Urban Legend


Madison felt a little self-conscience. Somehow her boyfriend, Billy, had talked her into wearing her collegiate cheerleader uniform to the frat party. She had reluctantly agreed because she knew some of the other girls on the team would probably be wearing theirs. Billy had on his football jersey, all the boys wore their number when they were together and out among fellow students, so it helped Madison not feel so alone and awkward.

Billy guided her up the busy street. It was one of the many streets near the campus that the fraternity and sorority houses were on, but this particular street was unfamiliar to Madison. Billy moved decisively and swiftly up the sidewalk, passing parked cars and loitering students. There was a carefree, party buzz in the air. Madison was looking forward to a good time.

Billy stopped in front of an old van. He grabbed the handle of the sliding van door. He looked at Madison, telling her, "I have to meet someone, and they told me to meet them here." He opened the van door and slid it back. As he helped Madison into the interior, he told her, "They have something for me."

As Madison took a seat, she looked around curiously. The van had two bench seats, one on each side in the back of the van. There were pillows on the seats and on the floor. The lighting was dim, and music was playing through various speakers all around the van. There were no obstacles baring the way from the front of the van to the back. A person could move easily back and forth. All the windows were darkly tinted. The van was small, yet comfortable. It was made for privacy. A good place to party and to have sex, Madison thought naughtily.

Billy closed the van door and took a seat opposite from Madison. He couldn't look at his beautiful girlfriend. It wasn't because she didn't look incredibly sexy and fuckable in her blue and white cheerleader outfit. She always looked good in her uniform. It was because he knew what he had done. He knew the bargain he had struck, and the desperate measures that drove him to do such a thing. He was spared further guilty thoughts when the van door again slid open and the person he had come to meet entered.

Janice took a seat next to Madison. She was a plumb girl with frizzy red hair, and freckles on her face and arms. She had a thin folder on her lap. She turned in her seat, her knees facing Madison. She looked at the cheerleader with an appraising eye, but directed her comments to Billy, "I'm very pleased she is in her cheerleader outfit. Very pleased. You get the first half of your term paper now. You'll get the last half when I'm finished. If your girlfriend doesn't behave and cooperate, I will withhold the rest of your paper. Also if she is fussy and cooperates part way but not all the way, I will rip out random pages in the final half of your paper, and hand over what is left. And believe me, I know what pages are valuable, and you'll have no time to correct what I have ruined." Janice finally turned to look at Billy. Her power and lust made her pale green eyes glow in the dim van light. "No paper, no grade, and you fail. You'll lose your football scholarship."

Billy swallowed nervously. "I know. I know. She'll do what you want, won't you baby?"

"Huh?" Madison's heart thumped in her chest, yet she felt a strange stirring. She felt remotely horny.

"Take off her lettermen's sweater," Janice ordered Billy.

Billy knelt in front of Madison. "Let me take your sweater off, sweetie."

He took his girl's hands in his own and gently guided her to sit up straight. He grabbed the bottom of her white pullover sweater with a bold blue school letter appliqued on the front, and told her, "Lift your arms, baby. Time to skin the rabbit."

Billy always told Madison that when he stripped off her thick sweater. Out of anticipation and nasty training, her pussy distantly tingled. She loved it when her man undressed her. But as she lifted her arms over her head, she couldn't grasp what was happening. She seemed to be on autopilot.

Billy peeled off Madison's cheerleader sweater, leaving her in her button up white uniform blouse, and tossed it on the opposite bench seat. Janice handed him the notebook she had brought, and he retreated to his seat. He was half way home.

Janice scooted closer to Madison, the hungry appraising look still in her eyes, and took Madison by the hand. She pulled, but Madison refused to move. Janice looked at Billy; her meaning was obvious.

Billy fidgeted in his seat. He practically caressed his life saving notebook. He summoned his resolve and said to his girlfriend, "Go to her, Madison. You need to do what she wants. It's important to us both that you do as you are told."

Madison didn't understand what was happening. She did have a desire to please her boyfriend, but what was going on? She was weirdly afraid and excited. She looked rapidly between Billy and Janice, hoping for some understanding.

Janice pulled at Madison's arm again.

Madison anxiously looked to Billy. He looked down at his important notebook, and said to her, "Go to her, Madison."

Confused, but obedient, Madison followed Janice's insistent tug on her arm. As she was pulled toward Janice, Janice slipped an arm behind her and, still guiding Madison forward, bent her over her lap. Madison was in a complete panic bent over Janice's knees, facing the van's dark carpet.

Janice's pussy was on fire! She couldn't believe she had the absolute hottest cheerleader over her lap! She slowly pushed up Madison's pleated blue and white uniform skirt, and gazed longingly at Madison's blue brief panties. She remembered all the times when she had watched Madison cheer, and her skirt flew up and showed off these sexy briefs. And up close, Madison's ass was still as exquisite.

Janice began to rub and caress Madison's bottom. Madison fought her handling. Billy went to speak, but Janice cut him off.

"Be still, my dear. Any more fussing or struggling will result in your dear boyfriend's demise."

Madison kicked her feet. She wanted up.

Janice held her, but it wasn't easy. Madison was an athlete and strong. She spoke quickly, "Don't you know, my cheerleader? Your loving boyfriend is failing. He needs a good term paper in his history class to maintain his grade point average. If he fails, he'll lose his full scholarship. He needs his free ride or its quitsville for him. And who knows? He probably won't make it as a free agent, he needs his college experience and exposure to find his way to the pros. Your boyfriend needs an excellent grade to make his grade point average, so he came to me."

Madison stopped her struggling and listened to Janice's words. The girl began to once again fondle her bottom. She didn't like it, but she was beginning to understand.

"I," Janice continued as Billy sat in shamed silence, "don't always want or accept money as compensation for my services, which I guarantee. I have never failed. I always deliver top grade work that is always original. When Billy came to me, desperate and eager, the price for my work, thus the salvation of his scholarship and quite possibly his professional football career, was you. An evening with you. All the time I want."

Madison shifted uneasily. She had heard of this type of thing before. She knew many students paid for schoolwork to be done for them, and there was the urban legend that sex was sometimes exchanged for such schoolwork to be done. The price was always high. Madison realized just how high.

Janice quieted Madison with an affectionate pat to her up turned bottom. "Shh, girl. You should know that for my payment, I promised your lazy boyfriend an additional paper should he need it. I'm sure he'll need the extra help, but I do get all the time I want. That might be until dawn or later. Anyway, you can secure your Billy's college experience."

Bill, his cock a serious urgent force in his jeans, humbly said, "I'm sorry, baby, but if you don't agree, I'm out. We're screwed. I'll have no chance at the pros."

"Billy?" Madison was reeling. She was the price?! She had to be this girl's sex toy? Oh, God, she wasn't sure.

"Just do it, baby," Billy pleaded. "She won't hurt you. She just wants to play with you. Allow it. Secure our future. Don't be selfish."

Janice smiled wickedly and continued to caress Madison's buttocks. "Yeah, don't be so selfish," she echoed. "Besides, I promise you, you'll like it."

"Billy?" Madison whined.

"Leave us!" Janice commanded. "She'll do as she's told or you fail. She'll see it our way. Don't worry, she's in good hands."

Billy hesitated.

Janice looked at him sternly. "I'll call you when I'm done. Now, go. I'm anxious to get started. The clock is ticking."

Billy, with an apology to his cheerleader, and deep regret he wouldn't be allowed to stay and watch, left quickly.

"It's up to you, now," Janice told Madison, her payment. "Cooperate and you and your guy are home free, plus you'll have one more paper in case he needs it. And it has been my experience that if you need my skills once, you'll need them twice."

Madison thought her boyfriend's problem through. She wasn't responsible for his failing grades, but she wanted to help him; she loved him after all. She knew she had to help. She knew she would cooperate.

Janice, having done this type of thing dozens of times, read Madison's thoughts. She trapped the cheerleader against her body with her right arm, and told her captive, "I am going to spank you. A nice quick spanking to show you who's in charge. If you are a good girl, you won't receive another. I will warn you though, a second or third spanking will not be pleasant. I have paddles and whips to correct naughty girls. You would be smart not to earn my displeasure."

Madison's pussy jumped to life. She had never been talked to this way. She was turned on by Janice's no nonsense, firm expectations.

Janice swatted Madison's butt. She spanked her cheerleader with her briefs up. She smacked as hard as she could. She knew the material of Madison's uniform protected her fine smooth skin. When she had enough, she pulled Madison's panties down and paddled her bare bottom.

Janice's crotch wetted her underwear. She had fantasized about this moment ever since she had seen Madison cheer, but when Billy had come to her for help she knew her dream would come true, and it had been on her mind for weeks. When she masturbated lately, she had visualized Madison in her van naked and compliant, agreeing to her every wish and demand. Janice knew she would take her time tonight, and she would not be lenient. She meant to get exactly what she wanted.

Janice pulled up Madison's briefs, covering her rosy butt cheeks, and had her sit back up. Madison's long brown hair was tousled and her eyes glowed. Janice wondered if it was because of her spanking or if she was turned on. Maybe it was both. She didn't care. Madison looked so sexy and perfect. She scooted closer to her sexy cheerleader.

"Sit up," Janice told Madison.

Madison sat up and Janice slid her left arm behind her back. Madison didn't like the way Janice now held her, but there was a vague heat in her skirt that had nothing to do with her previous spanking.

"Put your legs over my lap," Janice further instructed.

Madison put her sneakered feet on Janice's lap. Janice scooped up her legs by the shins and moved closer to Madison. Madison's thighs were now sitting on the other girl's lap. Janice pulled Madison close to her by her back. She leaned froward.

Janice studied Madison's pretty face. She noticed the cheerleader lacked freckles or blemishes. Her skin was milky smooth and looked soft. Her lips were full and rosy, unlike her own. Madison's eyes were luminous with an inner azure light. She seemed to be glowing from within. 'I'd never have a chance with a girl like her', Janice thought hornily. 'She'd never look at me twice even if she were into girls.' She licked her lips in anticipation, grateful she was industrious enough to find a way to get what she coveted.

Janice rubbed her right hand up and down Madison's strong, tanned legs. She watched her hand moving along Madison's length. She imagined these legs bent at the knee, spread wide, exposing Madison's beautiful valley. She would rest Madison's feet on her shoulders, like a man would, and lapped up her sweet water. She knew she would eat Madison until she had her fill, but for now, she reminded herself sternly, she would take her time exploring and tasting all of Madison. Billy got his moneys worth, so would she.

Janice roughly pulled Madison toward her with the hand behind her back. "We're going to make out. Come here and kiss me. Use your tongue." She sat up straighter, anticipating Madison coming to her. "If you're a good kisser, and I'm sure you are, we'll enjoy ourselves a good long while, if not, I'll teach you the proper way." Janice enjoyed the panicked, hesitant glean in Madison's eyes. "Come on. Get over here and kiss me. Your boyfriends future depends on your willingness."

Madison was horrified! She never kissed a girl before! Janice held her so close that her sexual desire practically burned her skin.

"We start kissing," Janice told Madison with an air of complete authority, "or I rip up one page of Billy's desperately needed term paper, or maybe," she looked down the length of Madison's legs, "I'll get one of my bad girl paddles and beat your butt."

Madison licked her lips nervously. She didn't want either option, but to kiss a stranger, a girl no less, that seemed to hold her whole future in her hands, what should she do? Janice was patient, yet anxious, and she could convince Madison on what course of action to take.

"You'll have to the count of three. A kiss or a torn, missing page, and/or a spanking. It'll be my choice, but first you must choose." Janice gave Madison a sour, pinched look. While it didn't enhance her already plain features, her expression did not lack determination or assuredness.

Madison leaned into Janice and offered her her mouth.

Janice eagerly kissed Madison. She held her tight with her hand on Madison's back, and with her free hand she took Madison's chin and held her still.

Janice's mind swirled in excited lust. It was almost unbelievable! Madison tasted so sweet and her tongue was tender, almost shy in its work. Janice forced her cheerleader's mouth open and slowly explored Madison.

Madison, in an effort to accept her situation and help Billy, shut her eyes and let her mind go. She could not think of the person she was actually kissing. The thought of a girl, a stranger, the person's hands that her potential distant future now rested in, made Madison's mind reel and her heart thump in fear under her breast. She couldn't think of it. And she couldn't, she realized, as her lips were forced opened and her tongue was forced to massage the tongue in her mouth or suffer dire consequences, think of Billy. The stupid boy sold her for a paper, a grade. He parlayed her into a chance, just a slight, meager chance at a shot in the pros, when any injury could waylay any future prospects. How could he do this! Madison shifted uneasily.

Janice just held Madison tighter. She removed her hand from Madison's supple chin and wrapped her legs in her arm. She did not stop kissing her payment, her fee for saving the lazy footballer. Instead, she pushed harder against Madison's lips aggressively, shoving her tongue into the cheerleader's mouth. She kissed with relish, forcing Madison to kiss her back. Janice felt Madison relax. The girl suddenly surrendered to her plight, and Janice eased off. She once again took Madison's chin in her hand, and slowly, leisurely began to gently tongue Madison's lips and silky tongue. Finally she pulled her face away and stuck her tongue out. She and Madison flicked at each other's pink, wet tongues. Janice giggled with sheer delight. Madison's eyes were closed, but she worked diligently. She was lovely in the dim light of the back of the van.

Janice told her, "Open your eyes."

Madison refused. She acted like she hadn't heard Janice's instruction.

Janice sat up straight. She encircled Madison's out stretched legs. "Open your eyes," she demanded, "or I'll whip you with my riding crop."

Madison's eyes snapped opened. Janice looked unhappy and angry. Very angry. If there was any doubt in her mind about how serious Janice was about this whole scenario, it was instantly wiped out by the look on the term paper writer's face. Madison was suddenly very afraid; she had better realize Billy and her tender skin were at risk here.

"Better," Janice said, although her stern look did not lessen, "but anymore disobedience and I will put you straight over my knee, bare your bottom, and demonstrate my dominance and your submission here. As I explained earlier, every subsequent spanking you deserve, will get progressively worse until, I assure you, you will be quite regretful. If you earn four or more spankings, I will also withhold the final half of your precious Billy's term paper. I do not tolerate willful little girls who think they have some choice with what they will or will not do. I make every decision. I make all the rules. I am in control. Do we understand each other?"

Janice looked flushed and impatient.

Madison answered humbly, her backside already feeling the sting of the whip, "Yes, I understand."

Janice sat up proudly. "I've ruined college careers. If you must be bratty and obstinate, be so at Billy. He's the lazy bastard who is failing. He's the one that promised you to me. Basically sold you, and at a good price I might add, so behave. Make this easy on yourself."

Madison nodded meekly. Janice was right; Billy was a lazy bastard, who took a very easy way out.

"Of course, you can leave. Billy can fail for all I care."

Madison, blue eyes glowing in anticipation, a dirty lustful anticipation, shook her head. She would stay…but now she wasn't sure it was for love of Billy. She was excited by Janice's assuredness, her clarity. Madison would follow.

Janice's face softened. She didn't want to plow over this girl. She wanted to savor each moment she had with Madison. She wanted to be gentle and tender with her. And she wanted a lot of time. She didn't want to waste precious ticks of the clock spent on explaining the cheerleader's evening. Although, she thought hotly, her pussy stinging wetly, she might still spank Billy's term paper's ransom; that would be completely satisfying.

"Stick your tongue out. All the way. I'm going to suck your tongue. You will keep your eyes open." Janice took Madison's chin in her hand, and as she leaned in to suck Madison's offered tongue she said, "When I'm done, you'll suck mine."

Madison's crotch tingled guiltily. She hated the thought of having to suck Janice's tongue, but when Janice's suction warmly took in Madison's tongue, it was nice. Janice was tender and slow in her work. Janice drew in her tongue and rubbed erotically with the top of her tongue on the bottom of hers. Madison kept her eyes opened as instructed, and they grew misty with desire. Madison felt her nipples begin to burn with itchy heat.

"Put your tongue away," Janice told Madison kindly.

As Madison tucked her tongue safely away, Janice latched onto her lower lip. She sucked and pulled at the same time. When she had Madison's bottom lip as far as she dare pull, Janice released it. She immediately gathered it back up, and moaned as she tasted Madison's beautiful, full bottom lip.

Finished sucking Madison's lower lip, Janice began to lightly tongue the outside of her cheerleader's lips. To her surprise Madison suddenly parted her lips and encouraged Janice to kiss her. Janice didn't have to be asked twice. She immediately covered Madison's mouth with hers, and tenderly kissed. She allowed Madison to close her eyes, knowing the girl was enjoying herself. The girls kissed a long time.

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