tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUntitled Ch. 01

Untitled Ch. 01


She walked lazily into the bathroom and threw her white cotton towel over the hook. Her end of the night routine was about to begin. She turned on the shower water and then lit three candles lined up along the edge of the sink counter with a lighter she kept in the cabinet. The warm, sweet scent of vanilla began to fill the air as the wax melted. She stood in front of her own reflection and brushed back the long silvery strands into a low ponytail at the base of her neck. She took her time removing her jewelry. First the silver necklace and then the silver and black earrings. She coiled the chain carefully on the counter next to the earrings then looked back into her eyes, lined heavily in granite eyeliner. She smiled at herself before hitting the light switch, leaving only the candles to illuminate the bathroom. She crossed to the tub, an antique, complete with gold feet and updated with an expensive showerhead and intricate knobs. She ran her hand under the faucet. The water was running warm now. A small window took up the other side of the wall, opposite the tub. She unlocked it and opened it a bit, allowing the warm summer air to enter and the humidity out before it became too stifling. She stood there for a second, enjoying the breeze on her body, enjoying the way the coolness hardened her nipples. She stretched and closed the window. Wouldn't do for the neighbors to hear her. She took off her boyshorts and stepped into the tub. She removed the shower head from its notch in the wall and laid down, resting her head against the cold porcelain. She opened her legs, propping one foot on the ledge and used one hand to spread her lips. Her other hand moved the shower head around, letting the warm water caress her inner folds as she relaxed.

The pulsing stream made her quiver a little as she found her clit. She liked to play a little game every time she started this. She directed the water directly on her most sensitive spot and held it there for as long as she could, often counting the seconds she could stand the intense pressure. She did this now and mentally counted while she held her breath. She made it to eight before the water became too much, almost painful. She let out a gasp and a small moan and lifted her hips out of the way of the stream. She did this once or twice more, enjoying her little game as her clit became more and more sensitive and enlarged. Eventually she found the perfect spot and held the showerhead there, dropping her hips up and down to her internal rhythm.

The bathroom was quiet except for the sound of the running shower and her quiet moans. The fragrance of vanilla hung in the air. The vision was completely erotic. She rocked her hips up and down, sometimes holding her lips open, sometimes allowing her free hand to roam her body, gently squeezing her tits or roughly pulling on a hard nipple. Droplets of water flew from the showerhead and landed randomly on her body, leaving the bottom of her hair dripping and her body glistening in the flickering candlelight. She did this in complete abandon, her guard down, her focus on one thing.


Outside the window, two young men watched the girl inside getting herself closer to orgasm.

A green eyed boy dropped down, pulling the other man with him.

"We don't want her to see us, you fucking idiot!" he whispered roughly.

The blue eyed man dropped to a kneeling position. "Are you sure we want to do this?" he asked, mentally trying to will away his hard on.

Green Eyes let out a sarcastic snort. "We've come too far. We both want this. It's going to be perfect." He ran a gloved hand over his straight black hair anyway, a nervous habit that the other recognized.

"Don't act like you're not scared, " said the second, his full lips curling into a sneer.

"I'm not scared. I just want this to go down right. We covered everything, right?"

"Yeah, a million times. I've got everything. We're doing this."

From inside the steamy bathroom, they heard faint muffled moans growing a little louder.

"We should go now before she finishes. You ready, Jamie?" asked the green eyed boy.

Jamie said nothing in response but pulled his dark brown shoulder length hair back into a ponytail and secured his gloves with purpose. Both men looked at each other for a second then pulled on their ski masks. Both smiled at the clichéd look. But it would work.

They stayed low and close to the wall as they skirted around the corner from the side yard to the back door. Neither was worried about being seen. Her yard was guarded from spying eyes by a row of evergreens that lined her fence. The door was locked as expected. However, both knew she kept an extra key on the ledge above the door. Within seconds they were inside the comfortably decorated house. They walked quietly through the living room and kitchen and into the hallway that lead to her bathroom. The muffled sound of the shower could be heard through the door.

Jamie placed a hand on the knob and turned it ever so slightly. It was unlocked. He looked back at his partner, who was rummaging through his bag.

"Joel? We good?"

Joel looked up as he pulled a pair of handcuffs from the black bag. He smiled in response, a lopsided smirk, normally endearing, but in this particular situation, was somewhat...menacing.

Jamie pushed the door open...


She was so close. She could feel inner muscles tightening as she approached her climax. She felt a chilly breeze drift across her face. Something seemed wrong about that but she couldn't grasp what and she didn't feel like thinking about it. Instead, she squeezed her eyes shut harder and held her breath as the stream of water finished her. She gasped a little then moaned loudly as fireworks went off behind her eyes. She opened her eyes a little to deepen the sense and saw the darkness encroaching the corners of her vision, temporarily blocking her peripherals as the waves cascaded over her. She said his name, as was her habit when getting off, even when she was alone. She moved her hips up and down to ride out the orgasm and clutched her chest with her free hand then dropped her legs, breathing heavily.

"Ah, fuck," she murmured happily, cupping her sex with both hands and feeling the muscles involuntarily contracting.

The cold breeze on her face...that was important. why...? The realization struck her in an instant with a horrible feeling of dread, that unexplainable sense that all is not well. The door and the window were both closed...unless...her eyes snapped open as her heart constricted terribly.

Before she could do anything else, a large weight was applied to her chest, pinning her arms down between her legs. The weight on her stomach took her breath away in a little ragged "oh". A hand covered her eyes and a piece of duct tape was shoved roughly over her slightly parted lips. She kicked her legs wildly, her body sliding on the slippery surface of the tub under the weight. The shower head spun, spraying water everywhere.

She couldn't breathe. The hand covering her eyes was also covering her nose. If she could just open her mouth and gasp for air. She felt her hands grabbed and the distinctive feel of a handcuff being secured on her wrist. She knew what this meant and it sent her into a panic, moving her body in every way she could. She recognized the weight to be someone straddling her chest and kicked her legs up, fighting tooth and nail. Someone grabbed her wrists and the hand covering her eyes was removed.

She breathed in deep through her nose, alleviating somewhat the burning in her chest. Her first view was blurry, a figure in all black, his hands pushing her shoulders down.

"Stop fighting," he commanded.

The order renewed the fight in her and she shook her head back and forth, screaming into the duct tape, a stream of expletives and sentences half formed becoming pitiful, raw sounds.

Without another word, he placed two hands over her neck and pressed on the thick arteries. Within seconds, she felt a strange darkness overcoming her and recognized she was losing consciousness. Her actions became weak and she felt herself going...

Joel watched her eyes. They became unfocused and dazed, a drastic change from the furious look she'd possessed a second ago. A moment later, her eyes were rolling back in her head. Joel immediately let go and stood up. Jamie was still gripping both her wrists and pulled her from the tub. Her lower body hit the ground with a small thud as Jamie held both her arms above her head, keeping her head off the ground and hanging limply against her arm. He only had a second before she'd regain consciousness. He dropped to his knees and wrapped the handcuff chain around the foot of the tub and then secured her wrists.

. She felt herself coming to, the sound of muttering above her. For a second, she half dreamed and believed she'd fallen asleep in class and felt a rush of panic for being so stupid as to doze in lecture. She felt slow and drowsy and knew she was waking up to much worse. She looked up into the masks of the two men looking down at her and suddenly felt embarrassed over her nakedness. She weakly tried to pull her hands down to cover herself and felt resistance. She heard chains rattling and looked up to see her arms secured around the foot of the tub. Tears filled her eyes as she realized how scared and vulnerable she felt. A hard sob stuck in her throat and she shuffled uselessly against the chains again.

Joel and Jamie looked down at the woman staring up at them. Tears streamed from her eyes, smearing her eye makeup. The hair around her face was wet with water and stuck to her forehead and cheeks. She was sobbing a little and attempting to speak but all sound was incomprehensible. She almost looked pitiful...almost. This thought was shared by both men and further reinforced their desire to do this.

She was going to hurt.

The shorter one kneeled beside her and stroked her cheek gently, wiping away a tear or two. She relaxed...would they let her go? A hard slap to the cheek was the answer to that mental question. She cried out and turned her head away as a fresh wave of tears overtook her. He grabbed her jaw and pushed her face back so she was staring up at the ceiling. He glanced around the bathroom for something to use...his eyes settled on the counter. He pointed to his item of choice and Jamie smiled at him and handed it to him.

She whimpered as she stared at the ceiling. The hand on her jaw was released but she felt someone straddle her stomach. Suddenly she jumped as a hot burn scalded her chest. The pain lasted a second but then another hit her. Joel held two candles over her body, watching the hot wax burn her pale skin. He held a candle over each breast, leaving little pieces of dried wax across her heaving chest. He left little drops across each tender globe, working his way to the sensitive pink skin and causing her to moan with fear of the most painful area yet. He let a drop fall from both candles at the same time and they fell one after another on her hard nipples. She cried out in pain and wriggled her chest side to side.

As she sobbed over the wax burns on her chest, she felt a new sensation. Fingers sliding up and down her lips, gently probing the slick folds inside her. She tried to close her legs on the intruder but a very sharp jab to the inner thigh kept her legs from closing. Her lips were parted and a finger circled her clit, still enlarged from the orgasm she'd experienced earlier.

The taller man of the two, the one gently stroking her, said something softly. Her ears perked up and she looked down at him.

"Take off the duct tape," he repeated.

The man with the candles set his weapons down. She felt a moment of relief but also fear that she'd experience much worse.

"I want to hear her moan," said the taller man as he begin to push his fingers inside her.

The man straddling her chest gripped her jaw painfully. "Don't scream. It'll hurt so much worse if you do." He waited for a moment for her agreement. She nodded fervently. Without a second's hesitation, he ripped the duct tape from her mouth, leaving her mouth and skin a raw pink.

The finger working at her pussy thrust up into her. It was all she had to keep quiet at this point. She refused to moan she told herself. She wouldn't give him that pleasure. He fingered her hard, almost too hard, but the pain was irresistible in itself too. His finger pushing up inside her tightness was incredible and horrible.

Meanwhile, the man straddling her chest had taken to playing with her tits. He pushed them together, rolling and pinching the nipples, squeezing the tender flesh hard. Most of the vanilla wax came off in his hands and fell to the floor. He pulled hard on each nipple while the other continued to finger her. He slid his finger completely out of her, his finger covered with her juices, then circled her clit a few times and pushed back in. The sensation caused goose bumps to raise along her skin.

This is rape, she told herself. I can't like this. I can't. This is horrible and wrong and I refuse to like this.

But the assault continued.

"I'm going to make her cum, " said the taller man when he saw her reaction. He turned his hand palm side up and bent his fingers against her g spot. Despite everything she'd been trying to resist, this caused her back to arch up instinctively. He pressed hard and within seconds her juices were leaking down his hand and dripping on the bathroom floor.

She closed her eyes, hoped against hope that she wouldn't climax but knew that deep down inside that she wanted it. A few seconds later she peaked, feeling her muscles clamp around his finger and her cum gushing from within her.

She cried out a long drawn out moan, humping her hips up and down, a small puddle of cum gathering beneath her. The smell of her juices filled the air. She was gasping and heaving, little whimpers still escaping her as he milked the last of her orgasm. The man on top of her had a distinct hard on visible through his pants. He removed his glove and reached back and ran his hand up and down the length of her lips, covering his palm and fingers in her juices. He rubbed his hand wet with her cum across her cheek. She was too drained to resist and let him cup her face and slide his fingers in her mouth. She tasted the slight acidity of her cum as he slid two fingers between her lips, allowing her to suck his fingers clean.

"Good girl," he murmured quietly, pulling out his fingers.

Her brown eyes widened and he knew he'd said the wrong thing...

"Joelly," she whispered.

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