tagErotic CouplingsUsed But Not Abused Ch. 02

Used But Not Abused Ch. 02


This is the second part to the story "Used but not abused". While you don't really need to read the first part it will make this a whole lot easier to understand.


At first I was too shocked to really catch what she had said but then it clicked and I rushed to the door and there she was -- even though she looked like she'd fallen into a swimming pool with her clothes on she was just as sexy as I remembered her. There was a good sized suitcase at her feet and a taxi right behind her in the driveway. She looked at me, then back down the laneway to the waiting taxi then back to me with a questioning look on her face. She didn't say anything but the question was quite clear -- I invited her in and paid off the taxi.

When I came back in she was still standing on the tile by the door and I could see she was shaking. "I'm sorry, I didn't know who else to call..."

Whatever else she was planning on saying dissolved into tears so I did the only thing I figured would help -- I put my arms around her, hugged her to me and held her tight. It worked -- after a few minutes she stopped crying and said, "I'm so sorry, first I got your floor wet and now I've gotten you all wet."

"Doesn't really matter, the floor will dry and I'm not that wet -- but you are. I'm going to grab you a blanket & fill the tub with hot water so you can warm up." I went to the hall closet and got her a blanket, showed her where the bedroom was so she could get her wet clothes off and started filling the Jacuzzi tub with hot water. By the time I had the tub partly filled she was back with the blanket wrapped around her and was still shivering. It only took a few more minutes to fill enough to turn the jets on so I told her to soak for as long as she wanted to and I'd be out in the living room if she needed anything.

As I turned for the door, she surprised me by saying, "it's ok -- you've seen me naked before and I really need to talk if that's ok."

It's not like I was going to say no anyway but if I had, I would have changed my mind when she dropped the blanket and I saw her body again. For the last few months I'd only seen her in my mind but even cold, wet and shivering her body was fantastic. As she lowered herself into the tub the shivering slowed then stopped and I could see colour start to come back to her skin.

As Tina warmed up, she started talking, "First off, I want to apologize for tricking you the last time I saw you. Rick and I were married 5 years ago and all was great for the first few years then he started talking about wanting to see me have sex with someone else. I love sex but had no interest in having it with anyone other than my husband. As you found out, he kept pushing until I finally said yes, met you and I'm assuming you remember how the rest of the night went."

I was sitting on the toilet listening so she couldn't see how quickly I developed a bulge in my pants just thinking about how the rest of that night went. I figured now wasn't the time to tell her that I'd felt a really strong attraction to her that night, something that went beyond just the sex so I figured I'd better play it safe and just say, "Oh ya, I definitely remember!"

My response brought an easy, sexy smile to her face as she sat up a bit, allowing the slopes of her breasts to come into view with a nipple occasionally showing as the jets pushed the bubbles around (which did nothing to alleviate my swollen member). "Well things were pretty chilly between Rick and I for a few weeks but we finally talked about it, he apologised over and over for pushing me into something I didn't want to do and promised it would never happen again. We were pretty much back to normal both in and out of bed when out of the blue he asked if I'd every thought of having a threesome with another woman. I told him I hadn't and he'd better drop the idea if he wanted things to keep going the way they were. Nothing more was said and I thought he'd given up on the idea until I came home tonight and found him in bed with two of the women he works with. Apparently he wanted a threesome more than he wanted me so I packed my bag and told him I was leaving. It wasn't until I got into the taxi that I realized I really didn't have any friends that were 'mine' not 'ours' and I don't have any family in the state. I knew I couldn't go back but didn't know where to go until I remembered your card -- thank God you were home!"

I could tell she had more to say but instead her eyes went really wide, her mouth opened and closed a few times before she blurted out, "Oh my God...I never even thought...are you married, is there a girlfriend that could come over?"

I chuckled a bit and replied, "Don't worry, no wife, no girlfriend, I don't even see much of the neighbours. My fiancé broke it off with me almost a year ago I haven't been in a serious relationship with anyone since."

"Oh good, I could just imagine how things would go if you did and she came in to find you sitting talking to a naked woman in your tub!" As she said it, she got that same sexy smile and I couldn't help but smile back at her. "Oh shit...you must think I'm some sort of loser...trick you into having sex and then show up on your doorstep months later like an ex-girlfriend. It's not like we even had a relationship -- although you did make me feel like more of a woman than I had in a long time. I really don't have a clue what I'm going to now. I don't want you to impose on you - I've got a job so I've got money coming in so I can likely get a place in a day or so. Is there any way I can crash here until then? I'd like to get the rest of my stuff out of his place before he throws it out or trashes it. "

"Look, when my fiancé dumped me, I was totally lost, really hurt and a more than a little depressed. A buddy of mine told me not to worry about planning too far ahead for a while -- to focus on getting through one day at a time and that really helped. Right now you're here, you're warm and you're safe -- we'll worry about tomorrow in the morning. How about something hot to eat and drink, do you have any dry clothes in the suitcase?"

"Food sounds great, some wine would be awesome and I'd really appreciate it if you'd bring my suitcase in I'm not sure what I packed but there should be something in there I can wear."

"No problem" I told her, grabbed her suitcase, took it to her and threw her wet clothes in the dryer. I put on a bit more pasta than I'd planned on and had just put the extra plate, glass and some wine out when Tina came into the kitchen. Apparently she'd forgotten to pack a bra as her breasts pushed proudly against the T-shirt and even though the nipples weren't as hard as when she was cold and wet, I could clearly see them through it. Even though she looked like a 38C cup there was no noticeable sag and the yoga pants clung to her legs and butt just beautifully.

We talked a bit more through supper, she was slowly relaxing (I'm pretty sure the wine helped) and coming to terms with what had happened. By the time supper we finished supper and a few more glasses of wine it was almost 9pm. We just chilled together on the couch, watching tv and talking & I was quite surprised at how much we had in common. As the evening progressed I couldn't help but think back to the one night we'd had together, how good it had felt and now the fresh memories of seeing her naked in the tub. I must have started thinking too much about it because I was brought back to reality when I heard Tina saying, "Dave...hello Dave...am I boring you that badly or is it way past your bedtime?"

I tried to laugh it off and said, "Sorry Tina, no you're not boring me at all. I must have zoned out for a bit."

"Sure, here I am talking away with a good looking guy I find him staring off into space. What were you thinking about?"

Her voice and a bit of playfulness in it but I could tell she was also a little bit upset so I figured I'd better tell her the truth. "Well, when you were in the bath and asked if I remembered the last time we were together I didn't think that was a good time to tell you how much I liked it and that I thought I felt something more than just a sexual thing. I've spent lots of nights by myself thinking about it and thinking 'what if?' When I saw you at the door tonight I know my heart sped up and when you dropped the towel to get into the tub I was so tempted to join you but I thought I'd better not. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed spending a whole evening just talking and hoping that I wasn't the only one that was feeling like there was a definite spark between us. You seemed to be so happy and relaxed that I didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong and upset you."

As I was talking she was moving closer and by the time I finished she was so close that the only thing that made sense was to put my arms around her and kiss her wonderfully sexy lips. I remembered her kiss from our first time together but this was a bit different, it was slower and more intimate than I remembered. After a few seconds we pulled apart, looked at each other for a moment and then moved back together for an even longer, hotter kiss. I'd started getting hard when our lips first touched and by the time we pulled away from the second kiss I was hard enough that there was no way I could get up off the couch without her seeing the bulge.

She looked up at me, smiled and said, "Wow, that was pretty much what I'd been thinking for the last few hours too but I was too afraid that it was just me to say anything either. Where do we go from here?"

"Well, I think we've both got enough running through our minds that as much as I'd really enjoy making love to you right here on the couch, a good night's sleep will do us both good."

"You've got to be the first guy I've ever met that would turn down pretty much guaranteed sex but you're likely right -- we'll see how things go in the morning." With that, she gave me a very soft, sensual kiss, said good night and headed to the guest room.

Even though it was late, I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, the image of Tina naked in front of me and then her breasts bobbing in the water kept coming to mind as well as the feel of her lips on mine and the sweet, sexy look in her eyes. I tried to ignore it for a while but finally gave in and started stroking myself, figuring that a good orgasm would help me get to sleep. I was just starting to pull my cock from my boxers when I heard footsteps in the hallway and then my bedroom door opened slowly.

"Dave, are you awake?" Tina whispered.

"Yup, is something wrong?"

As she came into the room she was silhouetted against the hall light that I'd left on for her and I could see she was wearing a short lacy nightgown that the light made almost translucent with the top laced loosely up the front much like a peasant's blouse. "No, nothing's wrong. I was laying there thinking of what you said about taking one day at a time and realized that tonight I don't want to sleep alone. Would you make love to me tonight? No commitments, no expectations - I just want to be held, touched and made to feel like you made me feel the last time."

As much as she was physically all women, in her voice there was just a hint of a timid girl afraid to be turned away. "Yes, I'd love to make love with you tonight!"

I could hear her sigh of relief as she came toward the bed. As she go to the edge of the bed she reached down to pull the nightgown off but stopped when I said 'wait' and swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up to meet her. Her arms came around my neck just as mine encircled her waist, pulling us together. There was no doubt in my mind that she could feel my erection against her -- not only could I feel her thrust against it but I heard a soft 'mmmmm' in my ear as she did. Our lips came together and we took our time kissing, her lips were soft as they met mine and we took turns sucking and nibbling on each others lip, our tongues meeting and sliding past each other. While we kissed, our hands weren't exactly idle either. Mine had slid from her waist up to just under her breasts and then ever so slowly up until I could feel her hard nipples against the palms of my hands. At the same time, hers had slid down my back to my ass where they stayed as she pulled me tighter as she ground herself against me.

As we broke our kiss I reached up and began undoing the ribbon that held the top part together and as I slid it over her shoulders and down her arms I couldn't help but smile as her breasts came into sight. They were gorgeous -- firm and full and the nipples were already stunningly erect, almost begging to be touched. As the top of her nightgown fell to her waist, I gently kissed my way down her neck until I could draw one nipple into my mouth and caress the other one with my hand. As I continued teasing her nipple with my mouth, I slowly ran my other hand down her side, sliding her nightgown the rest of the way off. On the way back up I brushed my hand up the inside of her thigh and found her mound totally smooth and very wet without even the tuft of hair she had at the hotel room. I paused to run my fingers back and forth over her slit a few times and at the same time looked up at her and whispered, "I love a shaved pussy!"

"I remembered how much you seemed to like it last time so I shaved it tonight when you left to get supper ready."

Even with less than a minute of contact, my fingers were already wet with her juices so I brought my fingers up and played with her other nipple making sure it was nice and wet before switching sides so I could lick and suck her juices back off. While I did that I got the fingers of my other hand good and wet and did the same to her other nipple. I could tell by her breathing and the quivers that I could feel that she was thoroughly enjoying the teasing and found out just how much she was enjoying it when I ran my fingers along her slit again and felt a definite gush of fluid wash over them.

"Oh my God, you made me cum without even any penetration!"

"I could tell and if you're willing I plan to make you cum at least a few more times before you feel my cock inside you."

"Oh ya, I'm willing!!!"

Hearing that I lay back on the bed and pulled Tina to me until she was laying on top of me. We lay like that for a couple of minutes, my hands running up and down her back and over her ass as we kissed and thrust our hips against each other. It felt good enough for me that I could have cum but I had other plans so I reached down, grabbed her waist and pulled gently toward my head as I whispered, "come up here and let me taste you."

I'll give her full credit; she caught on pretty quickly and moved up so that her beautiful, smooth, wet pussy was right over my face. As she lowered her pussy to meet my tongue, my tongue was already stretching out to meet her pussy. I'm sure there're guys who'd disagree but if I had to choose between a blowjob and eating pussy, I'll go for the pussy every time! Tina quickly realized that she could easily move so that my tongue would go where she wanted it the most and she took full advantage of it. I could tell she wanted my tongue on her clit but my hands on her hips could somewhat restrict her movement so she settled on directing my tongue along the folds of her pussy and up and down her slit. Sometimes she'd stop moving so I could please one particular spot for a bit and then she'd move so I could search out the next spot to lick and nibble on.

Right from the first lick her breaths were noticeably shorter and raspier so I was pretty sure she wasn't far away from another orgasm. I teased and pleased her until her whole body started to quiver and only then did I pull her hips down toward my chest and wrap my lips around her clit for the first time. As soon as I started sucking on her clit her orgasm washed over her and what had been quivers changed to what would be easiest to describe as minor convulsions. Sometimes I wished I had neighbours closer to watch over the place if I was out but the way that she screamed when she came made me glad that no one was within easy hearing range. As quickly as her body had tensed it now relaxed and she pretty much rolled off and collapsed beside me.

I rolled to face her, put one arm on her chest so I could stroke her side and breast and the other came up a bit to touch her face and hair. As soon as I touched her she rolled slightly towards me and our lips met yet again. I knew my whole face was covered with her juices but that didn't seem to bother her at all as she alternated between kissing me and sucking/nibbling on my lips. Damn that woman could kiss!

"That was amazing," she said with a smile, "but you did say 'a few'..."

"Indeed I did!" was my reply as I slid my fingers down across her soft smooth belly until they found that wonderfully smooth, wet slit that led the way to her opening. Even though I could feel her arching against my fingers, obviously trying to get more inside her I spend the next few minutes just barely touching her lips and slit, every so often allowing a finger to just barely slide inside before withdrawing it. Every time my finger started to slide into her I could feel her thrust herself toward me, trying to get more of my finger inside. After a few minutes of teasing I let her have her way and when she thrust up I slid my finger as far inside her as I could. It slid in extremely easily but when the rest of my hand touched her mound I could feel everything tighten around my finger. I stroked it in and out, speeding up gradually until I could tell by her breathing that she was really close to another orgasm then I added a second finger and began stroking the rough spot toward the top of her vagina.

That was all it took for her to explode in another orgasm, not as strong as the last one but definitely notably strong. Instead of stopping to let her catch her breath, I sped up a bit, adding first one and then two more fingers as I thrust in and out of her. It only took a few minutes before her breathing was getting quick and raspy again as she got closer to another orgasm. When I thought she was close to coming, I shifted so that I could keep thrusting my fingers into her but also reach her clit with my tongue. She'd thoroughly enjoyed my oral talents earlier and she'd had a nice cum from my fingers so I figured if I combined them it should be a really big orgasm and I was right. As soon as my tongue touched her clit she started to shake and when I put my lips around it and sucked hard she pretty much exploded. She got so wet that my face and hand were drenched and I was pretty sure I felt a couple of actual squirts of cum against my shoulder.

I moved back up beside her again until we were laying side by side, slightly facing each other. The smile on Tina's face looked so peaceful and satisfied that I had to smile too. When she looked up and saw my smile her whole face lit up and she rolled the rest of the way toward me and kissed me. It wasn't like I could get any harder but as soon as our lips touched, it felt like a pulse ran between us. I'm pretty sure she felt it too because she pulled back, looked at me with a curious expression on her face and then we moved together again for a longer, hotter kiss that definitely indicated we weren't close to done yet. When our lips parted, she started kissing her way down my neck, across my chest and down my stomach toward my cock and her eyes never left mine until she was level with my crotch.

"Now let me make you cum!" she whispered and then her lips touched the head of my cock. She spent the next few minutes kissing and licking every square inch of my rod before finally taking the head in her mouth and slowly took me into her mouth. It likely wasn't more than a minute but it felt like forever before her lips were firmly pressed against my pubic bone. I'd only had a couple of girlfriends who could take my whole 7" in without gagging but she did it so smoothly that it wasn't until I felt her throat tighten around my shaft that I realized she'd gone all the way down on me. Just as slowly she backed off until there was just a trail of saliva connecting her lips to my cock. She did that several times and just when I was starting to get into the rhythm she changed and started sucking on the head as she stroked the shaft. After a few minutes of that she must have sensed that I was getting close to cumming because she stopped, looked up at me and asked, "do you want to cum in my mouth, my pussy or maybe my ass?"

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