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Linda's life has been a sexual adventure for a great deal of her life (see Linda stories). For those of you unfamiliar with Linda she is a beautiful 45-year-old with a seemingly insatiable love for sex. She has large breasts, a trim figure, golden blonde hair, and a killer smile.

This adventure started after Linda remarried and moved with her husband to a rural community 50 miles outside of Boston. Linda and her new husband had an open marriage with swinging, group sex and affairs being an accepted norm in their marriage.

After Linda's move to this rural community her sex life seemed to suffer as the entire town only had 145 residents most of them older and born again Christians leaving her little opportunity to enjoy her sexual adventures. With her husband out of town a great deal her lust for sexual adventure and variety where not being fulfilled.

The area had little shopping and she did most of her shopping online, which ironically would give her the opportunity to fulfill her desires.

The UPS guy and the FedEx guy made many deliveries to Linda's home but she had not meet either one of them as they normally just range the doorbell and left the packages on her front porch. She had caught a glance of them one day and they were both in their 20's, about 6'2" and attractive. The UPS guy was white and the FedEx guy was black.

She did a little online research and discovered that both UPS and FedEx also pick up packages for shipment which would save her a trip to the general store which handles UPS and FedEx and give the opportunity to spice up her life.

She called the UPS 800 number and arranged to have a pick up the next day.

The UPS guy usually arrived around 11:30 AM. She put on her skimpiest bikini, which barely covered her cunt and her nipples and waited for the UPS guy. The doorbell rang around 11:20 AM and she answered the door.

The UPS guy scanned Linda's nearly naked body and smiled. Linda could see a bulge growing under those cute khaki shorts and asked him in. He followed her to the kitchen to retrieve the package. She asked him if he wanted a cool drink and he accepted. As she bent down to serve the lemonade a breast fell out of her bikini top, which is exactly what she had planned. Her 36-D breast was spectacular crowded with an erect ¾ inch nipple that just begged to be sucked.

The UPS guy just stared with his mouth open. Linda moved in kissing him deeply as she rubbed his now fully engorged penis through his pants. She then slid to her knees took out his penis and started sucking his cock. He then moved down taking her bikini bottoms off and gently rolled his tongue around her clitoris as they positioned themselves in the classic 69 position. She had a massive orgasm as he filled her mouth with semen.

After a short breather they started fucking until they both came again and again. The UPS guy quickly got dressed grabbed her package and left with a big smile on his face.

Linda then contemplated her next move. She decided to try the same thing with the FedEx guy and called the FedEx 800 number for a pick up the next day.

The next afternoon the FedEx guy showed up at 1 PM and Linda was in her bikini again but this time the FedEx was almost immediately started kissing her and had her bottom and top off within a minute of coming into the house. He was a handsome black man with massive cock of at least 9 inches

Which he quickly penetrated her with. Linda did not remember being so full of cock ever.

Linda got on top of the FedEx guy to ride his cock and looked up to see the UPS guy as he stuffed his cock into her mouth moments later all three of them climaxed simultaneously. Just then the door bell rings and it is the mailman with a special delivery for Linda's husband. The mailman enters the foyer seeing the action and immediately gets hard. Linda looks up and says "Don't just stand there and watch join the party" The mail strips quickly and sticks his penis in Linda's mouth.

The UPS & FedEx guys just smile and go for round two with one entering her anus and the other her cum filled vagina.Within a few minutes the mailman cums in Linda's mouth and she swallows it all quickly followed by the FedEx and UPS guys filling her other two holes with a load of fresh cum.

Reflecting after the three delivery guys leave Linda immediately gets online to order more merchandise some to be shipped UPS, some FedEx and of course one to be shipped US Postal service special delivery.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/24/18

Slow down. Double check your grammar. The glaring mistakes are very distracting. But mostly, slow down. I don't read stories over 1 page. But I read this one in 30 seconds & had to add details myself inmore...

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