tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsed & Abused Ch. 06

Used & Abused Ch. 06


Chapter 6; Frat Party Slut.

"Jess, wake-up!"

I heard those words and felt someone shaking me as I awoke from my groggy sleep. The first thing I realized was that I was naked. I could feel my sensitive nipples rubbing up against the coarse duvet. Then I felt a fullness in my ass like I had to take a giant shit.

"Let's buzz her – that will get her awake fast." It was Paul's voice.

Suddenly I felt a churning in my ass as the butt-plug came to life.

"Cut it out you shits, I'm awake!" I growled at my tormentors.

"Are you drunk you little slut?" demanded Glen as he picked up the bottle of whiskey from the night table and began measuring its contents with his eyes.

"I am not drunk, I just fell asleep, that's all. What time is it?"

"Twenty to eight. Time for you to get ready before anyone else arrives. And you're not even dressed yet!"

Glen threw the bag with the shoes, stockings and garter belt next to where I was laying and began taking out the stuff, holding them with two fingers as if they would explode. I began putting on the black stockings, then snapped the garter belt around my waist and started snapping it to the stockings. The two men stared at me in rapt attention.

"Haven't you perverts ever seen a woman put on stockings before?" I asked them in a mocking and somewhat annoyed voice.

"No!" they both answered in unison.

Paul began to stroke my nylon covered leg as I fastened on the Lucite fuck-me shoes, wiggling away as best I could. Finally, I grabbed my Wal-Mart bra and panty set and started to put on the transparent g-string.

"Stop right there, I say you're dressed enough." said Glen. I gave him my dirtiest look.

"Not on your life. I need to put on this lingerie otherwise I will feel too self conscious."

The boys stared at each other.

"No one is going to see her tits anyway." Paul said to Glen in a matter of fact voice. "And it might be fun to let the Brothers take off her g-string, you know, to kinda unwrap their present."

"Those dorks might not find the right hole if she covers it up." growled Glen. "OK, put it on if it makes you feel better."

With that, Glen grabbed my arm as I was putting on my sheer black bra and guided me down the stairs. Two of the boys I recognized from the other night at Glen's house were standing on each side of the curtain. They both gave me a mock bow and then held up the velour curtain that now hung from the doorway to the butler's pantry. As the curtain was raised, I could see the narrow table wedged flush into the doorway and extending into the darkness beyond. It was so dark, in fact, that I had to look carefully to realize that there was another curtain on the inside of the doorway.

I noticed that some kind of a wooden box or trunk was pushed under the table. There was a scratchy wool olive drab blanket draped over the table and one of the boys covered it with a dirty looking white towel.

"You should be pretty comfortable in here" said one of Glen's friends. "We made sure that it was padded and even tried it out ourselves."

I walked over to the table. In my high Lucite platform heels I almost towered over the two boys who were holding up the curtain. Each boy then bent down and took one of my ankles and wrapped a fur-lined cuff around each, fastening them with Velcro. The cuffs were silky smooth, almost sensuous. All of a sudden Glen's head appeared under the other curtain.

"OK sweet-tits, stop fucking around and bend over the table."

Glen held out his arms to assist me onto the table. I bent at the waist and lowered my torso down onto the table. The two boys began spreading my legs and tying each ankle cuff to the table legs. Since the door and table were less than three feet apart, it really wasn't too uncomfortable. I began to wiggle my ass seductively trying to get more comfortable. I felt hands caressing the backs of my legs, my ass and pussy. As I looked up I was staring right at Glen's bulging crotch.

Glen began to arrange the inside curtain around my back and sides. Most of my body was now in the little butler's pantry room with Glen. I noticed that the sounds in the other room were now muffled by the two dense velour curtains. Glen quickly went to work tying me to the table top. He used several colorful silk scarves tied together that he looped under the table and around my back, holding me down firmly with his hand until I was solidly tied to the table.

I felt one of the boys in the other room rudely begin rubbing my pussy through my panties. I could feel my ass wiggling and grinding in small circles as I watched Glen finish up my bindings. The set-up was truly schizophrenic! Here I was able to carry on a normal conversation with Glen in this small, fluorescent-lit room while strange men where touching my most private parts, unseen by me in another room! It is almost impossible to explain - like "feeling" a porno movie.

When he was done, Glen squatted down so his face was opposite mine. He smoothed out the towel under my chin, then grabbed my face and gazed into my eyes.

"You gonna be ok sweet-tits?"

There was a genuine look of concern in his eyes. My heart began to melt and I could feel my pussy getting hot and starting to itch. I just looked into his eyes and didn't speak. His lips began to drift toward mine and I closed my eyes. Since I was immobile, I had to wait for him to move the few millimeters needed so that our lips would meet. I could feel his hot breath and a longing began to well up in my chest. I began to feel my nipples harden against the material of my bra and the rough terrycloth towel under me.

Finally I felt his lips graze mine! He was teasing me. I struggled to kiss Glen, but he taunted my helplessness by gently grazing my lips. When he finally began kissing me, I burst in passion, trying to wedge my tongue into his mouth, anything to drag him closer to me. In truth, my tongue was the only part of my body that I could move to get closer to him.

As our lips met in hot, passionate kisses, I felt hands all over my ass, pussy and legs. The sluttiness of my position, kissing my boyfriend passionately while his friends caressed my most private parts out of our sight, nearly made me cum.

Suddenly Glen stood up and opened the door to the pantry that led into the kitchen. Paul squeezed in holding an armful of wires and electronic equipment. I watched as he set up a laptop computer on the short counter and attached wires to it.

"What is that?" I asked Glen.

"That sweet-tits, is our 'pussy-cam'. It will record whatever is happening in the room behind you from two views, so that we can see what is going on."

I craned my neck to look at the large color screen on the laptop which was split into two parts. I could see a boy on the split-screen. One was a close up picture of his face as crouched in back of me arranging the curtain and the other showed a wide angle shot of his back and my ass with my g-string disappearing down my crack!

In a loud voice Paul instructed the boy who was adjusting the camera in the other room to zoom in and focus on my crotch. I could see the pouch of the g-string holding my moist pussy and could just make out the crease of my shaved pussy lips through the transparent material.

"Great resolution isn't it sweet-tits? You will be the star of our porno film and no one will ever see your face."

Glen was right. I wiggled my ass and watched it move on the screen, one on the wide angle rear shot and the other one looking down at my ass and whoever was standing behind it. Paul pushed a few more buttons on the laptop and I could hear the two boys in the other room talking in a low voice as if they were both whispering in my ear!

"OK, we're done!" Glen announced as he straightened up the room and pushed Paul out. He looked at me, gave me a wink and shut off the lights. As I heard the door lock, I realized that the only light in the room was the bluish glow of the screen from the laptop.

I began to hear more voices and, as I did, the velvet curtain was adjusted to cover me so that you could not tell there was a naked girl lying on a table in the doorway. I was now the 'prize' behind the curtain.

I closed my eyes and relaxed as I waited for the ordeal to begin. I have to admit that I was very excited. I was glad that at least Glen let me keep on my bra and panties. I felt protected, at least until things got underway.

I began to hear more and more voices coming over the laptop speaker. The cameras were still focused on the curtain over the doorway. I could see some of the frat brothers holding cups of beer, milling around the room and talking, oblivious that I was there behind the curtain, trussed up like a human sacrifice. Suddenly, there was a commotion. I heard Glen's voice.

"OK, guys, you all know Sue. She will be helping us out tonight." Glen was standing with his arm around the waist of a young blonde girl wearing what looked like a brief, cheerleader's outfit and white boots. A cheer when up and Sue twirled around for the audience. "You have all heard of Sue's many talents. Well tonight she will be demonstrating them live, for your enjoyment. Sue, you might as well start right here with me."

With that, Glen pushed Sue to her knees on the floor in front of him. All I could see was her blond head bobbing up and down in front of Glen's crotch as he held his glass up and smiled for his audience of Frat Brothers.

"That's enough for now slut!" said Glen as he pushed Sue down so that she was sitting on her heels. "Who's next?"

I began to feel my body shake. I knew that in a few minutes, I would be 'next'. The noise level coming from the next room had risen several decibels. After an interminable amount of time, I heard Glen yelling to get the attention of the boys in the room.

"Well, you all were promised a night to remember – and a night to remember it will be. Gentlemen, I want you to feast your eyes on one prime, seasoned pussy that is available for your enjoyment tonight. Sue will be available to make sure everyone is "up" to the task."

With that, two boys raised the outer curtain. A spotlight came on illuminating my ass, legs and g-string clad pussy to the room. A crude cheer went up. I heard remarks like, 'I want a piece of that!' and other rude comments. I began to wiggle my ass seductively to put on a good show and could feel the heat rising from my cunt. I was almost embarrassed that the boys would be able to smell how aroused I was over the stench of beer, cigarette smoke and urine of the frat house.

The boys that raised the curtain draped it over my back and then grabbed the string on each hip and tore away my G-string. Almost as if they had rehearsed it, they began spreading my ass cheeks and putting my most private parts on an obscene display to this room full of half-drunk, horny frat brothers. I saw the butt-plug sticking obscenely out of my streached asshole and could clearly see the moisture glistening on my pussy lips in on the computer screen.

I not only felt, but watched on the screen as they fingered my pussy and rotated the butt plug in my asshole. I watched ashamedly as my ass and pussy hunched away at their fingers, almost totally beyond my control! To add insult to injury, Paul was pressing the remote, buzzing the butt-plug randomly and making me squirm like a slut!

Glen then announced that "the pussy was open for business" and a line of horny frat brothers began to form behind me. Sue Allen was now naked, crouched down next to the table taking one cock after another into her mouth and getting them hard. The first boy that penetrated me seemed pretty thin. Needless to say he only stroked about once or twice in me before he sprayed my cunt with his hot seed.

This happened over and over. The tension in me was becoming almost unbearable. These young guys came so fast I didn't get a chance to cum at all! The result was that each time one of them entered me, I humped him like crazy, trying to get off. I was so turned on and horny that I would have fucked an aluminum baseball bat if it was available!

After about the sixth guy pulled out of me, I watched the close-up screen. I saw gobs of cum dripping out of my cunt and down my legs. I could feel an ocean of cum sloshing around inside of me! I pushed and watched the screen. A Niagara Falls of cum gushed out of my cunt in a steady stream.

A cheer went up as the boys in the room watched my obscene display. Then I saw Sue. Someone had pushed her down so she was kneeling in front of my sloppy, cum-soaked cunt. She began licking me and a roar rose up from the boys crowding around the table. I could feel her nose grazing my asshole as she enthusiaticlly tried to lick all of the cum out of my cunt! As her nasty face left my cunt, I could see the cum glistening in the low light of the screen as if her cheeks were phosphorescent! What a fucking slut! As Sue voraciously ate me out, a large guy with a hairy ass stepped up behind me. This guy was big! The head of his cock could barely fit inside my gaping, cum-filled cunt. I felt a steady pressure until finally, his huge member slid into me and bottomed out. It felt like someone just stuck an eggplant up my snatch!

When he hit bottom, he took my breath away. I closed my eyes as he began fucking me. His cock touched every part of my vagina, parts where no man had gone before. The weight of his body crushed me down onto the table and began rubbing my delicate clitty against the coarse towel. I concentrated on the feeling of his huge member ploughing me and gradually felt my orgasm coiling up inside my clit and pussy. I rode with him as he fucked the daylights out of me!

I would never have guessed in a million years that I would submit - no not submit, - but actually revel, in the promiscuous fucking that I was receiving at the hands of this gang of drunk frat boys, and now, this big fuckng stud.

As the gorilla fucking me got closer to cuming, his cock started pistoning me like a machine, as if I was his private fuck-meat. I felt his balls slapping against my clit as he fucked me rougher and harder. I started to loose it! At that moment I opened my eyes and somehow focused them on the laptop screen. What I saw sent me over the edge! It was Sue Allen, holding apart the ass-cheeks of the guy fucking me, and rimming his hairy brown asshole for all she was worth!

"FUUUUCCKKKK!", I heard his long, low, growl through the speaker as his enormous cock grew even bigger and stared flooding me wih jism. With that, I began to cum and couldn't stop. The nasty vision of Sue rimming this guy's ass as he fucked me kept looping in my mind, and with it, my orgasms kept coming one after another.

By this time I was in a constant state of non-stop orgasm. I don't remember when the big guy pulled out, but he was quickly replaced by another and then another. The line seemed endless. I closed my eyes and just floated from orgasm to orgasm. At last, the fucking stopped, and I was able to quiet down.

To liven things up, two boys lifted Sue Allen up and positioned her under my pussy as Paul started the vibrating butt-plug in my ass. Their drunken frat brothers urged Sue to open her mouth under my pussy as stream after stream of cum flowed out of my hot box, into her mouth and over her face!

Groans of 'What a slut!' and 'I don't believe it!' echoed in my ears as Sue looked at the camera with a cum covered face and a Cheshire Cat smile. My, was she proud of herself, that little slut!

Glen then pushed Sue back to my crotch and urged her to eat me to orgasm. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her delicate tongue as she voraciously flicked my clit and lapped at my pussy lips. I heard the boys chanting in unison, urging Sue on with her lesbian display. Although I was disgusted by the fact that a girl was licking my private parts, that didn't stop me from experiencing orgasm after orgasm. Sue made me cum as only a woman can do to another woman!

After this episonde things quieted down. I guess whoever was going to fuck me already got his rocks off, and the guys that were interested in seconds were waiting to get hard again. I lapsed into kind of a twilight sleep, feeling no pain or discomfort, almost in another world. Then I heard it, that distinctive voice!

"Gather round guys!" it was Glen.

"You all know Mark, our coach." A murmur of approval and cheers rang out.

"Mark was invited on this special night to partake of the festivities and join his frat brothers in welcoming our newest members. Being generous to our alumni, we all want to welcome Mark and let him enjoy some of the fine pussy that we have all experienced tonight!"

I thought my heart was going to beat out of my throat. It was Mark - my husband! That Shit!!! Would he dare fuck some faceless whore and then innocently come home to me? Sure enough, after not much encouragement, Mark pulled down his zipper and took out his engorged cock. He sidled up behind me holding it with two hands. I squirmed to get away from him.

Then I began thinking. Would he be be able to tell if it was me that had just fucked every swinging dick in the room? Could he tell that the sloppy cum filled cunt in front of him was his sweet innocent wife? My first reaction was not to let him near me, but then I realized that my sudden reluctance might give me away!

Mark sensed my tenseness and gave me a slap on the rump. A cheer went out from the crowd. I felt the head of his dick parting my dripping cunt lips.

'OK' I thought, 'You want to fuck a whore, I will give you a ride for your money!'

I began seductively rotating my hips, giving my husband a "swivel fuck" as he began to ride me doggy style. I watched his face on the laptop screen as he closed his eyes and caught his stride. I suddenly felt very powerful, knowing that my husband was fucking a strange woman (even though it was me!) and he was oblivious of the fact that his wife was watching him, hearing him breath, and even feeling him as he fucked some cheap whore outside of his marital bed!

As Mark picked up his rhythm, I heard a key click in the door to the butler's pantry. In the dim light I recognized Glen. He quickly took out his cock and presented it to my mouth. It was rock hard. Watching Mark fuck me had obviously aroused him! Glen grabbed my head and began fucking my face as rough as my husband was fucking my cunt from behind. I closed my eyes and as the thoughts about what was happening raced through my mind.

My husband was watching, and now participating, in his wife's own gang-bang only, he was oblivious to that fact! Now, he was fucking his slut wife unknowingly while, unbeknownst to him, his best friend was crudely fucking her face just inches away. What a jerk! I silently smiled around Glen's thrusting cock as I realized how Glen and I had cuckolded my now unfaithful husband.

Just then the butt-plug began to vibrate. It all became too much! I started to cum, this time violently. The orgasm rippled up and then down my body. Mark felt it and began to groan. I felt his cock thicken as his seed splash up against my cervix. Then I felt Glen's thick cock begin to expand in my throat and pulse, shooting load after load into my mouth and down my throat. I felt like such a whore!

At that point it was official. I was nothing more than a cum-slut and a fuck toy. My whole being began to melt away, as if the façade of my life, the face I showed the world, was stripped from me. Surprisingly, at that moment I felt freer than I had ever felt in my life.

Continued in Chapter 7 – "Hurry Home"

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