them wide and knelt between them Carefully lifting her hips, he slipped a pillow beneath her back and arranged her knees on either side of his hips. Then taking hold of the base of his cock, he slowly rubbed the swollen head along the tender lips of her pussy, collecting the slippery nectar. Victoria lifted her head to look down between her breasts at the Jim’s hard cock, as he opened the lips of her pussy and eased the head just inside her. Her eyes widened when she saw how thick he was and there was a moment of fear as she realised just how thick it was. She could feel him filling her as he leaned forward, slowly stretching her until the tip was pressed tightly against her hymen. He took a deep breath, then pushed hard, stretching her maidenhead until it broke. Victoria’s eyes opened wide and a tear trickled down her cheek as she felt the tearing inside. She fought back the urge to tense up and relaxed, finding that Jim’s slow thrusts were getting easier and the pain subsided to a warmth and feeling of fullness as he pierced her. She could feel his tight sac pressed hard against her bottom and then he began to rock back and forth, moving inside her slowly and gently. As her blood and nectar made his cock slippery again, he thrust deeper and harder, pressing her into the mattress as he pinned her to the bed. Faster and faster he moved until all Victoria could feel was his cock pistoning into her. She could feel the sensation building and her muscles began to spasm, desperately milking the hard cock inside her. Jim arched his back and thrust deep into her, keeping still as his cock spasmed and spurted into Victoria’s aching pussy. He pinned her to the bed as his cock sprayed ropes of thick sticky sperm into her. Victoria felt as though she were falling as she cam along side him.

Slowly his cock softened inside her, sliding out of her tender pussy. She felt the dull ache in her pussy where his cock had stretched and broken her. Her thighs were sticky with blood mingled with their cum. They lay together, Victoria wrapped in Jim’s arms as their breathing calmed and the ache between her thighs subsided to a warm glow.

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