tagSci-Fi & FantasyUp in Smoke

Up in Smoke


Trypp walked towards the back room where his uncle kept the machine that would safely extract his extremely magical blood, as did his mate Reno. She didn't trust the necromancer with her beloved Trypp, even if he was Trypp's biological uncle. As she went in the back her mind flashed pictures of shiny things around the uncles shop, and she remembered what happened to the thief when they came in. Not really wanting her kleptomaniac little sister turned into a rat she stuck her head back through the curtain.

"Star!" Stars head shot up, she had been half hanging on the glass counter with her head down to look it all the shiny things in the case.

"Huh?" the youngest sister of just 18 responded, having been startled from a transfixed gaze at all of the bobbles and nicknacks in the shop.

"Don't, and I mean do not touch anything, you understand?"

Star she knew was a bit of a kleptomaniac, even though she really couldn't help it, Reno wasn't about to take the chance with the ancient necromancer. "I wont, jeez." Star rolled her eyes.

Trypp's uncle looked back into the shop, his jaw half rotted away he spoke very strangely, like he was talking from inside a tin can. His voice was very serious when he rang out. "Especially that lamp!" He went then into the back to retrieve his payment for the spell cast for Trypp and his group of friends.

Star looked around the shop. "lamp?" she wondered.

Her huge blue eyes scanned everywhere for a shinny lamp. What was so damn fantastic about a lamp that made it so she couldn't touch it? She wondered. Star was only four feet tall, her mother was a wild elf, her father a catree, a wild elf would normally grow to just over five feet, but a catree? Now they never grew past four and a half feet, and that was really tall.

Star was a whopping four feet tall at eighteen, it sucked. Having to go to school all those years with humans, they would tease her incessantly about being five years old, which of course, if you looked at how her body developed, she wasn't.

She sighed, not seeing anything like a shiny lamp. Then she saw it, an old "Aladdin Style" lamp. An oil lamp from way, way back when, but it was nowhere near bright or shiny. As a matter of fact, it was downright crusty.

Star went to it, watching the rest of their group as she meandered towards what she was specifically told to leave alone. There were words on it, just around the foot of the base. She could make out a few letters but not enough to put together what it said.

Star sighed, she wasn't allowed to touch it, but maybe, just maybe she thought, then blew on it hard as she could in an attempt to blow away the sooty dirt that caked it. To her chagrin the dirt remained and didn't even show her any new letters.

Her being a catree she was cursed with the curious nature of the cat. Being a wild elf didn't help, other then they weren't furry, they were so close to catree's, other races often mistook them for one another.

Star laid her ears back to listen to the necromancer grouch in the back room. He was still draining Trypp for all he could get. "cant touch, cant touch" she thought over and over. Then her curious and deceptively devious mind came up with a solution. Star pulled a paint brush from her belly pouch and brushed at the dirt. She wasn't touching it! The paint brush was. But to no avail, the dirt stubbornly stuck in the lettering. Star sighed and glared at the offending dirt.

"Really?" she growled.

Then she grinned again. She licked the paintbrush and stabbed the tip of it into the lettering, making tiny swirling motions within the line of letters, then it began to come clean. A large grin swept across her lips as she could now read the lettering, not noticing the ichor black smoke wafting from the pour spout of the lamp.

"Beware all ye who rub this lamp for the curse of greed shall doom you forever." she read aloud to herself.

She hmmphed and stood up straight, then and only then did she notice the smoke. Star gasped and took two or three steps back just as the uncle came from the back room, he bellowed. "Oh gods damn it! I told you not to touch it!"

Star shot out a panicked "I'm sorry!"

As he walked over to the table the lamp stood on, smoke still wafting from the spout, as if it had a full bag of charcoal inside burning.

Star went defensive and sputtered. "But I didn't touch it I used a paint brush!"

He glowered at her, "Did you get your DNA on it?"

She was just sure she was going to be turned into a rat and curled her shoulders to her chin in defense. She tilted her head cocking a brow at him as one side of her lip curled. "Huh? My what?!" wondering why that would matter.

"Your DNA? Skin, spit, anything like that?"

Meekly she half whispered. "Well, I licked the brush..." She held the now dusty brush up for him to see.

The half dead man sighed loudly, "Fine, he is your problem now, not mine." then he marched away still speaking. "His name is Lumin, and he's being dramatic because there's females here, ridiculous sort he is."

Star watched the necromancer go back into the back and heard him tell Trypp, in an annoyed voice. "You know how to lock up, I'll be in my laboratory."

Trypp knew he was going to use the new blood to rejuvenate his body back to a living state, which was going to take him a while. "Alright..."

Star looked from the back room door to the lamp. "Lumin?" she couldn't understand how a person could be smoke.

Shortly a man appeared where the smoke had been compiling. He wasn't tall at all and looked rather like a boy, Star was just overjoyed he was like her, short. Four foot eight short.

She nearly squealed in delight as he bowed and kissed her fingertips. "Lumin, and I am at your service lovely lady Star, just to know though, I cannot resurrect, or make anyone fall in love, as well, killing people is so very out of the question. Other then that beautiful one, I am at your service."

Star blinked several times and repeatedly to him.

Reno laughed. "A djinn, wonderful."

Trypp scowled. "Yeah, and the second he grants her last wish she will get sucked up into that lamp to take his place."

Star wasn't listening to them. Lumin had all her attention, he was so roguish he was charming, long gossamer like white hair laid on his shoulders, framing his doll like round face perfectly. His eyes were the color of sapphires, and every bit as shiny. His skin was pale, but that was to figure as he did after all live in a lamp.

Lumin kissed her hand, locking her eyes onto his.

As Star faded into a vision he stepped in close to her, so that he could smell her wonderful perfume. Star watched as the boy Lumin was crouching in a tree, overlooking a thoroughfare in what looked like a Moroccan marketplace. As a man wearing all black rode by on a big black horse Lumin dropped, swinging out and snagging the lamp off the mans saddle, then back up into the tree. He curled his body around the lamp, hiding himself in the hollow Y of the trunk as the man searched for his lamp.

When night fell Lumin jumped from the tree and ran from town. When he reached the desert and a good cover of large rocks he started polishing the lamp. When the tall dark djinn slithered out in an inky cloud. Lumin gasped, having expected exactly what he was seeing yet not ready for how quickly his heart would race.

The djinn looked down his long hooked nose at the young thief. "I cannot bring life to the dead as I shall not kill anyone for you, I can simply not make anyone fall in love, so knowing this what is your first wish Sire?"

Lumin grinned. "I know exactly what I want, and I want it now. I want to never go hungry again." He looked around, nothing happened.

He looked at the bored looking djinn, shrugged and kept asking. "I also want to be able to know exactly what my opponent is going to do, before they do it, and I want to be immortal!"

The djinn sighed and asked in a rather bored voice. "Are those your wishes?"

"Yes those are my three wishes."

The djinn swept some sort of invisible dirt from his chest, not looking at Lumin at all, then sighed, folded his hands behind his back and walked away!

Lumin was flabbergasted, and started to call for the djinn, but as he opened his mouth to yell he felt an odd tugging on his body, and was promptly sucked into the lamp, its new prisoner.

That was over a five hundred years hence.

Star blinked, returning from the vision to find Lumin's face right in front of hers. She stared into his eyes, her own wide as saucers as her breath caught in her throat, along with her voice.

Lumin inhaled, still taking in her scent as his hands swept over her curvy hips. "You are definitely the most beautiful person to have ever woken me from my slumber."

She gasped as he kissed her deeply, and smoke formed about them, obscuring them from the others in the shop. Star's head fell back as he nibbled on her neck, tracing her jawline with tiny butterfly kisses. She gasped as his hands cupped her small round ass, pulling her up into his embrace, kissing her relentlessly as her body began to shudder, tingle as every touch caused a new sensation. No one ever touched her this way, everyone always thought she was a little girl, so she had never ever had anyone even so much as kiss her save her parents to say goodnight or they loved her. Her body fairly melted into his hands, as she lost touch with the real world. All it was to her now was the ethereal place he took her too as her head spun in every angle possible. Star had never felt anything like it save perhaps a drunken case of bed spins.

Her breath caught in a squeak as his fingers touched down on her pulsing clit, sharp gasp after sharp gasp was all she could manage as he laid her back, twiddling her clit like the strings of a tiny harp. Star began to cry, dry sobbing as her head reeled and her body convulsed, her first male induced orgasm was nearly too much for her emotional state.

Lumin whispered in her ear as he nibbled on her lobe. "I'm here to please you, what is your first wish?"

She shook her head 'no' as she rode her orgasm and his fingers to the next one. Lumin fairly purred to her, and somewhere in her mind she realized she was now naked, but she didn't care. The feel of his silken flesh against hers was amazing, tingly and made her feel like a real woman. She didn't want to talk about wishes, she was in the midst of having one fulfilled. Star felt Lumin's hands pull her up, slide her back just a bit as his member rubbed against her tormentingly sensitive lips.

He ran his cock over her clit, dry humping her, spreading her lips with his girth as he got her body used to the size of his shaft. First on the outside, then when he was wet enough along his entirety, he kissed her deeper, diving his tongue into her mouth as he lapped up the tiny scream she emitted as his member dove deeply into her spasming pussy. His hands continued to massage her flexing gluts as he stroked gently, slowly into her now dripping passage, causing her to break out in a steady deeply rooted purr mixed with the breathtaking sound of her gasps.

Stars legs instinctively pulled up along his sides, allowing him even greater access to her interior, and her heart. Her fingers spread on his back as her head rolled to one side, allowing him to kiss and nibble on her neck once more.

In a quivering voice she near whispered, "oh Gods, it feels so good!"

His rhythm was maddening, inwards stroke, flex, out-stroke, in stroke, flex, over and over again. Her tears came then as she rode a wave of never ending pleasure. She was no longer just Star, Reno's baby sister, she was Star, the woman, and she loved it, her heart instantly fell deeply and irrevocably in love with Lumin.

Lumin felt this from her, his own empathy beyond compare. This made him smile, and stroke deeply harder into her, causing again a spraying of her juices to burn over the base of his shaft and swinging balls.

Stars head fell back, she was upside down, crying out in ecstasy as he rose to his hands, so that he could watch her lovely face when he shared with her the emotions she caused within him. Her fingers spread over his hairless well muscled chest, gripping then large fist fulls of silken flesh, kneading the tissue in her hands as she tried to weather the storm that was raging between her legs and in her chest. As she came with a scream Lumin pushed deep within her, just as her peek hit, he forced it to rage further, extending the ride with his own injection of heated fluids.

As he throbbed to calm he pulled her into his chest, cupping the back of her head in his palm as he rocked her near unconscious body in his lap. "Your so beautiful," he whispered.

"your so amazing.. can I keep you?" she moaned lightly.

He grinned and kissed her softly, deeply, then whispered within the kiss. "As long as you don't lose me, its forever."

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