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Unwilling Sodomy


Persons and situations are all fictional. All feedback is welcome. Thank you.

Let me start by saying this: I am not gay. I don’t have anything against it, it is just that I am not. Nevertheless, I got to learn everything about gay sex through a series of incidents. Unwilling but unaible to avoid it, I got to experience gay sex many times in my early adult life. This is the first of those incidents. I am going to tell you about how I got my ass fucked apart for the first time, by my best friend…

Chapter one: The first sodomy.

I was only seventeen when I first went to the university. Alone in the unknown city, I was desperately in need of friends. That was when I met Panos. Two years older than me, he was a normaly built guy with black hair and light beard and very nice face. We immediately became best friends and spent most of our time together since we did not have girlfriends. Interested in computers and music, we never even talked about sex. I always thought he was straight as hell.

Then came my birthday. It was an early June evening and Panos had prepared a small party for me at his place since I would not be allowed in a club. Not only was I a minor, I also looked very-very young. With a round baby face framed by black silky hair and a plum but well shaped body, I looked hardly sixteen. I would never be allowed to drink anything. So, a gathering took place at Panos place downtown…

The party was really nice and we drank quite a lot until about four in the morning when we broke the party up. I was dizzy and a long way from home, so Panos suggested I should spend the night there. I accepted and asked where I would sleep. He said that his monster bed was enough for both of us. He started taking his clothes off and soon had nothing on but his boxers. I did not find that strange, since it was a really hot night. His almost nude body made me feel awkward though.

“ Come on Angele, get comfy!” he said with a smile and hoped on the bed. I soon followed and got in my side of the bed with only my boxers on too. We started to zap through channels, and came across a flick where a young boy was getting fucked in the ass by its teacher. At that point, the teacher was really fucking the kids brains out, a sight that made me fell a bit strange.

I turned to Panos and saw his erect cock straining under thefabric of his boxers. His hand was slowly caressing it over the garment, eyes fixed on the TV set. Blashing I also turned to the screen, only to see the boy get a huge teacher load on his young face. I turned back to Panos again but this time his eyes were fixed on my face. I looked down and I saw he had taken his cock out!It was throbbing, of normal length but very thick. Veins were running along the shaft and a big purple cockhead crowned it, making it look impressive.

I never thought I would have any sexual contact with a man, let alone with my best friend. Stunned though, I could not take my eyes off it. Just the sight of it, caused the ring of my ass to contract, in an unconsiousself protective reflex. Panos took my right hand and guided to his cock. Mesmerized by the sight I did not realize it until I had actually grapped the shaft offered. It was hot and hard, much like a heated steel rod. Excited by the situation, I started stroking his cock. I had never given a handjob before but I thought I might as well relief my buddy. My hand went up and down his cock with rising speed. Panos started to moan and grunt while I was also getting hard.

Just as I thought he was to cum in my hand, Panos got out of the bed. He walked around to my side and stood there in front of me, holding his monster towards me. With his other hand, he grabbed my hair and lifted me to a seated position on the edge of the bed. His cockhead was only inches from my lips and was oozing with precum.

“ Suck me dry, Angele” said Panos, pushing his rod to my lips. Reflexively I tried to avoid it. Giving a handjob was one thing, but taking a cock in my mouth was completely another. “ Please Panos, I don’t want to” I pleaded, but his look showed he would shove it in my mouth even if he had to kill me first. His answer was a hard slap on my face. “ Blow my cock now bitch or I’ll kill you with my bare hands!” he demanded and pushed his cock to my lips again. I knew I could not avoid it. He was much stronger than I was and had a hard on he would kill to get relieved. Hesitating, I took my tounge out and licked his cochead. His precum was neutral in taste but had an exciting smell. I licked his pee hole and then managed to take the whole cockhead in my mouth. Just then, Panos grabbed my ears and shoved his whole shaft in my mouth. He could not wait anymore and decided to fuck my mouth. His pole reached the back of my virgin throat gagging me. But he did not allow me to breath. He kept going in and out, holding my head steady with his strong hands. After mouth fucking me for five minutes or so, he pulled out and started jacking his cock furiously inches from my still gaping mouth. After only a few strokes the first shot of cum hit me on the nose. “ take it on your baby face, faggot” he screamed.

The next shots filled my poor mouth with Panos cum. Not knowing what to do with it, I shallowed. It had a pleasant sweet taste, but I did not like the experience anyway. After I had been made to lick his cock clean, Panos pulled me up and ordered me to take my boxers off. Trembling I obeyed. I stood there, my cock still limp, and Panos started to play with my butt. “ Show me your asshole whore”, he demanded. I knew he wanted to fuck me up the ass. His cock was getting hard again and I could not do anything about it. “ Bend over and grab your ankles, angele” he said with a strict voice. I did as told and soon was bent down, still standing, with my virginal asshole exposed to the cock of the savage fucker. I could feel the air hitting the inside of my rectum. And then, I felt him grabbing my left asscheek. He pulled it violently to the left and inserted his right middle finger in my asshole. I let out a little grunt, as the unlubed digit entered my extremely tight ring. He started probing with it, in and out, ignorant of my pleas for him to stop. He slapped my ass with his free hand and then inserted his index finger in my hole as well. The torture became worse with that. He kept going in and out trying to stretch my ring for the coming invasion.

A few minute and a third digit later, Panos pulled his fingers out. “ Get on the bed Angele, I will fuck you senseless” “ Please, Panos, we are supposed to be friends…” “ Shut the fuck up and get on all fours. “ Getting pushed around by an infuriated Panos, I fell on the bed face first. “ Stick your ass up, sweetheart” he said ominously. Reluctantly, I got on all fours facing the TV, where a cop was teching a young prisoner the art of sodomy. Panos also got on the bed, kneeling behind me. He gave me a pillow to put under my elbows so I was in the right position and grabbed my asscheeks.

He pulled the globes of my round hairless ass apart and stayed there still for a second, admiring the view. “ Your ass will never be the same again” he said spitting some saliva in the crack of my still virgin ass. He took his right hand of my ass, spit some saliva on it too and coated his rod with it. He placed the tip of his cock at my entrance and started pushing. The pain was bad and it would get worse. In a futile attempt to avoid the coming sodomy, I threw my self forward but he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me toward his pole that was still touching my tender anus.

The pull caused the cockhead to pop into my rectum at once. I screamed in pain, but he kept the invasion of my rectum on. “ I am fucking you raw Angele, and you are enjoying it!” “ Aaaaargh, God, please stoooop, unhhhh” “ Your ass is mine now young boy” “ Get out it hurts!” He didn’t. Inch after inch his flaming spear ripped my rectum. It hurt like hell until he stopped. It was all in, I was impaled.

I could not breath. The feeling was so deep I thought he would come out through my throat. He then pulled out until only the head was in and shoved it again rapidly. I squealed like a wounded animal and tears started rolling down my cheeks. He grabbed my shoulders and started increasing his pace. This had nothing to do with love or even fucking. This was pure torture.

Meanwhile, his hitting my prostate had made my cock rock hard as well. I was not even enjoying myself, but this was purely organic. The intense fucking lasted a lot, quite a lot. After a while I stopped even making a sound. That turned him on even more. “ So you love it, don’t you Angele?” he hissed. “ I am making a man out of you baby. I wanted to do this ever since I met you. And now I am finally ripping you apart”

Suddenly he pulled out of my torn ass and turned me around on the bed. He straddled me on the chest pointed on my tarfilled face and started cuming like a river. “ This is my present for your birthday” he grunted as he kept shooting on my face. “ Take it as a man. “

After he finished, my face was completely covered. He laughed, took out a camera and took pictures of my cum soaked face and my ripped ass. “ Just a souvenir for personal use” he laughed…

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I know he was raped but it happens.
Also many men who think they are straight prefer when the main character gets raped. They can enjoy reading such story without feeling of guilt.

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by tlb141407/25/17


i was raped by 4 black guys it hurt for awhile then i became the bitch they wanted and i loved it

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