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Using niblet


The last thing she remembered before being swarmed upon by the three women was the unclasping of the leash from her collar. From there, her Sire had faded into the background to watch. She tried to look at the three of them at the same time, but she couldn't. She found herself on her back on the bed, two pairs of hands pulling her legs apart, leaving her nude body open to the third woman, who knelt between her thighs and looked down at her with dark brown eyes and thick lips that were bright red.

"My, my, my," the woman said. "Aren't you a delicious looking little thing?"

niblet blushed, her whole body getting warm. Her Sire had given her to these three women to use as they saw fit. She was breathing quickly, her heart pounding in her chest. She looked up at Wanda, with the long dark hair and dark brown eyes between her legs and smiled slightly. Megan, who was to niblet's left, had lighter brown hair and blue eyes that twinkled in the candlelight. Renee, on niblet's right, was a blonde, with pale skin and green eyes, her mouth a thin smile. Megan and Renee belonged to Wanda, their collars of matching black leather signifying them being owned. niblet's hand went to her throat, where her own collar lay, her fingertip playing over the small 'D' pendant that was laying in the hollow of her throat.

Wanda took niblet's ankle in her right hand. "Megan," Wanda said with a smile. "Kiss the little one. She looks nervous."

Megan smiled shyly and moved up next to niblet. Megan brushed her fingertips against niblet's cheek and then leaned down to softly brush her lips against niblet's. niblet moaned low and pressed her lips against the other girl's, wrapping her arm around Megan's neck, holding Megan against her lips. niblet moaned into Megan's mouth as Renee took one of niblet's nipples into her mouth and sucked on it, flicking her tongue against the hardening nub. niblet arched her back and kisses Megan deeply, their tongue twining together.

niblet whined as Megan's mouth left hers, but it was replaced by Renee's, the longer, thinner tongue, playing against niblet's as Megan's mouth went to niblet's other nipple, biting it and tugging on it with her teeth. niblet gasped as she felt a tongue against her already wet lips, her back arching and then pushing down against the tongue, her body moving trying to move in three directions at once. She twisted her hands in the hair of the two girls at her mouth and chest, her chest rising and falling quickly.

"Mmm," Wanda said from between niblet's thighs. "You taste as good as you look," before plunging her tongue between niblet's pussy lips.

Megan and Renee each released their mouths, Megan moving so that her slit was right above niblet's mouth. Renee moved right behind her, straddling niblet's chest, reaching around Megan to pinch one of her nipples, pulling on it with her fingertips. Renee's other hand went to Megan's clit, using her long, thin fingers to rub the button and tease her lips. niblet raised her head to licks the glistening lips above her, moaning at both the taste of the girl and in frustration as the tongue left her own pussy lips.

niblet arched her back again as the solid head of a dildo replaced the tongue, it's girth spreading her out wide. The tongue returned to her clit and niblet groaned, wrapping one arm around Megan's thigh, the other going around Megan and finding Renee's belly, sliding upward to cup Renee's heavy breast. Megan and Renee were both grinding against niblet, both of them moaning, Megan leaning backwards and Renee leaning forward to kiss Megan's neck.

niblet moaned as the dildo moved quickly in and out of her pussy, the head moving across her trigger, her hips coming up off of the bed. Wanda's finger pressed against niblet's anus, making niblet buck hard and close her eyes, almost completely forgetting the pussy above her as she rocked against finger, dildo, and pussy. She dropped her hand to Renee's crotch and squeezed her thumb between her belly and Renee's clit, all three of them rocking to the same rhythm.

Megan dropped her head back onto Renee's shoulder and moaned softly, her body moving up and down against niblet's tongue. Between niblet's tongue and Renee's fingers on her clit, Megan had her first orgasm quickly, niblet pressing her mouth to Megan's pussy, sucking and licking up everything she could. Megan slumped forward and rolled off of niblet, Renee leaning down to kiss niblet deeply, her long blonde hair draping over niblet's face as their tongues wrestled.

niblet hooked her fingers in Renee's pussy and they moved together, her body moving underneath Renee's as the dildo continued to be thrust into her. They kept their mouths together and moaned together, Renee's large breasts dragging along niblet's chest. niblet groaned and arched her back, the kiss ending and Renee moving her mouth niblet's neck as she rode niblet's fingers into her own orgasm. They lay together for a moment after their releases, softly kissing each other and murmuring sweets to each other. niblet sighed softly as the dildo was removed from her, the sound of it being pulled from her wetness making her blush under the flush of her orgasm. She felt a tongue on her again, the tip gently licking up the juices that ran down her toward her anus. Renee yelped as Wanda's hand came down on her ass.

"Move, my girl. I'm not done with this one yet."

Renee moved off of niblet and lay next to her, curling up with Megan. niblet managed to raise her head to look over her still-heaving chest. Wanda had slipped herself into a strap-on, the thick purple head the same color as the streaks in niblet's hair. Wanda grabbed it by the base and ran the head up and down niblet's lips, niblet's hips rising slightly.

"Turn over, niblet. On your hands and knees."

niblet did as she was told, her legs trembling slightly. The bed shifted slightly as Wanda climbed up on the bed behind her, the large, rough hands grabbing her hips and pulling her back and onto the dildo slowly.

niblet's mouth opened wide as she took only the head in, never having been stretched like this before. The large bulb pushed deep into her and niblet felt the simulated balls resting against her clit. Wanda grabbed the remote control and hit the button, the whole length of the dildo starting to throb inside of niblet's canal, making niblet groan and her arms almost give out underneath her. Her eyes closed and her whole body shook. Suddenly, there was the crack of Wanda' s hand on niblet's ass.

"Do you like that, little slut? Do you like a big, fat cock in your tight, delicious pussy?" Another smack against niblet's ass. "Answer me!"

"Y-yes, Ma'am," niblet managed to whisper as her body trembled.

"What are you," Wanda asked, reaching out and grabbing a handful of niblet's hair.

"I'm a slut," niblet answered, her voice wavering from the vibrations. "I'm a dirty, submissive slut, and I love that cock in me."

"Renee," Wanda said, the other girl's head snapping up. "Go please him," she said, pointing off in the direction that niblet's Sire had gone. Renee nodded and hopped of the bed, walking away quickly, her heart shaped ass swaying. "Megan, offer her your pussy. Let's see if she's a good enough slut to make you cum before she does."

niblet whimpered as Megan slid toward her and spread her long, muscular legs, placing her pussy an inch away from niblet's mouth, Megan's finger running up and down the small strip of pubic hair above her clit. Megan sighed with pleasure as she touched herself.

"Now, slut, you have to make Megan cum before you do. If you don't, I will have to punish you. Do you understand?" Wanda grabbed both of niblet's hips and rocked hard against niblet's pussy, making niblet groan.

"Yes, Ma'am. I understand," niblet said, her voice rising slightly as the vibrations against her clit almost set her off.

niblet lowered herself to her elbows and attacked Megan's clit with a vengeance, licking it, sucking it, even biting on it gently. Her face was mashed against Megan's mound at Wanda began fucking her hard and fast with the strap on, the entire length moving in and out of niblet, niblet's body rocking with each thrust. niblet recovered and found the rhythm to the cock in her pussy, shifting Megan slightly to get at her pussy while her own was plundered.

niblet slid two fingers into Megan's tight slit and used the swaying of her own body to pump her fingers in and out of Megan's sex box, her tongue sliding around Megan's engorged clit. niblet lowered her forehead to Megan's mound as Wanda pressed her lubed thumb against niblet's anus, rolling her thumb around in circles. niblet moaned against Megan's skin, the brunette grabbing a fistful of niblet's hair and thrusting her hips toward niblet's mouth. niblet shook her head and started licking again, her tongue moving quickly over Megan's nub,

It was a race now. Wanda was thrusting faster, pushing niblet closer and closer to orgasm, but Megan was getting close, too, Megan's muscles starting to clench around niblet's fingers. Megan's head was rolling from side to side, her hips rocking against niblet's tongue.

Wanda raised herself slightly and placed the vibrating head of the strap on directly against niblet's spot, niblet trying to fight off the orgasm that threatened to overwhelm her. Wanda shifted slightly, rubbing the dildo back and forth.

"That's it, slut. Make her cum. Taste her," Wanda said, reaching around and rubbing niblet's clit.

niblet whimpered as she struggled not to cum, fucking Megan harder and faster with her fingers, locking her lips onto Megan's clit and sucking on it for all she was worth.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour of exquisite torture of holding back her own release, niblet made Megan cum, the brunette crying out and almost crushing niblet's fingers with her clenching muscles. niblet licked up the second orgasm from Megan and Megan collapses against the bed, panting loudly, her eyes fluttering behind their lids. niblet took a deep breath and licked her lips clean.

"Good, slut," Wanda said, digging both hands into niblet's ass and squeezing it. "You may cum now."

niblet put her face down on the bed and gripped the sheets until her knuckles turned white and groaned almost to the point of screaming, her entire body shaking violently as she released, her breath catching in her throat. Before she could catch her breath, another orgasm, just as powerful, rocked her body, making her slide off of the vibrating cock and collapse on the bed, her muscles twitching. niblet closed her eyes and enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasms as Megan came over and snuggled her, giving niblet soft, smiling kisses.

Soon, Renee returned to the bed, a thick trail of cum on her chest, some dripping off of her chin. Megan left niblet and licked up all the cum from Renee's body. They kissed each other passionately and then returned to the bed to snuggle the unmoving niblet. Wanda left the bedside to speak to niblet's Sire, returning several minutes later. She packed up her toys and looked at the three on the bed.

"Megan. Renee. We are leaving. Kiss your playmate good bye," Wanda said, hefting her bag.

Megan and Renee both kissed niblet and hugged her, once niblet was able to sit up on her own. Wanda leaned down and kisses niblet on the head. niblet smiled up at her and once the three had left the room, she fell backwards onto the bed again, turning over to curl up sleepily. She smiled lazily as her Sire walked up to the bed.

"You did very well, niblet. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you, Sire," niblet said in a sleepy voice.

"Let's get you cleaned up and then you can sleep, niblet."

He bent over and picked her up easily, cradling her in His arms. By the time He had carried her to the shower, she was asleep, mewling quietly as He set her in the bathtub and turned on the spray handle, gently washing off the girly juices she was covered in.

He toweled her dry and then carried her to His bed, where he tucked her in and kissed her forehead.

"Good night, niblet."

niblet smiled and drifted off to a deep, wonderful sleep.

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