Useless wife


She's over weight, has saggy tits with big chewy nipples, a shaved pussy, and a real tiny butt. She likes toys, being chewed on especially on her pussy and ass. Stuff her with cock and cum, I want you to make her your Sex Toy. I want her spread, make her scream till she loses her voice. I asked some friends over, and promised them whatever they wanted, if they could help me with my problem, these are some ideas they had to share.

Friend 1 had this to say: I would begin by slowly feeling every part of her body with my tongue and mouth. Take those nipples in my mouth and chew on them. Put her on her hands and knees. Spread her wide using my tongue on her pussy licking sucking her pussy and asshole tongue fucking her getting that pussy and ass nice and juicy. After she is nice and wet slowly slide my fat cock up inside that sweet pussy and stoke her slowly at first until she begs for it harder then take my juicy cock out and slip it pussy juice and all into her mouth and face fuck her. Then I would eat that pussy and asshole some more tongue fucking her ass getting it ready to take my fat dick deep in her ass. I think I would like to either cum deep inside her ass or on her beautiful tits and start all over again really would like to Double Penetrate her.

From my friend G: I want to stuff her ass full of hard cock! lets make her our toy! the sooner the better! I would blindfold, gag and tie her up. I would slap my cock across her face and make her open her mouth. then I would slide my cock in and fuck her mouth hard until she started choking on me. then I would make her open her legs and fist her pussy and make her beg for me to stop. I would role her over and slide my cock deep in her ass and fuck her hard until her asshole is spread open. I want to hear her cry and beg me to stop. I would pull it out and make her taste her own ass. then fuck her pussy until she cries out in pain, then I would feed her my cock and choke her with my huge hot load of cum. ( I once helped a guy fuck his wife when she was passed out, we tied her up and gagged her. We would take turns fucking her pussy. We stick both of our dicks in her asshole at the same time. We fist fucked her and came all over her face. We left her asshole stretched out and bleeding).

From my friend Guy: I would tie her hands up apart and the same with her legs spread wide open. I like to use rope and tie up the Breast at the base and then put clothes pins on one nipple and put one of my plastic clamps on the other. Then I would tease her with a dildo and get her ready for my fist, and while my fist was inside I would play with her clitoris.

From my friend Turk: No worries. Mm mm! She is such a special lady, now let's transition her to her rightful state as a whore. I shove her on the bed seeing such an perfect ass so clean no marks I grab my belt, seeing her ass nice and red. I put her on her on her back tie her hands and legs to the bed post, spread them wide and secure them taking the silk rope I brought. I grab one titty and tighten rope around it till it becomes perky and aroused, I do the same to the other. Seeing her nips so hard is a temptation I can't resist. I start to nibble just to here coo. I need her cunt lubricated. I go to her and swiftly push in one finger, two, three, then a fist she gasps as I am fucking her hole. I decide she's not squirming enough and begin to spank her slit just hard enough to get her to gasp oh how cute seeing this slave so used. I go to the bathroom grab a shampoo bottle and come back. I rework her restraints, now she is face down and ass up, I insert the bottle in her cunt getting it deeper and deeper tills it disappears and start to fuck her with a slow steady rhythm. I stick my cock in her ass, once I am past her ring I slam home feeling the bottle so close that I'm turned on. I start to fuck steady and hard, deeper and deeper, then I stop grab an anal plug and shove it in her hole, yank out the bottle lay her on her back again hands to the top of the bed and her legs as well. Seeing her exposed I start to fuck her.hard and deep. As I feel her cunt hugging my cock so nice I reach up and start to choke her just enough to make her wonder, but not enough to pass out, till I feel her tightening so much that I can't hold off, and shoot deep in her used cunt.

From Khan: First when I walk in the door she will be at my feet naked. I will have get up and show me her body her tits her pussy her asshole. I will than have her lead me to the bedroom where she will be ordered to get on all 4s like a whore. I will start with light spankings than build up spanking her ass and her pussy until she is good and red. I will start working my fingers in her cunt starting with 2 make her wet until I get my hand into that cunt where I will fuck her until she screams. After she cums I reach around grab her by the throat and pull her to just her knees. I began to play with tits stretching them make her beg for me to stop as they are abused. If she can really take pain I get out my electrical wire and starting with her ass moving to her tits leaving them red and sore. Have her remain on all fours have you come over get on your knees so she can lick your ass and balls as I play with her cunt and ass getting out a dildo fucking her cunt. Than when she is about to cum a grab her by the hair and lead her to the bathroom where I piss all over her body like a piss slut. That's just a start. I will tie her up and torture her slit and nipples.

From my friend Commander: I would love to bind her as a pet on all fours then stretch her to the limits id love to see if my large fist would fit in her. Shave her completely of all her hair. She'll be as smooth as a new born baby, threaten to expose her naked and shaved to the public eye, the fear will make her a more accepting as a slave/whore. She'd have no where to turn, nothing to do but to accept unconditional terms of a complete sexual slave.

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