tagInterracial LoveVacation Encounters Ch. 02

Vacation Encounters Ch. 02


My wife, the other half of Maturemadness2 will relate this story, as it is based on her experiences. Be gentle with her. This is her first submission on her own.


I checked my E-mails, had two from Carl, the horse hung, white stud.

The first one stated he was looking forward to meeting with us and hoped that he met with my husband's approval. The second, was that he was available any night for our get together, now that he was back in town, but Thursday would be best at the Beachcomber at 7 and did I know where that was.

I wrote back that the time and place were fine and that we had been there many times. Best nachos and coldest beer in town.

Thursday there was a quick E-Mail from Carl. "Meet me in the patio area. Will have a table in the back.

As I was getting dressed to meet with Carl, I thought about how different this date was going to be than the one with Raymond. No sophisticated lady, hobnobbing with the elite. Back to my So.Cal roots of beach girl, meeting a surfer in a surfer bar, with my husband present for the meet, of course.

My attire for the evening was white denim short shorts, white sleeveless button up blouse, first two buttons open, white demi bra and white boy cut panties and flat thong style sandals.

Paul wore his regular beach area attire, board shorts and tee shirt and sandals. With our tans we looked almost like we belonged.

The place was rocking when we got there. Carl had been watching for us and waved us back.

Him and I hugged and a quick kiss on the lips and him and Paul shook hands.

"You look great, Donna, sexy."

"Why thank you, Carl. I like what you are wearing too." He had a tight muscle shirt and board shorts that because of the bulk of his legs were pretty tight, especially when he sat down.

There was a big plate of nachos and a frosty pitcher of beer, on the table

We made small talk, getting the usual first meeting stuff out of the way, after ordering seafood platters.

"Donna, you intrigue me. I have never had a date with a woman your age. I mean no offense. You are one hot lady and damn sexy too. I look forward to getting to know you better. I just hope I am not blowing my chance with you. I've never been in a situation quite like this, where the husband is here with us and I have to meet with his approval."

My husband explained our situation. The lifestyle we had when we lived in San Diego. My need to have guys with large endowments. He told him it has never been a fantasy, but more of a fetish and that he wanted to meet each of her dates before she agreed to go out with them.

"Well, how am I doing so far." My husband told him that he had no problem with him so far.

Our meal came. We talked about his work, his life and the same about us. Just a casual kind of evening.

There was a 3 piece band that played on a little stage in the back of the place and it also had an outside area where you could dance, so we ordered another pitcher and retreated to that area.

We all sat around the table, Carl and Paul sitting on each side of me. It was dark by then so when Carl put his hand on my thigh, it was next to impossible for anyone to see. He rubbed my bare, tanned thigh, working up toward my pussy. The shorts were not real tight so he was able to insert a finger and touch my pussy lips. The boy cut panties were ideal for this as they had no elastic in the legs.

As his fingers probed at my dampening pussy, I drew in a load breath. He smiled. I looked over at Paul. He just smiled to. He knew I was beginning to enjoy myself.

The way I was sitting, leaning back in the chair, tightened my blouse across my tits. The white material did nothing to hide the fact that my nipples were exposed and very hard. They were like two little pebbles sticking out. He rubbed the back of his hand, brazenly across both of my tits, making me lean back even further. He unbuttoned the next button and most of my tits were now on display. My nipples just barely covered.

With his fingers still playing with my wet, hot pussy, he asked, "well, do I meet with both of your approval." Paul and I looked at one another and said, "Yes."

"Would you care to dance, Donna.?" I told him yes. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy, brought them to his nose and inhaled my essence and licked his fingers.

"Nice, nice sweet pussy." We walked onto the dance floor.

We started dancing to a fast tune and he leaned forward and said, "yes, nice sweet pussy and hot for a big cock, isn't it."

"Yes, I need a big hard cock to fill my little tight married pussy."

"How would you like to start that date right now. Spend the next two days with me."

"We need to discuss that with my husband."

We walked back over to the table and he told Paul, "I want to take your wife home with me tonight and have her spend the next two days with me. No need to worry about clothes or personals, my girlfriend has a whole closet and several drawers full of stuff. She will be gone for a couple weeks and she is just Donna's size. We will stop at the convenience store on the way home."

"Another thing. I want both of you to know that I consider myself a "bull." As you are aware, I have the equipment to make Donna experience things she has never known before. I will have her begging on her knees for just the smallest taste of my cock. I have exceptional stamina and staying power. Donna, you will be expected to keep up with me or at least stay with me until I feel the need to flood whatever hole I am in at the time. When I am done with her this weekend she will only be able to achieve orgasm by being impaled on the largest of cocks."

We both looked at him and smiled at each other and Paul said. "That is a little like preaching to the choir. To be blunt, you may be the biggest she has ever had, but she has fucked dozens of big cocks. Until you, they have all been big black cocks. You are nothing but a distraction from the norm. When she comes home to me, as she always does and after she is squeaky clean inside and out, she will fuck my lights out, no matter how sore or stretched she is. I'm her "bull", if you will, just not the largest in the pasture."

He looked at us as if he had just seen aliens land in front of him.

"You two are fucking crazy. Forget it. You can pay the tab, too." He got up and left. We laughed our asses off and spent the next couple hours enjoying ourselves, dancing, drinking and groping.

By the time we got home, we were to beat to fuck around. We both fell asleep as soon as we hit the pillow.

Our conversation the next morning went something like this. "What the fuck was that all about last night. What an egotistical bastard." This from Paul

"He just thought of you as a wimp and wanted to exert what he considered his power over you and my pussy.. Guess he found out who has the power over this pussy." Just then my cell rang.

"Raymond I didn't expect to hear from you."

"I know, I was gonna call you in a week or so but something has come up. My brother just flew in from South Africa for a few weeks and we got to talking and I told him about you and what a good time we had together. One thing led to another and he said he had never gone with a white woman, let alone a married white woman. Donna, would you consider going out with him, tomorrow night.?

My phone was on speaker and Paul heard it. I covered the mouthpiece, as Paul told me it was up to me.

"Tell you what Raymond, you bring him to our place tomorrow evening, ready to go out and we will see. You know that Paul has to approve of anyone I go out with.

"I know, he heard and agrees. Would 6 tomorrow evening be okay?" I told him that would be fine and told him where to park.

After another day at the beach, we went home and I soaked in a tub of lavender scented water. My skin was baby soft by the time I got out. I applied hair remover to my legs. Raymond loved my smooth legs, maybe his brother will, too. I felt my pussy lips and they were still baby smooth. I just had to trim my landing strip.

It took me just a few minutes to do my hair. I keep it short and styled.

"Honey, would you get me a glass of wine, while I sit on the patio and do my nails." I did them in a pale pink, Paul's favorite. Along with the same color lipstick.

I wanted to look good with out showing to much skin, since I had never met this man before. I know what he expects the outcome of this date to be, but there is no need for me to throw myself at him.

Six o'clock came and the door bell rang. Raymond and his brother stepped inside. Raymond introduced him as Nate. He took my hand and held it while he told me, "it is a pleasure to meet you, Donna, you look very nice. I like the outfit.

I had put on a purple shirt dress, six inches above my knees and unbuttoned to a point where my cleavage just showed. I was wearing a black, lacy sheer bra. There was no doubt that the lacy, wide top of my sheer black stockings would be seen, when I crossed my legs and the 4 inch, black stappy sandals accentuated the muscles of my tanned, athletic legs.

Both brothers were taking all this in. I could tell Nate liked what he saw and I liked what I saw in him.

He was bigger than Raymond. 6'4", around 220, muscular, just the way I like them. Head shaved and a goatee. His hands were big and I had noticed rough, like a man that worked hard with his hands.

Paul invited them to the living room and offered them a drink. I sat on a chair across from the brothers and crossed my legs. I liked what I saw and I wanted them to like what they saw. The bottom button was about 8 inches from the hem and when my legs were crossed, one side dropped away, leaving my stocking tops and just a hint of tanned thigh exposed for their viewing pleasure.

My husband came back with drinks for us all. Some small talk later and Nate staring me straight in the eyes asked, "Donna, would you like to go out with me tonight. Hoping that you would, I have reservations for seven thirty at The Lighthouse." I loved the Lighthouse, dark, quite, intimate atmosphere with soft music playing and the food and drink were always superb.

I looked at Paul and he said that it was okay with him and for the two of us to have a good time and that he would see me whenever I got back. He knew that if we hit it off, I would not be home until tomorrow morning. If I stayed over there wouldn't be a morning interlude, but I always went home right afterwards.

Nate walked over to me, put out his hand and helped me to my feet. When I leaned forward he got a good view of most of my little B cup tits, as the dress blossomed open.

Raymond threw Nate the keys and we were out the door. I heard Raymond ask Paul if he would mind driving him home.

The restaurant is upstairs and the lounge is downstairs. As we were walking up the stairs, another couple were behind us. I heard her say, "pick your jaw up off the steps. She hasn't got anything that I haven't."

I looked over my shoulder and smiled at her. She was looking too. Naughty girl

We were seated in a wrap around booth. Quite intimate, candle and all. Our waitress introduced herself and took our drink orders as we looked at the menu.

"Lobster tail but there is no price on it."

"If you have to ask, I guess you can't afford it." snickered Nate.

"I guess I will have the prawns then," I told him. Lobster would have been nice, but.........

Our waitress came back to take our order and Nate told her, "We will both have the lobster with drawn butter and the house salad." The waitress looked at me with a big smile and winked.

Now it is not unknown to see interracial couples in Southern California but when one is seated alongside another in a restaurant, one takes notice.

They were a middle age couple, both casually dressed and very much into one another. I notice things like that.

Once they were seated and their drink orders taken, the woman and I looked at each other and we both reached across and laid a hand on our man's arm. We both laughed and she flashed her left hand. She was wearing her wedding rings, she looked at my hand laying on the table and laughed again.

The guy with her asked her what was so funny and Nate looked at me and shrugged, "what."

I told them, her and I were laying claim to our man for the evening. They were like us, black man and married white wife.

As we finished the meal and Nate paid he inquired, "Are you comfortable enough with me to spend some time in the lounge for a couple drinks and dancing." I told him "yes."

When I turned in the booth he took my hand, my dress rode up far enough to expose my legs, past my stocking tops and as I got up, my sheer black panties peaked out. I wanted him to know that I was more than comfortable with him.

We got a table in the lounge and ordered drinks. The three piece band was already playing. We sat and listened. He had his work hardened hand on my thigh. He squeezed gently and my breath caught in my throat. That was all it took to get my already moist pussy to start weeping.

As we sat and listened I realized that all the songs were slow ones. I like that. Intimate and sexy.

Nate asked me if I was ready to dance. We walked onto the dance floor, his arm around me.

As he took me into his arms, I melted against him. He oozed masculinity from every pore. In my heels, I was able to lay my head on his shoulder as he held me close.

"You are lovely, Donna. I never thought, when I asked my brother if he knew anyone that I could get a date with, that I would end up with someone like you. I have never dated a white woman, let alone a married one. I don't know your story and why you prefer black men, but I am glad you do. Would you consider spending the night with me? I have a suite at the Sheraton."

"First, Nate, thank you for saying that about me and yes, I WILL spend the night with you."

"Let's sit down so I can explain something to you first Nate. I know Raymond has talked about me but I want you to hear it from the horses mouth."

He sat facing me and held both of my hands, looking intently into my eyes. He always looked right into my eyes when he talked to me. I love that about a man. Most think my eyes are somewhere below my chin.

"Nate, I have been dating black men for a long time. It started with one Navy guy, that treated me with the utmost respect and took me places no other man has taken me. This bothered me, because I loved my husband so much and I had just betrayed him with another man. It didn't make a difference that he was black. I cheated. Not knowing what he would do, I had to tell Paul. He surprised me by saying he knew that I had an unusually high sex drive and was surprised I had lasted this long, with him gone so much and me never knowing when he would be back or if he was even coming back. That is the kind of job he had in the Navy. Long story short, we started swinging. After being with several white couples, we were introduced to a black couple. We never went back to white couples. Paul doesn't want to know what we do and has no desire to watch. He wants me clean inside and out before coming home to him. We are very selective who we allow me to date. Raymond was a beautiful man and a wonderful lover, who treated me like a queen. That is why you are here with me now."

"Well, I have a lot to live up to but with a woman like you, lovely, sexy and I am sure very passionate, I should have no trouble. Now lets dance. I want to show you off."

As he pulled me close again, I felt his bulge against my stomach. I pushed against it and felt it jump. By the feel of things this was going to be another night to remember.

"Nate, let's go. I want to be with you, alone, naked in bed. I hope that is not to forward for you.

He laughed and said, "Hell no. Let's get out of here." As we pulled away from one another, I reached down and felt that bulge. Oh, shit, what the hell is that. My pussy clenched and I started to gush. My panties were going to be soaked by the time we got to his room.

When we got to his room, he took off his jacket and said to me, "take off your dress, I want to see what you have been teasing me with all evening."

Slowly, I unbuttoned the remaining buttons and let the dress slide down my arms and onto the floor.

"That is worth the wait. You are one sexy lady." My thighs were against the bed so I sat down and stretched my stocking clad legs out in front of me, slightly opened. He stepped toward me and kneeled down in front of me.

"I love how your legs look in those stockings." He ran the backs of his hands slowly up the inside of my legs. I think he used the backs because he was afraid of running my stockings with his rough hands. As he got to my stocking tops, he turned his hands over, with his thumbs, rubbing the bare flesh, just inches from my steamy pussy. He leaned over and kissed my legs just below the stocking tops. He had to smell my arousal. I could.

He rubbed circles, working toward my love juice soaked panties. As he touched them briefly, I jumped back. He laughed, stood up and started to take off his shirt.

"Let me do that." I unbuttoned the shirt, pushed it back to expose a muscular chest, not gym quality, but hard work quality. He had a small tuft of curly hair in the center of his chest. I couldn't resist, I French kissed it, circling my tongue around it, then continued taking off his shirt. His arms were as impressive as the rest of his upper body. This was a man who knew hard work.

I pulled his belt loose and unzipped his pants. As I pulled them down, I noticed a huge bulge start to appear inside a pair of gray boxers. He took my shoulders in his hand and stopped me. The pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them and his shoes and with one hand on my shoulder, he removed his socks. This remarkable black man was standing in front of me in just his boxers. I could tell he had control of his big cock, it was still flaccid, but there was a wet spot where the head bulged.

"Let's get on the bed, Donna." I backed up, sat down and slid back, until I was against the pillows. He came around the side, crawled in and took me in his strong black arms and we lay down side by side and started kissing.

He held me, kissing my lips, very softly, making it easy for me to relax with him. Our arms were around one another. His rough hands gently running up and down my back. I had to get closer to him, so I threw one leg over his and pushed my sodden, panty clad pussy against him. It did not faze him a bit. I humped against his and that didn't get him going either. He just kept rubbing my back and kissing my lips.

My whole body had melted against his and finally he started to react, but with a snicker. "What's your hurry, baby, we got all night. Believe me, I am going to see that you are exhausted when you leave me tomorrow. But in the meantime, I just want to enjoy having your body pressed against me."

He took pity on me after a few minutes, when he shifted and took one of my bra encased tits and gently massaged it, thumbing the nipple to a harder state than it always was.

Finally, I felt his one leg, push between mine and push his now hardening black cock against my leg. Finally. It was becoming maddening. His hand came off my tit and reached around and unclasped my bra and pulled it forward so I could let it fall off my shoulders and arms. He suckled first one taut nipple and then the other and proceeded down my torso until he got to my naval, stopped and tongued it for a moment, before sliding down closer and closer to my soaked panties. I expected him to try to remove them or move them to the side, but, no, Oh my god, he was sucking my juicy crotch of my sheer black panties into his mouth, pulling my swollen labia lips with it. I had an instant orgasm. I just let out a long moan and went limp.

His tongue wasn't letting that happen. I felt it pushing my panties up into my blazing pussy. Nate tongue fucked me that way. The sensation of the sheer material being moved around by his big hard tongue was driving me toward another orgasm, already.

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