He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back with his right hand. With his left he pushed her butt plug into her pussy to get it nice and wet. She gasped, gripping the comforter. Her pussy was soaked around the plug but she wouldn't have a choice as he pushed it up into her ass. She cried out and squirmed against him, trying to fight it, but with one more push, the thickest part was past her sphincter and embedded deep inside. He took her scarf and tied one end to one of the holes on the base of the plug, wrapped it around her waist, and tied the other end to the free hole, successfully creating a harness that would keep the plug inside her.

"I want you to cum," he growled in her ear. He sank his teeth into her neck, making her moan, push her ass up, and cry out from the shifting of the plug. He stood, dragging her by her hair onto her knees. Without warning he pushed his cock into her mouth and pushed down on her shoulders, pressing the plug into her against the mattress.

"You'll please me a bit first," he said with a grip in her hair. He fucked her mouth slowly, pushing in far enough to make her gag. She whimpered and pushed away from him.

"I didn't say you were finished," he said, grabbing her hair again and shoving his dick deep. She coughed and sputtered and submitted, sucking his length.

"Looks like my little dick eater needs practice," he said. He threw her head off his dick, knelt behind her, and shoved his cock deep in her pussy. She cried out from the double penetration and gripped the sheets, feeling his thick cock stretch her. He fucked her hard, pulling her hair tight so her neck was bent back. A hand on her back shoved her down onto his cock.

"That's it," he said. "I want to hear you scream." Every thrust slammed his waist against the butt plug, pushing it into her and intensifying the incoming orgasm. She screamed her pleasure yet clawed at the bed to get away. Two hands grabbed her hips and thrust into her so hard she fell onto her stomach with him on top. He put a hand around her throat and pulled her back up to her knees until her back was up against his chest with his cock sheathed in her pussy.

"Don't try to get away," he said with his teeth on her ear. "You love to get fucked." Her hands instinctively went to the hand on her throat, tugging on it as his pressure against her ass pushed against the plug. She whimpered and moaned as his free hand grasped her breast, massaging it roughly and pulling on the nipple.

"You're such a cute little whore," he said as he licked her neck, treating her like a piece of meat. He threw her down onto the bed then, his cock tearing out of her pussy and making her cry out. He sat between her legs so she couldn't close them and gently pressed one finger against her butt plug. She squirmed and moaned, but whimpered as she felt him stand. He left the bed and returned with a blindfold, covering her eyes. Again he left and this time he turned her onto her back and pushed something into her pussy. It was her vibrator, she realized, as he turned it on high, pushed it all the way into her cunt, and tied a scarf there to hold it in. She moaned and squirmed from it, feeling the plug push against her insides and conduct some of the vibrations to her asshole. She wasn't paying attention to her surroundings until she was dragged by her hair to the edge of the bed until her head hung over the side. He pushed three fingers into her mouth to open it and shoved his cock down her throat. With a hand on her jaw and one softly on her throat he forced her to deep throat him. She winced from the feeling of her throat being stretched but moaned as the feelings from all three holes being filled increased her fire. She felt her throat being stroked by his meat and moaned around it, vibrating his cock as it felt like the vibrator in her pussy had been intensified. She locked her legs together as she screamed onto him, arching her back as she came. Her orgasm tore through her body and left through her throat as he started to cum, pumping his hot seed down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could while she was still riding her orgasm but it wasn't fast enough, a few drops of milky cum dribbling down her cheek.

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