"Rob, do you have a problem?"

He glanced at her and then back at the road. "Don't worry about it," he said shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

Erin glanced over her shoulder at the two sleeping boys in the back seat making certain they were still out. "I can help you with that," she offered in a husky voice as she slid across the space between them. Leaning in she reached between his legs and rubbed the hard-on she could see straining against his pants. "Mmm, impressive," she complimented him. "The road is very kind."

"Babe!" he hissed quietly. "Now is not the time."

She pouted and moved even closer so she could whisper in his ear. "But I'm horny, Rob," she complained in a silky voice. Her hand continued to rub him and despite his protest he lifted himself into her touch.

"Jesus, pregnancy makes you crazy, do you know that?" he gasped as she touched him in just the right way. "You are even worse this time around." He took a deep cleansing breath and pulled her hand away from him. "Now is not the time," he repeated.

Even in the dark he could see Erin had that look in her eye. The one that told him she was not going to give up. She touched her mouth to his neck and licked slowly up to his ear before gently biting his lobe. It was a move she knew from experience drove him absolutely crazy and as he automatically reacted she used his lack of focus to pull her hand from his. This time the stroke she gave him was so hard he gasped in pleasure.

"I want to suck you off," she whispered quietly into his ear.

Rob's eyes darted to the rearview mirror and he checked to make certain his sons were still sleeping. "Baby you know I want you to," he whispered back. He fought against it because, God help him, he did want it; he wanted it badly. "But it has to wait."

"I'm tired of waiting," she pouted. She altered her stroke to include a strong squeeze and he twitched eagerly in her hand. "Promise me, Rob. Promise me I don't have to wait much longer."

"I promise," he said although he wasn't sure it was the truth. "Please, Baby, not now." He needed her to stop, she had to stop because he was seconds away from relinquishing control over his body.

Erin trailed her hand slowly up his body before she pulled away from him. Settling back in her seat she slipped her hand into his and began to trace a slow path around his palm with one teasing finger.

Rob slowed for a red light and the change in movement brought some life to the back seat. "Are we there yet?" Matthew asked sitting up and looking out the window at the dark streets outside.

Rob gave his wife an 'I told you so' look and tried to sound normal as he answered his eldest son. "About another twenty minutes, Bub. Did you have a good nap?"

"I guess," Matthew agreed. "How come we didn't just spend another night in Orlando?"

"We could have," Erin answered calmly even while she continued to tease Rob with her light touch. "But then we would have missed the alligator tour in the Everglades tomorrow. I thought we had agreed that was worth a drive after a long day."

"Oh yeah!" Matthew said suddenly much more content with the car ride. "I forgot about that. How big do the gators get again, Erin?"

"The average male is 360 kilograms and is approximately four meters long."

"Wow, thirteen feet?" Matthew wondered as he did the math to convert her answer. "They grow 'em big down here," he laughed.

Erin stared at Rob's crotch and licked her lips. "Yes, they certainly do."

Chuckling Rob raised her hand to his lips. "Soon," he promised her.

"What?" Matt asked from behind him.

"I said we'll be there soon," Rob lied.

They reached the hotel a short time later and they climbed wearily from the car. It had been a long, fun-filled trip but after two days at the Disney park and a long drive south they were all a little weary. None more so than the temporarily youngest member of their growing family who had passed out after dinner and had barely moved a muscle since. His mother smiled as she looked at him asleep in his car seat knowing there was no way little Henry was going to wake up.

"I'll get Hank," Rob said reaching to open the rear door. Matthew stepped out on his side and Rob caught his eye. "Help Erin," he ordered. "Carry the heavy bags so she doesn't have to."

"I got it, Dad," the pre-teen said scathingly. "I'm a gentleman you know."

"Thank you, Matthew," Erin said draping her hand over his shoulder and kissing his brow. She followed him to the back of the car absently rubbing the flat stomach that continued to hide her current pregnancy. She reached for a bag and her stepson brushed her hand away before she could lift the heavy bag.

"You trying to get me in trouble?" he joked.

Erin laughed and lifted a much smaller bag and then Henry's child-sized suitcase. "That better?" she asked.

"Much, thank you." He manfully lifted the heavy suitcases from the trunk and then closed the lid. Wheeling them he followed Erin into the hotel. Rob was waiting for them juggling several items including one deep sleeping three-year-old.

"Rob, let me help," Erin offered as she saw him shifting his grip on her laptop and their son at the check in counter.

"He weighs a ton, Baby," Rob said shaking his head as they entered the elevator. "I'll carry him."

"He is heavy," Matthew agreed. "I'm still worn out from that piggyback I gave him today while we were waiting for the Buzz Lightyear ride."

When the elevator stopped they stepped across the hall to their room and Erin opened the door and hurried inside. "Put him here, Honey," she ordered as she set down her carryon and placed Henry's suitcase on one of the beds. She opened it and removed his pajamas before setting it aside. Rob did as instructed and smiled as his son settled limply on the bed and then curled slightly into a more comfortable position. Erin expertly shucked the boy out of his clothes and then replaced them with the pajamas. Henry complained once in a cranky cry, but was soothed by a soft word from Erin and went immediately back to sleep. Rob turned down the covers and Erin eased their son into the bed.

Rob watched her tuck the toddler into bed and then pulled her backwards into his embrace as she stood. She pressed her ass into his still semi-erect rod and wiggled enticingly. "You are a tease," he said with a soft laugh as he nibbled her neck.

"It was more in the nature of a promise," she corrected also keeping her voice low since Matthew had just exited the bathroom and could hear them. Erin ran her hand down his thigh and they stood pressed together for a moment enjoying the feel of their connected bodies.

"I'm going to shower," Rob resolved. He gave her shoulder a quick kiss and pinched her ass as he stepped away. "I feel like I'm still carrying around the whole amusement park."

"Use hot water," Erin said in a not-so-veiled reference to what might disappear under a cold stream.

Rob pulled a clean pair of boxers and sweats from their suitcase and hurried to the shower. He would skip the cold water, but he wasn't sure what Erin was planning. He was frustrated by their close quarters too, but he didn't see a solution. This was a family vacation and they couldn't just turn the boys loose. Besides a few days of abstinence wouldn't kill either one of them; or at least not him, Erin on the other hand might have a problem. Her sexual appetite was off the chart when she was pregnant and her hormones had kicked into gear just a few days before they left for this trip. He had no doubt she was suffering more than he was right now.

Turning on the shower he stepped in and let the warm water wash away the worst of the day's fatigue and grime. He heard the door open and close and wondered if it was Matthew needing in again so soon or Erin come to test the water temperature. "Hello?" he called.

"Come out of there, Rob," Erin ordered.

Thrusting his head under the water to make certain all the shampoo was gone Rob hurried to comply. "What's wrong?" he asked as he jerked back the curtain.

"Nothing is wrong," she assured him as she let her eyes move over him in a way that suggested she very much liked what she saw. "We don't have much time and I cannot wait any longer to suck your dick."

His cock hardened at her words despite his shock. "Baby, the boys," he warned.

"Hank is sleeping and you know as well as I do once he is down it takes a great deal to wake him." She moved eagerly toward him as he stepped out of the tub.

He was reaching for a towel and she sank to her knees in front of him. Without pause she pulled his cock into her warm mouth. "Oh, shit," he breathed as she took him deep. "Baby, Matthew," he objected.

"He asked permission to go to the vending machine for a snack," she explained as she popped him from her mouth and began to lick his length as if he were an ice cream cone. "I suggested he take a look around the hotel so he knows what amenities he would like to utilize tomorrow. If we are lucky we have about ten minutes."

She swirled the tip of her tongue around his head and then applied strong suction to pull him back deep into her throat. "Ten minutes isn't near enough time to do what I want," he growled.

"I know," she agreed, "But, I can't wait any more. I need to taste you. I need you." Talking was wasting her time and she fell silent as she doubled her efforts to pleasure him.

"Oh, God!" He loved a good blowjob, but what he really loved was the way she liked sucking his dick. She enjoyed it. Giving him head made her wet and he couldn't think of many things that were hotter than the sight of his highly respected over educated wife enjoying herself by orally stimulating his cock. "Yeeessss," he breathed as she combined a lathing tongue with her steady bob around him.

"I want to taste you. Don't hold back," she begged as she lapped at his now iron hard rod. She was kissing his shaft, making love to his dick with wet open mouthed kisses. She moved up and down his length as if she intended to methodically kiss every inch of him. He moaned in appreciation and she pulled him into her mouth again.

He thought his knees might buckle from the sensation but he managed to stay upright. Stepping into a slightly wider stance he cupped the back of her head in his hand. He didn't want to force her but he found it incredibly erotic to follow her movement as she worked him. She had found the perfect rhythm and an exquisite level of pressure and his fingers rolled into her hair and held on as she moved over him. "Baby, I'm so close," he warned her.

Her hand stroked his lower abdomen in encouragement before slipping down his thigh and between his legs. His wide stance allowed her access and she took his tight balls in her hand. She could feel how heavy and ready they were and timing her touch with the aggressive movement over his cock she teased him into a release.

"Oh God!" he gasped as he neared the edge. "Baby, I'm going to cum." The warning excited her and she whimpered eagerly. The sound pushed him into the abyss and he exploded in her mouth.

She growled hungrily and sucked him harder. He shot several long full draws of seed into her throat and she swallowed with enthusiasm. As he wilted in her mouth she continued to suck until she had drained every last drop of him.

Her lips were red and swollen from the use but her blue eyes were a deep satisfied color as she reacted to his pleasure. Rob was amazed at how sexy she looked on her knees in front of him reacting in satisfaction to his release. Reaching down he pulled her to her feet and walked her backwards until her hips struck the wall. "Your turn," he growled.

"I'm so close," she admitted with a whine as he cupped her perfect breast over her shirt and gave it a hard squeeze.

Rob grabbed her shorts and pulled them over her hips without bothering to undo the clasp. The moment they fell to the floor he grabbed her legs and forced her to spread them to a wider position. Erin did as he asked and then pulled her shirt over her head. "Please, Rob," she asked. "Don't waste any time, you know what I want."

Rob reached behind her with one hand to release the clasp on her bra while his other hand slid between her legs. "I know," he promised, sliding his fingers against the lips of her core to test her readiness. She was so very, very ready and he felt a thrill of excitement as her wetness clung to his fingers. "Just the way you like it," he swore. His lips clamped down hard on the nipple of her right breast and he sucked on the sensitive nub as he plunged two fingers into her.

"Oh! Rob!" she gasped arching her back as he pushed his way inside her. "So, good," she breathed. He licked and suckled and kissed her tits in a franticly aggressive need as his fingers moved inside her. Small gasps and moans of pleasure escaped her and she moved her hips in a primal response to his actions. She was so deliciously desperate that he thought he might lose control again just by being this close to her.

Giving her nipple one more lathe of his tongue he lifted his head and moved the suction to her neck. "I love how you enjoy sucking my cock, Baby," he growled in her ear. "You like it, don't you?"

"Yes," she admitted over a pant. "I love it."

Her admission pleased him and he made a deep sound of approval. She liked it when he vocalized and he spoke again just to rev her engine. "Would you have really given me head in the car earlier?"

"Yes. Oh! God, Rob don't stop!"

Rob shifted his hand and as his fingers moved into her in a steady rhythm his thumb began to press an accompanying beat against her clit. "Shit!" Erin gasped. "Oh, yeah, Baby," she groaned.

Rob bit at her shoulder and lifted his head so that his mouth was right at her ear. "Cum all over my hand, Baby," he ordered. "Think about my dick in your mouth, think about how it felt to taste me, think about how much you enjoyed getting me off." His rhythm between her legs had grown in intensity as he spoke and she was now teetering on the edge. He could feel her tightening around his hand. He pressed firmly against her swollen clit and stroked long and deep reaching as far inside her as he was able.

And she broke. Wave after wave of satisfaction tore through her body and she trembled in reaction. Rob wrapped his free arm around her to help support her as her legs grew rubbery. His fingers continued their thrusts at a slower pace as he eased her down and she clung to him in grateful relief.

Rob heard the door to the hall open and Matthew return. "You ok?" he asked her as he kissed her temple.

"I am so much better than ok," she giggled naughtily. She lifted her head from his shoulder and kissed him in a short quick peck. "Thank you."

"Thank you," he answered sincerely. "Best ten minutes of my life."

Erin laughed and shifted her weight to her own feet. "I'm going to take a shower," she said in a tone that still dripped with satisfaction.

"I'll check on the boys," he agreed.

Erin was humming happily as she stepped into the shower and didn't bother to answer. Rob took a deep breath to calm his body. He had enjoyed helping her find release as much as she had enjoyed giving him his and he could easily go for a second round. Scolding himself on the value of quality family time he cleaned up, pulled on his pants and stepped out to check on Matthew and the sleeping Hank. He wasn't sure how they would make it happen but it was now clear he and Erin would need to steal some time alone on this trip. There was no way he could deny himself what they had just enjoyed.

Chapter 2

Twenty minutes later Erin exited the bathroom to find her family of men in bed. Hank still slept, his little hand curled against his cheek and his dark hair tousled like a haystack. Matthew lay next to his little brother listening to the sportscast playing at a low volume while he read his latest action-adventure novel. Rob was stretched out in their bed looking absolutely edible as he watched television. His muscular arm was tucked behind his head making his bicep bulge slightly. Since he always slept topless the crisp white sheet cut across his bare abdomen and actually accentuated the definition in his torso.

He was delectable and it still amazed her to know he belonged to her. Smart, nerdy professor types like her weren't supposed to end up with the rugged physical types like the ex-soldier lying in her bed. But there he lay looking decidedly male and incredibly appealing. He looked away from the television and smiled at her and Erin felt a new fire begin to burn inside her.

"Hi," she said as she climbed into bed beside him and settled on his side of the bed.

Rob wrapped an arm around her as she placed a soft kiss on his warm chest. "Hi," he answered his hand slipping beneath her top to stroke her bare back.

They snuggled for a few moments and then Erin's hand slipped playfully below his waist. Rob's reflexes were quick and he snatched her by the wrist before she could reach her target. "Behave," he whispered in her ear.

She made a sound of petulance, but she didn't try again. The sports report ended on the half hour and Rob turned the television off. "Park, you need to wrap it up. We have a long day tomorrow and you need to get some sleep."

"Five minutes," he asked distractedly.

"No more," Rob answered. He turned off the light on their half of the room so that only Matthew's small bedside lamp lit the night.

Erin took immediate advantage of the dim room and began to run her fingers over her husband's naked torso. Rob couldn't help but enjoy the sensation and he closed his eyes to savor the feel of her hand on him. When she trailed her touch back down below his waist his eyes snapped open and he rolled over her. He snagged her hand and brought it up to his lips for a quick kiss. "Stop that," he warned her in such soft words that the sound barely reached her ears.

"I still want," she started to explain and Rob clamped his lips on hers hoping to stop her talking with a kiss.

The kiss was slow and soft and when he was done he brushed his lips across her cheek and whispered into her ear. "I know you want. But now is not the time."

"I don't think I can do this for a week, Rob," she warned him. "My body is reacting in a drastic manner to my shifting hormone levels."

"I can see that," he teased giving her another short kiss around his smile.

"You know I'm pretty sure subjecting me to parental nookie is child abuse," Matthew complained from his bed.

Rob rolled off of Erin to glare at him and she lifted up on an elbow to explain. "We were not engaged in any overt sexual activity. Your father feels..."

Her words were halted as Rob's hand firmly clamped over her mouth. "We weren't doing anything you haven't seen before," he scolded his son. "I don't think me kissing my wife is going to do you any harm."

"It's the 'in bed' part that creeps me out," Matthew joked.

Rob grabbed one of the extra pillows and threw it at his head. "Turn off the light and go to sleep," he ordered with a grin.

Matthew snagged the pillow and tucked it under his head before he flipped off his light. "Goodnight," he called.

Rob tried to settle comfortably into a sleeping position but Erin was still interested in more. He managed to ignore her strokes and teasing touches for about five minutes before he caved under her constant assault. Rolling back over her he pinned her upper body to the mattress with his and kissed her hard.

"I can still hear you," Matthew scolded.

Rob had to chuckle at the absurdity of the situation. He shifted off of Erin and pulled her into his arms. "Go to sleep," he said softly. "I promise we'll find time."

Erin knew he was right. Rationally there was no need or excuse for her behavior. The problem was her body was not behaving in a rational manner. She was reacting to him in a completely irrational biological demand. There was nothing more than animalistic desire making her act this way and she tried to gain some control over her aching body.

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