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Unsuspecting Hazel


My Wife Hazel and I have been married for many years and although we have been pretty well committed to each other things took on a different path earlier this year. My wife is very attractive although perhaps slightly over weight, with long light brown hair ample breasts and long legs. Many times in the past have I found other men attempting to get into her knickers and many times have I had to step in to the rescue.

Anyway to cut down to the story, after a domestic fall out whilst my wife was under some stress it came about that she admitted to being unfaithful to me some 10 years ago. She said it was an infatuation with a work colleague and she fucked him about 5 times. These included 2 times going to his house whilst she should have been at work and the other times were just shags in car parks when and where they could meet up. There was nothing exciting to say as she said it was all too awkward and inconvenient. At the end of the short few weeks that it went on she realized what she was risking and also that he wasn't special anyway.

After this revelation I was totally sickened in that I had passed off so many chances to fuck other girls and yet refused on the misconceived idea that it wasn't worth spoiling our fidelity to each other. Now of course I decided that the only way I could deal with it was to fuck as many women as if could to restore my feeling of manliness. As we live in France and my language skills are poor, chatting up the limited number of likely shagable women was not going to be easy. I tried being outright with as many as I could find but French culture did not seem to accept this tack. Whilst being on the Internet I noticed the many dating agencies publicising and decided to investigate. I was dumbfounded when I realized how much pussy was available. I promptly joined up and it wasn't long before I was under way. After a short period I was invited to join in on group sex sessions which although I found the idea arousing I was not sure about being around other men whilst at it. At the end I decided to give it a go and was totally blown away at the enjoyment felt by the woman (Tina) getting fucked by us all (5 of us). I bonded well with the other guys and they were just like me other than being a little younger and one or two a bit bigger in the dick department. The fun of the experience just made me think about getting my wife fucked like that.

Over the weeks my mind played with ideas of gangbanging my wife. Now I had friends who could help but how could I get my wife up for it without revealing my secret extramarital behaviour. In the end I decided to let my wife into just a small part of the picture. I explained about my joining the dating agency and said that I needed to feel like I had fucked someone so as she wouldn't be the sole adulterer in our marriage. She wasn't too happy about this but I said I had conversed with a woman (Tina) who was up for my wife to be present and if she wanted could join in. After a couple of days Hazel said she had thought it over and was game for it and that she had wondered what it would be like to experience sex with another woman too. I got to work straight away, organising it with Tina and my new found shag mates. We were going to have a little surprise party for my wife.

The day of the event arrived. Hazel had been getting quite horny with me leading up to now and had been fucking me every day as her mind fantasised of the coming experience. I was getting horny myself but also cold feet and wondered whether I should call it off. Well I decided it was all arranged now and I could call it off at the last minute if I had to. Haze eventually got around to getting ready. She selected conservative clothing as neither of us are spring chickens anymore and sluttish cloths would have looked a turn off. She did select some nice underwear though, a laced bra and a string. We set off late afternoon as arranged. It was about 5pm when we arrived and Tina answered the door and let us in. We got drinks and made our introductions and Tina and Haze warmed to each other quickly and I could see I wasn't going to have problems.

Tina said we should get started by peeing off some clothes, which we did and Haze gave me a look of 'well here we go'. Tina who is a fine specimen of a woman in her early thirties, slim well formed did not make my wife look out of place. In fact Haze looked stunning next to Tina as they climbed onto the bed together. I then climbed on myself and we all generally started stroking each other .My wife out of habit took hold of my dick first but then remembered what she was there for, which was to act as chaperone for my fucking Tina. Haze then motioned for me to take over with Tina and she then satisfied herself with exploring the parts of Tina I wasn't covering. Tina wanted dick and it wasn't long before I had to put it in. I eased my cock in easily and started to pump. Hazel reached in and expertly played with Tina's clit at the same time. Tina was loving it and was starting to loose it some. She was reaching out to touch Haze and my wife turned and offered her pussy, which Tina fingered with abandon. My wife then got off the bed and fetched some gel from her bag so that Tina could frig her pussy more. Haze whilst getting finger fucked by Tina started fingering both Tina's and my bum holes with gelled fingers. It was pretty ecstatic and all the time I was waiting for the surprise to arrive.

After about 20 mins the knock at the door came. My wife was a bit shocked but Tina said to her to answer it. Haze went to the door and standing on the blind side put her head around to see whom it was. It was of course my new friends, 4 of them. Tina shouted who is it whilst I continued to pump away. Haze shouted back in reply and Tina said 'Let them in I need more cock. Haze moved to one side and let them in whilst trying not to expose herself too much. My wife was busy beconing to me, not knowing what to do when Tina suggested that she helped out by trying to wank the 4 newcomers in prep for her after I had finished. I nodded and along with all the banter and erotism of the situation it was seconds only before Haze had 4 dicks pointing at her . Semi reluctantly she took then one in each hand and caressed them. . The lads were sat 3 on the sofa whilst the fourth got coffees. Haze crouched on her toes taking it in turns to wank their shafts. Jp came from the kitchen and reached down behind Haze and slid his fingers inside my wife's wet pussy. It took her by surprise but she widened her legs a little to allow more access. I watched as Jp slid 3 fingers in her gel-lubed twat.

By this time I was about knackered and was more than happy that I shot my load seeing my wife in such a position. Tina, army fashion shouted out' another dick quick' as I crawled of and she gave me a knowing wink. I got myself a coffee and sat opposite the sofa to watch my wife in action. She looked around and said to me to fuck her but I responded by saying I was spent. Her face was red and sweaty as her hormones ran riot. Jp looked at me and I nodded. He pulled Haze to her feet, which were wobberly, turned her around and carefully lowered her onto Richards erect dick impaling her onto 7 inches of hard meat. AS Hazes eyes rolled back and her mouth opened Jp sank his dick into her mouth making her choke for a second. Yyann took over on Tina doggy and Alban suckled on Hazes tits. By now Haze was in a state of ecstasy looking over at me with glazed eyed and making muffled noises past Jp's dick. Jp was helping her slide up and down by pulling her under her arms. It wasn't long before Richard came and he was happy to roll away and watch. Jp wanted her pussy now and his dick was well and truly sucked to its max of 8 ins. They positioned her doggy with her knees on the sofa. Jp nursed his dick in and slowly pumped in and out. Alban stoked her all over and Haze wanked him in between groans. As Jp got more vigorous she started shouting 'yes yes more harder' she was loving it. My dick was getting hard again just watching. After 5 mins Jp came at the same time as Haze had an almighty orgasm. She had probably come a couple of times before but this was a knee trembling job with lots of screaming. I nearly came just hearing it. Jp pulled out and Tina got pissed off when she saw all the come over her sofa. Alban was told to go on the floor and Haze to get on and ride him. She had become alive now with some hidden strength. She couldn't wait to mount him. She rode him so hard she slipped off him a couple of times and I decided it would slow her down if I stuck my dick up her arse. I crept up behind with a good dollop of gel and fingered it up and around her bum hole. This sent her wild although it was tight ramming it up. She slowed down to relax a bit to get me in and then we were off, slowly but rythmetically. Haze kept saying 'oh my god' over and over and I was loving it.

At that moment I was aware of some movement behind me and realized another man was on the scene. This was a surprise to me. Apparently Jp called in a special favour by asking his pal better known as 'cheval noir' black horse in English to come over. He smiled at me and then dropped his pants. I was gob smacked. His dick was huge and I thought I needed to call this off. Then I thought 'what the hell' and Haze didn't even know he was here. He must have been 12 to 14 inches although it didn't look hard. Jp read my mind and commented it didn't get bigger thank god. The horseman picked up the gel and massaged his dick with it. And it was a mighty tool. I pulled out of Haze and I saw Alban coming too. Haze collapsed and was almost out for the count. We picked her up dragging her feet behind and draped her over the heavy dinning table. Tina got up at this stage and we all looked at Haze and the black cheval ddick. Tina said she must prepare Haze and picked up the gel. She then proceeded to work her fingers into my wife's pussy. First 3 then 4 and then working and working easing the thumb until gradually her hand started to disappear. It was fascinating and my wife lay there limp and just whimpering a bit, eyes closed, head to one side. After a minute Tina pumped Haze's pussy a couple of times and then pulled her hand out.

We all stood there transfixed as the cheval noir moved into place. His huge knob head rubbing the pussy entrance. Then he pushed a little and she opened up some. Then he started to ease in a bit and then some more. Gradually in started to disappear in front of our eyes as inch by inch he eased it in. Haze just moaned a bit. I said pump in and out a bit to which he did. I wanted to come it was so rude. Then the others started 'more, more' and so he obliged. I recon a good 10-inch was in and Haze didn't know. On that thought I got some water and tried to bring Haze around. The cheval noir was starting to get into motion now and Tina was dribbling gel onto his shaft. As Haze started to come around her eyes started to get wider and wider until she let out an almighty scream, then she started acting like someone out of the exorcist with such filthy talk and' fuck me, fuck me'. The cheval noir went into full stride and we all held onto Haze and the table as it thrashed about. I watched as this huge dick started to swell and then he pulled it out. Spunk jetted everywhere, up walls and over us, but more thrilling was my wife had a huge orgasm followed by a gusher that shot all over the place too. We all stood in silence, until I burst into laughter.

Well I got help putting Haze in the car and we got home safe. Haze has not mentioned anything about it since and I dare not. I have not looked at her pussy yet and I think I will give it some time.

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