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I catch sight of you first thing, following you into the crowded elevator and watching you press the button for the top floor. You smile at me as I step past you, to stand at the back of the car. Then as others get in, you find yourself pressed against me.

As the elevator ascends, I move closer to you...so close I can smell your perfume and see your breasts rise and fall as your breathing gets quicker. You feel my hand against your leg and it startles you. You try to ignore it, but you're feeling self conscious in the small enclosure.

You put both hands behind you trying to gently push yourself away from me, but you accidentally press against my slacks and feel my hardness pressing back. My hand easily encircles your wrists, and I hold both hands in a firm grip, pulling them harder against me, letting you feel me grow.

My other hand brushes your thigh, then slides up slowly, under your short dress. I look over your shoulder and see your nipples straining against the fabric as my fingers discover you're wearing no panties. I lightly stroke your bottom, then move my hand around to the front.

The elevator dings and the doors open. A few passengers step off. We're still crowded in the corner and unnoticed.

You gasp as my fingers brush your clit. I dip into your wetness and rub small circles around the hard nub. Your hands are gripping, squeezing my cock through my pants. Your hips are moving against my hand. You're not sure whether to be frightened or aroused.

The elevator makes several stops, thinning the crowd every time the doors open. Two floors from your original destination, we find ourselves alone. I walk you slowly to the door, and use my free hand to flip the run button to stop. The alarm bell sounds until I punch the alarm button twice to disconnect it.

I take your wrists in my hands and raise your arms over your head, then hold both wrists again in one hand. You're facing me now and I have you pinned against the cool elevator wall. I lean in for a kiss, but you turn your head. I let your wrists go and you put both palms against my shoulders, pushing me away. But my body is pressing you against the wall.

As you struggle, I unbutton the dress and pull it over your shoulders and down, pinning your arms to your sides. Your breasts are heaving and your nipples are hard. I lower my mouth to your breast, tonguing your nipple and sucking it between my lips. Your breath is coming even faster now as I switch to the other nipple, scissoring it between my teeth.

I turn you around and press your body against the smooth elevator wall, your nipples rubbing the shiny metal surface. You hear my zipper, then the heat of my cock against your ass. I slap the head against your clit, then rub it slowly to tease you and spread your juice over it.

Your cheek is pressing against the wall as I enter you, slowly at first, getting a feel for the tightness of your pussy. Then faster, driving my hips against you, pressing my cock in you as deep as it will go. My hands hold your breasts, working the nipples as you feel me slide in and out. Your ass begins to move against me, thrusting back. I can tell from your cries that you're nearing climax…and I pull out quickly.

You're almost panting, hips still pushing back trying to make contact. I pull you away from the wall, laying you down on your back on the carpeted floor. Then I lower myself on top of you.

This time you don't turn your head. You accept my kiss and press your tongue inside my mouth even as my cock is sliding inside you. Your legs go around my hips and I can feel your heels digging into my ass. I drive my cock into you, sucking your sensitive nipples as I bury myself to the hilt in your pussy.

My fingers move between us to rub your clit. My other hand slides down your ass. You're so wet, my finger slips easily into your ass, probing you behind as my cock probes your cunt.

Your head tilts back and I can tell you're cumming. I can feel your pussy grip me, hear the moans that start deep in your diaphragm, see the soft blush grow between your breasts. Arms still pinned by your dress, you surrender to the feeling. The warmth of your orgasm envelops your body.

I pull out of you and straddle your chest, pumping my cock with my right hand. You see the veins glisten with your juice, as I tug faster, pull harder, and launch a sticky white ribbon of cum onto your chin, neck and breasts. It runs slowly down to form a milky pool between your breasts.

We're both breathing rapidly as I stand. I tuck my cock back in my slacks and zip myself up. Then I take a handkerchief from my back pocket and delicately dab the cum from your breasts and neck. I help you to your feet and pull the dress up, unpinning your arms. You run a shaky hand through your hair and slowly button yourself back up.

I flip the switch on the elevator controls and it's only a matter of seconds before the door slides open on your floor. You straighten your dress, try to look nonchalant as you step past me. Then, as the door slides closed, you reach to stop it with your hand.

"I might be a little late tonight," you say.

I smile. "I'll have dinner waiting."

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