tagErotic PoetryUsing her Slave Toy

Using her Slave Toy


I own you now, my little boy;
Your mind, your heart, your soul.
A possession, a plaything, a little sex toy,
But perfectly built for the role.

Kneel before me, pleasure slave,
Your eyes cast to the ground.
Kneel, for if you don't behave
I'll have you whipped and bound.

Good, you look so cute down there
A slaveboy in his place
I notice, though, my sextoy's stare -
My toes beside your face.

You want to lick them, don't you now?
To wrap them in your lips
Beg me, darling, tell me how
You'd lick from heels to tips.

Lick them now, lick long and slow,
Caress them with your tongue,
Take your time, my boy, you know
Our night of play's still young.

Mmmmmm, you know just what to do
So well have you been trained:
Now stand and I'll reward you
With some harsh erotic pain.

Let me grab your nuts and twist
I'll wrench them to and fro
And as I crush them in my fist
My juice begins to flow.

Hands behind your back, you prick
Stay down there and kneel
I want to grind your puny dick
With my stiletto heel.

Awww, does that hurt, my little wimp?
Is your dicklet sore?
It's shrunken now, all weak and limp;
All bruised and red and raw.

Stop crying, sissy, wipe your eyes,
Your work is far from done.
Now crawl up here between my thighs
And eat me till I cum.

Feel me as I grind my hips
And grab your hair to guide
Your tongue upon my pussy lips
And sometimes just inside.

Now trace your tongue up to my clit
In gentle circles lick
Then speed up just a little bit
Now faster now, boy, quick!

Fuck, my slave, I'm going to blow
Don't dare slow down your pace!
Yes, oh yes! Grind to and fro
In pleasure on your face.

That wasn't bad, my little boy -
I didn't think you could
Be such an expert licking toy
But that job was quite good.

Now should I let you cum today
Because you did so well?
I'll pretend to think then say
No chance, my dear, in hell!

Slave, it's only been a week
You can't be ready yet
And if I see your dicklet leak
I promise you'll regret.

Now get dressed, my little jerk
And take yourself outside.
I'll see you Friday, after work -
Teased. Enslaved. Denied.

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