My most desirable
of all past, present
and future lovers,
excite a fire
so deep within me...
so tantilizing and teasing
to my body and soul...
that I can no longer contain these thoughts
to just myself...
I need to convey in words...
my wants,
my needs,
my urge to seduce you...
This urge to playfully bite your lip while we kiss...
to painfully bite my own when we fuck...
I feel the urge to tie you up...
with soft silken threads tied just-oh-so-tight...
so that you feel the pleasure of the pain I will inflict
on your bare naked body...
as I kiss, tongue and nibble every inch of skin
that you possess...
and you will surrender to me gladly
every ounce of yourself
thrusting wildly into my mouth...
and down deep into my throat.
I feel the urge to straddle your hard veiny cock...
and rub my
wanting wet pussy
so hard and deep
against you...
until our passion ignites a fire
so hot...
so fierce with desire...
that our flesh combusts with ecstacy
and leaves nothing....
but a glistening damp pile of leftover ash
that only the wind can cool off
and carry away...
Come, my love,
Cum and surrender to my urge.

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