tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUpping the Ante: Wednesday

Upping the Ante: Wednesday



Cat wore a simple black dress to work on Wednesday morning. Her logic wasn't looking good to and from work, but rather something that she could slip on and off easily, if she needed to go to the bathroom or something like that. She definitely wasn't looking forward to the week.

Unlike Tuesday, Cat was the first one at work that morning, arriving at eight, a half-hour before even Chrissy and Karen. She unlocked the door, turned on the light, and settled into her own office. Sure, she could wait until someone arrived before stripping down, but what was the point? As long as she was alone, she might as well get used to the state of undress.

The dress slipped easily over her head, revealing a thin, black strap running between her buttocks. The front of the thong was relatively plain, but bore the Wonderstorm logo. She had spent all afternoon yesterday searching for a place that would imprint a pair of thong panties with the design. If she was going to do this, she was going to do it all the way. She hadn't even bothered with a bra that morning.

What was the big deal, Cat thought to herself, trying to calm herself down. After all, she had let Owen see her nipple yesterday. They were just breasts. And Marcus and Spencer were both well behaved. Spencer was married, so it wasn't like he didn't see breasts all the time...they were just his wife's.

She began feeling a lot better. She strolled from her office to the coffee machine, pouring herself a cup. The long black dress was hung in the front closet by the door, as she didn't have anywhere else for it to go in her own office. She returned to her desk, curling up in the chair and flipping through her emails for the day. As much as she hated to admit it, she was definitely more comfortable sitting around in her underwear than wearing a full get-up to work.

Karen was the first one into the office that morning. Cat poked her head out the door, saying hello. She calmly strolled over to Karen's desk, and made conversation, trying to adjust to someone else seeing her like she was.

"I just wish I had your body," Karen said, halfway through the conversation. "I guess if I were you, I wouldn't have any objection to showing myself off."

"I would hardly say that I don't have any objection," Cat said, surprised that Karen thought she was enjoying this.

"That's not what I meant," Karen returned, booting up her computer. "I just mean, it's nice to see that you're confident about it."

Cat wondered at this. It was true, she was feeling pretty good about today. The butterflies had disappeared.

People began breezing in after Karen. Chrissy was next, and followed by Spencer and Marcus, who both tried desperately to look at Cat, without noticeably looking at Cat. They both, of course, failed miserably, but Cat was glad they were at least making an effort to treat her like a real human being. Owen came in, made a comment about Cat's designer thong, and joked about not being given one of those with his insurance plan.

The rest of the morning, Cat lounged around the office. She, of all people, didn't get much work done. Her tits hanging out for all to see, Cat had to admit that she was getting kind of horny. It had been almost five months since she'd last been laid, and the eyes that were on her wherever she went in the office made her feel extremely sexy. Was it a sense of power, of having her body out there to intimidate everyone else? Or was it the complete opposite, her lack of power, her vulnerability, that got her turned on?

Unfortunately, the advertising department got a visitor just before lunchtime. Cat was sitting on the far side of Marcus’s desk in his office, going over various different strategies that she had worked up to push Adrenalyne, whether in magazines, on the radio, or on TV. Marcus, for his own part, was trying his best to pay attention. But, he had a hard time listening to what Cat had to say while her breasts dangled freely in front of him.

As Cat snapped to get Marcus’s attention, she heard the door swing open from the lobby. A few seconds later, she overheard Leo Kelly’s voice in Spencer’s office next door.

“Fuck!” Cat said as she stood up, suddenly remembered her boss’s rounds. Kelly liked to tour the whole of the Wonderstorm Entertainment building from time to time, just making the rounds and saying “hi,” to everyone who worked for him. She looked, wide-eyed at Marcus, and asked him, “What the fuck am I going to do?”

Marcus shook his head back and forth, trying to get his composure back after getting caught by the sudden movement of Cat’s nearly naked body. “Uh, hide under the desk!”

Cat didn’t have much time – she already heard Kelly wrapping up his conversation with Spencer, and Marcus’s office was next down the line. She practically leapt over Marcus’s desk, and found herself crammed down below it. Marcus, still sitting in his office chair, glanced down at the huddled and naked Cat.

Cat’s head popped back up in Marcus lap, giving him a stern look and a sterner warning: “No, this isn’t going to be like porn, Marcus, so keep your dick in your pants.”

Marcus hadn’t even thought about it, but the warning definitely caused him to. As Cat receded back into her hideout, she could see a bulge rising in Marcus’s crotch. And though part of her knew that she should be disgusted by it, the rest of her couldn’t stop focusing on it.

“Hey hey, Marcus!” Leo Kelly said, stepping into Marcus’s office. For Cat, Kelly’s voice was muffled by the desk. He and Marcus kept talking, but Cat paid little to no attention – she was focused on how wet she had became almost instantaneously. No, she wasn’t attracted to Marcus, but that really wasn’t the point. There was a penis in front of her, albeit covered by a thin layer of cloth, and Cat wanted it. She couldn’t stop thinking about it, thinking about it inside of her, thinking about it in her hands. Cat wasn’t usually a very erotic person, but she’d been bordering on a state of arousal all day, and for most of Tuesday, as well.

She was shaken out of her daze by the mention of her name.

“Where’s Cat?” Marcus repeated Kelly’s question. “Oh, I think she stepped out for lunch already.”

“Tell her I said hello,” Kelly told the other man. And, in a hushed tone, he went on. “That girl’s got it all, huh? She’s got smarts, she’s got drive, and she’s got that absolutely heavenly ass. She’ll be running this place in no time.”

“Yes, sir,” Marcus replied, in the same hushed tone. “I’ve been noticing some of those very things over the past few days.”

With that, Cat reached up and pinched Marcus’s inner thigh. It was one thing for the old man to talk about her like that, but Marcus knew she was here, right under the desk.

“Well,” Kelly said as Cat heard the door slowly creak closed, “keep up the illusion of hard work, Flannery.”

“Yes, sir.”

There were a few moments of silence before Marcus finally slid out from the desk. “Jesus, what’s with pinching me?”

“What’s with you and Kelly talking about my ass?” Cat said as she crawled from her hiding place.

“Well, number one,” Marcus began, “it’s out there on display for me to comment on, isn’t it?”

Cat scowled at him as she stood up, her breasts dangling down in front of her.

“And number two, the old man didn’t mean anything by it. He really is fairly impressed by your work – he’s said so on more than one occasion.”

“And how about my ass?” Cat spat back. “How often does my ass come up in conversation?”

“Relax,” Marcus tried to calm her down, “he’s not looking because he’s a lecherous old man. He told me before that he thinks you’d be a good catch for his son. You know, what’s-his-name, Jacob?”

“Jay,” Cat replied, calming down a bit. The thought of Marcus and Kelly having conversations about her figure at once enraged her and made her feel good about herself. After all, they were talking about how good her ass was. Thoughts of Marcus’s penis flooded back, and Cat caught herself absentmindedly looking at Marcus subsiding erection. She wasn’t sure if the man had noticed, but she quickly shifted her attention. They both went back to work for a little while longer, until it was clear that Kelly had left, and Cat could go back to her office.


It was around four that the day had just gotten nearly too much for her. Between Owen, Marcus, and Spencer looking at her chest, and even the looks from the women in the office, Cat was getting turned on again by all the attention. Was she some sort of exhibitionist? Did this mean she was some sort of sexual deviant? Cat couldn’t figure out what it was, but she wanted it over, done, and out of her system. Tomorrow, she was coming back into work with clothes on, and remaining clothed. The only way she’d be able to do that, however, was to beat Owen at Teaser.

“Haven’t you been humiliated enough?” Owen asked as Cat sat down in the conference room with Suzanne’s laptop. “I mean, you’re already spending the rest of the week in a thong-“

“So then how much worse can it get?” Cat interrupted. “So it’s on for the thong, right? Double or nothing?”

“Wait, so if Owen wins, then you go naked, right?” Karen asked, settling herself in beside Cat.

“That’s what I thought was fair,” Cat replied. “I mean, that’s the logical next step, right?”

“Right, but what happens if Owen loses?”

“Then I get to put my clothes back on, and he goes naked,” Cat answered, surprised by the question.

“Right….”Karen continued, “but that’s not double or nothing.”

“What?” Cat asked, looking at the girl.

“Wait, she’s got a point,” Owen said, looking down the table.

Karen looked at Cat, and apologized. “I’m sorry, Cat, but that’s not double or nothing. That’s like, double or something.”

“What do you mean,” Cat asked, still not following the secretary’s logic.

“Look, I mean, if you’re playing real double or nothing, what you’re playing for is par, right? If you were betting money, and you already owed Owen fifty dollars or whatever two days more in a thong might be worth, then a win would mean that you owe him nothing. You don’t win more, and end up having him owe you fifty bucks – that’s just not how it works. A double or nothing bet would mean that if you win, you get to wear clothes. But if you lose, you go naked. Any sort of punishment to Owen is above the call of a double or nothing bet.”

Cat stared blankly at Karen for a few seconds. “Aren’t you supposed to be MY secretary? Aren’t you supposed to be on MY side? Wouldn’t you rather see HIM naked?”

Karen shrugged. “I just wanted it to be fair, you know?”

Cat rubbed her eyes, while Owen cut in. “She’s right. Why should I accept a punishment? We should be playing for your right to wear clothes tomorrow, not mine.”

Cat wasn't pissed at Karen, but she felt that she had more important issues at that time.

“Fine, let’s play this way” she suggested. “If I win, then we both have to spend the rest of the week in our underwear. I get bra and panties, you get boxers or briefs or whatever it is that you wear.”

“And if you lose?” Owen asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“Then I spend tomorrow and Friday naked. Deal?” Cat asked.

“Deal,” Owen replied. “So how are we playing? Are we going head to head, or are you just going to try to top my score from yesterday?”

“Whatever,” Cat said. Her confidence had waned over the past few days, but she was sure that her losing streak was over. Owen was good, but Cat knew that she was better. She just hadn’t proved it yet.

“Well, I feel pretty confident with my score from yesterday, so I’ll just let you have the game,” Owen said, leaning back in his chair.

“Fine,” Cat replied, not even bothering to match his gaze. She booted up the game and began playing.

725,000. That was the score to beat. 725,000. 725,000. 725,000.

“Fuck!!!” Cat screamed as her player disappeared into oblivion. She hadn’t even gotten 1000 points. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“You done already?” Owen asked, looking up from his end of the table.

Cat had been concentrating so hard on Owen’s score that she hadn’t really been paying attention to the game. She had been killed by one of those stupid bouncing razor blades. Teaser had killed her off all too easily.

“Oh, come on,” Cat protested to Owen. “You have to give me another shot.”

“You’ll get another shot,” Owen began, and Cat’s heart jumped, “tomorrow. You said it yourself on Monday – no second chances until the following day.” Cat slammed the laptop shut, stood, and stormed angrily out of the conference room. Her breasts bounced in every direction, her ass on display for the people in the conference room. She stepped into her office, and slammed the door behind her. “God damn it!” she said to herself under her breath, leaning her back up against the door. She couldn’t believe how stupid she was, how she’d lost the game as quickly as she had. For that matter, she couldn’t believe how stupid she was in even making the stupid bet. Owen had proved time and time again that he knew what he was doing when it came to playing Teaser. He was better than Cat, plain and simple.

There wasn’t much left of the day, and Cat spent most of it sulking in her office. Just before five, Joanna poked her head in the door.

“How are you doing?” she asked the brunette.

Cat made a grunting sound, not even bothering to turn around from her computer.

“Do you want me to step in and put a stop to this?” Joanna asked. “I mean, it’s one thing when it’s just bra and panties, but I can put my foot down and outlaw complete nudity in my office.”

Cat was tempted. She turned and looked at Joanna, thankful that the woman would do that for her. But no, she couldn’t bring herself to hide behind Joanna. “No, you were right on Monday,” Cat said sullenly. “If it were the other way around, I’d be raising hell about him welching on a bet. I made my bed, now it’s time to lie in it.”

“Well, at least consider giving up the whole gambling thing,” Joanna suggested. “You don’t seem to be terribly good at it. You’ve got tomorrow completely naked, and then Friday you’re back in your thong, right?”

“No, unfortunately. I’m naked for the rest of the week,” Cat answered. “But Joanna, I know I can beat him – I just haven’t yet.”

“Just be careful, honey,” Joanna said as she turned to leave. “You’ve run out of clothes to bet – how much more are you willing to offer this guy?”

Cat stared blankly out her office door, Joanna having left her alone. What WOULD she be able to wager tomorrow? How far would she be willing to go to prove that she could beat Owen?

After five o’clock, Cat headed for the door. Spencer was still at work in his office, and Suzanne was still busy at her desk, but the rest of the department had cleared out. Cat pulled her dress over her head, saying goodnight to Suzanne, and leaving for the night. As she walked down the hallway to the elevator, she shook her head – tomorrow, she’d be thinking about how lucky she’d been today with the thong. Tomorrow, her whole body would be on display.

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