tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUnwanted Visitors Ch. 03

Unwanted Visitors Ch. 03


Erin slowly opened her eyes. She was in her own bed but couldn't recall getting there; however, she was just glad she was awake now and no longer having that horrible nightmare. She had no idea what time it was, but it was still dark outside. As her mind began to clear she realized how sore her entire body was. Her tits and nipples were very tender and painful to the touch. Her pussy felt as though it had been in some fucking marathon and was extremely sore. She then heard men laughing downstairs. She bolted upright in the bed and thought OH SHIT, IT WASN'T A DREAM. She was the unwitting star in a gang bang. She blushed in the dark remembering how her body had responded to them. And to make matters worse, it was on all tape! What the hell am I going to do she thought? Who the hell is going to believe that I was taken against my will when they see that tape?

She was lost in her own thoughts and didn't even hear someone enter the room. "I figured you would be awake by now." Frank told her. She quickly took the sheet and covered her exposed tits.

He just laughed at her and said, "Come on now, after what we have been through you still are trying to hide that gorgeous body from me?" He yelled downstairs and told Dale, Dave and Mark that their slave slut was awake and to come up to the bedroom.

"Are you ready for the next scene slut?"

"Please just leave. I promise I won't tell anyone, just leave me alone."

"Well, we already know that don't we slut?" He flipped the TV on and there she was leaning over, her hands against the wall, her huge tits swinging wildly as Frank was driving his gigantic cock in and out of her pussy lifting her legs up off the ground with each forceful thrust. She could hear herself saying "Fuck yes, oh fuck yes" over and over again. Her face turned crimson and she covered her ears to try and block the sounds of their lustful fucking. And to add to her degradation even more, she could feel her pussy getting damp despite herself. The tape was actually turning her on. She felt so ashamed. She wanted them to desperately leave, but buried deep inside her she did wonder what they had in store for her. How could her body betray her so?

Frank laughed sensing her dilemma. "Remember I told you that shot only brings to the surface ones' true sexuality. You, my dear, are a nympho. And by the end of the weekend you will crave to be someone's slave slut."

She defiantly shook her head. "NO!" she screamed. "It was the shot you gave me."

He nodded his head toward the TV where he was still banging the shit out her and said, "Well slut that shot had already worn off by the time I gave you that hard fucking. This was all you at this point. As I said before, you are a nympho; we just helped you discover that. You will now crave and want sex all the time."

Erin kept shaking her head no, but had a horrible feeing he was speaking the truth. Again, she tried pleading, "Please just leave. I don't want a life like this." she said.

Again, he laughed. "Oh yes you do, you just don't want to admit it openly at the moment slut. We will have this conversation again and I promise you, you will be singing a different tune by the end of the weekend."

The other men entered the room. She tried bolting from the bed but was quickly pinned down by Frank. Tears streaming down her face she thought no not again. Her body already felt bruised and abused, how the hell is she going to take another fucking? She had no idea that the men were about to abuse that beautiful virgin ass of hers.

Frank released her and Erin just laid there on her back unmoving, her chest heaving up and down. Leaning over he took his tongue and flickered over each of her large nipples and aeroles teasing them. Her nipples immediately hardened and protruded and her aeroles tighten up and got goose pimples all over them. Erin tried to fight the sensation forcing her mind to think about anything but her nipples getting aroused. Dale pulled her legs apart and slid back her outer lips of her pussy and started flicking his tongue around her wet slit dipping into her soaked pussy. Erin's body withered in delight. He pulled the hood back on her clitoris totally exposing her clit and starting rubbing it with his thumb. That was all it took, her body shuddered with pleasure. She moaned loudly and thought what the fuck and gave in, yet again, to her body.

Frank started sucking and biting hard on her left nipple while he roughly twisted and pulled on her right tit. Erin groaned in pain but didn't do anything to try and stop him. Dale started sucking on her inner pussy lips pulling them out from Erin's body forcing the blood flow into them. Erin's clit was now large and swollen from the continual flicking from his fingers. She withered in the bed allowing her body to be enthralled with the sexual feelings of pain and pleasure. As if on que, they both stopped abruptly. She moaned loudly and whimpered, "Don't stop."

"Ah, but we have other plans for you now. We just wanted to get you good and relaxed. Are you our slut Erin? You willing to do anything for us?" Frank asked.

She so badly wanted to say no, but again her body was on fire and she quickly gave way to it. "Yes, I am your slut." she responded. Her eyes were closed and she was tweaking her own nipples and fingering herself. "Please give me some relief." she begged.

Frank leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Oh we plan too. We are going to fuck you in the ass. I will start by sticking my fingers deep into your anus and rectum. Then Dave will start with a slow but painful fucking of your anal tract. You will be forced to take his 8" plus. Once he manages to stretch you open, he will begin to forcefully fuck you until he shoots his hot load deep in your asshole. And once Dave gets through, your ass will be stretched by Dale, followed by Mark, and your last hard fuck in your ass will be by me. You should appreciate that we are going by size to give your ass time enough to stretch."

Erin's eyes flew open and she tried to get out the bed, but Frank easily held as though she were a rag doll.

"No, not my ass, no one has ever done that to me before. You will tear me open." Tears were streaming down her face. She begged again, "Please anything but that."

Frank simply laughed and said, "Do you think we would turn down the big bucks for a virgin ass fucking? Besides, slut, after a few minutes, you will enjoy it."

He flipped Erin over so she was lying face down in the bed. She was terrified as to what was about to happen. Through tearful eyes she again begged for them not to do this. "Fuck my pussy, but not my asshole." she kept saying.

"Don't worry slut, your pussy will still get abused, but a bit later. Right now, we want that virgin asshole." Frank said.

Someone pulled Erin's arms above her head and tied each wrist with rope and fastened them to the bed post forcing her arms in the shape of a V. Frank lifted her up by her stomach until she was on her knees. He tied a rope around a thigh and pulled tightly on it securing it to the bottom of the bed. He then went around to the other side of the bed and took her other thigh and starting pulling on it forcing Erin's legs wide open and pushing her ass up in the air. She could feel her pussy and ass being spread open as the cool air hit them. "Please stop, you are spreading them too far." she whimpered. She knew how exposed and vulnerable she was but could do nothing about it.

To emphasize that point, Frank rubbed his hand up and down the crack of her ass and between her swollen pussy lips. He immediately felt her wetness and laughed. She blushed in shame. To add to her humiliation, he started roughly fingering her and pulling on her puffy clit, she moaned in pleasure.

"Now, it is time to open that cute ass hole of yours. I am going to finger you first with one finger and stretch you take three fingers. The pain will be intense, but remember your ass has to stretch very wide to take my huge cock."

Erin shivered has his hand moved to the crack of her ass toward her puckering anus. She tried to clinch her checks together, but the bondage of the ropes prevented her from doing so. She gasped when she felt his finger touch her puckering hole. She tried squirming her ass to move his finger away from her anal opening, but he just kept moving his finger following her movements.

His finger pushed in, forcefully prying against her anal sphincter. Erin moaned as the pressure increased and suddenly her tight anus opened to his finger. He continued to forcefully push his finger deep inside her anal track.

"Ahhhhhhh, please stop. I can't do this. It hurts too much." she pleaded yet again.

He pulled his finger out and got a bottle of baby oil and poured it all over her exposed ass. She felt it run down the crack of her ass to her pussy. He took his hands again and ran up and down her crack toward her pussy. He heard her intake of breath and knew her pussy was probably dripping wet. He roughly fingered her wet cunt again making her groan in pleasure and secrete even more of her pussy juices. He could see her cute puckering anus open a bit as he continued to push three fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.

Erin moaned loudly. Give in she told herself, this feels too damn good as she felt Frank's large fingers spread her tender pussy and start fingering her. Her body relaxed a bit and she even began to enjoy the feeling of the cool air on her ass hole. She felt Frank pull her ass checks apart, but this time she tried to remain relaxed. He pushed his oiled finger quickly and deeply into Erin's clenching anus. His finger began to probe her tender virgin channel. She moaned but stayed relaxed as his finger burrowed deep in her rectum. He withdrew the finger and plunged two fingers into her stretching her anal opening wide. Her body shuddered from the cruel invasion and Erin gasped in pain. "Take them out, it hurts too much."

Frank ignoring her, continued to explore the insides of her rectum. He suddenly stopped and kept both fingers buried deep inside her ass. Erin trembled in pain and waited for the unavoidable next step in the horrid process. She then felt his fingers opening deep inside her forcing her rectal walls to stretch. She screamed in pain, but Frank's fingers continued their merciless stretching. Her breathing became shallow as she felt Frank pull his fingers out stretching her as he withdrew. He got to her sphincter and closed his fingers together but then quickly opened them again enlarging her anal opening. Erin shuddered in pain. He repeated this process about 4 more times forcing her anal opening wider than the previous stretch. Erin had never felt such pain before; she thought her pussy had taken an abuse. That was nothing compared to what was happening to her now.

With the last stretch, Frank just held his fingers in place forcing Erin's asshole to remain open and exposed. "Ok Dave, I think I have loosened her up a bit for you. I think I got her to about 1 ½ inches so your hard cock will have to finish the stretching."

With that Erin wailed, "PLEASE NO! I can't take anything bigger, it hurts too much." Her ass was already aching and burning from the finger abuse she had gotten from Frank. How the hell was she going to handle Dave's cock?

Frank poured more baby oil on her ass as Dave came into the picture with his hard cock ready to go for some ass pounding fun. "Try to relax or else it will rip up your anal tract." he told her.

Erin groaned and her body shuddered as she felt Dave force his cock slowing into her ass. Her body twitched in pain and she felt her bowels twinge and throb as it was forced to take Dave's huge cock deep in her rectum. He eased back out and than plunged back in. She withered underneath him trying to escape his huge cock as it slid deep inside her rectum unaware that he was only half-way in at this point.

"I'm going to force the rest of my cock deep into your ass now and begin to forcefully fuck you."

Erin screamed out in pain as each thrust was pushing deeper into her anal canal. Erin thought it would never end feeling her ass burn as his cock opened her ass hole even further. She cried out and her body twitched in pain with each stoke of his cock. Her head shot up and her back arched up in pain as his entire 8" finally hit home. Her body went rigid as he starting viciously plowing his cock deep inside her. Erin had never felt such agony and she begged and pleaded for Dave to stop. But he just relentlessly continued plowing his entire 8" in and out of her ass. Her ass farted and made obscene noises which brought her even more shame as to what was happening to her.

Dave grabbed her hips and began gut-wrenching thrusts deep into her rectum, watching her stretched anus grip his cock with each thrust. It felt sooooo damn good as his balls smacked against her ass. His hands then reached under her ass and began to rub her wet pussy. He pulled on her already swollen clit and began to pinch it, forcing a groan from Erin. "I'm going to make you cum slut."

Erin began to feel the change in her body as his fingers continued to masturbate her. Even with the steady hammering of his cock deep in ass, her body began reacting to the constant teasing of his fingers on her pussy and clit. She began fucking him back by meeting each of Dave's forceful thrusts by jerking her hips back forcing his enormous cock even deeper into her rectal walls. She grunted and groaned as her bowels continued to cramp and throb. Her body shuddered now in delight and pain. She instinctively starting clinching her pussy to intensive the arousal she was getting from his drumming fingers. With each clinch she was milking Dave's cock buried deep in her ass. They both moaned in delight.

Again, as before, the pain was turning her on. She was beginning to enjoy the torment her ass was under going, especially with her pussy and clit being constantly teased. She threw her head back as she began to feel the first contractions of an orgasm. She rammed back against Dave's cock driving it deep into her ass. She felt his cock swell stretching her anal canal as he began to cum deep inside her. Her entire body shuddered with ecstasy as she climaxed sending her pussy and clit into convulsions. She let out a deep scream as he shot a mammoth amount of cum deep in her clutching rectum. She felt her ass quickly fill with the hot cum. Dave shuddered as his cock got one final milking from her clutching ass. Pussy juice poured from Erin's throbbing pussy running down her legs onto the bed. Dave pulled his spent cock out her ass and the camera quickly got a close up of her gaping asshole and Dave's cum slowing seeping out running down to her pussy mixing with her own cum.

Erin's climax finally subsided and she enjoyed the last few spasms of her pussy forcing the last of her cum out of her. Her body had betrayed her yet again, but she really didn't give a fuck anymore. She felt like a dirty whore eagerly awaiting her next client totally unaware that she had provocatively started swaying her ass showing off her gaping hole.

Frank laughed and said, "You are one dirty slut Erin. Guess you are ready for another huge cock. Well, you still have 3 more to go!"

Frank united Erin's wrists and thighs, knowing that her body was controlling her and she would now be a very willing partner and would readily do whatever was asked of her. "Move to the bottom of the bed corner and get on your elbows and stick that lovely ass up in the air." he instructed her. He was right, she readily complied. Within moments, she was on her knees with her legs spread apart resting on her elbows. Her asshole was beginning to close up but still had the last of Dave's cum slowly seeping out. With this position, she could easily take a cock up her ass and do a face fuck at the same time.

Erin had given up trying to convince herself that she wanted these lewd men to leave her house. She had, instead, given in to the fact that her body demanded and even craved rough, vulgar sex. She wanted these men to use her. Her entire body was an inferno and felt as though it had thousands of tiny needles pulsating all over her skin. Her pussy throbbed as she felt the blood still rushing to it after the climax. Even though her ass was on fire and hurt like hell, she couldn't wait till it got pounded again. She desperately wanted to be relieved of these sexual desires and prayed that it was still the shot that was having this affect on her.

Dale came up behind her and started rubbing his hard cock up and down the crack of her ass. His cock was about the same in length as Dave, but he was much thicker. Erin momentarily clinched her ass together, dreading the pain she knew she was about to feel brought her back to reality for a moment. "Please don't. My asshole hurts too much." she begged.

"Slut, you should know by now, that pain brings you sexual pleasure and besides, my cock is only about an inch bigger in circumference than Dave's cock. If I were you, I would be more concerned when Frank plunges his cock into that asshole of yours." he told her.

He reached under her exposed ass and starting roughly fingering her with three of his fat fingers spreading her pussy wide open. Erin immediately moaned in pleasure and forgetting about her sore ass started pushing herself back onto his fingers forcing them deeper into her wet throbbing pussy. She started rotating her hips enhancing the feeling of his fingers deep in her vagina pushing her ass even more up into the air. With her ass now even more exposed, Dale took his massive head of his cock and pieced her anal opening. Erin screamed as her sphincter again stretched well beyond anything it ever had before. He continued to slowly push his gigantic cock into her ass. Erin greeted her teeth and tried to relax as she felt the pressure of his cock moving deeper inside her anal track. It hurt so badly, yet she found herself pushing against his huge cock helping it move deep inside her bowels. Her stomach starting cramping again, but it was like she had one goal -- to feel his balls against her ass.

Dale moaned in pleasure has he felt her ass clinch his massive cock milking it as it slowing made its way into her anal passage. He felt her pushing back on him forcing him deeper into her ass. With one final push, his balls slapped against her ass. Erin groaned in pain but felt satisfaction knowing he had his entire cock deep in her ass hole. The pressure she felt deep inside her was indescribable and her asshole burned with intense pain, but oh damn did she love that feeling.

Dale kept his massive cock buried deep in Erin's ass and began to roughly finger her again knowing the reaction he would get. She immediately moaned in pleasure and started clinching and unclenching her pussy around his fingers to increase the feeling deep in her pussy. He groaned in pleasure as her asshole massaged his huge cock due to the clinching. She too felt her asshole tighten up around his cock which only intensified the pain and pleasure her asshole was enduring. "Fuck yes, this feels so fucking good!" she exclaimed.

Dale slid his cock out of her asshole and immediately slammed his entire cock again deep inside her. She screamed out in pain, but didn't try to force him out of her ass. With his next thrust, Erin pushed her hips back meeting his powerful plunges. It was like she was being driven not to be outdone by him and vowed to herself that she would continue to meet each forceful thrust with her hips. She grunted and groaned through gritted teeth as her hips continued to meet each of Dales' forceful strokes in her ass. She loved the feeling of his balls slapping against her ass. "Awwwwwwwww, yes!" she yelled.

She was so enthralled with her ass pounding, that she was taken by surprise when Mark stuck his hard wet cock up against her lips and instructed her to suck. She greedily opened her mouth and started rotating her tongue over his huge head. He pushed his head into her mouth and moaned in pleasure as Erin began to eagerly suck on it still flickering her tongue around the head. What a pro she is turning out to be he thought.

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