He holds my hand as I drift in and out. His gentle kisses rain down on my flustered cheeks. Sweat coats my burning skin. His strong arms pull me to him. He whispers something that in this state, I cannot hear. He rests his head in the slope of my neck. His sweat drips from his brow; it ran down the valley between my breasts. His eyes locked on the droplet of water. My have yet to focus, they flutter. My mind can't concentrate. That feeling was too intense, tremors of the aftershock rush through me. He tightens his hold on me. My thighs quiver, my apex pulsates. The wind blows through my open window, my body stiffens. My body rocked at is light laughter; he fills my heart with joy. He turned my head. Our eyes lock, it's only us in the world. No words no to be spoken to know the love we feel. It's like lightning arching between us.

So beautiful, so wild, so amazing.

His lips grabbed mine. Our tongues fought for dominance. In the end, my exhaustion took over and he won. He eventually raised off of me and I felt abandoned; his heat leaving me quicker than expected. The passion in his eyes let me know this was far from over. He gave me that look and I knew I was about to get it. It was exciting, but I was too tired to appreciate it. He grabbed my weak thighs in his hands. He crawled down my body; kissing a path of fire everywhere his lips met my skin. Every kiss set my core ablaze. I trembled, it was going to happen. I couldn't stop it. I grasped his hair, hoping to deter him.

No such luck. Apparently, he took my anxious clutching as a challenge. He was a man who enjoyed the chase.

He bent his head down to my swollen nether lips. His tongue separated them. The feeling that came next was so strong; it stole the air from my lungs. I gripped the sheet under me; I needed something to hold me to this earth. This eruption of pleasure consumed me with every flick of his warm thick tongue. At this point any rational thought left me and I was screaming out like a woman possessed. He looked at me, our eyes were magnetized. It only increased the fire in my veins as we connected. His tongue circled my love button, my body began to quake. He locked my hips in his huge hands, keeping me from escaping his ministrations. The moans I hear came from both our mouths, I gasped for air. The pressure was too much and I exploded. The dam was broken and my juices poured out of me. He greedily lapped up my most feminine essence, like a man dying of thirst. His sounds of enjoyment set me in again and another wave of release washed through me. I couldn't handle anymore, but he refused to listen. The gentle swipes of his tongue on my extremely sensitive regions kept that climax on a constant eruption. I came too much, too hard, I was losing my mind. I tried pulling his head away, but he thought it was encouragement. Damn, his stubbornness! I couldn't seem to breathe, it seemed too complicated a concept to master. I was floating above sanity. One last time I came to his giving, and then everything faded to black. The last things he uttered were, "I love you..."


The incessant ringing of her cell phone alarm alerted her to what time it was.

"Great! Six am and no work today! I love forgetting to fix that reminder." she thought. Stretching her arms high above her head, she reached over to the nightstand to shut off the god-awful screeching. After the silence enveloped her, she realized it had happened. Again. "How could I be so stupid? Dammit!" she absentmindedly patted the cool sheets beside her. As if trying to feel a little of the warmth his body provided her during the night. To finally justify his presence actually being there...and not just her restless imagination.

"I am literally the dumbest person alive," she mumbled to herself, while getting up to head to the bathroom. "He said he wouldn't leave me anymore...why does he always do this to me?" After relieving herself, she crawled back into the cold sheets of her bed. Gently grabbing her plush pillows, she sighed. The tears spilled helplessly from her tired eyes. Rolling over, she chided herself again and again, crying profusely, demeaning herself, and asking why he doesn't actually love her the way he claims during sex. Eventually, she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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