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Used and Abused


I don't know how many men I screwed last night because I drank a little too much and got pretty stoned. It must have been several because I smell like a New York whore and my legs, thighs and pussy are tender and sticky with cum. I guess I passed out on the bed in the guest bedroom after all of the fucking because I just woke up and that's where I am right now, the sun is just beginning to rise. My arms and legs are handcuffed to the bed, I am completely naked, my legs are spread wide open, my pussy is still sloppy and engorged from being used most of the night by I don't know how many men, and I have dried cum all over my body and in my hair.

I guess I must be considered as an easy slut with a reputation, because I came to the party knowing I was the only girl invited and had great expectations of letting all of them use and abuse me. It was very clear to me that they expected me to suck and fuck around like a cheap whore from man to man for each to enjoy. I like variety and am always horny and ready to screw, so, that is what I did; I fucked and sucked so many men that I lost count. I eagerly took on all comers (cummers) and everyone there had their way with me at least once. I wanted and deserved what I got, being the only woman in a house full of horny men and I still wanted more when I woke up.

When I wake up, the guys realize it, gather around the bed and tell me how talented I am and how well I performed for them last night. They ask if I'm ready for some serious sex and I tell them that I'm ready, willing and able to take anything they could throw my way. They want to know who I want first and what I want done to me. I let them know they could do anything they wanted to do to, that I wanted them to use and abuse me. They walk out of the room into the hall, I can hear them whispering among themselves for a few moments. When they return, one of them puts a blindfold on me while another squeezes my breasts and yet another fingers my pussy. I am becoming very aroused and wonder just what they plan to do to me. I can only hope it involves a lot of fucking and sucking like what I remember doing last night.

As I lay there anticipating their plans for me, a large cock slaps me in the face and the tip of it slides across my lips, I gasp and let it enter my eager, moist lips and start sucking. I suck it slow and deep into my mouth, taking the entire length with very little effort. A hand grabs and pulls the hair on the back of my head and controls the rhythm of his thrusts as his cock fills and fucks my mouth. I moan with pleasure as I suck him for about five minutes until his dick starts throbbing and suddenly erupted violently into my eager mouth, pumping it full of cum. I swallow most of it, but there is so much that it runs out of my mouth and drips down my chin and onto my breasts. The cock withdraws from my mouth and quickly replaced with another; I promptly begin sucking that one too. I love to suck cock and the taste of cum. Every man tastes different, and I enjoy the variety.

Someone is between my legs getting in position to fuck me. Without warning, a massive cock forcefully rams deep into my hungry cunt and is thrusting in and out of me with long, hard and deep strokes. My pussy is being stretched and is very wet, making sloppy squishy sounds as he plunges furiously into me as he pulls back and thrusts into me again and again. His huge dick is making loud popping noises when he fully withdraws for another deep stroke. I moan and groan with pleasure and urge him to keep fucking me. He is hammering me harder and faster by the minute. He is fucking my pussy, showing no mercy, and I enjoy his firm and deep physical attack. He is raping my sloppy cunt. I like it hard, long and deep and that is how I'm getting it. I feel an orgasm building as the inner walls of my pussy constrict on the massive pole I have inside me. I feel the thick piece of meat pulsing inside me and I know it won't be long before he shoots his load. I start cumming and squirt all over his unrelenting cock. I squeal with delight, I am enjoying myself immensely. Shortly after I cum, he slows down and shoots his hot and thick gift of cum deep inside of me. My pussy is drenched, yearning for more, and it only takes a moment for another large dick to part my swollen cunt lips to pick up where he left off.

I have another big fat cock slamming into me. I'm getting it rough and raunchy as the guy pounds my pussy with great enthusiasm. I begin to sweat from all of the activity that's going on. I deserve what I'm getting, because I agreed to it and never said no. I tell him to use and abuse me, because I like what he is doing and don't want him to stop, that I'm just getting warmed up. He picks up the pace and starts talking dirty to me, asking if I want more, and I tell him I can handle every man in the house and don't intend to stop until I've had them all. Before I know what is happening, I feel my arms and legs released from the handcuffs. He rolls me over on top of him and I seize the opportunity to impale myself on his thick cock and grind ruthlessly on it. Someone pulls me forward until my breasts are against his chest and my ass is exposed. I grind onto him and begin to have another orgasm as he thrusts deep into me, hitting the bottom of my cunt with every stroke. I feel a slippery finger enter my ass, and then two and finally three fingers are slowly rotating and stretching my sphincter as they plunge in and out of me. I cum hard on the cock inside me, and yet, he continues to plunge into my sloppy and dripping cunt.

Someone fastens a leather collar around my neck. It has chains connected to it with leather straps at the other end that attach to my ankles to prevent me from extending my legs out of the position I am in now, which is on my knees. I squirm on the cock inside me, enjoying myself immensely. I am in the perfect position for a cock to fuck me from behind, and I am pretty sure my ass is going to have a dick in it soon, and a moment later it does. I immediately explode with another orgasm as my ass is slowly stretching and filled with dick. The cock in my pussy unloads, filling me with another load of slippery cum. The guy in my ass cums quickly, and withdraws. Both of my holes are oozing cum as they withdraw. They remove the blindfold so I can see what is going on. I notice a guy holding a video camera, filming everything they were doing to me.

As I wait for more cock, I feel a firm, hard slap on my ass. It stings, but I like it, and moan with pleasure. Another slap immediately follows. I tell them to do it harder. Suddenly, I feel a sharp sting on my ass. One of them has a riding crop and is whipping my ass, back and thighs with it. I endure the initial pain, knowing that it will subside and enhance my pleasure. One of the guys is sucking on my neck and leaves a huge hickey. Another cock is in my pussy, thrusting hard into me until he blows his load, one more of many yet to cum in or on me. I suck and fuck them for a few hours until everyone has had their way with me at least once. I'm sure that I had at least 20 men that morning, but they were not finished with me yet...

My pussy is swollen and full of cum they filled me with; they order me to play with my cunt and to rub cum all over my face, tits and thighs, which I eagerly proceed to do. As I am smearing my body with their offerings, one of the guys shoved a huge dildo forcefully into my sloppy cunt. Each guy in the room took turns fucking me with it. I came several more times as they took turns fucking me with the hard and thick dildo.

They guys were done with me; I was released from my bonds and sent on my way. I left with a pussy so full of cum that I couldn't keep it from running down my thighs. I had whip marks, cum and hickeys all over me, and was very well satisfied

I love the way it feels to be used and abused.

--To be Continued--

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