Upon the Hook


"Not till I tell you!" she said with quiet menace.

Her statement, with its quiet menace, only added to the excitement I was already feeling. My climax was going to happen now whether either of us wanted it to or not. I ached to come right then (although I'd have plenty of time to rue my decision after she was done).

Stoke, stroke, stroke...quicker now that I was right on the edge. Her knowing hand had brought me here.

Suddenly I came with a loud roar and a mighty spasm. Her hands worked my shaft as I shot my load. While she didn't touch the head of my cock, she did work the shaft most diligently, including the underside of the head.

I arched and struggled with pleasure against my restraints and her knowing hands. She continued to milk my cock and I continued to spasm and thrash about. My moans and groans were not stifled by the gag.

Finally, after an eternity of pleasure, she stopped and so did I.

"That was without permission!" her voice was tight with her own passions.

"You know, of course, what comes next," she said tartly.

Her voice was thick with lust and cruelty.

I groaned from behind my gag. Now that I was no longer in the grip of erotic pleasures, I wanted out!

But there was to be no out until she had her measure of suffering. She continued to grip my genitals. One hand held my balls. This immobilized me. The other hand, she held motionless on my still sensitive and still partially erect cock.

But where this was an erotic act when I was aroused; it was now a torment for me. Obviously this was not the case for her.

"Are you ready?" she asked mildly.

I shook my head "no" but she simply said, "Here we go!"

"One," her hand shot up from the base of my cock. It moved over the shaft and just brushed the head.

I jerked and shrieked as though she had used a nail file. She laughed, almost to herself.

I shook my head "no" again but it was all for naught. She wouldn't be denied.

"Two," she said crisply. Again, her hand rode up the length of my unit. Again, she just brushed the head. And again, she was rewarded by my shrieking and thrashing.

She waited a couple of minutes while I recovered.

Then I felt her hand on the base of my now painfully sensitive cock once more. I shook my head and I heard her laugh at my discomfort.

"Three," was followed by her hand moving crisply over my unit and brushing the head. As before, I thrashed about and jerked helplessly while yelling in pain from behind my gag.

It felt like my cock was being abraded by sandpaper instead of lubrication.

"Four," went much the same way as the previous strokes. It hurt and I let her know as best I could. She obviously enjoyed it.

"Five," she said with relish. Instead of calming her down, the stroking of my tender prick was inflaming her lust.

I yelled again as she brushed the head of my dick. My thrashings were every bit as energetic now as they had been when we started.

"Maybe she'd stop at six," I hoped fervently to myself.

"Six," she said briskly. I shrieked and bucked helplessly, as her hand made its way past the head of my tortured cock.

"Seven," she said immediately. I struggled and cried out as she tormented me.

"So much for only six," I thought feverishly to myself.

"Eight," was followed by more pain but this time I was able to bear it a little better.

"Nine," was even less painful.

Finally, she gave me my tenth stroke. I yelled and bucked but I was much more in control of myself and proud to be so.

I heard / felt her place a two by four plank (from our basement) so that it was touching my feet. She told me what it was and commanded me to stand on it.

I was a bit puzzled. The scene was over; my arms were seriously beginning to ache.

She reached up and pulled off the blindfold. The room was semi dark with only one bedside lamp on low.

Her eyes were hot and dark with unabated lust. Her genitals were thick and swollen. Her own carnal desires obviously gripped her, as fiercely as mine had me, only a few minutes previous.

I looked at her questioningly.

"Oh," she said with wide eyes and mock innocence, "Did you really think we were done here? What about my pleasures?"

She smiled a cruel smile and it was clear my torment upon the hook was not over. I also knew that when she let me down, I'd be serving her with lips and tongue.

It was going to be a longer evening than I had planned.

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