tagBDSMUse Me Ch. 01

Use Me Ch. 01


From the first day that we had sex, I fell in love with Cory's pussy. It tasted delicious, it had a beautiful scent that absolutely drove me wild and it felt like it was made for my cock. We lived together for about a year before getting married and found out that we were both bisexual and both enjoyed variety in sex partners so our relationship started off with that lifestyle. Cory had a very sexy friend, Beth, who joined us in bed occasionally and I invited a married friend, Bob, to come over and spend the evening with us on occasion also. This was usually during the week because Friday and Saturdays were reserved for partying either with a large group or a few couples.

It was early on in our marriage that I noticed that Cory would use her pussy as bait for me whenever she wanted something since she knew how much I loved it. I didn't mind the submissive role especially when she fed me my favorite desert quite often. I loved her dearly as she did me also but she loved having sexual control over me and making me do things for her even though, in most cases, she knew I would want to do them anyway. It started out with Cory mentioning,

"If you'd like your favorite desert after dinner tonight, you'll have to come shopping with me this afternoon as I have to buy some lingerie and want your advice. Of course, if you don't want any pussy tonight, you don't have to come." she said with a smile.

I would go along with it and would be well rewarded that evening. Then she started to order me to do things for her at our group get togethers and I enjoyed everything she wanted me to do anyway, so I made her happy and let her be in control. Actually, it turned me on tremendously also and I looked forward to it. She mostly used her control in sexual situations because she knew how much I was turned on by it.

One day she told me that she was going to buy a ball ring for me and attach a leash to it so she could lead me around at our parties and after the initial surprise wore off, I realized that I was turned on by the idea also. Later that day, she came home and told me to strip since she wanted to try out what she just purchased to make sure it was perfect. When I removed my clothes, she opened the box and took out an adjustable, black leather ring and fastened it around the neck of my balls and tightened it. Then she attached a thin but strong leather leash about 10 feet long and told me to walk around her so that she can get the feel of it. After a few minutes, she smiled at me and said it was perfect and then asked me how I felt with it on. I happened to be very turned on by the whole thing, and my erection showed it, since I knew that anything she told me to do would be exactly what I wanted anyway.

That Saturday night, we went to a party in New Jersey and Cory put my leash on before I got dressed and told me to hide it until we got to the party so I tucked it under my belt and we drove to the party. As soon as we got inside, she took me aside and had me open my fly and pass her the leash. Then she led me inside and introduced me to various couples as her husband and slave, John. Some of the couples were already naked and Cory led me over to Ned and Janey who were having a drink near the bar both totally nude. We knew almost everyone at the party intimately but she went through the formal presentation with each couple anyway as she was getting a kick out of saying it to everyone. After talking with them a few minutes, Cory told me that she would like to watch me suck Ned's cock hard and that I should start immediately while he sipped his drink. Now, I had sucked Ned's cock quite a few times since we met them but somehow, this time, it was different.

I was tremendously turned on by the fact that Cory had ordered me to suck him and I took the head of his soft penis between my lips and lovingly sucked it as I played with his balls. I happened to love Ned's cock anyway as it was very thick and had a gorgeous sloped crown that just invited sucking. His penis began to harden as I nursed it and when it was fully hard and standing straight out, Cory told me to stop and move over to Janey and do her as well. As they continued talking and drinking, Cory was lightly stroking Ned's erection and asking Janey if I was doing a good job on her. Janey had very large labia minora which looked like the petals of a flower and I loved pulling on them with my lips as I licked her crotch from her puckered asshole to her now erect clitoris. When Cory saw that Janey was really getting excited, she told me to stand up and help her out of her clothes and then get undressed also.

When I was naked, she took the leash and led me into one of the back bedrooms asking Ned and Janey to follow us. She told me to get on the bed on my hands and knees and then asked Ned if he would like to fuck me. He was horny as hell from my sucking and his penis swayed as he walked towards the bed. He smiled at Cory and thanked her for being so thoughtful and then rubbed some of his copious precum over my anus before popping the entire crown inside. As the thick cockhead penetrated my anus and began to fill it with meat, a wave of pleasure flowed over me and I pushed back to capture more of the thickness filling me. Then Janey got underneath me and began sucking my penis and playing with my balls and I thought I was in heaven until Cory propped up some pillows and offered me her delicious pussy to suck as she watched the action and lightly tugged on the leash every once in a while to let me know she was in charge.

Ned was doing a fabulous job on my ass as his wife did the same on my cock so it wasn't long before I was lost in another world and almost ready to let go. Suddenly, I felt a hard tug on my balls as Cory told me that I couldn't cum until Ned and Janey did as it would be impolite to do so. The hard tug had hurt a little so she brought me down from my high and the feelings I was starting to get had disappeared. I concentrated on Cory's clit since she loved having it sucked hard and even lightly bitten. It was a good sized organ about half an inch long and looked like a miniature penis with a crown and all. Ned was stroking into me deeply and his thick cock felt wonderful moving in and out of my ass so I started meeting his thrusts and contracting my ass around his shaft as he withdrew to the crown.

I reached out and tweaked Janey's clit with my fingers as she voraciously sucked my organ and after a while, I heard Ned cry out that he was cumming and felt his cock expand in my ass as it started spurting his cum into me. Then Janey groaned and lifted her cunt to my fingers as she went into orgasm and kept sucking my shaft. Cory told me that I had done a good job and now all I have to do is make her cum and she'll see that I'm taken care of also so I went back to sucking her clit until she pulled my head tightly to her cunt and groaned in ecstasy as she went into orgasm and wet my face with her juices.

"Now my dear, it's your turn to cum" she said to me after she came down from her high. "Janey looks like she needs a good cock, so why don't you see that she gets one."

Janey smiled at her and lay back spreading her legs wide and holding out her arms to me. I couldn't wait to bury my cock in her as I had been ready to cum for some time so I fit the crown of my thick shaft to her wet opening and pushed it inside as she gasped in pleasure. Cory was watching me as she sucked on the head of Ned's semi hard organ and her eyes seemed to be riveted to my anus as I stroked deeply into Janey's sweet cunt. Suddenly she pulled her mouth from the slowly rising penis and cried out, "Ned, please excuse me for a minute, I have to go get something from my purse." And she disappeared inside only to reapper a few moments later wearing a devilish grin and carrying a good sized double ender, strap on dildo. As she fastened it around her waist and inserted the smaller end in her opening, she walked over in front of me.

"I also bought this to use on you the same day I bought your leash."

I looked at the very realistic looking cock and imagined how it would feel probing my ass.

"Continue fucking Janey," she said, "I'm going to fuck you and would like Ned to fuck me in either of my holes" and she got behind me and put a drop of lube on the tip and inserted the head smoothly inside my asshole, which gripped it very tightly, as I pushed back into her as she fed the dildo in. "Oh my god, this dildo feels wonderful each time I stroke into you. It's massaging my clit and I love it. How does it feel inside you, my love?" she asked.

It happened to feel fabulous even though it didn't feel like a real, warm, alive cock and was giving him immense pleasure while he lost himself inside Janey's pussy and fed her every inch of his thickness. He was off on another planet when he suddenly saw Ned's cock right in front of his face and just naturally wrapped his mouth around the beautiful crown and began nursing on it while experiencing the pleasure he was getting from Janey's cunt and his wife's fucking.

I can't describe the wonderful sensations from my cock and my asshole as I sucked Ned's erection from base to tip. From somewhere far, far below me, I heard Janey cry out in orgasm and felt her cunt contracting around my penis as she went into spasm after spasm writhing and shaking in blissful release. Then Cory grasped my hips and started thrusting into me with ever quickening strokes as she told me how good it feels to fuck me with her new toy as it's making her cum, like right now, and she shuddered and wiggled the dildo from side to side, deep inside me and let her end massage her clit to orgasm.

She thrust the dildo deep inside me and my cock began spurting cum in ropes, into Janey's comfortable hole. When my spasms ceased and my balls emptied, I came back down as Cory slowly withdrew the dildo when Ned pulled his cock from her ass. As soon as she got up, I lay down alongside Janey and looked up at the sexy sight of Cory with that thick and long cock swaying back and forth and rooted between the lips of her pussy. That, along with her full breasts and prominent nipples made the overall picture very interesting.

"It looks from here that I now have a hermaphrodite wife. Come to think of it, that's not bad at all." I mused.

As Cory unstrapped the toy, she told me how much she enjoyed using it on me and would be using it quite often from now on. Then she went back inside and he went over to get some cold drinks from the bar for them.

By the time he returned with the drinks, Cory was approaching with a very appealing couple in tow. The guy was in his 40's, rugged looking with a solid body and a big barrel chest and was carrying some very interesting equipment. His cock was hanging

down between his thighs and was very thick with a large, sloping crown ringed by a deep ridge. The gal was an attractive blonde with the female equivalent of her companion's body, solid, large firm breasts, big nipples and a shaved pussy. As Cory approached, she asked for the end of the leash and then led me over to them and introduced me with the usual spiel. Then she said that she had promised Karl one of the best blowjobs he had ever had and asked them to follow us as she led me into one of the empty bedrooms.

"Please lay back on the bed and relax Karl" she said as she led me over to him and told me to orally pleasure him.

Karl had an irresistible penis. It was long and very thick with an oh-so-suckable crown which I couldn't resist taking between my lips and nursing on.

"Do a good job on him, honey" she told me "because I promised him you'd give him great head."

I didn't need much coaxing as I was thoroughly enjoying the delicious organ that was just beginning to feed me some precum nectar.

As I lost myself in sucking his beautiful cock, somebody's mouth engulfed my erection and I glanced down to see Cory voraciously sucking my cock as her eyes were fastened to my mouth around the thick penis. I swallowed about half of his shaft and held it there as I locked eyes with my wife, who was doing the same thing to me, and we shared the pleasures together. I began working my head up and down the thick pole sucking him while my tongue teased his slit and licked up the delicious precum that he was feeding me. It felt fabulous having that thickness down my throat and I was enjoying his penis immensely when suddenly he cried out and grabbed my head as he forced his organ as deep as possible and started spurting ropes of cum down my throat. I gulped the first load down without having a chance to taste it and then backed off a bit so that the spurts landed on my tongue. His cum was a little salty and I sucked every drop from his balls before I pulled my mouth from his organ.

"That was fabulous, John. Your wife was absolutely right. You are one great cocksucker" he smiled as he sat up. "Now I think I would like to get to know you more intimately so if you'll just lay back, I'd like to have some fun also."

And with that, he got down between my thighs and started licking my balls before working his tongue up my shaft and all around the crown. His woman, Samantha, straddled my head and slowly lowered her crotch to my mouth. I saw a long slit with swollen labia approaching and, as it got closer, the inner labia appeared and looked like a flower in bloom. She rubbed her pussy all over my face and her juices were a little acidy but delicious. Meanwhile Karl began to nurse on the crown of my cock and play with my balls and I was being transported to another world where pleasure reigned supreme.

Karl pulled his mouth from my organ and told Samantha that she was in for a treat when she sucked my cock as he found it absolutely delicious and knew that she would also. She had her head thrown back and was moaning as she face fucked him and it wasn't long before she cried out in orgasm and surprised him with a steady flow of creamy cum which spurted into his mouth. Karl lifted his head when he heard her cumming,

"Suck up every drop of her juices, John, they're like nectar and you'll love it".

The flow never seemed to end and Karl was right, it was delicious and he enjoyed every drop. She sank down on his face after her orgasm was over and he lifted her thighs in order to get some air as he was suffocating. When Samantha lifted herself off his face, Karl told her to come down and join him as he wanted her to taste my cock also. As the two of them passed my organ back and forth between them, Cory stopped a young man walking by and asked him if he would like to feed me his cock to suck since my mouth was unoccupied at the moment and he smiled at her as he straddled my body and kneeled down and fed the head of his soft organ between my lips. It was a thick, sloped crown and very smooth and I loved the texture as he fed it to me. As I nursed on the head, I could feel it slowly growing in my mouth and it didn't take long before he was fully erect. I sucked voraciously on the sweet meat as Karl and Samantha took turns working on my organ.

Then Karl announced that my cock was so nice and hard, he wanted it inside him and I felt him fit the head to his anus as he sat down on it and moaned as my thickness filled his ass. Samantha asked Cory to join her in sucking Karl's cock while he impaled himself on my rod and the beautiful cock in my mouth started to thrust itself back and forth as the young guy began to breathe heavily and tell me how good my mouth felt around his organ.

Karl's ass was contracting around my thick shaft as he moved up and down on it and milked my organ beautifully while I nursed on the gorgeous thick cockhead in my mouth and I was off on another beautiful high. The pleasure went on for some time and then I felt the penis in my mouth expand and jerk as it pumped load after delicious load of hot cum into my waiting mouth. I gulped down all that he fed me and sucked deeply on the head to get every drop as he held his organ in my mouth long after his last spasm ended. Then I experienced a wave a pleasure wash over me as my penis swelled and began spurting cum into Karl's talented asshole.

As soon as he felt the first spurt, he bore down on me and contracted his ass around my pole to milk out my juices while I went off to never never land. As soon as I came down from my high, the beautiful cock was removed from my hungry lips and I saw my wife and Samantha taking turns on Karl's throbbing organ as his head was thrown back and he cried out that he was about to cum. Cory swallowed his first load and then quickly passed his jerking penis to Samantha as the two of them shared his juices and I could feel his ass tighten around my slowly receding shaft with each of his spasms. When he came down after his last spasm ended, he looked down at me.

"That was fabulous! Between that gorgeous thick cock of yours in my ass and the two of them sucking so beautifully on my cock, I didn't want it to ever end!"

The two gals helped him up and Cory went over to a small table against the wall and brought back a wet and dry towel which she used on my cock to get it ready for more action whenever I was ready.

"Karl, you've got to suck that young guy that I just had. He has a beautiful and very tasty cock" I told him.

He looked around but couldn't spot him anywhere so he told me to point him out when I see him and he'll give it a try. Then Cory tugged lightly on my leash and told me to follow her as she wanted to cruise the party awhile and led me into the next room where our host and hostess were sitting and talking with a small group of people.

"Darling, you know Larry and Ellie. Why don't you get down and suck their organs while I talk with them" she said to me and, as I dropped to my knees in front of Ellie, someone made room for her on the opposite couch and she sat down to join the discussion.

Ellie was a heavy gal with Ruebenesque proportions. Large breasts, hips, thighs and a meaty, very suckable pussy. She opened her legs wide so that I could get to her pussy and, as I ran my tongue over her clit hood, she sighed and told Cory that she envied her for having such an obedient and talented husband. I paid no attention to what they were talking about as I lost myself in the sweet aroma and taste of Ellie's cunt until I felt a tug on my leash and heard Cory tell me to move over and make Larry happy also. As I settled myself between his thighs, I looked at his thick, flaccid penis which rested on his large ball sac and leaned forward and captured his crown between my lips. I was looking forward to feeling him grow in my mouth so I took all of his penis into my mouth and played with his big balls as I sucked him.

While I was so pleasurably occupied, I heard a woman ask Cory if she could please fuck me while I sucked Larry and Ellie.

"Of course, my dear. He'll love it, so go right ahead" I heard her answer and then felt a thick dildo probe my anus.

It had some lubricant on it and smoothly slid into my asshole as she worked it inside.

"She's using a similar model to the one I fuck you with dear" Cory said to me as I worked my mouth up and down Larry's thick pole.

Then the woman fucking me started to moan and tell everyone how good it felt when the end inside her rubbed her clit each time she stroked into me. Cory told me to go back to sucking Ellie as she looked like she could use a good suck and the dildo inside my ass never missed a stroke as I moved over to resume sucking Ellie's delicious pussy. Cory had me going back and forth on both of them until they came and fed me their juices. Just before Larry's orgasm, the gal fucking me cried out and grabbed my hips tightly as she gasped and came in one shuddering spasm after another. When she calmed down, she withdrew the plastic cock from my ass and I heard a familiar voice ask Cory if he could fill me with a real cock now.

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