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Used Ponygirl Dealer


CAUTION: This story is totally unlike most of what I write on this site. It is about slavery and abuse of women, but it might come to happen some day in a dystopian society. Hopefully, the circumstances described here will never be a fact of life in this country or anywhere else.

"This one runs even slower than the last one," Ted shouted. "That's probably because of the hard pounding you give her all the time. I know you're beating that pussy up with your fat cock – and having your friends join in as well. Right?"

Madman Mike Miller just laughed at his brother's gibes, and didn't respond otherwise, because he had to admit the man was partly right. Ted was wrong about the ponygirl's speed, because Mike was clocking her, and knew she was actually making good time around the track, partly from Ted whipping her bare legs and ass. However, he was right about the orgies involving her and others in his inventory. Nobody knew better than they about sex with his ponygirls, because the two brothers had a great time at the party the previous night, even taken turns fucking the tall, bosomy blonde who was the subject of Ted's complaints that morning.

Only a fairly short time ago, their discussion and the related transactions could have never occurred. Following the almost total collapse of the economy of the United States midway through the second decade of the 21st Century and the slow recovery, Congress and 38 of the state legislatures felt compelled to pass a change to the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution. Such a thing would have been unthinkable before then, but the desperate circumstances at the time called for desperate measures.

Most forms of slavery or peonage were still illegal, but the modification to the amendment allowed parents to sell any of their sons and daughters into a form of indentured servitude if those offspring were between eighteen and nineteen years old. The condition was similar to chattel slavery, in that the young men and women would be considered property of the buyers and taxed accordingly and could be resold, but the term of the servitude would expire on the thirtieth birthday of the offspring. After that, responsibility for their welfare reverted to their parents. The money received from the buyers was expected to be enough to enable the sellers to get themselves out of debt and the high excise taxes on the sales and chattel taxes collected from the buyers and subsequent owners would help make governments at all levels solvent once more.

As always, there were many disgruntled persons who complained about the change, with many of them contending slavery in any form should still be fully unconstitutional. Such objections were blunted by the fact that nobody was required to sell their adult children, but they were allowed to do so. Others complained about immorality once it became known that the best prices were obtained for attractive and sexy daughters, especially if they could be proven to still be virgins, but those complainers were ignored by most people. After all, competition in the marketplace was what had made America great and, if some sellers had merchandise they could sell at a higher price, that was their good fortune and should not be held against them.

The change to the Constitution merely made such sales legal, and it was up to the individual states and municipalities to establish their own laws regulating the commerce. Governments at all levels were clever enough to outlaw the breeding of the indentured servants, since collecting the excise taxes would be difficult under those circumstances, and compliance with this prohibition was ensured by requiring the temporary sterilization of the young men and women at the time of their sale. Once they reached their thirtieth birthdays and the periods of involuntary servitude ended, the sterilization could be reversed. The states also allowed for parents to buy back their offspring sooner than that, should they want to do so and if the owners were willing to sell. Prices would be negotiated between the parents and the holders in due course of the servants, but they could never be more than the original selling prices.

One result of the Constitutional change and subsequent laws was a sudden huge increase in the number of ponygirls and ponyboys being held by owners. Many men, and more than a few women, had always wanted to have control of a stable of them for a variety of reasons, including making them sex toys, but most men and women had always refused to allow themselves to be used in such a way. Once the contract of indentured servitude had been entered into, the ponies had no say in the matter, and legal brothels with ponygirls or ponyboys fulfilling the sexual needs of the customers became common.

Some fanciers, especially of ponygirls, took great pride in their stables of young beauties and put them on display whenever possible, even holding race meets and similar events, where the loveliest of the young ponies competed in pulling sulkies or other conveyances around a track. The owners of the competitors or their representatives would ride and whip the ponygirls to urge them to run ever faster. There were limitations as to how much whipping was permitted, and what kinds of whip could be used, which everybody considered necessary. Excessive cruelty to animals was illegal, and it seemed completely reasonable to extend the same protections to humans who were being used in the same kind of way.

Another result was the large number of dealers in second hand ponyboys and ponygirls, mostly the latter, who started up in business. This should have also been an expected consequence. Once one of the racers slowed down or one of the show ponies or prostitutes became less attractive, the first buyers no longer wanted the expense of keeping them around, and hoped to recoup some of the money they had spent on them. Selling the ponies on the second hand market was the most logical way for them to do this. There were still excise taxes to be paid by the second or subsequent owners, but they were always much less than those paid by the original buyers. The states had no problem with this, because they were able to collect taxes that might not otherwise have been available.

Madman Mike Miller was one of the largest dealers in used ponygirls in Northern California, and his stock was limited to the female of the species. For very personal reasons, he declined to deal in ponyboys at all, because Mike was a widower, and still young and horny, and he used his inventory in the way you might expect. To him, it was the best of all possible worlds, at least in sexual matters. All his stock in trade were attractive, at least reasonably so, and he could and did perform any carnal act he wanted with any of them. None of the ponies could become pregnant and, before he bought them from their previous owners, he always made sure none of his inventory carried any kind of STD, so he never even had to practice safe sex of any kind.

Being an astute businessman, Madman Mike was fully aware of the need to please his current or potential customers, so he regularly held orgies for them. Of course, sexually accommodating large numbers of men and women, some of them quite demanding, would tend to tire out the ponygirls, so he tried to make sure the sex parties were held on Saturday nights. That way, the main centers of attraction were able to rest up on Sunday from the many people they were forced to serve, and they would look their best and be able to perform at the highest level during the following week, when some of those who had tried out their sexual capabilities might return to make purchases.

One of Mike's best customers was his own brother, who owned a race track just outside town. It had formerly been used for greyhound races, but Ted saw how much more interesting it would be to have naked ponygirls pulling sulkies around the racetrack in front of spectators who had paid to see and hear them being whipped for greater speed and watch their asses and breasts bouncing. He had a frequent need for new racers because his track was usually the last place for the ponygirls before they were returned to their parents.

As a frequent customer, besides being his brother, Ted was a regular at the sex parties Mike threw with his inventory of ponygirls, including the one held the previous night. As usual, they had fun, especially with Mike's newest purchase, who had been given the name "Blonde Bombshell." She was younger and more attractive than most of his inventory, and he expected to get an unusually good price for her, which was the main reason he encouraged many of the people at the orgy to sample her charms. This included himself and his brother and, as usual, they had both been sexually sated by the time the party ended.

However, unlike previous Saturday night orgies, Ted surprised his brother by insisting on taking some of the ponygirls to his racetrack the next day, with an expectation of buying one or two if they could run fast enough. In particular, he was interested in Blonde Bombshell and Passion Princess, who was another prize of Mike's inventory.

The latter was also relatively new in the stable where his wares were quartered, and had previously been owned by a man who had rather strange tastes. He preferred hairless women, and he had shaved the head and body of Passion Princess regularly, with the last time being a few days before selling her to Madman Mike. Although her hairless pate might have been something of a turnoff, her voluptuous figure and shaven pussy had made her one of the busiest ponygirls at the orgy the previous night, and she was just as tired as her blonde stable mate.

Although not happy about the situation, the customer is always right, so Mike loaded those two into the pony carrier he used to transport his merchandise and hauled them out to his brother's track, where they were outfitted with the tack the racing ponygirls used, including a wide leather belt which was cinched around their mid-sections so the hafts of the sulky could be attached. Passion Princess was the first to be put through her paces, with Ted seated in the sulky and wielding the carriage whip while Mike fired the starter's pistol and held the stopwatch.

"Is that the best she can do," Mike asked his brother after halting the fatigued and welted ponygirl at the racetrack's usual finish line. "I need more speed than that. The fans will boo her off the track for being so damn slow."

"What do you mean, slow? She made a full circuit of the track in just over two minutes. That's not a record, but it's pretty good. If she was better rested and had the right training, she'd be competitive with the rest of your racers."

"Two minutes? I don't believe that. You must have started the watch when we were halfway around."

"No way! I fired the gun and started the watch at the same time."

"Well, she's slow, but she has a nice ass. Nice tits too. Maybe the spectators will watch her for that. Let's hook up the blonde and see how she does. I hope she's a lot faster."

Mike disagreed with Ted about the speed of Passion Princess, but not about the beauty of her tits and, especially, her ass. He had fucked her there the previous night and knew how plump and juicy she was. Grumbling, he helped remove the tack from the hairless ponygirl and cuffed her hands behind her back. When outside being tested as they were then, there was always a chance of some of his merchandise running away, and it was a hassle and expensive getting them back. Naked and manacled as she was, a bolt for freedom would most likely result in her being gang-raped by the people who would catch her and a severe whipping after those vigilant citizens were through with their fun and turned her in so they could collect the reward that would be offered.

Blonde Bombshell was hooked up to the sulky using the same wide leather belt and high collar as they had used on the first ponygirl. If Ted bought either of them, he would outfit his purchase with higher quality tack, but what he used that day was good enough for a tryout. The belt would somewhat hinder the blonde's breathing, but it would emphasize the curves of her body, giving the spectators a sexier spectacle, if less speed. Ted was aware, although he usually pretended otherwise, men came to the track to watch the hot girls as they ran naked, and didn't really care how fast they were. The high collar would force her to keep her head raised, showing off her facial beauty.

Once again, Mike fired off the starters' pistol and turned on the stopwatch at the same time. Because of her youth and longer legs, and despite Ted's gripe, Blonde Bombshell made better time than the first ponygirl had. Both Miller brothers were interested in arriving at a price and, while the cuffed and leashed chattels watched and listened to their immediate futures being decided, each of the men tried to get as good a price as he could manage. The final amount they agreed upon gave Mike a decent profit, even allowing for the many taxes on the sales, and it gave Ted two sexy new racers, who would be replacing some who were getting near the ends of their servitude.

He congratulated himself on his cleverness in getting as good a price as he had for the two hotsies. As for Mike, he vowed he would never again give anybody, especially his brother, the chance to negotiate the purchase of any of his wares the day after a sex orgy.

Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories: http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=207952&page=submissions

I hope you had as much fun as Ted and Mike usually have. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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