tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUntitled Diary Ch. 01

Untitled Diary Ch. 01


"Dear Diary..." I guess that's how you're supposed to start these. My life has changed recently and I feel compelled to document why. This change stems from an experience I was forced to live out. It is an experience that is troubling; one that most would find highly disturbing, vulgar, disgusting. Yet I no longer feel repulsed by it, and perhaps even pleased it happened. Due to the nature of it though, I have been forced to write this anonymously. No minors should be allowed to read this!

As a disclaimer: I will attempt to remember conversations and write them out in a way that is most readable. But I can't guarantee exact accuracy on the things that happened, as it has been over a year ago now. Lastly, I will skip the mundane. During this ordeal there were many uninteresting moments, and you can assume I ate, slept and relieved myself like anyone else.

There is not much you need to know about me for this experience to be properly relayed, other than I have always been a very ambitious person and was very successful financially at a young age. Otherwise, I have the usual problems any other person might have. Some might call me socially awkward, though in a few cases my good looks have made up for it. Unfortunately the latter is in large part due to my own vanity.

This story starts at a bus stop. Anyone who has worked their way up to the social elite will tell you, they got there with frugality. In my case, I was not use to taking the bus, but had good reason to try it. There was a bus stop not far from the gated community where I lived, and my car was in the shop due to a minor accident. It was mid-winter, the roads were slick... Still, I make no excuse for my foolish driving.

I arrived early to the bus stop; around 6:30. I intended to get into work before anyone else in order to review a report put together by the management team. I was part owner of a successful business consulting firm, and at 34, was looking for a very early retirement. The report waiting for me at my desk would help determine who would take over my responsibilities, and also give me a better idea about the direction the company was heading. Hopefully I could use it to show justification for my departure to my business partner, who also happened to be my ex-wife. We had ended our marriage amicably enough, and for a while things were going fine at work, but now she was becoming increasingly more difficult to work with.

I must have been waiting at the bus stop for about 10 minutes, when a black van pulled up to where I was standing. It was still dark out, so it took me off guard. Besides, I had been reading the news on my smartphone to keep my mind off the bitter cold, and I wasn't paying attention.

"Excuse me sir, can you help me with some directions?" the driver asked, rolling down the passenger side window-- a slight chuckle in her voice when she saw me jump from being startled.

"Maybe. I'm terrible at giving directions, but my phone might help," I replied, trying to seem helpful.

The van shook a little, and when the driver detected that I had noticed the movement, she looked back and spoke something in Spanish. Shortly thereafter, the van's back doors opened, and 2 men came out from it. I couldn't see them well; they were dressed in black and must have had something covering their heads. The situation took me a while to comprehend, and by the time I realized the men were trouble, all I had time to do was swing wildly at them. The swing caused me to lose balance on the icy sidewalk and I fell hard on my back. My phone fell too, causing it to crack open when it hit the pavement.

For a moment, I struggled with the men who were now on top of me. One of them was trying to knock me out by planting his fist on my jaw, while the other tried to hold me down. Finally, someone I hadn't noticed managed to get behind me. I knew immediately it was over. The strong smell of chemicals emanating from the rag now covering my face made my head spin. I tried not to inhale, but my heart had been pounding, and I needed the oxygen.

That was all I could remember from that morning.

The next thing I remember was waking up in a dark room. It had an overhead flickering light that buzzed loudly. The noise was particularly annoying with the pounding headache I had. My lip felt swollen, and I could taste my own blood. The room was bare, except for a table, and a camera fastened to the ceiling. I was tied up against a wall, and I was beginning to panic. What was happening? Undoubtedly this was too illegal to be a joke. My mind raced at who could possibly be behind this and why.

I wanted to scream. The coward in me wanted more, and I had the urge to wet myself. But I needed to have some level of control over the situation, and managed to keep my composure. So I stared at the camera. Someone was at the other end of it. Maybe my intense stares would somehow scare my captors into surrendering and letting me go.

It seemed to work, because after a moment, the large metallic door across the small room clicked open. A woman walked in. She was beautiful, and I admit it caused me to relax for a minute. Maybe she had made a mistake. But when she talked, I immediately remembered the voice-- she was the driver of the van.

"So, Mr. Scowls has awakened?"

"I'm sorry, do I know you? Who put you up to this? I'm in no mood for-"

"Shut up!" she snapped back. She held up a device she was holding and placed it to my chest. I felt a sharp pain, like a thousand vibrating needles, that reached all the way down to my rib cage. She had electrocuted me with something, and it hurt like hell.

"The less you talk, the less pain you'll receive." She told me, releasing the shock from my chest. Her face was emotionless, but her eyes told me she was serious.

She motioned to someone who must have been waiting at the door. The person who entered caused me to gasp. She too was extremely beautiful, and between them, something didn't add up. I looked back at my captor, and for the first time I was beginning to really notice her. She was a blonde, and looked like she stepped out of a magazine. Her eyes were piercingly blue, and her lips pouting. She was wearing a white lab coat, but it was open, and the shirt and designer jeans under it were tight fitting. Clearly she was in amazing shape, though I could tell she was older, maybe in her 40s. And what appeared to be my captor's assistant was a brunette with green "come hither" eyes. She was wearing ridiculously revealing clothing that showed off her large breasts and long legs. She mustn't have been older than 25.

"Did you bring all of the vials?" asked my captor to her assistant.

"Yup", she replied, opening her hand to reveal 3 vials and a syringe.

"Great. All you need to do is give him the accelerator for the first week, the other one should be administered every morning."

I perked up from hearing this. Every morning? A week? Drugs?

"What are you ..?!" I began, but without looking at me, my captor placed the device that had inflicted pain earlier up to my neck. Her threat was enough to stop me mid-sentence. I inhaled sharply. There was no way I was taking that thing to my throat. Now I was getting really angry. I didn't care how hot these women were, if this was a practical joke, someone just made my shit list. And if it was my ex trying to get back at me for my wandering eye, she had gone too far. I would see to it she would regret this dearly.

Satisfied that I wasn't going to speak, my captor continued to talk to her assistant.

"We'll want to give him the sedative first. I don't want him awake just yet"

My captor took the vial and syringe from her assistant and showed her how to pull the liquid from the vial without getting air trapped in the syringe. I contemplated struggling, but the chains were too tight, and already my wrists were aching from the metal clasps. Part of me was still in denial too. This couldn't really be happening, could it?

The blonde took the syringe and reached up to my arm. "Wait!" I gasped, as she swabbed my arm and quickly plunged the needle in, dispensing the drug. I slumped immediately, but wasn't out completely. It must not have been a strong enough dose.

"See? It's that simple," said the blonde to her assistant.

"Got it. Who is this guy anyway?"

"Oh, just some poor guy we picked up off the street," the blonde chuckled. "We had to drive by a second time, because he looked a little too perfect for what we do here. Turns out I was right. We got his information from his wallet, and not only is he handsome, he's a successful entrepreneur too!"

"Wow. And you're sure we can get away with this?"

"Oh honey, I told you, by the end of this he'll see things OUR way. You're not having second thoughts are you?"

"No way!" the assistant replied enthusiastically. "This is a dream job for me"

The blonde smiled at her assistant's eagerness. "Good. The first few days can be a little strange, but if you're like me, you're gonna really like it."

The blonde handed the syringe to her assistant and then instructed her to administer the remaining drugs so she could supervise that it was done properly.

"Will this drug change his voice?" asked the assistant while she was administering one of the drugs.

The blonde laughed before replying: "No. This will start a second puberty, but it will mostly only affect his dick ...And in a good way," completed the blonde with a smile.

"The other drug will make his body think it needs to reproduce as if the human race depended on it. The two drugs combined lead to some very interesting results," the blonde continued, smiling even more.

The blonde gave the assistant more details on the nature of the drugs and proper dosing, and then turned to leave.

"Oh, I know it's your first day so maybe you didn't believe me, but tomorrow please don't dress so modestly. We want to make sure our men are well teased."

I was still awake when the assistant finished her task and had left. My heart had kept me awake in its panicked state. I was certain now more than ever that I would be experimented on, if not tortured... and from the likes of it, perhaps sexually. My mind couldn't stop thinking of the drug in my veins, and how I wished I could try and suck the vile from my blood and escape undamaged. Was it too late? Did the drugs have permanent side effects? Was this really some freak chance that I was even put in this circumstance -- a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? So many questions entered my now sluggish mind as the sedative worked deeper into my system. I was shortly asleep.

* * *

The next day I awoke unshackled, and highly aroused. The drugs must have taken their course, and I now wondered what my captors did to me while I was out. I was naked, except for an odd belt that strapped around my waist tightly. The belt featured a long tube and frame which engulfed my erect penis, preventing me from touching it, let alone inspecting it. Though I've always had a passion for physical fitness, and was not embarrassed to be seen naked, I was humiliated that I was sporting an erection and that someone had forced this ugly belt on me as if to mock my manhood.

I fiddled with the belt, attempting to remove it; a pulse of fright waved through me as I tugged on it. The belt felt connected to me in some way, as if it was a part of me now... It seemed somehow fused with the nerves in my lower back, and I could feel a deep aching in my spine where the belt was fastened. I reached back to try and feel how the belt was connected, and if I had been operated on. To my relief, I felt nothing, save for perhaps a small tube underneath my skin. Even more curious now, I jumped up and tried to turn my head around far enough to see. The act was senseless, but I was desperate. Unable to see anything, I looked around the room for something to assist me, when I noticed another door. I hadn't noticed it yesterday because I was tied up against the wall the door was on.

I entered the door and found a switch, a light buzzed on. I was in a crude bathroom. A rusted stainless steel toilet was in the corner, and an open shower was in the opposing corner. Next to it, a sink with a small, cracked mirror-- just what I needed! I hunched up on the sink as best as I could and looked back. I didn't notice anything. It looked like an extra wide leather belt, fastened normally in the back. There were no wounds, wires, or gadgets, and I started to wonder if my mind was making things up. I pushed hard on the belt again, intent on removing it, and I immediately felt the consequences. Pain ripped through my lower back, and I arched in anguish, causing me to lose balance on the sink and fall to the sticky ground below.

"Motherfucker!" I yelled out. My curse caused another sharp pain in my back. "What the fu-", another sharp pain. My belt was sensitive to my voice and it was shocking me when I spoke. "Auugh!" I panted, the belt releasing more pain. I got up on all fours and arched my back up trying to shake off the sting, and I waited there a moment. "Those bitches have me collared like a wild dog!" I thought to myself, gritting my teeth. I was hunched in what I figured was urine, and so I didn't spend much more time on my hands and knees. I got up and turned on the water to the shower. It was cold, but the bar of soap looked fresh, so I got in.

The cold shower had helped diffuse my erection only a little, and I was still feeling aroused. I tugged on the tube that was encasing my penis, feeling bolder now that I had showered and was fully awake. The tube was attached firmly to the belt, and looked to be locked on somehow. I wondered briefly if I could break the tube off, but worried about damaging my sensitive goods underneath it.

I was sitting on the table, thinking about how I was going to get through this nightmare, when the door clicked open.

The door opened slowly to reveal the brunette from the day before. Only now the brunette looked beyond stunning. She was wearing a black lacy see-though top that showed off her very large breasts seductively, and a skirt so short, the slightest movement reveled her sheer panties. She was drop dead beautiful.

"Good morning! How are you?" asked the woman, in a cheery voice.

What a ridiculous question. I started to laugh at the absurdity of the gesture. A pain only recently familiar to me now struck me in the back, and I fell to the floor. My laugh must have triggered a shock in my belt.

The woman had a look of horror on her face before starting up again: "Oh right, I forgot you're not allowed to talk..." "Well, I just wanted to bring you something to eat. It looks like shit, but I am told it contains lots of protein!"

She put the tray down, bending over at the waist so her breast could put on a show for me, her top straining to hold in the weight of her firm tits. It was nearly impossible not to look at her, but I needed to get a view of what laid beyond the door so I could start to plan an escape. Through the door I could see a hallway that looked bright, and clean. In fact, it looked like it was wallpapered with an expensive gold and red design. But I only managed a brisk look before my attention was returned fully to the brunette. She smiled at me and left the room.

"She's far too happy to work here," I thought. "And far too sexy"

She was right, the food looked like shit, and I wasn't about to eat it. It smelt like rotting oats and I was convinced it couldn't be good for me. For a while I sat and stared at it, contemplating what it meant that the room beyond my door looked upscale, in what I had previously thought was a dungeon. I decided to wait it out a little longer to see if I could collect more information about my surroundings before attempting an escape.

Eventually, my appetite gave in, and I decided to taste the gruel the brunette delivered to me. It was bland despite the pungent odor, so I finished the bowl clean.

The food was drugged, and I was right not to trust it. I must have passed out, and when I woke up, I was in shackles again. This time I was hanging from the ceiling next to the table. A gag had been tied to my mouth a little too tightly. I felt a cool breeze on my wet penis, and I realized the belt had been removed. I was relieved that the belt was removable, though I now felt more vulnerable in my nakedness. My captor, the blonde woman who started this all, was in the room with the brunette.

The blonde was wearing her lab coat again and had brought with her a bag of tools which she and her assistant laid out on the table next to me. The brunette and the blonde were having a discussion. I tried to listen in, but was only able to make out that there were other assistants in this building. I also got the impression I wasn't the only one they were holding there.

Their attention turned to me once they realized I was awake.

"Look who's awake just in time for his preparations?" The blonde smirked, looking at me. I tried to move in my chains, and yelled, but I was too muffled and tied up to do any good. "Yes, you might as well start your squirming. I suspect your squirming will reach a different kind soon enough," she taunted.

The blonde turned her attention to her assistant, and asked her to give me the last shot before giving her a measuring device. She then looked down at my penis, and I blushed as I realized my erection never really subsided from when I awoke with it this morning. The tip of my penis was dripping precum.

"I can tell the drugs are really working. Let's see by how much."

She then waited for the ruffler to finish the shot, took the odd measuring device from her, and put it around my balls.

"My, already up to an inch increase. Those boys must be working overtime!" The blonde looked especially pleased with herself.

By now the brunette had come around and was biting her lower lip and looking at my throbbing male member. I had to look down to see what was going on. My penis had always been an average size, perhaps with more girth than normal, though I was only estimating based on what I had read from Playboy as a teenager. But now as I looked down, I noticed a visual difference in the size of my penis... most notably my balls. They were definitely fuller.

"Let's see what you can do," the blonde said to her assistant, grabbing my penis and standing up. The brunette positioned herself behind me and took my penis from the blonde, and slowly started to pump. I jerked in my chains from the sudden physical attention, and was stunned at what she was doing.

"Don't forget to massage the goods" the blonde said, demonstrating by slightly tugging on my balls. The brunette took the hint and started to mead them softly with her other hand as she continued pumping. "You should also rub just the tip from time to time, like this." The blonde took over for a second to show how she wanted it done.

I didn't know how much longer I could put up with this treatment; they had only started in for about a minute, and I could already begin to feel the building of an orgasm. In fact, the brunette had just taken back over when my penis started to twitch and I was almost to the point of no return. Sensing this, the brunette stopped.

"Very good,: the blonde commented. "It is imperative that you stop before he comes." "If he has started to let loose, grasp the base of his cock tightly and don't let up." "Always wait for a few minutes before starting back up again."

The two talked briefly about technique, and the brunette started her brutal handjob again. She stopped for the second time right before I could release my fluids. She repeated this process with the blonde watching. The brunette's touch became more and more exciting, and I reached the peak of pleasure quicker and quicker with each session.

After the 5th handjob session, the brunette had only started the first stroke when it was too much-- I began to come. The brunette quickly grabbed the base of my shaft, and held tight in an attempt to stop it. But it didn't matter, my love juices were coming out whether it had her permission or not. After the 4th long spurt, the blonde took over and tried to stop me, but to no avail. I had all but drained myself when my penis held back and stopped spurting its heavy load. It was the longest orgasm of my life, and it was so intense, it hurt a little. I had noticed that some of the cum reached the wall, and was dripping its way down to join a stream of cum on the floor. I couldn't believe that was all mine.

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